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Prime Creator Nibiru Blockbuster Updates! Nibiru Will Wait For Humanity To Be Ready For It! Nibiru Has Been Moved! Disclosure Update! We Live In A Simulated Matrix

Thursday, September 21, 2017 16:19
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Prime Creator Nibiru Blockbuster Updates! Nibiru Will Wait For Humanity To Be Ready For It! Nibiru Has Been Moved! Disclosure Update! We Live In A Simulated Matrix

From the video: 

Nibiru is an escape plan for those that


created this they believe that Nibiru


would come close enough for them to get


off this planet and leave and escape


Nibiru And September 23, Expect “Something” But Not A Planet, Or Brown Dwarf Star… Here’s Why 

Prime Creator Nibiru Update! Humanity Is Not Ready For It And Some Can See It! “Humanity Has To Grow Spirituality To Receive Nibiru’s Vibration”, “There Will Not Be Any Catastrophes” 

Prime Creator Drops Nibiru And Financial Bombshells! Timeline For Financial System To Dissolve In 12 Months! Confirms Some Can See Nibiru!  

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By Indian in the machine
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I Asked Creator For A Magical Day To Inspire The Creator Within Me, And What Happened Astonished Me

Tuesday, August 8, 2017 11:05

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(Before It’s News)

I Asked Creator For A Magical Day To Inspire The Creator Within Me, And What Happened Astonished Me 

With all the harshness of life constantly offering itself to us, which we do not have to absorb… it’s great to have so many confirmations, that the energies we are now in, are intense… what is it like when we ‘tap into the magic’?  It all started one perfect day…

Basically, one morning I simply asked Creator to engage me in the magic… and that “I was ready”… I suppose looking back, to tap into the magic, requires permission… I asked… and I was energetically ready… I’m saying this because it’s a crucial part of this process!  I was ‘feeling magical’… 

Here are a few magical moments… “it” started right away…

1.  Encounter With The Tiniest Bird~  I was sitting at the beach, basking in the postcard view of the mountains and lake… a bit further off from where I was, was a small group of people looking at something on the ground… which turned out to be a very tiny bird, that may have fallen out of a nearby tree.  So cute…so tiny and frail, and it barely had a body and it barely had feathers…and so very cute cute cute… I wanted to visit with it, but sheesh it was young, that no one really wanted to touch it, let alone pick it up… so, I ‘called it over in spirit’… and did some chirping sounds…  something registered with our little cutie, because it started to make a direct path to me, up and down the sand, which may have looked like a big desert for something so small… cutie heads right for me… and goes underneath my legs… I couldn’t tell where at first because it was so small I didn’t want to move… I braced for the slim chance it crawled up my shorts, but it never happened… and so I looked and saw it taking refuge under the shade of my leg and the heat of my other leg… whoa, I’m thinking… Creator is telling me He is listening to the creator within me.

2.  The Volleyball Cloud Vortex ~  I was playing volleyball with a beautiful group of free spirits… and the team I was on, was losing… so I decided to create a vortex of victory for the team, around the court… I explained to a nearby player “I created this vortex…” and she ‘got it’…. what began to happen, was that our team suddenly started to gain some more points… okay, this is good, we’re laughing about catching up to the team… I notice we have a new player on  our team join us, and she’s wearing a few beautiful crystals… I spoke to her about the vortex later, and she said, that she had felt a strong pull to join our team, midgame… neat eh?  So back to the game, it’s getting exciting and the teams are close to even in the score… I look up to the sky and see a strong magical energy in a cloud… so I asked in a joking way for the cloud to join us… a few moments later, one of the other players is looking to the power line and saying, see how if you are right here where I’m standing, the powerline divides the cloud in half… maybe I gasped out loud… but I said to the team… whoa, I just added that cloud to the vortex… by then , I was reasonably confirmed, that the vortex was working… the first player I shared the vortex with, says… oh my God, can we turn that vortex off now… it’s scaring me… the power of it… and see what happens… and I agreed… ‘vortex off’… just to give the other team a better chance… but we won!

3.  Mushroom Guessing Game!  I felt the need to gift an inspiring young friend,  something to inspire him on his magical spirit journey… I approached him chatting with another friend, and I hold my hand out with something in it… I say to him, I have a gift for you in this hand… the other friend says… is it magic mushrooms? I smile… not answering… I say, I wanted you to have this gift to acknowledge and honour your magical spirit journey… then I open my hand and show them that I’m holding a wool knitted magic amanita mushroom, that I bought from a magical mushroom town deep in the mountains of Mexico… they’re both floored and so am I, that the other friend, actually guessed it right!  The friend I gifted it to says, “Wow, I’ve actually made one of those before”.

4.  Warrior Drum Feast~  What every drum warrior usually wants at some point, is some ganja and some food for fuel.  Well the ganja showed up… so that was cool… and not so unexpected… but what really floored me, was that after we drummed in the full moon….there was a bag of food placed beside the drums that contained a feast!

5. Native Medicine Gift~  At the market, I decided to head to the native craft booth, and wasn’t expecting to meet a kindred spirit, a native medicine woman, and we were both very comfortable in each other’s energy and resonated to each other’s stories… oh and she is a drum maker too… to top it off… she gifted me with organic baby romaine lettuce that I added to the drum warrior feast, and offered to hook me up with some drumhide.

Okay… so fun stuff… the magic brings much joy into my life, and it is needed… it’s helpful to shed the heavy feelings of life, and to renew one’s connection to the spiritworld, and our inherent power to engage energy in new and experimental ways… ultimately, we can use vortices and intentions to create the new earth, and so we are always doing this… however, we can apply more focus and mastery, to create the ultimate dream life of complete fulfillment. Like I said earlier, the energies are becoming ever-increasingly more powerful, it is important to engage them, and to become them… become the magic… and then becoming one with everyone and everything around us, will intrigue us,… we are essentially learning to live as gods on planet earth.

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