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Jason A: Something Weird Is Happening in Hollywood! (Illuminati 1/7/2017)

Saturday, January 7, 2017 18:30
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  • Redlist Renegade

    EVERY day is Halloween in Hollywierd !!!

  • CTrent33

    “Something Weird Is Happening in Hollywood!”

    Yeah, so what’s new about that?

  • Citizen of Arizona

    I have a friend who has professed to me that he doesn’t believe in God and that religion is just some device to control the people. He then goes on to talk about how religion and science cannot possibly relate and yet, I say to him, look around you…is not creation the science of God or of the Creator?

    You see, I understand why he has concerns about religion for most churches here in America have sold themselves down the river the moment they registered as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit when there is supposed to be a separation of church and state which means, the government has no authority whatsoever in regards to religion. Yet, if you notice, the churches who have registered themselves as a 501 (c) (3), if they speak about politics at the pulpit, that church will lose it’s non-proft tax exemptions and will be charged like a for-profit business.

    Tell me, where is the separation of church and state in that one?

    How is the federal government via their proxy bureau called the IRS is able to regulate churches?

    What these ministers and their congregations do not know is that the moment they register their churches under a 501 (c) (3) classification, they have abandoned the republic and entered into a legislative democracy where they exchanged their unalienable Rights for an “exemption” and a privilege to exist in that system.

    Do you see?

    That very registration is one of the keys where that church has given up their birth right and taken on a diminished status and capacity as a subject-class entity.

    If you tell your minister and fellow believers what is going on and share with them that there is a different classification known as a 508(c)(1)(A), this is not an “exemption” but an “exception” to the rule. What this means is, by registering that church in this fashion, the minister can speak about politics at the pulpit and not fear the IRS.

    If the minister says that you must submit to the governing authorities in Romans 13 or to agree to “get along” or “go along” with the patterns of the world, what that man has shown you is that he is not a man of God, but rather an agent and is more concerned with fitting into this world than to be set apart and renewed. Also, in I Samuel 8 of the Scriptures, God specifically warned the people what would happen if they gave their authority and power to a King or man-made government because when the people abandon God as their true government and king and sovereign, they have gone into dishonor and all you have to do is read the rest of the that verse and you will see that what we were warned about has happened.

    As far as my friend goes, I have been patient with him for those who question and seek, they are much more Godly then those who just blindly submit. We have seen what happens when people just obey orders especially when the orders given are absent of any love, care, or consideration of another people’s life and these people are the walking dead…like zombies. Sadly, most people who profess that they have a relationship with God and pray in the public and give proudly so all can see, these are the ones who are more lost than my friend who is seeking and day by day, I see him growing more and more aware that faith is a very real experience and does not need any public proclaimation.

    If you are a minister and disagree with me, challenge yourself with what I am saying for I am telling the truth because I know the power of faith and I have seen demons run and hide. I know the power of God is beyond the power of all the demons combined and this is why I’m amazed that people would worship idols or pray to a cross or do some rite or ritual when, all one has to do is, in their own private place, quietly talk to god.

    • PaulTarsuss

      Amen to that.

      One of the most underemployed pieces of Friendly advice in God’s Word….”You have not because you ask not”.

      I jokingly refer to it as the DGD principle.

      Ding God Daily. Unlike a frazzled parent, subjected to incessant whining for the latest toy or gaming device, God wants to here from you. His patience is unfathomable and He truly loves to hear from all in His creation.

      He helped Kirk Martin….He can help ANY one.

      Blessings in Yeshua, Jesus Christ and Good Journeys

  • Antique White

    the host is a confessed Satanists, the party is celebrating Cannibalism satan’s children eat human flesh! un holy wood is suffering financial loss so china is buying up the old studios to pump there propaganda into the world mind!

    LA is a hub of satanism for the world do to a apostate church hell bent on sodomy!


    Next year, they should double the price, have the beautiful people crap on the table, and nude midgets feed the celebrities their own crap. Now THAT would be art.

    • NoOneImportant


  • wiseoldlady

    And people waste their money and time to go see films made by those trashy Satanists. Most of them look like freaks. Take a good look at their faces. The females can wear ten pounds of makeup and they still look like frozen zombies. The men gloating in their false pride. Will Ferrell one of the most repulsive humans to exist is amongst this bunch. Just how can crap like that possibly be entertaining unless you are demented.

  • charlie2dogs

    hollywood should have been destroyed long ago, it creates, supports, carries out horseshit that corrupts the human mind, and destroys values needed for a decent, humane society, i dont give two shits about hollywood or the actors involved in it, it is a destructive force that has helped to destroy society and this country.

  • Williams

    Thomas 12:7 Jesus said: Whoever knows the All but fails to know himself lacks everything.

  • sitrep

    Another Big Dem-onic circle, Yes, Holly deceptive wood full of deception, trickery, Demonic rituals.
    They are in a circle with MSM, and The Silicon Valley Sultans.
    The People in these groups would like to think they are Elites, Oh they are far from being any type of Elites, and Must Obey their Master, or dealt with very quickly in a harsh manner.
    They are used as the elites floor mats, and every so often The Real Elites, “The Old Family Unknown Elites” will throw a few UNDER the BUS.

    The Silicon Valley Sultans, are slipping in evil code in the back ground everyplace, all you see is the GUI pretty pictures, and your pressing stupid Like Buttons, as you spill your guts out to a monkey behind a Keyboard recording your every move.
    Oh, How many Smart Device app digital Agreement/Contract to you sign? Do you actually read those thousands of Contract/Agreements their Armies of Lawyers put together to control you.
    Notice, they make a big deal out of computer, Smart Device Hack, and Breeches of info, then tell everyone to down load the security updates, Then you again over, and over blindly sign those digital contracts.
    You ever wonder whats really in those upgrades, patches, so called security fix, Ehhhhhhhhh?
    They are slipping in the most evil code, it is taking over your minds like a Rotting Infection that will not heal.
    Now They recommend you to purchase their bundles of BS service created from thin air, and not giving you a choice. They feel they are better than you, and you must be told what, How, and when.

    MSM=Fake Propaganda News, also full of actors.
    Oh how they Laugh at you!!!!!!!!

  • Josie

    This is not art unless you are a cannibal. This is an ungodly, Satanic looking meal with weak simple minded people. This is one of the illuminati themes. That looked like Conya’s head sticking out of the table, guess he was being punished for his rant at one of his concerts. These so called celebrities will do anything for fame and fortune, like sell their soul.

  • Josie

    You may come from Europe, but this is not art, it’s sick and so are you….

    • Josie

      Did you not read my post. I said that is was disgusting and Satanism. Go back and read my post for goodness sake. I am not from Europe and I think that woman is a Satanist.

  • Canderson

    Hollywood is a propaganda tool, culture creating by propagating, and monkey see monkey do.

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