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Bombshell! Hawaii Volcano Cover-up Underway! LA Tsunami Danger Extremely High!

Sunday, May 6, 2018 9:29
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(I saw a comment on Godlike today that a prophet from Israel said that California better look out on Monday. Also, the Lord gave me a vague heads up on Thursday when I first learned of the eruption, then a half an hour later there was the 6.9 earthquake and I thought that was it… but then I saw this today… and I now believe this was what the ‘heads up’ was really all about) (Also see Lois Vogel Sharp’s video below, it appears to be a confirmation as well)


Please send this to friends in California and social media!



 Sunday, 06 May 2018 01:35


Scientists from the United States Geological Survey (USGS) have contacted me regarding a staggering development taking place right now during the eruption of the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii:  An area of land on the south flank of the volcano known as the “Hilina Slump” – about the size of Manhattan - is moving and could BREAK OFF into the ocean, sending a Tsunami toward the west coast with 100+ foot waves moving at 500 miles per hour.  Cities like San Diego, Los Angeles and others could be wiped off the face of the earth. 

They say the bosses at USGS know about this and are intentionally concealing it from the public for fear of causing a panic.  Media outlets in Hawaii and in Los Angeles have allegedly been specifically told not to say anything . . . yet . . .  for the same reason. 

I am breaking this story.

As most of the civilized world knows by now, the Kilauea volcano on the south side of Hawaii’s big island, began erupting earlier this week. 

Prior to the appearance of lava at the surface, hundreds of small earthquakes were felt.  Then the quakes got bigger.  A magnitude 5.6 struck Thursday evening and a strong Magnitude 6.9 was a sort of announcement by the volcano that it was time to blast off.   This map from the USGS web site, shows the location of the Magnitude 6.9 quake and the rings indicate how far away the quake was felt:

Within minutes of that M6.9 quake, 2,000 degree lava began shooting out of the ground — over 100 feet into the air — through cracks in roads up to 12 miles away from the volcano crater!  The lava quickly set homes ablaze. 

Roads became impassable:

The lava is destroying everything in its path:

The lava is not stopping.  Other roads are now cracking open with super-heated steam and toxic gases spewing out:


Evacuations were ordered, with more than ten thousand people told to flee for their lives.

But this is far from the worst of it.  While all this shaking and spewing is taking place, the land atop all this lava activity is literally moving toward the ocean.  Specifically, an area of land about the size of Manhattan in New York City, called the “Hilina Slump” is not only moving, deep cracks are appearing which SOME geologists fear are indications the Hilina Slump is going to BREAK OFF of the island, and fall into the ocean in one giant splash.

The Hilina Slump is an area of about 5,000 cubic miles of dirt and rock.  If it breaks off and slides into the ocean (as has happened 60 times in the past elsewhere in the Hawaiian islands) a Pacific-wide-Tsunami would be generated, hitting the U.S. west coast with waves over 100 feet tall moving at 500 miles per hour. 

San Diego, Los Angeles and other major cities would be wiped off the face of the earth.

This is a geological map of the Kilauea Volcano showing the Hilina Slump:


The Hawaiian Islands are home to the largest documented shoreline collapse in history, an ancient seaward landslide that sent rocks from the island of Oahu to sites more than 100 miles offshore. The avalanche of debris from the northeast shore of Oahu probably occurred between 1.5 and 3 million years ago, and it undoubtedly created one of the largest tsunamis in Earth’s history, a wave large enough to inundate every coastline of the northern Pacific Ocean.

Today, geologists are saying that seismic and tectonic forces are creating the potential for a similar disaster on the southeast shore of the big island of Hawaii, near Kilauea volcano. The world’s most active volcano, Kilauea is continually growing larger. At the same time, its seaward flank is moving toward the Pacific, currently at the rate of about 10 centimeters per year. Kilauea’s movement takes several forms. Layers of lava and sediment atop the mountain are pulled down by the force of gravity. The entire mountain itself also moves slowly out to sea as magma derived from deep within the earth’s mantle intrudes into the core of the volcano.

“From previous studies, we know that Kilauea is the site of an active landslide, the Hilina slump, which has moved in historic times,” said Julia Morgan, assistant professor of Earth Science at Rice University in 2003. “We now recognize that Kilauea also experienced a catastrophic landslide in the past, possibly within 25,000-50,000 years, which is quite recent in geologic terms.”

The 10-by-15 mile Hilina slump is now partially detached from the seaward flank of Kilauea, and a candidate for catastrophic collapse. 

The Volcano is moving!

While there is no real consensus on why Hawaiian volcanoes move, the fact is that they do move. One of two things can happen when you apply enough force to move a volcano; neither is particularly good.

First, the volcano can move or slide fairly easily along its base. Generally the movement is relatively continuous, however a bit of sticking here and there can generate some rather large earthquakes.  That’s what we’ve had this week with Kilauea. Sticking, then earthquakes.

The structure that results from this type of movement is called a “slump.” Generally, a large block of the volcano slides coherently and stretches the volcano. Because the block is lengthening, it must also get thinner. The result of this is a set of cuspate normal faults near the head of the slump. The blocks on the seaward side of the fault drop downward due to the fact that the moving block is thinner.

The Hilina slide on the southern side of Kilauea is an excellent example of a slump. The large “palis” or cliffs on the south side of Kilauea are the tops of the extensive fault system at the head of the Hilina slide. The faults downdrop blocks towards the coast over 2000 feet in places. The downdropped coastal side of the fault blocks are probably tilted back towards the rift zone, but have been filled in by numerous lava flows making them slope very gently (about 1 degree) towards the ocean.

During the 1990′s, Kilauea was moving an average of about 10 cm a year seaward. This is a lot of movement for such a large object.  This is a lot of ground to break and as you can imagine it results in some pretty large earthquakes. The last time that this appears to have happened was in 1868 and the result was the M8 Kau Earthquake.

Second, the volcano can get stuck and suddenly release, causing a massive earthquake and landslide.   The Hilina Slump  is said to be “the most rapidly moving tract of ground on Earth for its size.” The Hilina Slump can move much faster. At 4:48 AM, November 29, 1975, a 37-mile-wide section suddenly dropped 11½ feet and slid seaward 26 feet. The result was a magnitude-7.2 quake and a 48-foot-high tsunami around Hawaii. This was a minor movement of the slump. If the entire 4,760-cubic-mile block  broke off, (as some geologists who spoke with me today believe may take place) it would probably create a magnitude-9 quake and a tsunami 1,000-feet high.

All the coast-hugging cities of the Hawaiian Islands would be swept away. And LOOK OUT Australia, Japan, and California.

(SOURCE: Napier, A. Kam; “Landslide,” Honolulu, p. 28, February 1997. Cr. H. DeKalb.)

Tsunamis travel at jet speeds on the deep, open, ocean and have such small amplitudes that ships rarely notice them. Only when they reach shallow water as they approach land, do they slow down and reach monstrous sizes.

It is about 2500 miles from Hawaii to Los Angeles.  Given that Tsunamis travel at about 500 MPH, the ten million people living in and around L.A. would have between four and five HOURS to evacuate the entire city once the Hilina Slump collapses into the ocean.  How the hell do you evacuate ten million people in 4 to 5 hours?   

And that’s just Los Angeles.  What about the other large cities on the west coast: San Diego?  San Francisco?

The fact that certain bosses at the USGS have told their subordinates not to reveal the magnitude of what’s happening right now in Hawaii for fear of causing a panic is, in one aspect, noble.  But the other aspect is HOW DO YOU EVACUATE TEN MILLION PEOPLE IN FOUR TO FIVE HOURS?  

Quite simply, you don’t.  It cannot be done.

This is a brief, four minute video showing what would happen if the Hilina Slump falls off the Kilauea Volcano into the ocean.  The story, with some important advice, continues below the video:




I want to be explicitly clear to all the folks on the west coast:  At this time, there is NO tsunami and that may remain the situation.  There is NO NEED TO PANIC or to evacuate at this time. 

Yet, given the fact that officials in Hawaii and at the US federal level already know the Hilina Slump is moving and they are not telling anyone, it seems to me (as a reasonable person) the concealing of this information is not a wise decision.

Folks along the west coast should have a plan.  If an evacuation order comes out, you’d better know at that instant where you’re going and how you’re getting there because believe me, when ten million other people find out they have to run for their lives or be killed by a tsunami in four or five hours, it will be utter, unimaginable, chaos.

Again, there is no need to panic, or to evacuate now.  (That is easy for you to say Hal… you do not live on the West Coast) But be acutely aware of what is taking place right now in Hawaii because if the part of the Kilauea volcano called the Hilina Slump collapses into the ocean, you will be lucky to escape with your lives once an evacuation order is given.

Lois Vogel Sharp Prophecy May 2nd… It’s HERE!



Received By Prophet Julie Whedbee


My most precious child, if you are receiving this letter, it is because someone loves you very much. He or She may not have been able to talk to you about this in the past, or perhaps they have talked to you about Me, but you were not ready to listen.

The most important thing I want to tell you is that I LOVE YOU. I love you more than anyone in this world could ever love you. I want you to read this now and learn of Me because you are running out of time to learn the truth. Life as you know it now will suddenly and radically change in an instant and I want you to be ready.


My Name is Jesus Christ the Messiah, I have come to you to give you eternal life. I have come in the flesh and given you the most ultimate sacrifice anyone could give in that I died for you, shedding My blood to atone for your sins; not only those sins you have committed in the past, but for every sin you will ever commit.

The price for your sins has been paid. I was the sacrificial lamb, slain for you. Your debt is paid. I did this so that you could have access to the Kingdom of Heaven with Me and Our Father forever. You were beautifully and wonderfully made, intricately designed, and purposed for so much more than this life. You have known all along that there was more, that your heart yearned for something greater, something that would fill the emptiness, fill that space inside and ‘complete’ you.

It is My greatest desire that you know that what you have been looking for is Me! I am the One who has created you for a special purpose and whose love for you will never die! My gift is a free gift, no conditions, all you need to do is accept this most precious gift from Me and you will then have all My promises.

You must know that you could never do anything on your own to earn My love, or earn your way into Heaven. Your acceptance of Me and My sacrifice is all that is required. My blood covers all, and ensures you will live with Me always.

I have given you a book- The Holy Bible – that tells you all about who I am. It is your instruction manual in this life, and it tells you not only what has happened in the past, but it also tells you what is about to happen to this earth.

I love all of My creation so much that I always let you know what I am about to do. This is why you are receiving this letter. I am about to make Myself known in a very powerful way. Because so many have chosen not to accept Me for who I am and follow My commandments for your lives, I will shake the very foundations of all you know to be your security. This is how I will get the attention of My creation.

I do not want you to be in fear, and I do not want you to miss the most important reason that you were born to be here. This reason is to have an intimate relationship with Me. To not choose Me is to choose a life in darkness eternally.

I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. I offer you this gift and this decision because of the free will I have given you. I would never force you to love Me, but you must know that to ignore My desires for your love means eternity without light, love, peace and joy. It is a life wasted and cast away.

Don’t waste another moment believing the lies of My enemy, the devil. Don’t believe that life will go on continually the way it always has been. Time as you know it is over and I am coming to make all things new.

The signs of the times in which you live are all around you. Life as you know it has become unsustainable. Everything that can be shaken, will be shaken, and you will be forced to make a choice for your very survival. You will choose to trust Me, the One who created you, or you will trust in a system that will fail. My Word speaks truth and all else that is not of Me will collapse. Please, come to Me now. Come as you are. I love you no matter what you have done.

My blood washes away all your sins and makes you white as snow. I will keep you and protect you, I will provide for you and when it is your time, I will take you home with Me.

I will only have so many warnings, and then the sudden-lies will be upon you. Will you be ready? The choice has always been yours. If you accept this free gift and desire to know Me intimately, and want to spend eternity with Me in complete peace and love, please say this prayer (out loud)


Father, please forgive me for all of my sins. I accept your gift. I believe that you sent your Son Jesus to die for me, and that He is your only Son. I believe that His blood has paid the price for all the sins I have ever committed, and all those I will commit. I trust in you as My Creator and in all of your promises. I surrender my life to you and ask that only your will be done. I invite your Holy Spirit to come into my heart and change me, and make me more like you. I want to be obedient, and I need your help. Please come into my heart this moment Jesus and make me a new creation in you.


In Jesus’ name I pray, AMEN

Your loving Father, Jesus Christ, the Messiah (Yahushua ha Mashiach)




My people, do you have an idea what an incredible gift you have been given in My most Holy Son Yahushua? I have provided a way out for you. A way out of your pain, your depression, your suffering, your loneliness, the heavy cares of the world in which you live. All the world speaks of a coming time upon the earth of great tribulation. Each soul deep in their hearts knows there is something unbalanced and unsettled at this time. Where do you think this has come from? Who do you think gently speaks to your soul, inviting you and drawing you into a deeper relationship with Me?

All is not hopeless, all is not lost. Again, I have provided a way out of the darkness that has so enveloped you. My heart mourns for those who feel they are not loved, for those who feel as if their life has no purpose, no meaning, for this is the lie of the enemy! You must know that I am Your Father and there is no one that has cared for you more than I have! Read my Word!

I speak again and again of My love for ALL men. I wish that NONE would be lost! This is why now, at this time, I am speaking to so many of my servants about repentance, words of warning about the condition of your souls. All of the things you have put your dependence on, your focus, these are all things of this world. My Kingdom is not of this world. In my Kingdom, there is no suffering, no pain, and no sorrow, no hopelessness, and no fear. But know this; this gift of My Son and My invitation to allow Him to give you access to Me through His shed blood is a choice of free will.

I will never force you to believe in Me or believe I sent My Son to redeem you. The choice will always be yours. This should show you how very much I love you, in that I would never command you to love Me as well. I want your heart and I want all of it, but it must be of your own accord. Please allow Me to soothe the hurts and pains in your life. I can fill that emptiness in your heart, and turn your sorrow into joy. I can bring you a peace that exceeds all understanding. I am the only way you will find the relief of your soul that you are so desperate for. Let Me show you this.

Give Me a chance to comfort you and all will be well with your soul. You have My word on this. I cannot let you down. You must turn from your worldly pleasures now! They only offer empty promises that could never fulfill you in the ways in which you search. Your soul is the only thing that will matter very soon, and your relationship with Me, for all these other things are soon passing away…”



I have come to bring light to the world, but your hearts have become dull and cold. You have allowed the enemy to lull you into a deep sleep. So many things consume your time and your energy. Do you even ask yourself each day, ‘Is this in the Fathers’ Will’? You do not. You go about in vain, operating in your own selfish desires and ambitions, all of which have nothing to do with My Kingdom. 


When will you learn My stubborn people. Wake up! The Day of The Lord approaches so quickly now, and will sadly catch many unaware. Turn to me while there is yet still a moment left. Repent of your sins, and worship Me, the Light of the world. My love for you has not gone cold. Turn to Me! I call you each by name. I have sent My comforter to help you, to strengthen you and guide you. Leave all to Me. Only truly believe, with all of your heart, and you will be saved.



How much more time will you choose to spend in bondage to the things of this world? How much more time will you waste on things that do not bear fruit? I have offered you a way of life that frees you from all burden, and guides you purposefully through this mission I have created for each of you individually. Are you truly joyful and peaceful in your soul? Do you have true rest at the end of each day, or do you find that you lie down to sleep feeling frustrated, still empty, still lacking, and inadequate in what you have set out to do for that day? What do you continue, day after day, to chase after? Money? More and more because what you have is never enough? Material things? Do you fill your days with so much work that you could never hear My voice even if I was screaming at you? Maybe you are running from past hurts and fears, thinking if you stay busy those deep wounds in your heart will someday fade away, filling your time with anything and everything, as long as you keep moving to distract yourself from facing your pain. 


Have you actually become obsessed with things of this earth? Technology? Media? Computers and phones, alcohol, drugs, sex, food, the list goes on and on. I have only ever asked one thing of any of you, and that is a relationship with you. I don’t want or need your money, your hard work, your accomplishments, or your things. I want to spend time with you. It’s that simple. There was a time when I walked and talked with man in the Garden, and there will come a time again when we will do so. But you may still find Me close today. I am as close as your next breath. I have never left you or forsaken you, so why have you separated yourself from Me? You know by now that this world offers nothing that can truly satisfy the longing in your souls. I am the only Way, the Truth, and the Life. I make this request yet again. Please, come to Me, and I will bring rest to your souls and give you a peace that will astonish you.

Give Me a chance! You won’t regret it! Let ME fill all the empty spaces you need filled.  

I love you. Yahushua


The ‘Mark Of The Beast’ IS COMING SOON!


The mark of the beast is an implantable payment system that will replace all debit/credit card transactions after the banking system collapses. People will be forced to receive the miniaturized computer chip in order to buy/sell, be employed, or receive many other services. Jesus warned of this evil Antichrist system long ago that will soon be promoted as the right thing for everyone to accept.

Revelation Chapter 13: And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six…..

Revelation Chapter 14; If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand, The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb: And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name.

The Lord has told Julie Whedbee the chip will be able to manipulate and alter the thoughts and images within one’s mind. That capability will allow those in control to turn people into zombies who are consumed with thoughts of sexual perversion, hatred, and even impulses or orders, to kill others.

You must choose now if you have not already, who you give allegiance to. As destruction falls and resources become unavailable, you will be told to comply as ordered and be governed by this system which ultimately has marked you for destruction. This mark of the beast that is spoken of in My Word is what I refer to. It is an implant in the forehead or the right hand that will enable you to go about life in a way similar to what you foreknew. However, this implant is programmable; and once it enters the flesh of man, will alter the bloodline just as the evil ones cursed the bloodline in the days of Noah, and you will no longer, at that point, be able to discern My Spirit or hear the voice of your Creator. If taken, this implant will control you and cause you to see and hear anything the enemy desires you to experience. My Holy Spirit cannot indwell at the same time a vessel that also houses darkness.”

The Antichrist is on the world stage now and will soon be assassinated. See Revelation Chapter 13 for scripture about this ‘game changing’ event. After the media reports this known leader as being dead, Satan will then miraculously bring him back to life to everyone’s amazement. After this occurs it is extremely important that you do not listen to him on TV! You can become demon possessed when you do so. He will be very convincing, seducing and hypnotic. It will be difficult for most to resist his lies. He will convince great numbers that he has all he solutions and that taking the ‘mark’ is the right thing to do for everyone’s safety and security. It is better to starve to death than fall for this abomination.

Please visit for much more on the Antichrist, the mark of the beast, and many other recent prophetic warnings from several of God’s latter day prophets. Time is very short and you must become informed now. The messages in this newsletter have been out for quite a time and people are quickly running out of time to repent. Millions will soon lose their lives in earthquakes and through plagues, famines and war. Seek Jesus Today! None of us are promised tomorrow and no one knows when they may take their last breath.







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  • raisnbran

    more brander smoke blowing more than the volcano..the end is near,blah blah blah….

    • CUB4DK

      Definitely an Act of Goddo and Blah Blah Blah :lol:

      • Sean

        Shortly after Kilauea erupted Thursday, the ground split open on the east side of Leilani Estates, exposing an angry red beneath the lush landscape.

        Queen Lili‘uokalani aka Queen Leilani

        The Lili‘uokalani Trust was born out of the aloha and care that a loving Queen had for the children and families of Hawai‘i.

        This fictional series is based on historical fact. We start the series where history left off, the demise of the Hawaiian Kingdom. But there is a new threat to the forces that want to control Hawaii. Leilani has been told she is of royal Hawaiian blood and is to be the next Queen of Hawaii. But first she must deal with the ones who have kept the Hawaiian people from restoring her kingdom…

        The US government.

        The latest Tweets from Pinky Lilani (@pinkylilani). :eek: :lol: :eek:

        • Sean

          Quote: Also, the Lord gave me a “vague” heads up. :lol:

          I got a “vague” heads up from God about 7 weeks ago,

          I was doing a Greenhouse and was putting off some columns that I knew I needed, since the young woman had some things to do that weekend and I would have to have dug the holes myself and mix the concrete, sand and gravel myself and what was suppose to be a 1 day greenhouse turned into 3 weeks, very hot outside.

          Anyway, I finished it [ kind of ] and looked up and said to The Lord, [ Huh, There Finished ]

          So what do you think?

          Pretty Good RIGHT!

          As RIGHT came out of my mouth so did a Gale Force Wind and that greenhouse leaned due to it being made out of PVC pipe almost to the ground for around 20 minutes,

          When the wind started my wife came running down and wondered where this Gale Force Wind came from, out of no where.

          I said – I Don’t Know? all I did was ask God what He thought about the Greenhouse. :lol:

          During the 20 minutes or so, I kept saying,


          I went and got the columns, dug the holes and mixed the concrete, sand and gravel Myself. :lol:

          • CUB4DK

            Cube Here…now that’s the way the Cookie Crumbles when the Jobs not Finished! :lol:

  • Daryl 010

    Nope Mark, dont buy it. Just a little basalt & lava filling in some weak areas like grouting. I cant believe everything you say, and I hope you relalize you cant believe it either. There can be a HUUGE difference alright, between beliefs and the truth. We shall see, wont we? Love the truth, Mark.

  • Anonymous

    It’s just a false flag volcano eruption. Kilauea was probably HAARPed by a Rothschild, so FEMA can roundup everybody on the big island and haul them off to an empty Walmart. Definitely head loppers at the center of all this!

    • Daryl 010

      Mind loppers, and fear, at the least.

      • Anonymous

        But why would anybody at BIN fear a mind lopping?

    • Hayduke

      This lava is being squirted out by the lizard aliens that live in their Dulce 57 storey underground lab. They are using a new subsonic variable lava squirter to be followed by a cave-in caused by a small tactical nuke causing not only the island but the entire west coast to be obliterated tomorrow at 12:00 noon.

      Refreshments will be served. :eek:

      • CUB4DK

        BillyP…you Crack Me up :lol:

    • AzSwTBK

      Maybe the source of the Eruption right here. But what do I know? Just a thought…

  • Detergent

    As with many similar threats, it is small but real. There are too many potential threats for me to worry about them all, so I just pick a few of them that are high probability and high impact.

  • Andy

    why do you have to spoil a nice little story with biblical fairy-tale nonsense?

  • Pink Slime

    Oh dear…. you mean my kayak won’t save me? It’s made for ocean water yet I use it for the creek behind my house. :lol:

    • raisnbran

      you live by the coast slime? i have business in LA this week so will have to hire a helicopter to be on 24/7 standby the whole time i am there, brander has me scared….

      • DK

        Will they serve Doughnuts ?

  • MyTwoCents

    First, why would USGS contact Hal Turner?
    Second, read what Wiki has to say about the hilina slump:
    “…Model results based on present day slope and sea level suggest that earthquake accelerations stronger than about 0.4 to 0.6 g are enough to exceed the static friction coefficient resulting in a slip along a failure surface.[4] HOWEVER, recent undersea measurements show that an undersea “bench” has formed a buttress at the forefront of the Hilina Slump, and “this buttress may tend to reduce the likelihood of future catastrophic detachment.”[5][6]
    Third, what the Lord has to say to us He has already said via the Bible. I am sick and tired of every Tom, Dick and Julie Whedbee telling people everything they think is a special message from the Lord. That is very serious stuff you’re messing in.

    • raisnbran

      no it ain’t..not serious at all–god laughs his ass off when he hears this bs….

  • LegalNameFraud

    Fact #IDsIllegal #BCCRSS

  • & Research

    The fraud began in 1984. The scheme was in place when the banker and contractor embezzled and then stalled approval of the tenant. The formula goes like this:

    1. Create a crisis for the business (embezzle from the construction loan, split between banker and contractor and stall approving the major tenant.) The major tenant would provide $11,000 per month of our $17,000 per month payment to the bank.

    2. Our attorney violated his ethical code by advising our corporation to become ensnared in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy while conspiring with the bank’s and contractor’s attorneys. Once filed, the bankruptcy court was used as the tool of theft. (To this day, that attorney is in partnership with the contractor’s attorney.)

    3. The attorneys and main players use the bankruptcy court to consolidate the debtor’s assets, taking all bank accounts, all properties, violating trusts and the corporate veil, and abusing all rules of the court and bankruptcy laws under the cover of fraud.

    4. New attorneys are reluctant to involve themselves once the formula is in play. (No new attorney would touch this matter or stay on the case once they communicated with the bank’s attorneys.)

    5. Complicit are the trustee, trustee’s attorney, and main players of the court who know how to use the formula.

    6. Fraud is steadily perpetrated on the court, creating a paper record that, at first appearance, supports the takings. A closer look reveals the misinformation planted for strategic purposes.

    7. The judiciary refuses to hear the issues fairly. They deny or dismiss at every appellate level so the facts can never be presented. The citizen gets no clear win or loss based upon fact and law. All records from the court are a fabricated sham of manipulated paperwork.

    8. The formula also needs citizens: stooges who have assets and who believe that courts follow the law, that professionals follow ethical codes and canons, and that, but for some flaws causing injustices, the overall justice system works through perseverance. In good faith, these citizens provide the truth, hire the attorneys, pay the bills and fees, and slowly succumb to stress as they are accused, abused, and defeated by attorneys defying all ethics, laws, rules, canons, and common sense.

    The subject building was under construction with a loan for $1,450,000 from the bank; $865,000 of the loan had been paid to the contractor per the contract at the time of the bankruptcy filing (not including the embezzlement.) The building had three MAI appraisals, each valuing it at more than $2,000,000 at the time of foreclosure. The bank took the building in foreclosure along with a parcel of adjoining land that was worth $100,000. They also unlawfully took $150,000 from our real estate company’s bank account that had no relationship to the subject property, and our children’s trust accounts. The sports bar, housed in the foreclosed building a going, profitable business was simply handed over to the contractor with no paperwork, for no financial consideration and with no accountability or record of transfer ever being recorded anywhere. He took the liquor and gaming licenses and put them in his name with the bank’s recommendation in a letter to the city bureau granting the licenses.

    The bank then sold the building to the contractor in the following manner. He offered $1,100,000 for the property. The bank turned it down. He then offered $900,000 for the property. The bank turned it down. Next he offered $700,000 which the bank accepted, financed, and loaned him $100,000 for the down payment.

    The bank’s attorneys appeared in the bankruptcy court, declaring that we owed a deficiency. This was a claim only. We asked for a hearing to present the evidence as to the values the bank had, in fact, been reimbursed, and as to what they were entitled by contract and law. There was no deficiency, and further, the entire job was bonded so there could be no such legitimate claim..

    We were denied a deficiency hearing. The bank’s attorneys committed fraud on the court by claiming the bank was a creditor when it was not. Moreover, they committed fraud on the court by holding impromptu hearings creating paperwork that entered into the record easily-disprovable fraud. These hearings were called with no more than twenty-minutes notice to us. Absurd allegations went unchallenged and we, as citizens, were laughed at, lied about, and generally treated as sport. We did not know or have access to the rules of this game. We only had the laws of the nation and rules of court.

    The judge told us that the Bankruptcy Court simply doesn’t have the resources to allow hearings or jury trials for debtors. So, after consulting a constitutional attorney and spending another ten years and $140,000 in attorney’s fees trying to do what we believed was our duty as citizens, we filed with the Court of Claims. If the court took our properties and needed to deny our right to be heard, then our estate fell to the Court of Claims for relief. The Court of Claims refused to hear the case, as did the Supreme Court.

    Anthony G. Sousa, Esq. was the United States Trustee for Region 17 covering bankruptcy administration for the Northern and Eastern districts of California and the district of Nevada. He began to look into our case. I was terrorized to the depths of my soul when Sousa reported that he could no longer do his job as he had been confronted by federal officials who forced him to sign a letter of resignation and placed him under a gag order for five years. I knew enough of history to know that the fall of any culture usually starts with compromising its courts of law.

    After two decades of looking for the judicial resource where our evidence can be presented, we ask a simple question.

    Where do citizens turn for due process and their right to redress?

    For more than twenty years, I have studied the dynamics of justice denied and its public health consequences. I have completed research that shows the public’s perceptions of the judicial system and the health danger of seeking justice in the face of rampant fraud on the court. The courts are less than useful for the citizens. The judicial system is toxic for its users. It is a public health menace, but there is some good news. The problem is easy to solve. You can and must be the ones to solve it.

    Despite the pain and destruction to my family, we chose to subordinate our case to the social good. The economic, emotional, and physical devastation of business people and families such as ours must be addressed by lawmakers by forcing fraud out of our courts. IRS abuses were heard by the Congress with excellent results, and the same can be done regarding the court system. The intellectual waste and the economic burden dumped onto a community when businesses are willfully destroyed with no concern for employees, families and taxpayers, while the doors to justice are virtually slammed in the taxpayer’s face, cannot be measured in loss to our nation.

    I have written a book, Overcoming the Devastation of Legal Abuse Syndrome. As a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I have developed a treatment method for those struggling with frauds on the court and suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that I have termed “Legal Abuse Syndrome.” Due to this fraud, I treat a population of walking wounded and living dead citizens who were once healthy, vibrant, productive, contributing members of their communities until victimized by fraud on the court. Occasionally, I treat a superstar like Meryl Lanson whose strength of character, sharp intellect, moral clarity, and profound courage make her a leader in her area of expertise. Unfortunately, her expertise is fraud upon the bankruptcy court. However, when I see a citizen of her caliber step forward, I will support her efforts. I strongly urge you to do the same.

    Public opinion clearly believes that the courts are too expensive, too burdensome, take too much time, and favor the wealthy and powerful.. However, if fraud on the court is addressed, the rest of the issues have a chance to be resolved using the litigation process as it was intended. My research has been conducted over ten years and dovetails with research from the American Bar Association and California Protective Parents Association statistics. Litigation is a public health crisis that in any other form would be required to carry a warning label. Litigation can be hazardous to your health.

    Therefore, rather than a civilized forum for solving our problems, the judicial system is clearly broken, and we have the duty to fix it. I intend to leave a legacy of insight and solution to fraud on the court. My children deserve legislation that is tough and meaningful after being denied their rightful inheritance and the clear focus of their parents, whose energies were drawn to an insidious type of greed that compromises our courts.

    Some “insiders” and powerful corporations limit themselves to profit motive at any cost. However, after thorough research, I can tell you that unchecked greed in the forum for justice creates a free-for-all that can not end up well. We can work together to fix it. Then the door will open for fair hearings that will provide an immediate and civilized solution to our conflicts without fraud on the court.

    In 1984, fraud destroye

    • baba riley

      OK, there must be a connection to Kilauea. Cut and paste into a more appropriate article might garner you a bit more attention.

  • & Research
    Fain, Charles, Branson ET ALIA
    Subpoena duces tecum Heritage Nursery and Greenhouse,all….. SOUTH HAVEN,MISSISSIPPI
    A subpoena duces tecum, or subpoena for production of evidence, is a court summons ordering the recipient to appear before the court and produce documents or other tangible evidence for use at a hearing or trial.

    L Donald Clarkson
    Birth Date: 24 Sep 1938
    Phone Number: 393-2735
    Address: RR 18 POB 218, Springfield, MO, 65809
    [3891 Davis Rd, Southaven, MS, 38671-9616]
    [4844 Blanding Ave, Memphis, TN, 38118-4401 (1992)]
    [9180 Highway 51 N, Southaven, MS, 38671-1200 (1993)]
    [7435 German Hollow Cv, Memphis, TN, 38125-2700]

  • Man

    So where is the reasoning That the governm,ent is behind the Vulcanon eruption because they used some kind of Weather machine?

    • Hayduke

      HAARP can also start volcanos, don’t you know. :smile:

      • raisnbran

        yup–right in your backyard mitch,be careful…

        • Hayduke

          Brother bran,

          You can never be too careful. Right?

  • TruthBeTold

    Hopefully Ovomit was out there on one of his hundreds of vacations on taxpayer dollars and the damn thing swallowed him and the manwife up.

  • Central Scrutinizer

    And just like that, Nobody cared about Yellowstone no more….. :mrgreen:

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