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Attention All Single Fathers and Mothers Oppressed by a Feminist-Femen System

Saturday, January 7, 2017 19:46
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As you are reading, this please keep in mind I am not a reporter, I am not some IVY league silver spook born prude, I am a REAL NI99A like all of you! I have SUFFERED every injustice you have suffered! When I walk by a homeless person I don’t sympathize, I AM that homeless person! Since 8 on the streets up till 19 now 50. The Father has been GROOMING me to do a show like this! In honesty, if I had parents that put their children in casting calls, I would be huge A list celebrity right now, not who I am today. Not with the knowledge and stripes I have today. Some stuck-up, don’t give a F about anyone. You think John Stewart, John Oliver, Bill Mahaer, or any of these so called advocates has ever suffered any injustice they talk about? 

Fun fact: Through a long study, Cambridge University, has just determined that people who use consistent profanity are actually the most truthful when compared up against those that never swear or are more eloquent in their speeches. So, if you see me being a tad vulgar then you know I am being truthful. I guess that makes Donald Trump a truthful person as well lol. 

Personal Note: The design around the trk387 show is not a selfish one. I want to help people, ALL people. If there is injustice out there, trk387 WILL fight it with his last breath! Two things I HATE! Well other than crumbs, inefficiency and self destructive behavior… Inequality, and injustice. I BELIEVE what one human being is afforded ALL human beings should be afforded, PERIOD! 

Hello my name is t for now (google trk387) you will learn everything about me… I need your help! I need 5000 men with balls or 5000 women, to DONATE 100.00 to the production of my show. 5000 fathers and mothers SICK AND TIRED of having their children KEPT from them! YES this is being done to innocent women as well! Good women being kept from their kids because their husbands are rich and connected… The ONLY time a man has power within this system, ESPECIALLY, here in FEM NY! You’re an invstor? Lets talk! Give me a few minutes of your time and I know I can convince you to fund this show. 

I go head to head with these bastards right to their twitter accounts! I am not hiding!

If you are a lawyer reading this… I have a PRIMA FACIE case against CPS, ACS, school principals, school superintendents and my very WEALTHY in-laws. I am prepared to offer 50% of all money received through these federal law suits. Everything I have is DIAMOND TIPPED evidence by their own hands, voice, etc. One of the WORST cases of systematic orchestrated destruction of a father’s relationship with his child, and the most heinous parental alienation of a father and his child. These people are so STUPID they put their blatant contempt of three judges, Chief Justice Jeffrey Sunshine, Her Honor Helene Sacco and Her Honor Kerri Lechtrecker, who ORDER my visitation and parental rights ENFORCED! Emails such as ” we don’t care about the law around here”, text messages “you can’t see your child”. Recently, I asked my ex-mother-in-law if she could wish my daughter a happy birthday her reply? NO! I texted her back, ” You can’t be this stupid to say this in writing ” I have these people COLD… Every nail they have supplied for their coffins or prison bars. In a recent text, I asked my kid’s grandmother to say Happy Birthday to her for her daddy, her reply? NO… I text her back, ” you really are not this stupid to write this are you?” Criminals don’t care about the law.   

Disclaimer: When trk387 talks about the feminist movement, he is not talking about the INNOCENT women who simply want to be treated as equals, equal pay, right to choose, these women trk387 would DIE for! NO, he is talking about the JACKALS, the pasty-faceed fat miserable banshees! Who use a biased system infiltrated by their members to keep men (good men) away from their children!  

This show will bring commentary, comedy and controversy, never seen since the days of Chappelle. However, coupling all this, the shows main CONCENTRATION will be to ADVOCATE on injustice… It’s DIRECT focus will be TARGETED towards Fathers Rights and CPS, ACS. I would also love to meet with an investor that would fund the show. The investor will receive 25% of all revenues, (this show is going to generate millions of dollars a day) Just as Howard Stern became famous mainly by his haters as they could help but listen to hear what he would do next, the WORLD will be smacking their arm for every show to see what I am going to do next. Never mind the ORIGINAL sketches that will be done. Sketches never seen, conceived or thought of ever. The people are TIRED of the same old same old. The trk387 show will do NOTHING like the others. It will have NOTHING to do with the media at all. NO personal interviews will EVER be granted. The ONLY reason trk387 is not known is because of these people and I don’t forget!!! 

You see Donald Trump out here? I AM Donald Trump! The THIEF stole my IMAGE (anyone can look at my twitter page and see I have been tweeting this man since 2010!) ALL these celebrities, comedian, etc, STEAL from me! Because I have more creativity, vision and ORIGINALITY in one stand of my ass hair, than ALL of them put together! The media, politicians, celebrities, comedians are PETRIFIED of this show ever seeing the light of day and they should be! I am AFRAID of this show! lol. If this show were to fail, it would have done so a long time ago. It would have been on and gone. It will SUCCEED beyond anything I could imagine or want. 

In 2010 when I started out doing this (loosing my career to the great recession) I came out as an advocate for the unemployed. My videos were HARD RAW and CONTROVERSIAL, written up in 22+ political magazines, made OPEN CONGRESS, and one of my videos the Vice President watched and showed Obama. The problem was the unemployed came out and said ” we do not want this lunatic representing us “! If they would have come on board with me instead of their BEGGING advocates well. However, if a lunatic has the RIGHT exposure they can become PRESIDENT! lol. The PROBLEM was NO ONE even knew I existed. If the 326M American Citzens KNEW there was a trk387 out here, he would have MILLIONS of fans and followers! I mean come on, my twitter page alone should be explosive with the way I go after these people. Never mind the comedy aspect of the page, pictures. etc. ALL I want to do was be HEARD! and I was IGNORED! So what do you do when you want to be heard and you can’t? You CREATE the greatest F show ever seen! Even if the show was the greatest piece of crap ever produced, people would be scratching their arms till the next one just to see what I would do next. Just like Howard Stern became famous. I EMBRACE my haters lol. I LOVE haters! Go fetch B’s! The Huffington Post BLOCKS every single comment I write! I have PRIVATE moderators that sit in a room waiting for me to blog on their paper. OMG if I write something that gets through people love it, it gets deleted. I know they do this to everyone just saying. Maybe paranoid, but no matter what I do on social media NO ONE f sees it! I could kill myself on youtube, facebook, LIVE, twitter, and no one would see it! It would be a huge waste of a suicide! lol I once had a full out war with Glenn Beck, yes the real Glenn and 30 of faithful. Me up against thirty of the Christian right and in three days later they all said ” we give up! ” lol Now you can’t tell me that some media reporter saw this, but was anything written? Anything at all? No. But if that was someone else, they would be on GMA the next day! They SEE I am not some phony, that I am real! That if I got exposure I would burn this f to the ground! (metaphorically speaking of course) a white man can’t stand in the middle of the street screaming (burn this mother to the ground) just saying.  

Here is a compilation of my best videos but the WHOLE channel is an AWESOME watch!

My fellow brothers and sisters:

Since my children have been born all I wanted to do was be a father a good father, understanding, kind, empathetic, disciplined, on his game (no drugs, no drinking, no smoking) fun, loving father. Just to be with my children, spend time with them be IN their lives forever, as ANY good father would want to do. Nay, as is their RIGHT to do. That’s a funny word, RIGHT. You have the right to this, you have the right to that, as George Carlin said, “You don’t have any rights“. They make you THINK you do, but you do not! It is time for that to change.

Ever since that day that they have been born, I have had all these people dictating to me how to be a father, what I can do as a father, I’ve had to beg, plead, drop to knee and take fish in face! To do the one thing that I should be allowed to do regardless, to be a dad to my children. But, because of these feminists who have some type of stick up their bums because of what my ancestors did to them that if I was alive back then I would be the first want to punch them in the face and tell them to shut the blank up, that Women are human beings that should have the exact same rights as anyone else, doesn’t matter, I have a dick, so I am treated like a piece of garbage by the police, CPS, Family Court, judges, court officers, teachers, principals, my own family, ex-in-laws, GF, the world.

The REASON? Because I DON’T drop to knee and take fish in face, I DON’T beg, I DON’T plead, I DON’T grovel!!! I DEMAND! If I am supposed to have something then I should have it, especially, when THREE judges ORDER I have it! If I was a judge and you violated one of my orders, OMG! I dare to stand up for myself, defend myself, and my legal civil rights as a citizen not as a man, but as a citizen of this country! and I am despised, degraded, demeaned, and humiliated. For how dare I want to be a father, how dare I defend myself up against these jackals that do everything in their power to stop me from being a father. That I don’t permit them to oppress, harass and piss on my legal rights and they get offended.

It is the equivalent of being in a prison cell and your cellmate RAPES you every day, every afternoon and every night, with such impunity, and you rise up against that rapist and you will be given more time than you had before! Because f–king society wants you to be RAPED and they want you to smile while they’re raping you! But I’m sorry because I think I have forefathers blood in me if you want to rape me and oppress me, take away my rights. I am not going to smile, I am going to want to cut your f–king head off and shove it up your funky ass. I’m going to want to take your f–king eyes out of your head put dots on them and use them as dice. I want to rip your arms off and use them as flipping bats! Yeah how terrible, I defend myself, how dare I speak up for myself, let me tell you something, I may be a doormat to the system but don’t get offended when this f–ing doormat moves and you fall underneath it. If I ever get my show, the trk387 show I will eviscerate the feminist movement in such a way that when the dust settles the smoke clears from the carnage, NEVER again will anybody in the world ever say a father can’t be in his children’s life! And if by some chance one wants to come around and rise from the ashes of the fathers movement millions of men protesting in the streets, boycotting corporate America to not spend one dime of their money in a bias system. That if they are divorced or separated from the grand dom mother that they will be seen as nothing but sperm a $ and if they can afford it, a glorified babysitter!

Yup I along with my fellow brothers are held accountable for the sins of our male chauvinist prick ancestors that treated women like nothing but a piece of garbage, punching bag, RAPE hole, and baby making machine kitchen utensil!, something that I would never do. I have proven this on my YouTube page I lost over 5000 followers because I refuse to silence my haters from their opinions or comments because I am not going to sit there and beat my chess about the rights of free speech and take that away from somebody else. I would never take away something from someone that I myself am willing to die for!

We are all brothers and sisters under God! Instead of living in peace and harmony we want to spend our time in Family Courts, we want to spend our time fighting and bickering, using the children as personal pawn pieces in a war against the other side. When that time could be spent more productively with being with my children spending time with them. We need to bring so much pressure upon the United States federal government and its legislative branches that they will write into law the quality act for all parents that mothers and fathers under the law before the police, before any state or city agency, are seen as equals Tthat there is no head, no tail, no dictator, that custody is automatically 50-50, and the Food play day of having the father give the mother all his money and his house, is his cause whatever it is comes to an immediate cease-and-desist.

The family courts as a whole needs to be abolished and be structured that is the Family Court judges fired and you ones are placed a put in their place non-bias human beings that give a f–k about everyone.  That’s how you bring field change you cut out the cancer completely and you do not leave one piece of it inside. 2017 must be a year that no one forgets! we must rise up in the exact same fashion that the woman’s movement rose up in 1920 and take back our children because we are losing something that no one, not even God can give back, TIME! 

I know the Family Court system like the back of my hand, the bias, feminist, lazy law guardians, I know the judges, I know the feminist court officers, and I know that in the state of New York a man inside the Family Court the only right they have is to shut the flip up, sit down, and listen! Even if they are the ones filing the petition’s, they are silenced, they are not given the right to due process under the fourth amendment. Their voice is stopped by feminist storm troopers (monkeys). That’s monkeys as in the Wicked Witch of the West… with guns and badges. Shut the f up, sit the f down and listen, while your ex-wife is allowed to sing like a canary and you are the one filing the grievances!

Or CPS, that your ex-wife is the one who is the drug addict, drug dealer, prostitute, surrounding your children with drug addicts, drug dealers, prostitutes, pimps, the dregs of society, never mind the fact the convicted drug addict drug dealer child abuser stands before the family court. You are a straight arrow, do not break the law, do not drink, do not smoke, do not do any drugs, do not do a f–king illegal thing, and because they can, and they DESPISE you (cock), CPS will harass you, oppress you, file false petitions against you, not give a f–k about your parental rights, aid and abet the true child abusers, their protector’s (mother), going up against you the COCK!

You don’t dare report your ex-wife to them for child abuse because these lazy b’s HATE to work! I have been reporting my ex-wife to CPS, family courts, police, DA’s, my own family, and guess what. They ALL came after me! And OMG, guess what? From 2003 to the Present, they finally found out I was right! They found out my ex-wife IS a heroin addict, who does heroin around my kids! Do they apologize? Send me a box of fancy cakes? Send me out for a nice dinner? NO, they STICK their feminist cock HARDER up my cock hole!

What do you think about CPS agents calling convicted child abusers on the phone to make appointments with them? Convicted child abusers and drug addicts that have orders of protection against them to STAY AWAY from children! If that was me, I would NEVER be able to see my kids again! A father doing heroin around his kids? Having orgies? Surrounding my children with prostitutes, pimps, drug dealers, drug addicts? I would NEVER see them again! But a woman in the state of NY can darn near kill her child and NOTHING is done to her! Oh and they place my child in the care of her grandmother a woman that has done nothing but aid and abet my ex-wife in ALL her crimes, KNOWS about all the drugs, abuse, etc. A woman who LEAVES my children with the mother a CLEAR violation of the judge’s orders, but that’s ok, in the eyes of CPS, ACS, the courts, police, law guardians.

The family court system should be abolished, that every single judge, law guardian, court officer, even the flipping file clerks, should be FIRED! And start over from scratch! Do not place ONE remnant of this BIASED and FEMINIST cancer inside the new body! What I just wrote herein is EVIDENT by the two children DEAD under this FAILED agency’s watch recently. Force the resignation of its FAILED queen Gladys Carrion. A queen that should have long ago been disposed, especially after the deaths of Nixmary Brown and Marchella Pierce. But thanks to Bill De Blasio, he placed the crown back on her FAILED head! Never mind the 19 other deaths found to be at the negligence of the agency and its workers by the Kings County Grand Jury. DEMANDING reform of the agency in 2012 and it is now 2017! The fact is, our legislators are scared s. 

The feminist movement does not care that you are a good person and that your ex-wife is a lowlife flipping piece of crap. They will defend her over you, place your children in harms way and facing danger daily, all because they just don’t give a crap! The bottom line, my fellow brothers, is that the feminist movement’s agenda is to destroy you, and how do you destroy a man? By taking away his children! 

So again I say to the feminist movement, the feminist system, the feminist state of New York State, and it’s feminist MONKEY governor Cuomo, a WAR is coming, a war that you cannot win, a war aided and abetted by God himself! He has seen the way good fathers have been treated by you, and just as he called upon Moses to free his children from the Pharaoh, God has SENT me to liberate all fathers! He said, “I don’t need Terrence R. Kiellman, I need trk387!”

Give me my show and TOGETHER we will RETURN all CHILDREN to their FATHERS! And every single person involved in this ATROCITY, of the violation of our civil rights, we will see them behind bars!

IMAGINE millions of men and women in the streets, lets say 10M from here to the UK (fathers in the UK are treated WORSE than we are!), they would be POWERLESS do a f–king thing but give us back our children! The police will protest with us!

It is time to LAUNCH this movement to FIGHT for our sons and daughters! To bring so much pressure down upon the US Senate, the House of Representatives, on every single state and city legislator, so they all come together on c-span and bring to LAW the 50 X 50 act. That every single family court is abolished and a new system created in the fashion of the European family courts. Where ALL men and women are seen as equals! That in a divorce a man doesn’t have to sell his organs for, just so his ex-wife can live in a life of luxury while the divorced man lives in a furnished room, and his children do not even want to see their Father because he cannot afford a flipping hamburger at McDonalds! If the laws will be changed, then the law should also FORCE me and to be fathers! Children NEED their dads and if men were forced into the role even though they don’t want to be, I think, in the long run they will be HAPPIER for it. With the laws changed men will WANT to be fathers. They problem run scared because it’s easier than dealing with with is ex and this BIAS system. I can’t lie, many times I thought of running away, starting a new life, forgetting my children, but what happens when I am 60 or 65 and I get that knock on the door and it’s my beautiful kids standing in front of me! SORRY, I choose to FIGHT! 

YES I am vain but a good vain, and it’s not my fault I am an ARIES can’t help it! 

I can’t do this alone, I need your support. Fund my show and bring this to an end…To donate to the production of the trk387 show, make donations through pay pal 

If I can make them laugh, I can make them think, if I can make them think, I can make them ACT!“ trk387 





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