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No More Kim Jong-un! Trump Just Took Action After Imminent Attack Plan on US Leaked Overnight

Friday, August 11, 2017 9:32
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No More Kim Jong-un! Trump Just Took Action After Imminent Attack Plan On US Leaked Overnight


                                                                                   Written by JayWill7497

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un entered into dangerous territory with the U.S. when they vowed to attack the tiny U.S. territory of Guam. On Tuesday, President Donald Trump warned they would be met with “fire and fury” if they escalated their threat to action.

North Korea didn’t take Trump seriously and are now going to feel the full wrath of what our president promised after Kim’s imminent plan on attack leaked out last night and details exactly where and who he will hit with his missiles he’s already moved into place to launch.

Regardless of how ridiculous Kim Jong-un and his archaic military is, Trump understands what his predecessor refused to acknowledge. This “problem child” isn’t going away and is genuinely insane enough to push “the button” as we’re seeing now.

This isn’t a war of words, it’s a provocation of actual war and what Kim is planning to do by mid-August is his boldest and most destructive yet. The regimes’ recent testing of intercontinental ballistic missiles is in clear violation of the United Nations as well as international laws. That hasn’t stopped Kim from launching one into the waters of Japan but his reign of terror and defiance didn’t stop there.

PBS reports:

The people of Guam woke up Thursday to another pointed threat from Pyongyang, which vowed to complete a plan to attack waters near the island by mid-August — adding a timeline to a threat from a day earlier that North Korea would create an “enveloping fire” around Guam.

Like other U.S. territories, Guam has a sometimes complicated relationship with the U.S. mainland but many across the island say despite the threats and concerns they feel reassured and protected by the military — especially in times of tense, geopolitical sparring.
The plan of attack details that there will be four missiles launched near the US Pacific territory of Guam and could hit our military vessels parked outside the island to protect it.

Although the 160,000 citizens living on the small island are waking up in fear this morning, they are reassured by America’s military presence that Trump has moved into place since talk of an attack on Guam began. He’s not sitting back and waiting to see if Kim is serious, he’s putting people in place now to protect the people in Guam.

About 160,000 people live on the island, which extends about 12 miles (19.31 kilometers) at its widest. The American military presence on Guam consists of two bases — Andersen Air Force Base in the north and Naval Base Guam in the south — which are home to 7,000 U.S. troops, according to PBS.

“I feel that the presence of the military on Guam will help us a lot,” said Virgie Matson, 51, a resident of Dededo, Guam’s most populated village. “They are here to protect the islands, just in case something happens.”

Reuters reports:

North Korea dismissed warnings by U.S. President Donald Trump that it would face “fire and fury” if it threatened the United States and outlined detailed plans on Thursday for a missile strike near the U.S. Pacific territory of Guam.

Experts in South Korea said the plans unveiled by the reclusive North ratcheted up risks significantly since Washington was likely to view any missile aimed at its territory as a provocation, even if launched as a test.

North Korea’s apparently rapid progress in developing nuclear weapons and missiles capable of reaching the U.S. mainland has fueled tensions that erupted into a war of words between Washington and Pyongyang this week, unnerving regional powers and global investors.

North Korea is insistent on attacking Guam since it’s a crucial, strategic hub for U.S. forces in the Pacific and the closest they can get to impact America with what they have.

While the left is incessantly critical of how the president is handling Kim Jong-un, blaming Trump for bringing America on the brink of war, they ignore that their beloved leader did nothing to stop North Korea in his eight years in office which have brought us to this point today.

Obama dropped the ball on almost everything and handed Trump his massive mess. He is now doing what he can to disarm North Korea.

One thing is for certain, that there’s a new Commander-in-Chief in charge now who doesn’t act like this isn’t happening and believes in taking a proactive approach to the problem rather than a reactive one.

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  • Anonymous

    Wanted! More wars for the benefit of the Rothschild banking cartel which includes our fed.

  • Wity

    More American Bully Bullshit…

    Why don’t you pic on someone your own size like China or Russia ???

    Always picking on the little people like Iraq , Libya , Somalia , Yemen or Afghanistan….

    North Korea is Commie China’s plan to draw you out and destroy you Suckers….

    Russia and China know all about your shit ~ War for strategic control and profit…

    Cant you dumb asses understand ~ China has whipped your ass twice already in North Korean War 1 and Vietnam 1…..

  • Givys

    Thank You, Mr President
    Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 7h7 hours ago
    Military solutions are now fully in place,locked and loaded,should North Korea act unwisely. Hopefully Kim Jong Un will find another path!

    • THOTH

      Your comment leads me to believe that you’re confused about who the aggressor is, in this situation. Which country has troops, nuclear submarines, aircraft carriers, artillery and armor positioned near the others border? Who has a history of invading and murdering the other? How did North Korea get it’s nukes in the first place? Maybe it’s the USG that needs to find another path?

    • Wity

      Oy-Vey you American are so brain dead….

      1. You ain’t by far the strongest nation on the planet…
      2. You suffer from feelings of grandeur thinking you win wars and incursions into other countries
      When youve lost them all….
      3. Youve turned the whole of Africa and the middle East into a clusterfuck and now your
      Dic head psycho Trump the bully wants to start the same shit in Asia….
      4. All Trump has done is follow NWO instructions :- FILL AMERICA,THE BRIT COMMONWEALTH

      6. Was an ally with you in three wars and now these extreme minority whites are being
      slaughtered, now you know why you are possibly the most hated nation on Earth right now

  • truther357

    Next.. The Trump Administration ( The ones they can trust?) need to find out how the Obama, Soros , Hillary and Muller’s ‘Weapon Grade Uranium’ got from Russia to Iran and NK.
    We know that the ‘Soros Marxist Mafia’ and his ‘Obama Criminal Administration’ hates America .. but wiping out this country will not help them.

  • 2QIK4U


    • oh brother


  • TuffENuff

    …. because you always want to tell your enemy how, when and where you will be attacking them. Brilliant.

  • Wity

    Ha ha ha ha ha….

    NO MORE KIM JONG UN ~ TRUMP JUST TOOK ACTION Ha ha ha ha ~ Shat-His-pants !

    Trumpet is hiding in his bunker for 17 days while the 21st August comes and goes….

  • Anonymous

    Freemason theater at Her Satanic Majesty’s request. The Grand Patron, Lizard II.

  • DK

    A dummy missile shot to miss is what they call a warning shot or a shot across the bows. Come back when you have a missing island which you can prove to someone other than a select few came from North Korea.

    • DK

      a ‘North Korean’ Missile oops!

  • Bass_Clef

    Absolutely nothing will happen. When they tell you to watch the right hand, always check to see where the left one is…


    “North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un entered into dangerous territory with the U.S. when they vowed to attack the tiny U.S. territory of Guam.”

    North Korea doesn’t even have a navigation system capable of effectively targeting Guam. They figure the 12 conventional missiles will land in the water, 40 miles off the coast of Guam. As usual, the threat is being hyped to rally the people of the US around the degenerate government. “Oh, painted orange stooge, please protect us from Kimmy. Please bomb them, before he bombs us.” That’s the desired effect of the worn out script. Trump needs something major to happen, to distract the public attention away from his totally failed administration.

    Not to mention, with the big bad ISIS being on it’s last legs, in spite of US efforts to sustain them, the USG is in desperate need of a new boogie man, to keep the perpetual war profits rolling and to serve as a pretext for continued US invasion of foreign lands. Moving into Korea sets up for an invasion of China and Siberia, which Russia and China are both well aware of.

    North Korea views the upcoming US-South Korean military drills as a direct threat to their national security and rightfully so, as these drills involve nuclear armed submarines, air craft carriers, stealth bombers, and large numbers of troops, artillery and armor. Is North Korea Just supposed to trust that these drills aren’t going to go live?

    To put this into perspective, imagine if Mexico announced that North Korean military would be arriving to participate in joint military exercises of this magnitude on US borders. The hysteria would be unimaginable.

    Also, the THAAD missile launching platform being installed by the US in South Korea is not only a threat to North Korea, but China and Russia, as well.

    Meanwhile, Lockheed Martin stocks have gone up since Trump’s “Fire and Fury like the world has never seen before” comment.

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