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Planet X Nibiru the Undeniable Evidence’ – What They ‘Don’t’ Want You to Remember

Saturday, October 1, 2016 11:51
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Dan Flynn: What are the odds of a team of the most elite minds, ever, who think they’ve discovered the orbit of an unknown tenth planet, ‘meeting’ a man who’s just cracked 6000 year old ancient texts that speaks of the same planet ‘and’ orbit?

That’s a 6000 year old (smoking gun of evidence), ‘gap’ that we can’t ignore as evidence. Presenting to you, the jury, to decide. A closing two hour argument.

I’d be thinking twice, after watching this one, if I did not believe in a tenth planet. If one lie can be proven, the evidence is tainted. If persons whom supported the truth retract their statements, the evidence is tainted. 

For hundreds of years Planet X has been contemplated and researched by some of the greatest minds education has had to offer the masses. How can that reality be dismissed with total disregard?

I submit, to you, the evidence, as I view it when I listen to those involved in the research of and search for the elusive Planet X / Nibiru. You be the judge.

Source:  Dan Flynn

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  • Canderson


    • PaulTarsuss

      It’s certainly more inviting to speculate about what lurks out in the great cosmos rather than what lurks around down here, in our faces, in halls of government, corporations, ‘education’ centers, media outlets…etc…

      This is what largely drives the whole ‘nibiru’ and ‘annunaki’ craze. Nibiru is the ‘bigfoot’ stalking the cosmic backwood territory of our solar system. It is much more psychologically appealing to give one’s time to such speculations rather than face the very real and long recognized immediate neighborhood problems down here.

      I know that zack sitchin’s work is riddled with enough holes to steal the market share from swiss cheese.

      Highly conflicting teams of scientists throw their darts at dart boards which are severely limited in field of view; hoping that something sticks. This is what passes for ‘science’ in many areas these days.

      THE source of information that I trust, is the same one that told an earthling thousands of years ago that the Pleiades constellation is comprised of stars that are bound together….and it wasn’t until after the advent of the telescope that this was verified. The Pleiades are a gravitically bound star system. My source of information is the same one that, thousands of years ago named ALL of the main players on the world stage TODAY, and what their relative military power would be, as well as their belief systems and economic strategies.

      My source of information revealed to man thousands of years ago, while primitive superstitious religions proclaimed earth to rest on the back of 4 giant elephants which stood on the back of a cosmic sea turtle, or on the shoulders of a giant ‘god’ named atlas, that earth in fact, is sphere, hanging upon nothing.

      This source of information has told the end from the beginning….even revealing that a world super power would, toward the end, gain military domination of the atmosphere, even going into space, even controlling the weather to an extent.

      So, rather than get caught up worrying about “nibiru” and the “annunaki” of zack sitchen fame, or that another ice age may loom in the distant future, here is information that provides meaningful solutions to our world’s problems now…




      Notice how my source of information, which has proven AMAZINGLY accurate eons in advance….makes no mention of “nibiru” coming in a dust cloud?

      But it does mention Yeshua, Jesus Christ returning on the “clouds of heaven”!

      No mention of “aliens that died out”…..but of an entire Kingdom without end! And they’re watching us right now….

      One may certainly adhere to sci fi style ear tickling titillations all they wish, but the truth is Greater.

      Much Greater. And it solves ALL the problems we were long ago foretold to be facing at this, the most critical juncture our planet has ever faced.

      Good Journeys

  • Canderson

    Is this true our Sun orbit Sirius? / or Sirius orbits the Sun! The same, but is it true?

  • Canderson

    They are to be blamed, those with thousands of years of wealth, they fooled us into a non reality.
    Next they kill us all off to hide what they stolen, again, because they did it in ww2.

    • Canderson


    • Canderson

      To create a traitor you need to build him or her up. / yawn……..

      • Canderson

        Not me!

  • RationalSkeptic

    BS of highest order. There’s no Nibiru. The Nibirutards never seems to stop posting false Nibiru-videos on Youtube, even though they have been wrong every time.

  • Everette

    In the beginning GOD ! Created ! Now let’s look at some facts of the bible which men hav found and dug up . Yes there was an Iraq and A Babylon . The reason for he flood was because the sons of GOD -Stop! Sons of GOD ? GOD had more children ? There are several passages that state about he sons of GOD . Who ever they were they we’re given the job of watching GODs new creation Adam and Eve and he rest of the earth . But we have some insight from the scripture that the sons of GOD saw the daughters of men and hat they were fair and decided to take them some wives and give sex a try . Here the bible kind of goes blank , but tells that because of this union it caused giants in the land . Here is where the book of Enoch , the book Jesus quoted from and Jude mentions in his writings . The catholic church had it removed from the original writtings because it points them out as the evil that was and is and shall be hiding GODs truth from man kind . So let’s put it back into play here . In the book of Enoch he tells of angel or watchers that came down to earth and took wives and had sex with them . And becaus of the evil union their children became giants as big as 450ft. tall . Watchers as Enoch tells begin to teach men and women whom they took for wives the art of weapons , Astrology , deviation , roots , the art of metal work , black magic , herbs and other things we now know today . The DNA was altered because of the body spirit beings mating with women that was body , soul and spirit . The book of Enoch also tells how they began excepting the worship of men and women . Their children grew up and expected man to grow food for them . When it became apparent that man could not keep up with their appetites the giants began eating them . The book of Enoch tells how GODs angel approach GOD and ask what shall they do to stop this mess . That is when GOD tells Enoch to tell the watchers or fallen ones that judgement has come upon them from GOD . GOD took the leaders and bound them in the Desert near the Euphrates river under sharp rocks . The others were placed from what I understand on a planet . The CERN people in Europe say it was Saturn . Get a chance look up CERN and their work . Maybe this is why they are trying to create a worm hole from earth to Saturn to bring back the fallen ones . You know the Ananocki that these dummies want to believe are their creators . So are they telling us that they are the children of the fallen ones ? Because after the flood destroyed their children that they got to watch die from the hot waters from beneath and cold waters from above , the bible says it began to happen again after the flood . So more fallen ones started having sex with women again ? This is why GOD told Israel later after they left Egypt and was going to the land Israel to kill off certain cities that contained giants and children of the fallen ones . The bible also makes it clear that in the end of days that the fallen ones would begin doing it again . Not only did they Foul man kinds DNA they also was having sex with animals . Noah and his family were of pure GOD created DNA . This is why Noah and his family restarted the worlds population . The animals also GOD chose from pure DNA to board the ark . The book of Enoch tells what happened and why it happened . The the writing from Sumer were from the hands of the fallen ones that taugh their women writings also . So naturally GOD was to be left out so that they could continue receiving mankinds worship . After the flood in Iraq man gathers to build a tower to reach heaven . Why ? To try and bring back the fallen ones taken away to some planet ? GOD says they must be stopped because they have come in one mind to do what they have imagined to do and nothing will stop them from doing it . So the only one world language got changed into many languages and caused them to scatter upon the earths surface from each other . So this tower to reach heaven was stopped . Today the scientist have come together in one mind to free the fallen ones on Saturn . The hope to bring back those placed their for crimes against GODs creation back to earth . Why because of heavens secret information they contain in themselves . We know what we know today because of 2 things , what GOD has told us and what the watchers taugh the children of men in their days . The scientist workng on CERN also tried to discover the GOD partial so that they could begin being like GOD and start creating like HE did . Their machine is 17 miles long made into a circle . It bombards electrons . They also hope to create teleportals with it . Boy have we gotten to big for our pants ! Looks like GOD may have to step in again . Why because they also said they might by accident create a black hole that would swallow our solar system and destroy us and possibly even the universe . I Don’t think GOD is going to let that happen to HIS creations .

  • Hanger 19

    What is interesting is the fact all the answers are suppose to be found in what is now modern day Iraq…Yet we are trying to destroy any hope of finding any answers…Interesting

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