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Paul Joseph Watson Leaving YouTube Plus Biggest News Roger Stone Has Ever Broken (Videos)

Saturday, August 12, 2017 6:57
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Paul Joseph Watson Leaving YouTube

Source Alex Jones

10 August 2017 – Breitbart

U.S. Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) blasted Google in the aftermath of the James Damore firing, arguing that Silicon Valley’s treatment of conservatives and libertarians is a Civil Rights issue.

“The mistreatment of conservatives and libertarians by tech monopolies is a civil rights issue,” Rohrabacher, who was a speechwriter for President Ronald Reagan, wrote in a tweet on Thursday. Google employee James Damore was fired after circulating an internal memo on the company’s issues with ideological tolerance across political divides. More specifically, Damore argued that Google had cultivated an environment in which conservative-leaning employees opted to keep their mouths shut to avoid public shaming and social ostracization.

Rohrbacher additionally commented, “I am very troubled by @google’s treatment of James Damore. You shouldn’t lose your job for telling the truth!.”

A series of interviews by Breitbart Tech, entitled “Rebels of Google,” details the mistreatment that Rohrabacher may be referencing in his tweet. Aside from the James Damore firing, anonymous employees spoke out about internal blacklists, in which managers would publicly announce that they refuse to work directly with those who strayed from the firm’s progressive orthodoxy.


BREAKING: Biggest News Roger Stone Has Ever Broken

Source Klay News


Roger Stone – White House Generals Moving On Trump

Source Infowar

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    :arrow: Put This To The Test (Alex Jones, James Corbett, Paul Watson, Art Bell…) (Video)

  • Anonymous

    (Intended to be on-topic.)

    Bezmenov on demoralization.

    White people, 100% of the time, are going to prove Alexander Tytler and Barbara Lerner correct, the more you try to help them help themselves. Your most obnoxious web trolls have daddy issues, are not fit for labor, or are rainbow Confederate types, without fail.

    There was some putative ‘creativity’ movement, where independent infrastructure might have been built at private expense? Or, were you supposed to bake a loaf of bread? idk. It seems to be Laodiciean, Boomer, and Gen Y’s, fed on a steady diet of WCOC pablum.

  • Man

    I can taste the irony in of Paul Joseph Watson action. I mean the Google memo has nothing to do with youtube.

    The irony part is that the person that was in charge of workplace diversity was fired because: “To suggest a group of our colleagues have traits that make them less biologically suited to that work”

    That is basically what Paul Joseph Watson does some of his videos about females. I remember one stupidly about gender in sport. All Paul Watson did was stating the biological differences while some sports aren’t about the strength factor that men has an advantage in. So that is basically the exact argument what got the Google worker fired.

    Sports like tennis already have mixed genders playing like wise with chess (except in the US).

    • Man

      And it isn’t like his video’s or any other from the spectrum are taken down.

    • Canderson

      Ahh Paul Joseph Watson works for cash, not for free or purely out of a good heart perspective. I mean they demonetized all his original content. Trump do not accept a pay-check, he is well off as it is, he works for what he believes in, restore the world to before it went into Cloud cuckoo land. ( Cloud cuckoo land refers to a state of absurdly over-optimistic fantasy or an unrealistically idealistic state where everything is perfect. perfectly cuckoo )

      • Canderson

        My view, ask Trump!

        • Canderson

          Cause I wanna know for real also.

      • Canderson

        perfectly cuckoo = Utopian Marxism, Cultural Marxism and their mother? Fabian Socialism.

  • Canderson

    From the The Alex Jones Channel
    Young Alex Jones with Jeff Davis April 26, 1997: How The Nwo Controls Our Reality

    Anyone knowing what happened to this guy? (It is clearly not the current Alex Jones)

    1997 Profile shot. Alex Jones number1

    1998 Profile shot. Alex Jones number2

    • Canderson

      I say you should probably watch infowar and Alex Jones nr2 Cause much of what he says is in time an knowledgeable,
      but think yourself do not let “them” fool you with pre packaged thinking, give you the opinion out of the box on whatever, stay awake. No doubt they are Israel first. I say America first and so does the President.

  • plsnogod

    ‘due diligence’(lol)

    you are spouting forth incontinently at the moment. Nothing wrong with that.

    however i’m sure i’m not the only one to object to your sick and depraved religious spam every time.

    You say i was born in sin, you sick ah.
    so you are saying that i popped out of my mother as a sinner and in order to be cured of this,your mythical man/god had to be tortured and crucified to make me well.


    You need to be confined somewhere.

    Not only that, you threaten me with an eternity in the fires of hell if i don’t accept your deity. Very moral due diligence.
    Thankyou for your guidance.

    I truly hope you have no children. What sort of life are they going to have with you as a guide…
    Notice: Your comment has been accepted.
    Please allow a few moments before it is visible to others.


      You don’t have the moxie to tangle with me or Mayhem, pinball.

      Don’t think that sad fact lost on anyone paying attention.

      But you WILL pursue the women of these boards — Boo and Due Diligence?

      A vulgar display of utter cowardice.

      • Andy

        lol, too funny

    • Andy

      actually, all humans are born pure & without sin

      no pride
      no envy
      no gluttony
      no lust
      no anger
      no greed
      no sloth

      WE teach them all that “and so the sins of the father are passed unto the son”


        Are you serious, Andy?

        Have you ever observed the behavior, the extraordinarily selfish behavior, of very young children? No GREED? NO ANGER?! NO PRIDE?!? NO ENVY?!?!


        These behaviors are NOT learned. They are innate.

        Lust comes later because puberty comes later… so there’s physiology preventing lust from very young children. Yet another piece of evidence for all Anti-Theists to ponder…

    • Canderson

      Perhaps you could clarify what you mean, cause I do not understand. I think the Bible says we all are born out of sin, anyway
      I am surely not all good. I think it comes out of Gnosticism (a form of dualism) and the flesh is bad because it do the evil.
      Who gives birth to the flesh? The woman. (If all we got was Hillary then they made me a believer, smile.) The spirit is pure and good, the mind that existed before all matter. That is their view I believe.

      • Canderson

        And the mind created the matter.

  • Canderson

    Alex Jones nr2 outproduced all opposition, like the Germans did once, against the Empires of the British and French. First WW1 to destroy the people behind the wings of that, how sad. Then WW2 to further their Satanic, Babylonian agenda. They go against advancement, only advancement by them is good. (then we could wait 100 years in a loop) I say to Alex Jones nr2 You already knows what is awaiting you.

  • Sun Rabbit

    No big deal. It’s only a matter of time before open-source peer-to-peer video sharing replaces YouTube et al. Platforms for this already exist, they’re similar to what LimeWire was like but they haven’t taken off yet. Some of them do have web interfaces where you don’t need any app for it except maybe uTorrent but these also are yet to see their heyday, and most of the DOZENS of videos linked to these sites are not that good.
    Just to stay off-topic I think other draconian sites like eBay will be replaced by peer-to-peer trading using cryptocurrencies. I hope these big companies start treating their users better because the instant something better then YouTube, eBay, or Google comes along the big guys will have lost a lot of money.
    Now, if the whole internet could work on a peer-to-peer basis like BBSs did back in the day using Ham radio / Sideband / CB repeaters, now THAT would be interesting.

  • Starbaby

    RESPONSE TO VIDEO: Roger Stone – White House Generals Moving On Trump

    General Kelly, when you first arrived on the scene to help our President that was elected for the ‘principles and platform’ that he presented, I and other supporters looked forward to the positive points that you would bring to the perseverance of our true Republic as a leader in the Military with much knowledge and experience to give with your support.

    Quite the opposite is unfolding, as an American, why do I have to be threatened by one of our top Generals that you are setting up a ‘coup to kill or impeach’ the only possibility for American’s NOT to be sold out to the Satanic Globalist NWO? This has been referred to as, ‘SEVEN DAYS IN MAY FILM 1964′, which I hope every conscious American will understand the full meaning of this assault against us.

    You have allowed McMasters/Traitor to continue in a position to destroy our values. How does McMasters bring in a ‘NEVER TRUMPER HATER’ TO A POSITION IN THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION? Allison Neilson should be REMOVED or our voices will get louder! McMasters proceeded to blatantly speak out against President Trump in a very demeaning way with hateful comments .
    The removal of all Obama and Soros support type people should have been fired and led out the door in SHAME as a first move to clear the filth from surrounding a brand new Chief!

    One does NOT keep the real news from our President by bannning alternative news sites that were fighting so hard to make this Presidency a grand slam for humanity! We support President Trump’s initiative to move our country out of debt and to become a leader in the production of manufacturng, new healing and energy technology to a greater level of success.
    If you love your country, as we do, I pray that you redirect your guidence to a level of not destructive power but greatness like our forefathers fought to create a country of many opportunities for people to grow and enrich their lives with creativity, new businesses and a true understanding of PEACE NOT WAR!
    What more can one say to a person that represents our highest levels of Military Leadership but to expect the highest level of PROTECTION for our President (NOT AGAINST HIM)!

    We the people, truly understand the war against the ‘EVIL EMPIRE’ that ruled this country under the auspices of good leadership. We know it is hard for you and others , to go up against a corrupt Congress and Senate that has and is, being threatened by those that call themselves the ELITE and CORPORATE DICTATORS. Not to forget to mention the gross invasion of key positions in our government of ISLAMIST that want to destroy FREE SPEECH and American values in return for a SLAVE NATION OF IDIOTS!

    We get it, and I promise you, we will not rest until our country is back in the hands of those that will restore these basic principles that is our right to enjoy on this Planet Earth!

    With respect to you, General Kelly, please do NOT move forward with your present moves to isolate our President and bring harm and disgrace to someone we have the greatest trust in restoring our county to greatness again!

  • pet rock

    The $25 Trillion Land Grab
    Ten megapolitans are poised for a development boom that, by 2030, will dwarf America’s post-WWII buildout. Here’s our treasure map of potential opportunity.

  • dakota

    Blasphemy. It is God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost (not the Holy Spirit).

    The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost = The Most Holy Trinity.

    There are 7 gifts of the Holy Ghost (not the Holy Spirit):
    Wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, and fear of the Lord.

    You jews deliberately want to spout blasphemy, and I will always correct it.

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