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Denise Matteau’s Latest Attack on the Q Cult and Anyone She Sees as Deserving of Her Wrath, Guidance and Unsolicited Opinion

Thursday, May 17, 2018 16:41
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Hello, this is an upload to my main channel, uh, I did a video, I’ve got a channel called Truth Convoy now as back up to this one.

Okay, now the interesting thing that’s going on among people who get their political and social opinions from social media particularly from youtube which for many people is replacing MSM, no matter which side of the political spectrum you fall on. Uhm, MSM is pretty much useless for anyone who has any capacity to think at all, social media certainly isn’t far behind in some ways but you certainly have more choices about what you can find in social media.

2:06 – Uhm, this whole thing that recently happened this psychological operation that recently happened this psychological operation that happened as a Q anon game.

2:18 – There’s very very interesting now that we’re in the post Q phase of trying to figure out what’s going on and watching people play for continuing the psyop.

2:35 – Uhm, the left-right paradigm obviously ran into a brick wall when you’ve got the left progressives promoting the furthest right-wing side of politics both of them under the label Q.

3:00 – Uhm, right now a group of people who everyone can agree, were definitely controlling, you know handling the 2nd phase, the last part of the Q game, the CBTS streamers they call themselves the Bakers they set-up a board, uhm, that basically tried to reinvigorate Q with credibility, tried to protect the original actual Q agenda from the hijacking that had happened.

3:48 – and now there’s an interesting character named Baruch The Scribe whose giving wonderful interviews, now I’m recommending people and then you say well in that other interview you called them a liar and blah blah blah blah, yeah okay, separate the personality of the show host from the information you’re getting from his guest, Okay?

4:16 – The progressive nature of the 2nd half of Q and by progressive I don’t mean anything good I’m referring to the Bolsheviks, I’m referring to the Communist take-over, oh wow now I sound like tinfoil helmet from the 1950′s. It’s amazing looking back how much sense I am now seeing in the people we made fun of back then.

4:44 – But the fact is, the Q agenda, original Q agenda was to liberate people from these adversarial shekels, and if I mispronounce it as shekels, it may be worthy mispronunciation shackles or shekels you can look at it both ways

5:10 – American politics are crippled. The Amerian people are mentally crippled by knee-jerk politics, Democrat-Republican, left right, bloom-bloom bloom-bloom, I don’t know how many times I’ve said this in different ways in different videos.

5:34 – But it’s it’s a mental shackles and the original Q agenda was in the form of the Socratic method to basically help people exit the self-imposed cult of American politics.

5:50 – And that’s what you do if you know someone who genuinely has been sucked into a cult you can not argue them out of it, you can only ask them some questions that they are willing to explore, if they’re not willing to explore the questions you can’t do anything, but if they are willing to listen to your question and go on their own and explore the answers to that question then they may exit themselves from the brainwashing cult that they’ve joined, Okay?

6:29 – That’s what the original Q agenda was and I think it’s it’s best to consider not who is Q or what is Q but the agenda it was an agenda, the agenda was hijacked. Then a crew came along and tried to rescue it.

6:48 – Baruch the scribe is now going around the circuit of fairly large youtube channels giving interviews. He gave one on Unirock, he gave one, he appeared on a Defango show that was kind of a combined broadcast with Unirock and he just gave one on Lift The Veil.

7:19 – And the Lift The Veil is very interesting…

7:22 – First of all you can see the process of what happens when a progressive left-winger is running a youtube channel as if he is a Truther, as if he’s he’s conservative, and he’s not.

7:36 – He tries to spin and spin and spin, but when you’ve got a solid interview subject who knows what he’s doing when he agrees to be interviewed, who knows he’s facing a spin doctor, it becomes interesting, you get to watch the spin on Lift The Veil, you get to watch Nathan desperate to spin that interview, desperate, desperate for some some dirt he can dish, you know? I mean I remember when I was in college and gay guys they wanted always to dish the dirt, the worst gossips in the world, that’s the only thing they understand, okay? So, he’s trying and trying to spin it, Baruch The Scribe was one of the, I guess it was 4, Pamphlet and the other two, they use different names but I didn’t go into their boards so I can’t keep it straight, I’m just going by what the what you might call the intervening layer of Qtubers.

8:51 – Baruch The Scribe says something extremely important and interesting in this interview, he talks about how the Q agenda was working within the 4chan platform, which is mainly only members of the Anonymous collective, hackers, programmers, not the general public. And a group of people decided, and apparently Baruch The Scribe was one of these people, decided that this had to reach a wider public to make a difference in the population.

9:36 – He decided to expand the market of the ideas, okay? Not him alone, but that little cluster and then they approached, and he says right there, they approached people like Tracy Beanz, Roy Potter and a few others that they knew were reaching a large audience, they were not really looking at the politics according to what Baruch the Scribe is saying on Lift The Veil, they were not examing political resumes. They were looking at youtube channels that were reaching the Truther community.

10:22 – And they contacted those people, and he gives Tracy Beanz as an example, they contacted and said look we want you to start carrying this are you willing to do it? Okay?

10:38 – So he describes that process, that doesn’t mean that Tracy Beanz was part of anything other than a journalist, which she is, who receives a good story and is told this is gonna be an ongoing story do you want to run with it or not? If she had said no they simply would not have kept contacting her. She still could have gone in and found Q materials. And alongside that, of course, if you start publishing a good story you get more readers, okay?

11:16 – So she benefitted, I benefitted, and I wasn’t one of these people that was contacted I was an accidental participant, because I saw, I was one of the people they were trying to reach.

11:28 – I was one of the people who could look at the questions as riddles and start playing with them and say oh, my goodness, look at this?…and then I started pulling out some of the stuff about Saudi Arabia with the Alice in Wonderland stuff and so on and I was, I immediately reached thousands of people, I watched my channel explode all of a sudden, there was nothing nefarious going on with that.

11:57 – When you start reaching thousands of people and you’re basically a musician with a collection bucket. Well, the simple numbers is going to increase your income, okay? And there’s nothing wrong with it.

12:17 – I don’t know who, what kind of slaves are making those T-shirts Nathan Stolpman’s sells? Because he is continuously trying to twist the idea of money, he is playing the division card, and what is interesting and Baruch The Scribe, in a very polite way, points it out, that this is very strange, well he comes right out and says it but he’s polite more polite than I am, but he’s not American so he doesn’t have as much reason to be angry as I am, although if he is as someone said South African, he’s got plenty reason of his own to be angry.

12:59 – But, uhm, he comes right out and says this is a very strange thing, he comes right out and says this is a very strange thing, what’s wrong with making money? It wasn’t done for the purpose of making money, but of course, and I pointed this out, when people feel good and happy and they’re celebrating they spend, they give each other money.

13:20 – I mean the money that came to me was just… here, why haven’t you got a fundraising up? Where’s your Paypal button? I had to open the Paypal button. Okay?

13:34 – And it was part of that unleashing of energy that was the wonderful gift of the Q agenda.

13:43 – Then of course, it got took over, by of all people a marketing expert Jerome Corsi, yeah, he’s published some books, I don’t know who wrote those books frankly, I wonder because his speech as a Q person when I had to finally start looking doesn’t match but that’s his problem. Somehow or other he got those books published, but his real career is as a financial marketer.

14:18 – And he got together with the hijackers to take what was as simple outpouring of energy and turn it into something else, take it over, shut it down, channel it into his choking grasp.

14:36 – And I’ve covered elsewhere the political agenda behind that which is extremely sinister, the Zionists Israeli politics that have been running actual death cults in this country they’ve got their people in both political parties, and they are running religious cult crap all over the place, that element got involved.

15:08 – Well, in their effort to continue to rescue the Q agenda, Baruch The Scribe and his pals were off doing their thing and he’s now giving interviews after the fact, whatever postings are going up there , whatever Q stuff is going up there is all fantasy, anyone can now play that game and it’s a charlatans game.

15:33 – And so Baruch is there describing the history of it, Defango gave the history of the first part, Baruch is giving the history of the 2nd part. And he’s showing-up on these shows and your noticing that at the moment when the hijackers wanted to truly destroy the truth movement, what they did was they threw that famous hand grenade that famous Molotov cocktail into the midst, whose making money? And immediately everyone is at everyone’s throat. Unirock first, right up there right up-front, left-winger that he is, he was…oh, it’s gotta to be Corsi, now there are plenty of reasons to hate Corsi, and the money that Corsi makes is not through legitimate salesmanship or traffic, the advertisement and the monetization issues of youtube they are strangling the ability of people to make a living, okay?

16:39 – Unirock is right at the front of that stranglehold, he lives in his mother’s house. How do I know he lives in his mother’s house? Because he used his mother’s phone when he interviewed me. And when I called back to try to remind him that he’d better hold up his end of the bargain because I started to see the slip back in his slippery little ways, his mother answered and wouldn’t give him the phone. Is that a man in charge of his life? I’m telling you the truth!

17:09 – And I got so angry I said to his mother, you tell your son that if he does not honor his agreement to give me the full, raw unedited copy of that interview, there will be a legal matter to discuss and I am serious…and oh yes I will tell him, I will tell him, she would not give him the phone. He was using her phone number for his talk show, he doesn’t earn a living.

17:39 – Now, Nathan Stolpman sells T-shirts, God bless him, that seems to be an honest living but at the same time he attacks other people who make a money, he attacks the idea of people making money while saying, oh, there’s nothing wrong with making money I sell T-shirts, I’ll do an add right now, but do you think, what about these other people?

18:02 – How does Nathan get those T-shirts made? Does he have slaves making them? Does he steal them?

18:11 – See, that’s the thing about these people, that’s why they run with people like Corsi…their only belief is in theft. They do not believe in making an honest living. They see anyone whose out there making an honest living they attack them.

18:35 – That is the Progressive Bolshevik party. That, in fact, controls this whole thing. So, I’m calling your attention to it, because they get really confused when they run-up against the idea, and Baruch says you know…what is wrong with you people? He said, really, he comes right out and says it, says what’s wrong with making money off traffic, that’s how the business works, and it has nothing to do with the subject matter, we’re concerned with the subject matter of what we’re doing, but somebody has to pay for this and there’s nothing wrong with making a living, but if you do…and he was grilled and interrogated, Nathan had to… Nathan who lives in his parent’s house, okay? Another manling.

19:30 – Grills him, grills him, about what other kinds of work did he do? What business is it of anybodys? What business is the money of anybodys? Baruch explains, you know excuse me, in the real world you go out and you work and if and if you wanna do something that’s gonnna take up time in the future, now I’m paraphrasing, I’ve had to explain this over and over again to people who don’t understand that retirement income is paid into while you work for a living and you get paid money and you money into your retirement pension and Social Security is not the only pension out there.

20:22 – So Baruch being a real man with a real job threw in some overtime, bought himself time to devote himself to a project, decided that project was going to be the Q agenda and through his time and energy for at least a few months, that he could afford to do, into running those boards.

20:42 – And the spin doctors, the Bolsheviks, the gay Bolsheviks, the liberal Bolsheviks, the mama’s boy Bolsheviks are right in there, spin, spin, spin, spin the suspicion, spin the division.

20:59 – And all it took to destroy the Q community was that one question, well that one statement by the Anonymous Collective Bolshevik piece of crap calling itself Q.

20:14 – Watch out who your following, there shouldn’t be making any money off this. Why? What are you supposed to do? You should be stealing? That’s what the anon collective does, it steals, it hacks.

21:26 – The whole thing was about theft, theft of our energy, theft of our data.

21:32 – Now my email box is filling up with hacked and charlatan emails out of Corsi brigade. And I’m watching Unirock position himself to be the next Q rider because he’s got nothing else to ride, he’s got nothing else to ride.

21:53 – Nathan too, Nathan looking darn desperate, he’s got nothing else to ride either.

22:02 – I mean he’s put out some good stuff, and I recommend his channel if you listen to the guests and watch carefully how he treats the guests. He did put out a show recently with a very interesting psychological paper on this question method and how it works, and that is something, I want to return to that topic, but I need to call your attention to listening carefully to what’s going on because now the next stage, they planted the seeds with the Q program. They found some followers they could cultivate.

22:43 – I’m getting all kinds of emails from all kinds of people who are in that dox, there’s a discord doxing chat that’s attacking me and it’s spinning trolls out who are emailing me constantly. They’ve all got different names and they’re putting on little pretend profiles talking to each other like a bunch of braindeads that they are about what I probably want and of course, they’re disgusting little (slapping sound) I don’t know…It, it, it’s disgusting.

23:20 – But I’m continuing to watch it happen because I know I’m not their only, well I’m not their victim for one thing, I’m kicking them in the, well I can’t say I’m kicking them in the balls they haven’t got any, but, I’m playing it back on them.

23:43 – And I know there are other people who are getting pulled-in and it’s going into a very violent direction, a very violent direction.

23:53 – I’m sorry that this particular broadcast video rambles a bit, that’s me, that’s how I am, I’ve decided just to run with it. I’ve got listeners who are able to skip and they know when I get to the 10 minutes in, so when you come to one of my videos you skip in 7 or 8 minutes and you might see what I really intended to talk about.

24:30 – God bless you all, Denise Matteau, Cheap Phone Ninja, over and out.



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  • Wynter Moon

    Note: A comment I wrote somewhere else that I copy and pasted over. She is definitely a danger to herself because she antagonizes people and pisses people off. People like her, with her issues, have proven to be a danger to themselves. In that, they antagonize and piss off the wrong person who retaliates and harms them. For the record, I do not wish for any harm to come to Denise. Case-in-point, she has already pissed someone off to the point that they went and took a picture of her front door. That’s pretty scary and youtube really should be notified of her behavior that is endangering herself.

  • Wynter Moon

    I am concerned about this:

    She perceives all types of imaginary slights and attacks which causes her to attack other in retaliation. However, now she believes she has been doxxed and she says she is receiving spamming emails. She says she is not a victim (actually they are a victim of hers) and that she is turning it back on them. That statement is very concerning along with the comment that she makes that it’s turning in a violent direction.

    Here are the comments that everyone in authority should be concerned about:

    22:43 – I’m getting all kinds of emails from all kinds of people who are in that dox, there’s a discord doxing chat that’s attacking me and it’s spinning trolls out who are emailing me constantly. They’ve all got different names and they’re putting on little pretend profiles talking to each other like a bunch of braindeads that they are about what I probably want and of course, they’re disgusting little (slapping sound) I don’t know…It, it, it’s disgusting.

    23:20 – But I’m continuing to watch it happen because I know I’m not their only, well I’m not their victim for one thing, I’m kicking them in the, well I can’t say I’m kicking them in the balls they haven’t got any, but, I’m playing it back on them.

    23:43 – And I know there are other people who are getting pulled-in and it’s going into a very violent direction, a very violent direction.

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