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“Red Alert” – The U.S. Is Ready to Strike as North Korea Attempts to Charm South Korea: An Inside Scoop…

Tuesday, January 9, 2018 18:05
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Wars and rumors of wars are becoming a daily talk, but is there some truth to it?…


Many are familiar with that scripture from Matthew 24:6-8, which states that this would come true:
“6It is going to happen that you are going to hear battles and reports of wars, take heed that you will not be troubled, for it is necessary that all these things should happen, but it will not yet be the end. 7For nation will arise against nation, and Kingdom against Kingdom, and there will be famines and plagues and earthquakes in various places. 8But all these things are the beginning of sorrows.”


This is not as a means of fear, but another warning signal. One of the latest updates on the war front I saw today and would like to share it with you all. The “accurate analyst” and political scientist, Joel Skousen believed that “worldwide thermonuclear war” was planned and known by the “Globalists,” and the trigger that would set it off would be arriving as we approached the year 2020 according to Alex Jones.


From the videoAlex Jones and Joel Skousen discuss that President Trump is still planning to strike North Korea. However, North Korea now is playing the charm offensive with South Korea,” according to Joel Skousen. North Korea knows President Trump will strike because he has been sending all the appropriate military vessels and troops to that region of the world. North Korea is using this weak link because many officials are urging President Trump to carry out “negotiations” opposed to pulling the trigger. It is a smart move for North Korea because the US officials will say to President Trump that North Korea is in the negotiation process and he will not be able to strike. Since the Olympics are right around the corner, North Korea is using South Korea because they are “Pacifists” and trying to breakaway partners in the coming attack.


Alex Jones and Joel Skousen continue to discuss how war is inevitable, but the longer it is postponed, the stronger North Korea will become. Another hot topic they mention is that because the U.S. sells weapons and technology to Israel, Israel sells it to China which in turn does not help the U.S or the current world situation. It has been known for years that North Korea is the “wildcard” because it is in China and Russia’s best interest since Kim Jung Un would be the crazy one to start WWIII and it has been the “Communist Plan.” Even the “Globalists” are aware of this and have been lenient on North Korea, still allowing him to strengthen and rise to power for their own plan and benefit. While North Korea had their latest missile tests, President Trump made a tactical mistake by not shooting them down and using a “Bloody Nose” strategy. If President Trump attacks North Korea, North Korea will attack South Korea and it is “the largest military operation you can mount, to take out 15,000 artillery tubes spread out over 100-150 miles across the DMZ.” Joel Skousen also believes that the “Globalists” want a first strike on the U.S. military because they do not want to “expose secret weapon systems” until they gather more U.S. support. Joel Skousen states:

“The problem as I’ve stated before on your show is that Trump’s advent and his gut feelings to take down North Korea’s military is threatening the use of this trigger gun event before its time. Too early, because Russia and China aren’t ready to prosecute…They’ve got a contingency plan here. If Trump attacks South Korea, they will get him to negotiate a truce short of victory, just like they did in the first Korean War so that this would preserve the trigger event to resurrect itself after 2020 sometime when Russia and China would be more ready to prosecute a third world war.”

See the video below for more details:

It doesn’t seem there is much turning back from the chaos we have all been dragged into, but there is always hope. With darkness, there is always light to give the contrast. We can choose to stop the division and start uniting together in love through Creator and Christ. The increase in the disturbance in the world, in weather, finance, health, etc, are showing that the time of not only sorrow but the time of Glory is about to be before us. That time where the Lord, a righteous ruler, will be ushered into His Throne to reign in peace and love. Find out more and research it for yourself, because the long-awaited answer is right in front of you.

Be well!!

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  • Cifer Therrien

    It’s the terrifying truth :( Trump is supposed to be a man of God but he seems ever so hungry for war :/

    • raisnbran

      god kills millions–have you not read the bible?–the book of wrath and judgement—spiritual hell is being a bible thumper,christian—god would not touch any of that crap with a 1000 ft pole cause god does not read the bible–never has,never will–was not written by god either–some insane homeless dudes in a cave wrote it inspired by satan–the word of men not god—the bible is the book of wrath and judgement–god has no wrath,nor judgement–only petty,weak,immature evil hateful,judgemental humans have wrath and judgement like bible thumpers,christians

      • Jerry

        You are correct. God doesn’t kill his own creation and he loves all of us, both good and evil knowing well that eventually evil will turn to the light even if it takes many incarnations to learn goodness and service to others. God did not write the Bible nor did he behave as the Bible describes him, or he would be a madman.

        • Man

          so did the flood happen?

          • Greg

            There are many accounts of the flood in different cultures worldwide, it happened all right. Parts of the Bible are a condensed version of what went on in ancient times, both the Bible and other accounts of the flood are true…

      • Tom.E

        Spot on. Bibliomaniacs aren’t capable of critical analysis. They worship a cruel,vindictive,purely evil deity. Religion has brought this world nothing but wars, strife, and untold misery. Christians,Jews,and Muslims all worship the same demonic deity under different names and none of them can even experience real spirituality. Their religions are a curse on the human psyche. Their beliefs are like a cancer that should’ve died long ago.

    • Busta Myth

      I’m pretty sure that Trump is a Bavarian “illuminati” Bankster puppet Freemason just like Kim Jong Rocketboy is a Freemason

      There are loads of photos, articles and videos about that

      So whatever happens, it will be INSTIGATED on PURPOSE

      makes me wonder why HollyWeird put out movies like Olypus has Fallen, RED DAWN or MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE

      those Secret Society Freaks love their stupid little Satanic Riddles

    • dakota

      Why makes you think he’s a “man of God”?

  • William S.

    Most believe the Messiah will come just prior to this judgment, offering the people one last chance at salvation and Lord RayEl is that prophesied Messiah. Though “faith” is important, we will still provide evidence of his divinity. Lord RayEl, has arrived as promised and prophesied and you can visit us (His clergy) at one of our many locations…
    God bless.

    ICoLR Facebook congregation
    With Lord RayEl’s Imperial Regent on VK:

    Follow Lord RayEl’s Twitter:
    Subscribe to the Templar Commandery YouTube Channel:
    Also, Visit our Website:

    • Hi NSA, kiss my artichoke

      Umm.. Hey Will?
      Maybe YOU can answer a question I’ve had for sometime now.
      The Bible PLAINLY states, the when HE returns, ALL will be changed into their spirit bodies.
      Now, if this Ra-El GUY is the returned Son of God…
      Why am I here, typing this, on my sexy, FLESHY booty? :wink:

      • raisnbran

        it makes no sense to you art, cause your sane ..unlike the total nut job satan worshiper willie s–jesus said when he was here salvation is for all and the bible thumpers,devil worshipers of his day did not like that,it took away their devil power,$$$, so they killed him—the bible thumpers of today would do the same being they are led by satan–god is love and loves all his stupid humans,even evil,hateful,petty,immature.judge MENTAL bible thumpers,christians

      • Hi NSA, kiss my artichoke

        A down vote.
        Soooo… Pressing the red arrow is easier than answering a SIMPLE question? :shock: :wink: :roll: :lol:

  • TheDirectHouseofDavid

    Most everything is scripted and utilized as a catalyst to serve a greater ultimate purpose.

  • EricLogan

    Keeping an eye on all of this, but hopefully we aren’t the only ones doing so.

    • Greg

      Me too, you are not the only one ;)

  • Corey DeFrancesco

    As they finally putting an end to their aggressions in a potential wartime scenario? Wow.

  • Pink Slime

    A big hint and CLUE WAR is coming is simply watch the military buildup of countries around you. If they start building up their military then they are planning to USE it should be so obvious to anyone.

    Churchill saw that in Hitler and tried to warn the British people about him, but that warning was IGNORED. Britain was almost defeated by the Aryans and only because of God’s saving grace because it was NOT their time.

    Britain and America is prophesied to be DEFEATED sometime in the future. Perhaps in the next world war. They committed the deadly Hezekiah protocol by putting in a racist Muslim Negro foreigner which was also forbidden in their “book” to put in someone NOTof their tribe. This can only mean sabotage by the Negro.

    You should be armed to the teeth and forming militias in every State. But because this makes so much sense I’m afraid my “Churchill” advice won’t be heeded. :cool:

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