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Virginia Shooting.. Boyfriend of Alison Parker tweets about shooting 12 mins before it happened?

Thursday, August 27, 2015 3:07
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Virginia Shooting.. Boyfriend of Alison Parker tweets about shooting 12 mins before it happened?

by Lou Collins in News Comments Off on Virginia Shooting.. Boyfriend of Alison Parker tweets about shooting 12 mins before it happened?

The internet is going wild with claims that the Virginia Shooting is yet another staged event after a tweet apparently sent by the reporter Alison Parkers boyfriend was tweeted 12 mins before the shooting actually occured..

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 01.16.35

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 01.17.53

It clearly shows on the clock that Alison was live on air at 6.46am and her boyfriend tweeted it out at 6.34am a 12 min gap..

Was he in another state when the tweet was sent ?

This tweet is no longer on Chris Hursts twitter or any other from the morning of Wednesday 26th August 2015

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  • Mark Brander

    Is this woman any relation to Robbie Parker…. just sayin….

    • Mark Brander

      Yes the tweet is still up Nancy…and so are several others…

      His interview on CNN is reminiscent of Robbie Parker… he is smiling quite a bit and seems to be over his grief rather quickly…. something does not seem right…

      • Logicgirl

        Good point about the boyfriend smiling. I thought that odd also. As well as her father talking to CNN. He was “crying” ….but no tears. Odd.

        • Black Humor

          So, a young lady who runs without looking like she got shot, might be a shock reaction, but smiling boyfriend who tweets before incident happened, this smells like a rat.

  • The Real Deal

    The nice thing about these fake shootings (Where nobody died), is that it does more harm to the Jew run media than it does that American populace. People are waking up.

  • VomitO

    They are trying to Overthrow the Constitution through regulation and legislation. These performances are part of their Seditious plan to Commit Treason and overthrow the 2nd Amendment.
    Once they disarm you, they can fully implement their population control and relocation policies.

    • Bruce Prentis

      That statement is spot on. The Second Amendment is exactly what is keeping the TPTB from steamrolling us into oblivion and they know it all too well. As long as we resist their confiscation, we have at least a little hope. Once gun ownership becomes a thing of the past, so do we.

    • YallAreMorons

      Apparently David doesn’t understand how timezones work, as the tweet was 2 hours AFTER the shooting.
      And all of the tweets are still on his page.

      • hateriarch

        Thanks. I was here to say the same thing.

      • ThirdEyeOpen

        WE’RE the morons??? Don’t think so! What delusion are you living in that you would even suggest Chris Hurst was in a different time zone? His Facebook timeline on Aug 25th @ 11:58 a.m., states “next FEW DAYS OFF from work and looks like I know how the rest of my afternoon is going to go… #emailstruggles”. He was at home going through email and updating Facebook! You know the home him and Alison just move into together (supposedly). According to her bio on WDBJ states she lived local. In addition to that, he stated in a media interview that “she got up earlier than usual that morning (Aug 26th), he fixed her breakfast and sent her on her way!” Another confirmation he was at home and not in a time zone in the Midwest! (2 hours difference? Really?) HE POSTED IN THE SAME TIME ZONE – BEFORE THE INCIDENT HAPPENED!!! Facts are facts are FACTS – blind faithers are SO gullible and refuse to accept the TRUTH! And we all are the morons? LMAO!

        Oh yeah, while I’m at it. Also on Chris Hurst’s Facebook timeline (Aug 25th @ 2:09 p.m.) is a posting from Carol Kelley asking, “Nosey me, but are you going with Allison?[name misspelled in post] Cute couple!” His response: “[check mark] and smiley wink emoticon”. Hmm, wonder what that could mean?

        Critical thinking applied poses to ways to interpret that question and response.
        1) Was Carol asking if they were “going together” as in dating one another? If so, that was prior to the public release of their fraternization in the workplace and he responds with a check and winks in response to evade the question but leaving the implication up to the reader. Plausible deniability!
        2) Carol was asking in the literal sense whether or not Chris was going with Alison to the interview. In which case, the check and wink presents an implication that he knows something considering he DIDN’T go with her! Again, plausible deniability!

        Either way, that then begs the questions, who is Carol, what did Carol suspect, why and what motivated her to pose a question prefaced by “Nosey me,..”?

        Those of us with reasoning skills simply see the inconsistencies and we’ll expose the truth with facts. We won’t blindly gulp down the soylent green the media is trying to force feed the population. :!:

  • chefjim

    Did you ever see a bullet penetrate a body at close range? I don’t mean a Hollywood shooting, a REAL shooting. Neither did I but I imagine that it would be messy. Where’s the blood? Where’s the holes in the clothing? When a hot bullet goes through clothing it makes a black hole from the gun powder etc. The first time I viewed this footage, there was something that just didn’t seem right. I believe it is just another attempt to distract our attention away from the real news that something very big and life changing is coming and will affect everyone on earth.

    • Factory Farms FEAR the MooCow

      Go watch liquor store robberies on youtube where someone gets shot, and died. No blood either.
      Eat More GMO :mad:

    • Factory Farms FEAR the MooCow

      His tweet is still on there.
      If you do disinfo at least make it sound funny or something.

      Eat More GMO :mad:

      • TheJayWalker

        Factory Farm Fear the MooCow why are you always on this site if you think its all disinformation? All you do is spend time commenting negatively but never contributing. Seriously, why do you spend your time on this website? I really want to know and I’m sure others do too.

        Chris Hursts did tweet those things before the actually shooting at 6:45am, how do you explain that? Hmmmm? Yes the tweets are still there but they were sent at 6:31am, 6:34am, 6:36am…

        Tell me how you explain that!

        • Factory Farms FEAR the MooCow

          Simple :lol: open Twitter account, tweet something. watch it appear and test your time zone.

          Eat More GMO :mad:

          • TheJayWalker

            So there’s a time zone that is the same hour but 12-14 minutes different time. You’re such a troll! How about you actually give some hard evidence…

            Instead of just being a troll I would really like you to explain like you’re an intelligent human, oh maybe your not and that’s all you can do is troll.

            No one likes you on the site. I wouldn’t be surprised if you and “clucker” get together and troll together…

        • Farmer

          Simple …. he is called a “troll” … someone with more time than work …. so antagonizing is their only pleasure. Ipso Facto and qed

    • Geeper

      Great debunking there from someone who’s never seen a real bullet injury but has some guesses about what one might look like.

      • Factory Farms FEAR the MooCow

        TheGayWalker is a mean Terrorist. :sad: he beats animals……
        Hes gonna….

        Eat More GMO :mad:

        • King Of Jambalamba

          get sodomized freak!

        • TheJayWalker

          So now your also a bigot! Geez no wonder everyone on this site tells you to go kill yourself.

    • FindtheTruth

      That means that she wasn’t shot by a conventional gun if she was. MooCow, most damn liquor store camera footage is so grainy and out of focus that you aren’t going to see any Quentin Tarantino style vivid blood spurting.

    • Judge Roy Bean

      The camera footage is not that good to show thing like that in the split seconds they were taken.

      No wonder people make fun of people who claim every every shooting is staged.

    • DwnRange

      Yes I have, not only that, I have been shot and not with a pipsqueak high-velocity 9mm either and much like the shot interviewee, who “walked” to the ambulance, I drove myself to the hospital.

      What you have imagined is not how things appear IRL, this is a shooting not a terrorist IED attack.

      Gun powder dissipates at the range she was shot at and she’s wearing a BLACK top which makes it difficult for the uninformed to actually see the bullet strikes.

  • sleepy

    Where’s the Blood? That is exactly what I thought about the church shooting. People were in there days later and I’m thinking, no way did they have time to clean that up….

  • Syco

    Actually I HAVE seen GSW upfront and close, there isn’t always a lot of blood, clean through wounds take a while to seep, as far as clothing to get a powder burn you have to basically be on top of them with the muzzle in contact. Just because the slug is hot doesn’t mean it will singe cloth. Example, my brother shot point blank in the neck in my living room while I was at work, no blood on the carpet, no blood on the wall, I found ONE!!! tiny drop on the arm of the couch, if you can be shot in the neck and not leak out, think about that for a minute. This happened April of 2000 in Carrollton Tx for anyone who feels the need to fact check my story. So if you have not seen it, you don’t know so shut up.

  • ElOregonian

    When you have the REAL murdering psychopaths in charge you end up with this exact same criminal conduct. The thing is, you never have to defend the truth. The truth is the truth, it needs no defending. Lies on the other hand, continuously need to be covered-up. For lies are not the truth and they require that they be defended at all costs in order to conceal the “Manufactured” lie/lies the psychopaths absolutely crave and to try and convince us otherwise in order to implement their ‘hidden’ agendas.

  • Hayduke

    Not much happened here except two guys getting murdered and another lady laying in the hospital after surgery. Or, if you are a follower of the on-line new National Enquirer, it was all just a dream with no real guns or bullets. LMAO!

    • Farmer

      or it was a complete and amateurish fabrication by a government that cannot even make a decent movie … but, that’s the way low information Americans are trained ….. stupid is as stupid does

  • grayeagle40

    We do not need any more knee jerk reactionary emotionalistic gun control legislation PERIOD.
    If you like my videos and comments pls subscribe. youtube user grayeagle48

  • zev

    Usually, the first thing the victim’s family says is, “We need tighter gun control laws!”

    • Farmer

      What victim’s family?

  • Phreak Mushroom

    Thats funny i posted this exact same article before you yet mine got buried ummmmm

  • Phreak Mushroom

    Virginia Shooting Newscaster’s Boyfriend remorses over her death 14 minutes before event happens 0
    Media on Wednesday Aug 26 2015 21:47

  • Everette

    If this is indeed true then someone needs to verify that their bodies are on ice . Some of the other false flag events the actors was in other staged evens to play again . This is nothing more than to get your guns .

  • dainbinder

    The time shown on Twitter is in the viewer’s time zone. He Tweeted at 9:34 AM local time (the Tweet is still there).

  • Tedx

    So, how do we determine if he was tweeting from another time zone?

    • news_guy

      He wasn’t tweeting from another time zone. It shows the local time of the person viewing the tweet. That screenshot came from someone in the Mountain time zone, which is 2 hours earlier. His first tweet was made at 8:31 AM EDT that day.

  • Tedx

    WDBJ TV is in the same town the hoax shooting took place in. It is located in the middle of Va. from East to West. Eastern time zone. Central does not begin until past the Western corner of Va. Therefore, if boyfriend tweeted from where he lives, he was in the Eastern time zone or did some serious commuting to hook up with his babe.


    A West Coast Twitter Screenshot has obviously sent the internet into a misinformation frenzy. Here’s the test…
    Got any friends on Twitter in the West Coast?
    Tweet them and then tell them to take a screenshot to send to you…
    I know this might come as a surprise but the two screenshots will have different times…

    NO… You and your friend are not time travelers. So don’t get excited. lol. It’s simply because California is three hours behind. Some 15 year old is laughing his ass off at all the adults who don’t understand the coding for social media sites showing your localized time. That ignorance has led to this frenzy of misinformation…

    The Chinese stock market closes in the morning in the United States… But in China it’s only the afternoon… I watch Chinese stock prices early in the morning from the day that just finished over their to determine what our day is going to be like… Just because I am watching it in my time doesn’t mean that they are in my time… For local minded people this concept is hard to grasp and that is why that 15 year old is laughing his ass off…

    How about the 3rd camera tho? Will we ever get that footage?

    • CrowPie

      Bet you haven’t considered the footage that the editor took from the control room……even after the cameraman fell lifeless……now did you? See the camera was still operating and control could still see the live footage being piped into the studio. The editor said that he could see the cameramans watch because of the way the camera landed…..and he knew that the cameraman was dead, or he wouldn’t be just lying there.

      The footage was cut nine different times so that it could be copied and given to the authorities, lawyers and insurance reps. The film editor had to watch his best friend die NINE times in one day before he could stop working and allow himself to grieve the loss of his friend……..and you want to see the video.


  • yoyoitsevan

    I wanna show you all something:
    This “tweet” that y’all are talking about, how Chris tweeted 12 minutes before his girlfriend, Allison died. Clever trick guys, but as a resident of Roanoke, VA I’ll tell you something I noticed right away –

    the timestamp from that stupid picture y’all are showing of Chris’ tweet was taken in Pacific time, 3 hours ahead of Eastern time where Roanoke actually is. The video’s timestamp WAS eastern time, because thats where we are located.

    So technically he wasn’t 12 minutes early, he was 3 hours late.

  • news_guy

    Tweets show the local time of the person viewing them! When I view his first tweet from that day I see 6:31 AM, which means it was 8:31 Eastern time, since I’m in the MDT time zone. Get a clue, people! :idea:

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