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Reality Is an Illusion – David Icke – 1/8/2017

Sunday, January 8, 2017 14:06
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  • cloudyswift

    Reality is NOT An Illusion but “Relativity” [or Relativism/"Thought"] is. And what is the difference between the two? Mumbo-Jumbo as it may sound but A “Jesus Christ”, or Yeshoda Krishna, incarnated to Neutralise-Dissipate “The Anti-Christ”, aka “Human Thought”, via “Forgiveness”/”Thoughtlessness”/Innocence and [thence] “Resurrection”. Jesus Christ DID NOT incarnated to burden Humanity with “Christianity”, aka The Accumulation of Gold, Glided-Thrones and other Religions & Religiosities. That task fell to “Paul”, A Christian Killer who miraculously became A Christian Supporter after An Epileptic Fit [A Grand Mal perhaps] “whilst on The Road to Damascus”.

    Regardless of The Flaw being Major or Minor, when “A Drop of Black” is introduced to “An Ocean of White”, sooner or later, said “Ocean of White” will be tarnished by said “Drop of Black”. As such, Ignorance is Bliss when the Ignorance is Thoughtlessness. It is only when the Ignorance becomes Mesmerism that Ignorance is not Bliss.

    When The Energy Creator, aka The Divine, exists, then Major-Minor are merely The 2 Faces of The Same Coin. When there is no such thing as “Death” other than being The Reversion to The Spiritual/Singularity-of-Purpose/Reality, said Spiritual Realm being the realm where, “Not Even The Devil has A Place to Hide”, then Cruelty-Cunning is merely the rationale/means to “Limiting The Limitable”.

    Malevolence exists because Benevolence/The-Sustenance-of-Truth exists. This is because Malevolence is merely The State/Myth when Benevolence is Absent, Yesterday’s Meal being Todays’ Myth/”Bowel-Movement”. Afterall, Malevolence ALWAYS masquerades as Benevolence in order “Gain An Advantage”. Hands up those who would like to Disagree.

    EVERY Thinking Human has Flaws, and that includes YOU! Especially YOU, The Blindly-Rejecting/Saviour.] Benevolence is Unconditional when distinguishing between Major or Minor Flaws because The End, aka “The Second Coming of Jesus Christ”, who is also known as Shri Kalaki and whose Empowerment/”Power-Base” is The Collective SuperConsciousness of those Humans who are able to change from Selfishness to Selflessness, which is also known as “The Dance of SadaShiva/NataRajah/Jehova” will be The Moment when Energy-Construction [or Absolute-Unconditionality] becomes Energy-Destruction [or Absolute-Conditionality] for removing those who are still retaining their Flaws for whatever reason. Those who are, “Good For Nothing Real”.

    As such, DO NOT judge Another other than judging self such that The Flaw/s Within is/are Neutralised-Dissipated, The Era between The Beginning and The Ending being meant for self Judgement-Correction instead of being The Favourite of The Already Perfect, which is “reserved” for Judging/”Owning” Another. Having The Flaws Within whilst exposing Another’s Flaws is not only Hypocrisy but it is actually a mirror for the introspection of self, The Divine, aka Unity, being Of The Informing. OTOH, relegating The Flaw Within onto Anger-Guilt/Guilt-Anger is to cycling-recycling Flaws via Sideshows/”Politics”/Right-or-Wrong/”Relativism”/etc..

    This does not mean that Wickedness will escape Absolute Justice. As it stands, Wickedness is avoiding-eluding capture “Relatively”/Time&Time-Again. This is because Human Societies have enough Trial & Tribulation mechanisms for staging their version of The Play of Divinity via Relative Justice. The Material Realm is about Relativity and not Reality. Here, by offering, for example, “Justice” expediently to The Convenient Few, Justice is seemingly served. Be aware that Truth is that which applies to ALL and not merely to A-Few/Some. Truths like Breathing, Consumption & Elimination. Whenever Truth is offered to merely “some”, that is not Truth other than UnTruth masquerading as Truth. This is why Beggars-Thieves are those favoured by The Established System to having “First Dibs” at The Loot. When “Taxation” is practically “Successful Daylight Theft”, those who claim to implement Taxation Fairly are those who believe that, somehow but don’t know how, there is Truth within UnTruth. There is NO such a thing. Hands up who would like to Disagree. Bet you believe that Might is Right too. Not when ALL “Born”, somehow but don’t know how, have to “Die”. You know, when Da Invincible is horrified by becoming physically-controlled by “The Genes” after years of super-duperisms like “Eating, Drinking, & Exercising Healthily.

    If so, what else is new and why are Finger-Pointers pointing to the obvious and calling it “My Greatness?” The End will happen because The Empowerment of The End [via The Collective SuperConsciousness], Love the Almighty, actually “Came, Implemented EnMass Realisation of SuperConnciousness, and Went”. Trivialise if one must but those desirous of Uniting with The Divine need to “Surrender their Insanity/Thought”. This is because NO Human is Truth other than having to be Constantly Truthful via Uniting With Truth. In other words, those desirous of Reality must Surrender their Relativity, Reality being The Repeatable Experience of Self/”Benevolence” with Relativity being The Mesmerised Experience of Another/”Malevolence”. Afterall, should Thought be one’s Puppet-Master, how will one be able to realise so? By Thinking About Eet? Perish The Thought.

    • srsly1


  • mastwow

    david icke = a professional disinformationalist, a puppet from the qween.
    don’t listen to this idiot, a total fake.

  • Mark

    It is true? I believe David is an illusion … or he has a screw loose for sure … :cool:

  • Andy

    reality is not the illusion, the way our brains perceive reality is

    • RAIN

      haha.. oh the irony in that statement.

  • charlie2dogs

    it is only your perception of reality that is an illusion,

  • Canderson

    of-course it is real, or why does he, Icke even bather? Karma?
    It is more to it, and we do not really know what we are, because they give us shit for science and keep the good stuff for themselves.

    Total Recall – The Red Pill
    censored : not the whole scene anymore, when the Dr… whatever psychologist get a pearl of sweat making its way down his chin, then he shoots him, cause He knows he being lied to.

    • Canderson

      I think the psychopaths killed off the old good system and tool over, that is why nothing make sense anymore, they are idiots, they do not understand. I hear about they are so smart the psychopaths. I can not see that, they steal and murder and make smart guys work for them.

      • Canderson

        took over

      • Canderson

        A psychopath can not feel, it is there you got the reptilian view.
        That is why nothing make sense anymore, they can not feel, they could not have created this World of words and analogies, they do not even understand analogy, they can not feel.
        They only got lust for might and to put everyone else down, under their feet. In ancient times the tribe of people threw them off cliffs, they that destructive to the community that they had to be put to rest.

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