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The Elite Want to Transfer Consciousness to a New Body in Quest for Immortality (Video)

Tuesday, June 13, 2017 9:35
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(N.Morgan) Hidden away in secret labs, huge experiments are quietly taking place, cures being tested, and procedure results being observed and noted, all special treatments which only the ultra-rich can afford.

The Elite of the world have been on a never ending quest to find a way to trick Death and be able to live forever.

In the video below, Melissa Dykes discusses this special medical research, and the implications the research from these secret labs may hold for our future.


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  • Man

    someone binged on Doctor who

    • Equalizer

      Isolating, removal and implanting a human soul into a new subject (Super Computer Stores subjects thoughts/memories electromagnetic isolation and implementation with magnetic isolation) is “old school” just like “global warming” AKA HARP Weapon, fossil fuels and liberalism. All the above require brainwashing. Except for implementing the human soul into a new cloned subject, that is fact.

      • Man

        can you state where the soul exactly is in the body.

        IS a soul in a sperm or egg? or does it enter when the baby is fully formed in the womb?

        • Boo

          Man … the soul is what gives the body life. You do the math.

  • Judge Roy Bean

    The shoe soul repair about to make a come back?

  • Pink Slime

    Hello Angle#3,

    Charlie here. This is laffable stuff. There is no human consciousness (exception – love of doughnuts :lol: :lol: ). However, there IS a human spirit. But the Bible says it returns to Yahuah (who gave it) and the body returns to the earth as it was. That is, it is no longer animated and the body drops to the ground, to whither and decompose to dust, and blown away.

    So, what I’m saying is, mortal physical instruments cannot extract something spiritual. There are not of the same dimension and is on a higher plane. And proof of this is, have they ever peered into a human brain cell and seen everything it heard, saw or felt?? Shouldn’t the brain cell hold the recordings?

    It’s possible this is what CERN may be about, you know, the final particle, but what is that made of?? :cool: :cool: <- :lol:

    But they never have. It was recorded spiritually and the recording went back to Yahuah where he is keeping it in a safe place for judgement, redemption and, one might say, record keeping.

    My doughnut feeling is that they are saying this as some kind of psycho-scam that you are NOT in control. Prepping you for the Mark of the Beast and his false profit.


    Charlie (Doughnuts – it's the REAL thing) :lol: :lol:


    Cannot be done, what will be offered will be an illusion of continuance. The cells not the same as those that contain consciousness cannot exist in two places at once.

    • Jeffery Pritchett

      Right, right, I forgot all about the research and experiments that have been conducted that back what you just said.

      O wait, those don’t exist so you’re talking out your ass.


    The result of the effort will be to leave a glorified billboard of the self for posterity, it will not be the original, just a copy. God is the author, every time he makes one he breaks the mold upon death.

    • Jeffery Pritchett


      If I don’t believe in god, why would I care?

      If you could leave my frail dying body behind, and wake up as a 20 year old and ready for another 90 years of life, of course I would do that.

      I cant wait, good use for clones too, so hopefully that tech can keep up at the same pace.

      Clone myself and transfer my brain into my newly hatched clone that is identical to the body I already know.

      Act like it’s blasphemy all you want, those of us smart enough to not believe fairy tales as reality will become immortal, you can die off and so can your archaic beliefs.

  • No Body

    E D W A R D L E E D S K A L N I N

    U. S. A.

    What is life? Mineral life is to hold the mineral matter together. Vegetable life is to hold the vegetable matter together and increases in volume. Animal life is to hold the animal matter or flesh together increase the volume and give motion to muscles. The base of life is the North and South pole magnets. The magnets are indestructible.

    Every period of material life goes through two periods, construction and destruction period, but the life itself is indestructible, life has no beginning and no end. The sun is living in a destruction period and the earth in a construction period. In the sun only mineral life exist but on earth mineral, vegetable and animal life exist. When one form of life goes through the destruction period the life leaves the matter and goes somewhere else. For instance when zinc in a battery is taken in parts by acid, the North and South pole magnets that held the zinc together, they leave the zinc and if right connections are made they will come out of the battery, then they can be used for other purposes.
    I can run those North and South pole magnets in my perpetual motion holder, then they will produce perpetual motion and when I want to use the same magnets for other purposes. I can make a flash of light from them. Now you can see when the zinc went dead those North and South pole magnets that held the zinc together they did not die but escaped and went some where else.

    The drawing on the front cover is like the perpetual motion holder I made. If I run North and South pole magnets from a car battery (car battery is stronger than zinc battery) in those two coils while the laminated iron cross bar is across the iron bar prong, and fill the iron bar orbit with magnets, then those North and South pole magnets will never stop running around, they will run around until the cross bar is pulled off. The North pole magnets come out of the battery’s positive terminal and South pole magnets come out of car battery’s negative terminal. To be sure it is so, you get two pieces of soft steel welding rod four inches long, put them in clips and connect them with the car battery. Put those two loose rod ends together until the rod gets hot. Now test each of those rod ends you were putting together with a small needle- like horizontally hanging magnet. Then you will see tile one which is connected with positive terminal is North pole magnet, and the one which is connected with negative terminal is South pole magnet (like poles repulses, and unlike poles attract). You can change the rod pieces, but every time the one is connected with positive terminal will be North pole magnet, and the one connected with negative terminal will be South pole magnet.

    If perpetual motion holder’s North pole prong is put East. South pole prong West, and then elevate the cross-bar’s center up to tile South pole vertically hanging magnet, then the magnet will swing South and when the cross-bar’s center is elevated up to North pole vertically hanging magnet, then the magnet will swing North. The cross-bar’s ability to swing the North and South pole magnets. off its center will remain as long as the cross-bar is not disturbed. It has little power but it could be made stronger by making bigger dimensions. From the above experiment you can see the perpetual motion holder can act as a living thing. It knows which way to swing each magnet. This shows if more magnets are added to a living then it can perform things it could not do before. The same is true concerning our body and everything else. Those surplus magnets, they are real life.
    Magnets in general are indestructible. For instance you can burn wood or flesh. You can destroy the body, but you cannot destroy the magnets that held together the body. They go somewhere else. Iron has more of the magnets than wood, and every different substance has a different number of magnets that hold the substance together. If I make a battery with copper for positive terminal and beef for negative terminal I get more of the magnets out of it than when I used copper for positive terminal, and sweet potato for negative terminal. From this you can see that no two things are alike.

    Several years ago I read in the paper that the scientists cannot find out how the green chlorophyll converts the sunlight in plant food. They are looking in the wrong direction. It is not the green chlorophyll that converts the sunlight in plant food, it is the water that does it. That green chlorophyll was not so green in the first place. In fact it was not green at all. It became green by evaporation. The water in plants catches the running sunlight that is coming from the sun and the North and South pole magnets wrap themselves around the caught particles of sunlight and as soon as the particles of sunlight which are wrapped around by the North and South pole magnets are coming in the suitable part of the plant then they join the plant and become a part of it. The North and South pole magnets are going in and out of the earth all the time, everywhere and their numbers are limitless.

    I have several lily pools where I keep water in. I have watched the lily pools for sixteen years. When I put clear water in the pools where the sunlight can shine in, then in two months’ time I can see the moss is beginning to grow. but when I poured the water in the pools where there was no green chlorophyll in the water. This shows that the plants can grow without green chlorophyll. The sunlight was running in the water every day and the North and South pole magnets were running through the water all the time. The North and South pole magnets are passing through every tree, the bigger the tree the more magnets will be passing

    through it. You have noticed that lightning hits the biggest tree and the tallest building. In the North hemisphere the South pole magnets are going up, and the North pole magnets coming down in the same flash. Lightning only strikes if the North and South magnets are concentrated too much in a small space. If not concentrated then they pass through everything without much notice. I believe that water, sunlight and North and South pole magnets are making the plants to grow.

    You have heard that if somebody happens to hold a power line in their bare hands it becomes impossible for him to let loose from the power line. The power line is full of North and South pole magnets, so they overpower the body’s weaker system, and make it impossible for it to open the hands. This shows that the magnets can contract and release the muscles.

    I can see tiny lightning in my eyes if I dose the eye lids and give a side push to the eye ball from the nose outward, but I could not do it every day. When I keep eating more for some time then I can see the tiny lightning while my eyes are open. All that I have to do is to turn my head from one side to the other side. This shows that we have in our body the same kind of magnets that are making the big lightning in the sky. When I connect my tongue and feet with micro-ampere meter. the meter shows that I have magnets in my body. Some times I have more of the magnets in my body than at other times. The presence of magnets in our body would indicate that the magnets are operating our muscles.

    Where do our bodies get the magnets from? You know that to get the magnets from zinc we have to put the zinc in acid in the battery where it can be dissolved. Our digestive system is like a battery but more complicated. We get magnets from the food we eat. The acid and other digestive juices dissolve the food and liberate the magnets to be used for other purposes.

    I have never studied human anatomy, but I know there are many little cords that the magnets can pass through. All that has to be done is to make the right connections. All our body functions are physical, there is no mental function in us, for instance thinking the same as talking is physical process. We all would think loud if we were not suppressed while we were small. When we think we contract the muscles that are for that purpose, but the contraction is so delicate we cannot notice it. This is all that I can tell about our body functions. If I had studied chemistry and human anatomy I am sure I could tell you more about our body functions.

    Copyright October. 1945, by Edward Leedskalnin

    • Jeffery Pritchett

      Where did you find this?

      I’ve read the few known writings of Edward Leedskalnin, and this was not in them.

      If your only source of this is text on the internet, then it’s garbage.

      • No Body

        Have you, i think you talk alot of shit buddy their are 4 known writings
        “”MAGNETIC BASE”"

    • Jeffery Pritchett

      Yup I have “buddy” but it’s been a long time, coral castle and the research done into it by Jon Depew have fascinated me for a long time.

      But don’t worry about it, you can fuck off.

  • Jeffery Pritchett

    Hell yes, sign me up!

    Ever read Altered Carbon?

    I’d be down in a heart beat!

    Granted realistically this tech is generations away, but maybe we’ll get some alien intervention to help us out.

    Playing God? Think not. The time of worrying about Gods is long past, I would download my brain into an iPod if it meant a chance to be around when humans are traveling FTL and have entered the galactic society.

  • Ray Alex Web

    I dont really believe this. When the Russians experimented on the brain transplants in the 40s one strange phenomena occurred. They took the brain from person A, and placed it person B thinking that this would now be person A? NO when waking up for a couple of hours, Person A was not either Person A nor B. I believe that the soul had already left and therefore that the soul is something else.

    • Jeffery Pritchett

      Everything you just said is bullshit that never happened.


  • Roadrunner

    Guy you guys! Watch the video, it is really good!

  • VirusGuard

    Well that’s me out of here when i have to complete some bullshit “I am not a robot” page to gain access to the site and piss around with tracking protection that stops big brother from watching me.

    It goes or i go

  • VirusGuard

    Protection from the jevvs was it.

    No “I am not a robot” page this time becauses my VPN is not based in Isreal.

    This i can live with

  • dj dawg

    Hey slime love your post your a smartass like me but i don’t think these younger readers get your charlies angels reference so ya might wanna explain it to em. :grin:


    Machine of transistors and other electronic parts learns from stored experience and the machine mimics the algorithms that appear to be the persons personality but is not the person.

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