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Woman Jailed For This Video! Insanity!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018 16:56
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Woman Jailed For Life Over This Video! from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.


Monika Schaefer put in prison Indefinitely in Germany for the above video!

You won’t hear about this story on the Fake News here in the US because this would mean exposing just how vile and tyrannical the German government is now!   You can be put in prison in Germany for simply having an opinion that is against the “authorities” propaganda.  They’re doing the same stuff in the UK too!   We know we’ve been lied to about literally everything so why should we believe anything the “authorities” say?   If the evidence is so strong for the “official stories” then why do government always try to stop the debate?  Why would they care what you believed?  Remember when G.W. Bush said “never let us tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories” when it came to 9/11?  

Yeah if Bush had his way, he would have put all of us in jail who figured out that elements of our government along with Israel and Saudi Arabia were responsible for 9/11 and not some people in caves in Afghanistan!  Luckily America with all her problems still hasn’t fallen  so low yet to imprison people for having an opinion but Germany and the UK are run by scum.

To show you how evil the fake news on this subject, watch how they spin it to seem it’s perfectly okay to be imprisoned for life for going against the “official” story.  See it’s now a “hate crime” if you don’t believe known liars who lied about literally  everything in history.  

“It is a hate crime in my mind and I believe it should be investigated as such,” said Kuzminski, who is also the president of the local Legion in Jasper.

He says Schaefer is no longer welcomed at the legion.

Kuzminski filed a complaint with the Alberta and Canadian Human Rights Commission, citing Schaefer’s denial of the Holocaust as hate speech.

“By allowing it to be unchallenged like this gives licence to the people that want to spread hatred, and ignorance even further, and you see that on the comments of her YouTube videos, the hatred that’s being expressed there,” said Kuzminski. 

See the Fake News spin in the article.  How evil it is to say it’s okay to put somebody in prison for an opinion!  Why isn’t Alex Jones talking about this nonsense and all the traitors who are dual Israeli citizens in our Congress?   hmmm

I’ve seen the interviews and according to those at the German camps these camps  DID have swimming pools, hospitals and theaters where they put on plays starring the prisoners.  Jews have said this on video!   This is not my opinion, this is fact from people who were there!   You don’t have swimming pools and theaters if you march them from a train into a gas chamber.  The whole thing makes no sense if you really think about it.  Did people starve because the trains were bombed at the end of the war and food couldn’t be brought in?  Of course this happened.   But if they wanted to simply kill the Jews, they would have simply marched them from the trains to the burial pits!  Many of our own soldiers and officers captured by the Germans said they were treated well as prisoners.  They even portray humane treatment this in the campy show, Hogans Heroes.  

I believe the concentration camps were just work camps and were probably nicer than what we gave the Japanese in our own internment camps.  Again, there are Jews on camera saying they were work camps so this is not my opinion either.   What kind of a world do we live in where a country can imprison you for your opinion anyway?  That’s an evil country run by demons.   To find out who rules over you, find out WHO you cannot criticize!   I can never go to Germany because I’m not a brainwashed robot who believes what known liars tell me.  They would put me in prison simply for this article!  That’s how disgusting the government is there now.  

Did Jews die in the camps, of course they did, I’m not saying they didn’t.  Was there evil going on there?  I’m sure there was evil going on just as there is in our own prisons today.  But even if you believe 6 million Jews died in the camps (The Red Cross says about 250,000) there were over 60 million plus Russian Christians killed during the Bolshevik revolution!  Why are the ten times more Christians killed in Russia never mentioned?  It seems purely evil to me that people aren’t allowed to question the Jewish holocaust and are put in prison for it.  

When you put people in prison for having an opinion then you don’t have a free society, you have an evil tyranny!   While I don’t believe the people who say the Earth is flat, I certainly don’t want them put in prison!  We cannot allow people to be put in prison just because we don’t like what they say and it goes against what the history books say.  The history books are written by mostly paid liars in my opinion.  They only tell you what they want you to know or believe.   Go read the official fairy tale on 9/11 in Wikipedia or in any of the fake news in the US and you’ll see what a joke it all is.  I basically believe nothing the “authorities” tell me.  It’s all lies and spin, just like the Russian Collusion garbage they’ve forced on us for over a year now!  It’s all lies, all the time!  IN fact that should be the slogan for CNN and the rest of the fake news.

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