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Nibiru-Earth History, Synopsis of Our Origins

Thursday, February 9, 2017 0:43
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History time line accroding to Dr. Zechariah Sitchin

A Synopsis of earth’s real history and our origins  By George Eaton
This is how Dr. Sitchin interpreted the Sumerian cuneiform tablets about the early history of mankind. But, in my opinion he got the length of a year incorrect because he thought that the year on Nibiru was 3600 years. A year on this planet is 365 days, and the Mayans and other civilizations used the 360 day calendar (5 days of the year were used as a holiday time). In my opinion it was a mathematical error by his part or a mistranslation issue. So, I believe if you divided the years he lists by 36 or as little as 10 and  it would be more accurate. But the events in order seem to be accurate according to the time line up until biblical days. 

  The origin of Abraham and his descendants were directly from the Anuniki from Nibiru. Noah was pure in his generations from Enki(Ea), and it was Enki that told Noah(Zuizidra) to build the barge for his family to survive the deluge. Enki’s father was Anu, king of Nibiru. Another name for Enki is Ea (ee-ah) which means “one who likes the water”. It is interesting to note that part of that name was also in the pharaohs name of Akhenaten pronounced “ack ken eaton”,  – the pharaoh that rejected the multiple god beliefs and told everyone there was only one god. He built his own beautiful city but was destroyed by the pagan priests after he was dethroned for his belief. His wife Nefertiti fled to what is modern day Turkey. Akhenaten’s story is very similar to the story of Moses, and some believe they are one and the same. It is hard to know if that is true. They tried to destroy all evidence of his reign and wipe history of his memory.

What is interesting about the early Egyptian pharaohs, their DNA was tested to be 100% Caucasian,  like English, anglo saxon  – Nordic. I  haven’t been able to find the source for the meaning of his name, but from memory it meant “prince of god”.

  Civilizations began in Sumeria, which later became Babylon. It was from Sumeria that mankind spread out and created the many (early)Caucasian kingdoms of Greece, Rome, Egypt, Atlantis – and the spread of the race into Europe and Scandinavia. The legends of Thor of the Vikings originated form the Anuniki – and Enki was actually Thor. The idea of the Greek and Roman gods came from the real history of the Anuniki on earth. The concept of a god was also taught by the Anuniki, which they called the “creator of all”. But there is very little information of it that has been translated from the tablets. The Hebrews/Israelites personified the god concept and blended it with good ethics and the golden rule. This empowered them in an emotional way and the Christian beliefs then spread throughout the world. It was self perpetuating and resonated with them, much like King David described his expereince in the book of Psalms.

  Through the Biblical times the Anuniki returned at times to check on the Israelites and see how they were doing. (It is also important to note that other alien species did the same thing with other humans like North  American indians.) This is when some of the patriarchs saw what they described as “chariots” in the sky and were visited by ‘angels’, (the word angel meant “messenger”) and they talked with them, even sat down and had meals with them. It was those messengers from the Anuniki that helped Lot escape Sodom and Gomorrah before it was destroyed. Others that had contact with the Anuniki were Enoch, who was taken up in a space ship and saw the earth below(this was written in the Book of Enoch), Ezekiel, Elijah, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob(Israel) to name a few. The first major flood happened around 11,000 years ago. Plato described that time when Atlantis was destroyed. The next flood (deluge from tsunamis)during Noah’s time was about 5,000 years ago. Those events were recorded in ancient history and can be seen in the geological record. The Anuniki were ordered back to planet Nibiru before the last flood. There was also a possibility that the Anuniki were aging here on earth more than on Nibiru. And there was a rumor that an elixir they took to extend life was not available here on earth.

  King Anu decided that the people on earth needed to develop on their own and that the colonies on earth that were run by his family were not treating them right. Since that time they basically had a non interference policy towards earth and the human race.  In modern times once the United States started to learn of aliens and UFOs, the Anuniki returned and met with the US government. They told US officialsto be careful with the other aliens - which there were 3 other species. But the US government had already made contact with them and made tentative treaties. The Anuniki told us that if we got in trouble to contact them and they would come and help us. I was told by my CIA source that the call was made for help - after some crashed space ships were found with human body parts in bins, that were being collected by the malevolent aliens. I am not sure the exact year that call was made, but it could have been in the 1990s. The government keeps the disclosure of the aliens a secret so they can continue preparing defenses against a possible future invasion. They have at last count about 15 crashed space ships in their possession, and one or two in perfect working order. They are working to reverse engineer the space ships and glean out the technology so we can use it ourselves. We have at least one and perhaps 2 or more groups of ambassadors on other planets. We also have some of the aliens living in underground bases working with us as well, and educating us to their history, medical advances, weapons and technology. I have seen some authentic photos of the grey aliens, and my friend was at a crash site and helped carry out the 4 bodies of the small grey aliens that are about 4 feet tall.

  I hope you find the timeline interesting. If you want to read more on this subject read Zechariah Sitchin’s book: “The Twelfth Planet”.

If you want to read my trilogy science fiction novels on this subject I will share them free in a file through an email:

lyndoneaton at yahoo dot com

































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