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Deep State Furious as 3 Sick Skeletons Emerge From Trump Hater Robert Mueller’s Closet

Tuesday, August 8, 2017 6:39
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Deep State Furious As 3 Sick Skeletons Emerge From Trump Hater Robert Mueller’s Closet


                                                                      Written by JayWill7497

Robert Mueller, who recently assembled multiple Grand Juries for the purpose of bringing an indictment against President Donald Trump, is now on the defensive as 3 sick skeletons emerged from his own closet of corruption. As his own sins of the past start to surface, Mueller’s effectiveness as a tool of the left is quickly fading, and the deep state is furious.

According to The Gateway Pundit, Mueller is now being exposed for the sins of his past while he held the position as FBI Director. The details of Mueller’s 3 biggest scandals read much like a summary of Barack Obama’s time in office. He used his position of power and influence for the political benefit of the progressive agenda and, in doing so, violated the trust of the American people. This man does not belong anywhere near an investigation and should not be trusted with sensitive information which could jeopardize our national security.

Starting back in 2003, Mueller played a key role in supporting the intelligence community’s falsification of Iraq war intelligence. Thousands of American soldiers died, were injured, and dismembered in the Iraq war, which was justified by fabricated, false, or overstated information from our intelligence agencies. Mueller purposefully refused to investigate and arrest any of the fabricators within the intelligence community for the colossal deception. In fact, he was a key part of the scheme. The following clip shows Mueller lying to Congress about the justification for invading Iraq.

Mueller’s second sick skeleton to surface in recent days is the NSA’s warrantless surveillance scandal, which he also played a key role in covering up. From 2001 to 2013, the NSA conducted illegal collection of domestic phone records and internet communications, which were received or sent by U.S. citizens. The NSA’s actions were in clear violation of Fourth Amendment protections against warrantless search and seizure. To top it all off, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper denied the illegal practices under oath.

Any other American would have been imprisoned for perjury under those circumstances. In 2004, James Comey and Mueller ran a cover-up operation for the NSA, claiming they had put a stop to the illegal surveillance program. Edward Snowden’s shocking revelations in 2013 blew that claim right out of the water. Mueller is a proven liar and nothing more than a deep state tool.

Last but not least, Muller demonstrated his role as Hillary Clinton’s lap-dog during the pay-for-play scandal which took place between 2009 and 20013. While Hillary Clinton was the Secretary of State, her husband Bill Clinton collected millions of dollars in paid speaking fees. In addition, the Clinton Foundation cashed in on the opportunity to take millions of dollars in payoffs in exchange for favors provided by Clinton’s State Department, according to Breitbart. As head of the FBI, Mueller covered Hillary’s tracks and refused to give the American people one ounce of justice for the rampant corruption being perpetrated by her corrupt operation in the State Department. In addition, Mueller aided Hillary’s highly illegal private email server operation by keeping the FBI’s investigators at bay.

This is the man who has been entrusted by the deep state to take down Trump by any means necessary. The double standard of preferential treatment in our country seems eternal. Any law-abiding American who was found to be covering up another person’s illegal activity or assisting in those crimes would never be allowed to hold a position of power or influence. It is outrageous that, after his years of corrupt behavior, Robert Mueller has been given the job of Special Counsel. This man is part of the swamp that we elected President Donald Trump to drain.

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  • Man

    the intelligence of WMD in Iraq had nothing to do with the Bush administration and their excuse to find an scapegoat for 9/11. Not that the GOP back then had any influence of course.Tthey were innocent in these events and had no control at all.

    The illegal wiretapping was part of the Patriot act and relaxing of the FISA requirements to wiretap in 2008. You know, when the GOP; Bush was in power.

    Kellyanne Conway, Steve Bannon, Sean Spicer and Jared Kushner all have active accounts on the private server and Trump later even said that he wouldn’t pursue charges against Hillary. so…. It is the GOP that is again facilitates this.

    • DK

      There was no intelligence of WMD in Iraq, David Kelly inspected them thoroughly, he always said they still had the capacity to manufacture and suspected hidden catches i.e. switching industrial plants roles but stockpiles hidden which were small shells suffered from chemical weapons extremely short shelf life of several months, worse in the temperatures of central Iraq. By 2003 the stockpiles were all but ineffective. However the WMD dossier turned up at Bush request there was a regime change program in place for the entire middle east subscribed to by Bush and the CIA actively funded mujahideen.

      Wiretapping was not due to patriot act, it was extended from covert to overt tapping, covert is the tapping your corporate state phone companies already did by monitoring your phone useage for itemised billing, but if you were a person of interest they could get round the domestic tap at any time by routing the call outside the states and contracting out the tap say in Canada. You could not use the evidence in a court, but if it was commercially sensitive friendly competitors would get that edge over your business with insider info, or your reputation would be shot with scandal.

      • Man

        and still this all was allowed to happen, without any issues. Until now. So the GOP protected him because they had an interest in his activities

    • Firmament Does Exist

      So everything man stated was just refuted.

      • AXLE FOLEY

        Was it? Sorry…

        I was busy being punched in the face by Nick Nolte…

        …about as non-politically-correct a guy as God ever created.

  • Cousin_Jack

    So, you could stand in front of him on tv and call him a criminal? Suppose some people would say its wrong to discriminate against someone just because they’re a lying criminal, they deserve the same chances as any honest person.

  • Sue Rosenorn

    U.s. government has been involved in the worst kind of activities for decades. Most of the evil in charge are Satanists or

    illuminati which explains all the coruption. Mueller is a mobster

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