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Can the Troops Even “Support the Troops” Themselves After Watching This?

Friday, February 9, 2018 21:13
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If you know someone who is in the military, has been in the military or is thinking about being in the military…they HAVE to see THIS!!!



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  • PaulTarsuss

    “The nation that separates it’s scholars from it’s warriors, will have it’s thinking done by cowards, and it’s fighting done by fools”. – Thucydides

    “He that takes up the sword, will die by it.” – Jesus Christ

    “He that would save his own life, will lose it; He that would give up his life for my sake, shall save it”. – Jesus Christ

    The real battleground is for the human soul, and the enemy of mankind specializes in using the naivety of the human heart, to gain control of the human head, in order to steal the human soul.

    We will ALL, each and every one of us, stand before our Maker, to give an account of ourselves during this short life time we are allotted….

    And “I was only following orders” ain’t gonna cut it.

    The very concept of the “corporation” is repugnant to our Creator, as it’s invention was for the express purpose of creating a virtual ‘straw man’ by which to evade individual culpability for one’s actions.

    And it is by this invention that a corrupted hidden hand rules our tattered globe today….

    Too many, I see today, walking around like ‘zombies’, with blank stares and vague, quizzical facial expressions that seem to ask…..

    “How did I end up being a traitor to my own soul?”

    Good Journeys

    • Wity


      Boet you need to do the sums and stop the guesswork….

      Answer this :- roughly 120 billion human souls have been born to live and die on this Prison Planet
      Over the last 600 thousand years……

      All with similar genetics but very different character’s , metal and physical…. abilities !

      While you work on the premise that man can control his own destiny ~ A load of crap !

      Please re-read Genesis 1-11 for the real answer to life on Earth.

      In short :- there was a war in Heaven and Satan with his minions were banished to Earth
      for a time .

      And Satan Was Given Dominion Over The Earth And Everything For A Time And That Time Is Now


    • Andy

      you deluded kids & your fantasy fairy-tales, much much worse than the military illusion described in the vid

  • Ideas Time

    Men who fight for the fraud banking fraud are clueless.

  • Pink Slime

    Hey longhair. Do you know why the commit suicide? After being made a warrior they don’t get to win.

    If you are in the Army and you go fight a war and told you cannot win nor get the spoils you’d go nuts too.

    Practically all the Democraps did that from WW II and on. Yeah, the DEMOCRAPS. The party needs to be BANNED and BANNED now!! :twisted:

    Just like their NEGRO, they have NO BUSINESS BEING UP THERE. When are you guys EVER going to get it???

    • Andy

      incorrect, it’s not about winning, it’s about whether or not the war was just

      WWII veterans didn’t run around committing suicide, they fought a just war against a madman who wanted to rule the entire planet and went home in peace

      modern soldiers do not fight just wars, though they are lead to believe so when they’re sent, then they see the reality and a big something inside of them DIES – they KNOW they killed people unjustly, in an unjust war

      some people simply cannot live with that knowledge

      • Pink Slime

        Umm… no. But the Iraq war was a war of justice when Boosh blamed them for doing 9/11.

        But we didn’t take over the spoils of war. We did not kill the enemy, nor established a base there and moved our countrymen over and run, or at least rebuild the place to our liking with American companies.

        No, the oil went to the Chinese market, terrorist were allowed to return, and worse, we never got the oil to lower prices to Americans. Imagine gas at 1/2 today’s prices?

        It’s not about a war being just. It’s about a war being in vain. Or in layman’s term. Fighting for nothing. :twisted:

  • Anonymous

    But, but, but Jesus wants our soldiers to fight for Israel so Jews can be rich, right?

  • Andy

    “it’s bad enough to find out that you donated to some charity that was a fraud, or endorsed some candidate that was a liar, or believed in some guru who turned out to be a crook – people even resist admitting something like that”

    imagine how difficult it is for religious adherents to face and admit the fact that they’ve wasted themselves on a FICTION :cry: about 1000 times more difficult than the military reality in this vid

    - the universe was not created, but has always existed (first law of thermodynamics)
    - there is no creator for that which was not created – ergo no god
    - the bible is a man-made fiction, a Roman Psy-op to control the ignorant masses
    - jesus never lived

    time to grow up kids, or go down

  • caan

    We need to do like the Swiss.

  • unidentified

    youtube said the war in the middle east was secretly about ancient alien technology and aliens living underground, the rest is a smokescreen for snowflakes

  • beLIEve

    US Aimed to Destroy Rather Than Liberate Iraq’s Mosul – Analyst

    In an interview with Sputnik, Iranian political commentator Emad Abshenas addressed the ever-deteriorating situation in Mosul, which was liberated by the US-led coalition back in July 2017, specifically pointing out WASHINGTON’S RELUCTANCE TO FOCUS ON FIGHTING Daesh.

    Emad Abshenas, an Iranian political analyst and editor-in-chief of the Iran Press newspaper, referred to history, which he said showed that when conducting any military operation, the US unfortunately resorts to “crushing actions and the murder of innocent people and civilians.”

    “THEY USE HUMANITARAN SLOGANS and appeals with respect to themselves rather than the other citizens of the world. The US COMMITTED CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY in SYRIA’S RAQQA, as well as AFGHANISTAN, PAKISTAN, YEMEN, IRAQ, and OTHER COUNTRIES, something that is not covered by the major media outlets controlled by Washington,” Abshenas said.

    Bodies of 20 WOMEN TORTURED BY Daesh Discovered in MOSUL MASS GRAVE .
    He recalled that “the Western mainstream media outlets not only never write about such crimes but also resort to very strict censorship and information filters.”

    Abshenas lamented the fact that MOSUL, “to some extent suffered the fate of Raqqa, where SOME RESIDENTIAL AREAS WERE LEVELED to the ground BY THE US MILITARY in a bid to destroy Daesh militants.”

    “When becoming the US PRESIDENT, TRUMP decided to once again demonstrate his country’s international clout. He did so by DESTROYING, not liberating, MOSUL,” Abshenas emphasized.

    In this vein, he referred to the “BRILLIANT VICTORIES of RUSSIA” Iran and Syria in the struggle against the terrorist organization Daesh, which was not the case with the international coalition led by the UNITED STATES, which FAILED TO CONDUCT AN EFFECTIVE ANTI TERRORIST OPERATION IN IRAQ OVER THE PAST FIVE YEARS.

    “THE COALITION had every opportunity to succeed in the fight against Daesh but instead they ALMOST LEVELLED MOSUL TO HE GROUND, NOT SPARING EITHER CHILDREN or WOMEN. :idea:
    :idea: MOREOVER, THEY DID THEIR BEST TO PREVENT ANYONE FROM ENTERING THIS CITY :idea: TO make a report about the real shocking situation there or BURY THE DEAD,” Abshenas said. :idea:


    beLIEve comment…..The so-called “coalition” BLOCKED ENTRANCE to the NEWLY LEVELLED Mosul :?:

    Were the “coalition”…..SEARCHING for ARTIFACTS…..the REASON for LEVELLING Mosul, in the first place. :?:

    I$I$…..Israeli Secret Intelligence SERVE-VICE.
    Daesh….an…ANAGRAM of HADES. :idea:
    Both funded by western taxpayers :?: …by means of ashkeNAZI “govt & BANKSTER” THEFT. :?:

    I$I$ & Daesh are…Imho…..DECOY narratives… cover a NEFARIOUS AGENDA.

    Servicemen of western nations HAVE BEEN DUPED as to the REAL REASONS for DEPLOYMENT.
    Nefariousness & duplicity NEGATES ALL so-called agreements and contracts which, signifies to me that ALL military “contracts”
    between Serviceman & “State” are…..NULL & VOID.

    * * *

    ‘Int’l Community Was Supposed to Fight Daesh Not the Syrian Gov’t’ – Analyst

    At least ONE HUNDRED PRO-SYRIAN GOVERNMENT FORCES HAVE BEEN KILLED IN A STRIKE CONDUCTED BY THE US-LED COALITION IN SYRIA. THIS ISN’T THE FRST TIME an attack on pro-Damascus forces has been carried out by the coalition. Sputnik discussed this with Dr. Kamel Wazne, the founder of the Center for American Strategic Studies in Beirut.

    Sputnik: THE AIRSTRIKES CARRIED OUT BY THE US COALITION in SYRIA are NOT AUTHORIZED BY GOVERNMENT of PRESIDENT Bashar al-ASSAD or the UN Security Council and have caused many experts to say that THE US IS VIOLATING SYRIA’S SOVEREIGNTY, what is your take on that?

    Dr. Kamel Wazne: I think this airstrike can’t change the calculation of the confrontation and I think it’s going to put the United States in a different position. I think the UNITED STATES, by ENTERING the WAR AGAINST THE SYRIAN PEOPLE directly — before :idea: IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE the WAR AGAINST DAESH, today IT’S REALLY AGAINST THE SOVEREIGNTY of SYRIA, I think this is going to be dealt with differently. Syria stated all along that THE AMERICAN PRESENCE ON SYRIAN LAND IS AN OCCUPATION. Probably, the airstrike is going to put the whole calculus in a different atmosphere, and I think the US has to be very careful, partly due to the huge mistake, because THIS AIRSTRIKE WAS NOT AUTHORIZED by the United Nations.

    SYRIA IS still A SOVEREIGN COUNTRY and THEIR PRESENCE and THEIR AIRSTRIKE IS A total VIOLATION of SYRIAN SOVEREIGNTY, and I think this will carry repercussions and reprisals from Syria and from the coalition. I think THE UNITED STATES MISCALCULATED :idea: this time, and I think A PRICE WILL BE PAID and the response in my estimate will not be long.

    * *

    beLIEve comment……Dr Kamel Wazne said….”a price will be paid” for the ACTS of the US-led coalition in Syria.
    Who will PAY the PRICE ?
    OR……..DUPED Servicemen and/or……western populations….when Middle Eastern Armed Forces RETURN the GIFT$…..
    they have been subjected to :?:

    * * *
    WHAT is the REAL REASON for the ashkeNAZI khazar OCCUPATION of The Middle East :?:

    The following article goes into the esoteric….well and truly into the rabbit-hole….and possibly falling into the category of
    …..looking for a “diamond” in a DUNGHEAP of DISINFO. :!:

    Make of it what you will.
    Some points ring true and have been verified by events however, reference to……
    (1) PLANET Earth and (2) Primitive “earthlings”………makes me wonder how great a percentage of the article is “ko$her.”

    * * *

    The Secret Anunnaki Atu-waa

    The place where this took place was on their home planet, Nibiru, which orbited a star called ZAOS. The Anunnaki Elite realized that their planet and star were in a precarious situation long before they were destroyed.
    Therefore, THEY RE-LOCATED THE TIME STARTING DEVICE :idea: (called ATU-WAA :idea: ) TO a very remote planet that had virtually no technology. That remote planet was EARTH.

    Sadly, the whole Jewish/Christian/Muslim CONFLICT over PALESTINE WAS CONTRIVED BY THE Reptilian ANUNNAKI Elite a long time ago AS A DIVERSION to keep people FROM suspecting where THE REAL IMPORTANT SITES are IN THE MIDDLE EAST.
    Jerusalem and Mecca are Anunnaki-chosen diversion spots to keep people’s attention away from critical places east of the Jewish/Christian/Muslim Holy Land.

    The GARDEN of EDEN is not an unfounded myth.
    It was created by the Anunnaki Elite as a posh prison to house certain high-ranking Anunnaki prisoners. Being a high-security area, it WAS THE PERFECT PLACE TO RE-LOCATE the ATU-WAA.
    The location of the atu-waa is different from the location of the aperture, which is different from the energy source that I wrote about in Anunnaki and the Coming of the “Sacred” Cross.

    WHEN THEY INVADED IRAQ in 2003, the Vulturites WERE AFTER the….. :idea: LOST WORD of the FREEMASONS….
    THE ATU-WAA, and the “POWER POINT” from where the atu-waa could be activated.
    They were not looking for weapons of mass destruction at all.

    They BELIEVED IT WAS SO URGENT TO CONDUCT THE SEARCH that they did not even bother to plant WMD in the country before invading it. In fact, if the Vulturites had planted WMD, then they would have had to cease their searches when they were found.
    I will repeat here that the Reptilians are a cunning, hedonistic, chauvinistic, powerful race of ANUNNAKI. They have had the upper hand for so long that they are getting very cocky. In their arrogance, they think they have everything under control, just as they have in the past.
    They have controlled the atu-waa for a long, long time.

    beLIEve comment…..The Anunnaki are “apparently” opposed by another group of Anunnaki known as the …Vulturites :!:

    The Reptilians miscalculated the VULTURITE RESOLVE to OBTAIN and HOLD IRAQ AT almost ANY COST.

    When the Reptilians TURNED OVER the U.S.A. to the Vulturites, they expected the Vulturites to brutally attack other countries without purpose or focus. But, the VULTURITES were prepared and they WENT FOR AFGHANISTAN and IRAQ, AND now HAVE THEIR SIGHTS on IRAN. :idea: Although they are involved in many other conflicts AROUND the WORLD, and SABRE RATTLING at places such as North Korea and Cuba – these ARE DIVERSIONS.

    The Vulturites are after the atu-waa. They do not mind being perceived as brutal, deceptive and ambitious. They do not mind being hated, as they are. THEY HAVE A SINGLE PURPOSE, which is TO GET THE ATU-WAA.

    The Reptilians have moved the atu-waa around the world.

    “…… the atu-waa is non-functional at this time….. There is a missing “part” that contains the “codes” to activate the atu-waa. This is not a physical thing.”

    “….the failure of the Anunnaki Elite’s last attempt to re-activate the atu-waa.
    See: The Real SECRET WORD of the FREEMASONS.”

    THIS WORD IS THE CODE that is like an important device THAT HOLDS THE CONTROL of the atu-waa.
    The Waah-haalu were the only ones who knew how to operate the atu-waa.

    Most of the ANUNNAKI Remnants on Earth ARE AWAITING THE return of the Waah-haalu, whom they believe will be able to activate the atu-waa and RE-START TIME before :idea: the VIRTUAL REALITY BREAKS DOWN completely. :idea:

    “…. TWO MAJOR GROUPS of aliens are vying for the atu-waa and HOPE TO BE THE NEXT GENERATION of CONTROLLERS of THE VIRTUAL REALITY.


    The Atu-waa – The CRITICAL TOOL FOR MAINTAINING DARKNE$$’ Virtual Reality

    STAGED WEATHER ANOMALIES….. can be USED as WEAPONS against their adversaries and they can also be effectively used against their own people for various purposes. When staged weather events are used domestically, their implementation can be for experimental purposes, or TO CONTROL POPULATIONS via forced evacuations, dislocations, AND, in the most drastic cases, ELIMINATION OF THOSE EVACUATED.

    The staged ones (weather/STORMS) are then directed to particular areas TO DO whatever DAMAGE they can. The first few staged ones are more to observe how the people in the affected area react, and how those of the world react. They are also meant to prepare people to follow evacuation orders and demands. :idea: The STORMS also DISCOURAGE PEOPLE FROM RESIDING OR RELOCATING TO THE DEVASTATED AREAS. Many of THESE AREAS that are being evacuated HAVE BEEN “RESERVED” BY THE ruling ELITE FOR OTHER PURPOSES. :idea:

    There is urgency about events now.
    Most of those who work for the ruling elite will be discarded by their alien masters when they are no longer of any use to them.
    The aliens will discard those who assist them soon enough. Of course, the aliens, too, will no longer exist after THE ATU-WAA FAILS TO OPERATE.
    If the atu-waa were allowed to operate, the Virtual Reality of Darkness would survive for yet another cycle of suffering and misery.

  • Freeus

    Interesting as we do need to protect our country but often we are in wars that are only fought over resources. Report from Iron Mountain was a scary report by the brightest minds that say we must ALWAYS be in wars. A twisted perspective on their continuous depopulation effort. The Rothchilds are the wealthiest, most demonic family leading the world to their NWO communist agenda where men are not free to decide their fate from birth to death. These people have the money to cloth, feed, house every person in the world if they wanted to. Instead they chose wars, destruction and death, starting wars and funding both sides.

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