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Chemtrails: Air Force Pilot Admits Spraying

Sunday, August 19, 2012 12:18
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We are being sprayed; be afraid, be very afraid

People continue to become ill as high levels of chemicals show up in random testing of soil and water supplies, after witnesses photograph KC-135s and KC-10s outfitted with what appears to be a “spraying device.” The circular device is obviously not a refueling probe. A former Air Force pilot tells a reporter, “Yeah, we have them, but were not supposed to talk about it.”

The South Coast Air Quality Management District tentatively identifies the powder wafting down from the sky as “cedar pollen.” But a biologist retorts that December is not the season when cedar pollen normally appears. And when pollen appears in the spring, it does not “explode.” Several witnesses saw a yellow cloud “exploding” in the skies over the Lake Arrowhead area.

Dramatic increase in illnesses immediatly follow Chemtrail spraying

According to a press story, community after community continue to report that hundreds of people are becoming ill at the same time-usually following heavy chemtrail activity. Three physicians report an increasing number of patients being seen for similar illness.

“Persistent hacking coughs, upper respiratory and intestinal distress, pneumonia, extreme fatigue, lethargy, dizziness, disorientation, splitting headaches, elevated arthritis symptoms and unexplainable nosebleeds are just a few of the symptoms these doctors have described. These doctors have said they are seeing larger numbers of patients with these complaints during or within days after the times that the physicians themselves have observed a larger number of chemtrails in the skies above mountain communities.”

Pharmacist Ed Burrows is sick himself. Since early December he has been suffering from a respiratory ailment that has includes a “gooey phlegm” that, despite his best efforts, he has been unable to relieve. Burrows said the issue is raising “high concern” for him that his health may be “jeopardized.” Burrows says he “feels that it is directly related” to recent chemtrail activity.

World population being lied to…

“Our government’s refusal to level with the people indicates that whatever it is they are polluting our environment with must be dangerous and/or unhealthy. There is no need to be secretive if what you are doing is beneficial,” he says. “As the former owner and pharmacist of the Lake Gregory Pharmacy for more than two decades, this is the first time in those 22 years I’ve witnessed so many in our community suffering with respiratory ailments with no apparent cause… ”


Las Vegas reporter Marcus Dalton writes that an archeologist working throughout Nevada began noticing “all white unmarked aircraft” preparing for take-off at Nellis AFB, and at the Mancamp Complex near Tonopah in the late-90s.

“It was these unmarked planes that were constantly laying down the criss-crossing X patterns of lingering chemical-spray trails over Southern Nevada,” the archeologist stated. When he asked the military escort accompanying his civilian research team into “sensitive” areas around Nellis, about the planes, he was strongly advised, “You didn’t see anything.” [Tribune Media Group June 26/06]

Outside Dobbins Air Base in Marietta, Georgia, another observer writes: “We drove up to a light and saw the runway, and saw a large, white plane, with a blue stripe, no markings at all, taxiing to take off.”

A delivery person at Tinker AFB states “I have seen more than 30 of these white, KC-135s parked on the tarmac. I have seen six to 10 take off, one after another. They are, indeed, white with no markings.”

The white planes have also been spotted at a former AFB near Phoenix, and at the previously closed George AFB in the Mojave Desert.

One correspondent claims to have personally seen the spray planes taking off from and landing at McGuire AFB in New Jersey. Active in the Canadian military “since my birth,” Bryan says, “What I have noticed is that unusual trails have been coming from white USAF KC-135s heading to Shiloh, Alaska.

What is the direct result of spraying on our population? Morgellons Disease

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  • DeDukshen

    Danser you are a loser — this is nothing but an ad for snake oil … pathetic.

    • Mark Brander

      I appreciate the article as this is the first time I have been made aware that there is a specific plane being used for the spraying. I disagree with flogging Nutra Silver, it is not a cure for Morgellons and it can also harm your health.

      For Info about Morgellons read the following

      • Danser

        NutraSilver is NOT a cure for Morgellons and we have never said that it was. NutraSilver eliminates the symptoms of Morgellons so the sufferer can return to a normal life.

        If you have Morgellons, would you spend $3.60 to get your life back? Of course you would. Once your symptoms are gone, usually in about 30 days, your cost to maintain a symptom-free life is about $0.25 per day.

        The mention of harming your health is unsubstantiated and I challenge Mark to prove it. Last year the US Poison Control Center reported 188,000 DEATHS from siade effect from pharmaceutical drugs. At the same time, they reported ZERO deaths from any herb, nutritional suppliment or mineral. ZERO. So, Make what is the basis of your contention that NutraSilver is harmfull to your health?

        If you care to see FDA-certified lab reports that prove NutraSilver has ZERO toxicity, them follow this link;

      • Danser

        Mark, your referenced link in your comment leads to a biblical page that has nothing to do with Morgellons disease. What are you up to?

        • Anonymous

          an anonymous pilot is not evidence of chemtrails, though i believe we are being sprayed with something..

          you offen no proof that morgellons is linked to chemtrails, nor do you offer any proof ( beyond all reasonable doubt) as to the veracity of your claims that nutra silver is anythig more than snakeoil.

          this is nothing but an ad – and although there are names for people like you, none of them that adequately describe you are fit for printing.

          a pox on you and your family for generations to come

      • Terracer

        The 10th paragraph down speaks of morgellons – for those who didn’t read that far… I don’t know if this lady is really getting messages from God or not, I have no idea, But the idea that we are dealing with an invader that ultimately will “rewire” us neurologically isn’t that far-fetched. The technology is being played with by DARPA and is possible. The breakthroughs in nano-technology are many in number and are happening at an incredible pace. We may even be down to the molecular level – although we likely would never be told.
        Ironically the technology being used against mankind is the very technology that could SAVE mankind if it were in the hands of a less-nefarious bunch….

    • TwelveStrand85

      you must be flying some of these planes….what do you have against the author?

      • Anonymous

        what do you have against verifiable evidence?

        of which.. the author has offered none…

        against the author? – maybe the fact that all his mendacious posts are hyperbolic ads for his particular snake oil you gormless lumpen!

        go rent a clue idiot!

  • Danser

    DeDukshen; you have never written even one article yet! And who is the looser?

    Complaining is a symptom of ignorance; was this too intellectual for you? Were the word hard to follow? Why not submit something that actually contributes rather than demonstrate your ignorance?

    • DeDukshen

      He is my contribution:

      Whenever we see an article that inspires fear, followed by an ad trying to sell something that alleviates that fear, that’s a perfect example of how the masses are controlled by the “elite”. One either uses those tactics, or chooses not to use those tactics; but the end of the day they are tactics and I’d be willing to bet you get paid for nutra-silver clicks. There’s not even a definitive link between chemtrails and Morgellons.

      The article itself wasn’t bad, but these tactics only serve to help discredit the alternate truth.

      My cents – you don’t have to like it.

    • DeDukshen

      Here is my contribution:

      Whenever we see an article that inspires fear, followed by an ad trying to sell something that alleviates that fear, that’s a perfect example of how the masses are controlled by the “elite”. One either uses those tactics, or chooses not to use those tactics; but the end of the day they are tactics and I’d be willing to bet you get paid for nutra-silver clicks. There’s not even a definitive link between chemtrails and Morgellons.

      The article itself wasn’t bad, but these tactics only serve to help discredit the alternate truth.

      My 2 cents – you don’t have to like it.

    • DeDukshen

      damn double post …

  • anonymous

    Thanks for the article! You heard the connection of chemtrails & autism? Is Dugway army base part of this too, with their production of chemicals & biological warfare agents? Also, the government claims that the titanium flecks are to deflect solar heat from earth, which of course is a lie. I wonder if it has something to do with obscuring our view of nibiru? Just a thought. Like our own planet isn’t polluted enough already, spray it in the atmosphere too, & pollute our solar system. Nothing good has or will come from this. Thanks again. Oh, I tried to tell my mom about chemtrails & she actually believes the government! She thinks I’m really out of the loop. Lmao. I don’t bother telling her anything anymore. She makes up lies about me because I’m aware of the truth. Sorry got on a side tangent. Just frustrating when people can’t handle the truth so they try to defame you.

  • MLK321

    That picture is so clearly fake. Just look at the change in the cloud patterns.

    • Danser


      That picture is so clearly fake. Just look at the change in the cloud patterns.


      MLK321; Thanks for the critcal remark. Perhaps when you write an article, we can return the favor?

    • anonymous

      Its NOT fake! Looks just like what I’ve watched with my own eyes. What is wrong with you people always trying to discredit everything! How bout thanks for taking the time & intelligence to post a real article? I’ve done a LOT of research on this stuff. There’s no reason to post a fake pic of chemtrails when there’s plenty of real ones. Get over yourself!

    • Danser

      The picture was taken by NOAA as is clearly marked on the photo

  • EternalOptimist

    One thing that I do that people might want to consider is having a negative ion generator or two in their homes.

  • Anonymous

    If you want to clear your lungs of chemical toxicants and debri use GABA sublingual and ingested in larger dosages…Just open up the capsules and put under your tongut. Tastes sweet.
    750mg x’s 3m it will also improve your mood and neurotransmissions and rebalance Central Nervous System effects multiple chemically induced.

    The other is an amino acid that is readily consumed during toxic chemical exposures called GLUTATHIONE. Many pharmacies make this as a nebulizer, nasal spray and intravenous.
    Key Pharmacy is one of them and readily available via prescription. But, you can get glutathione powder online and just take it sublingually to assist detoxification of the foreign chemical load. glutathione tastes like Royal Crown sour cherries and is quite tart, but really does the trick!!!!!

    I am someone who has dealt with severe chemical exposure and these are the best arsenal you can have against chemical assault on a mass scale.

    both are very cheap online nutritionals….

  • Anonymous

    People need to go to you tube and see What the heck are they spraying by G. Edward Griffin

    this is scientific data….

    All one has to do is collect rain fall post checkerboard spraying and send out for content analysis, yet couch computerites merely waste our time with insignificant adjectives negating easily proven factual evidence!!!

    • Danser

      I agree; Mr. Griffin has completed some extraordinary research, much of it conclusive.

      I also admire the work of Clifford Cornicom ( ) who has invested many years to proving the connection of Chemtrails and Morgellons disease.

  • Authentica

    I think the particles are to enhance their HAARP & other energy weapons for warfare, and to destroy our atmosphere so they can blame us for ‘global warming’ to excuse imposing a global tax on us robbing us of more of our wealth, and of course depopulation.. That’s why the disinfo campaign and the obvious trolls who come here spouting nothing but hot air and baseless accusations are so hard at work.

  • Anonymous

    Air FORCE admits poisoning all the children in USA,Parents still line up to suck there ass,saying my sons in the air force and he loves children but he has to follow orders even if it means killing his own family and we stand behind him 100%………..this proves the LORD will have no MERCY on the people of america, second commendment,LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR as your self,anyone who harms my little ones will wished they had not done that………………..

  • Anonymous

    Hey, if they’ll spray Agent Orange, they’ll spray anything. Gotta get the population under “control”. Ya know like Agenda 21

  • Anonymous

    Well – a couple of years ago the forum MEDICAL, VACCINES & CHEMTRAILS was published free at the web site of Nostradamus (and still free)
    In this article there were numerous lines regarding chemtrails, what is in them, when they first began – the connection between them and vaccines (a catalyst) and Who is behind the long term plan of spreading them
    The footnotes became a separate forum on their own.

    Then recently, a new collection of Hidden Texts regarding the connection between H.A.A.R.P and chemtrails…
    on page 11 of the site (the old site)

    and the new site upcoming will have more

    and a message to the pilots who think they are exempt from what they spread – those vaccines you received – contain a tome bomb

  • Anonymous

    Jesse Ventura did a few really interesting interviews regarding Chemtrails
    I imagine youtube would have a couple

    No doubt they are an eye opener

  • #1NWO hatr

    ” We are being sprayed; be afraid, be very afraid”

    What is this? More fear-mongering ala Alex Jones? This article is extremely limited in depth and scope.
    There are FAR more applications for chemtrails than just the one stated here. The author needs to do more research.

    • Danser

      The Authoer deals with Morgellons sufferers on a daily basis; we save lives and eliminate suffering. How much deeper should we go? :smile:

      • Terracer

        After reading a few of the comments I felt I should post a “THANK YOU” to you for your work in assisting those suffering from this wretched “disease”. It is a life-stealing evil thing to experience.. The physical symptoms are bad but for me the worse part by far is the disbelief from people I have known most of my life. I expected the doctors to dismiss it (and I wasn’t disappointed) but I never dreamed my family wouldn’t believe me. That experience will damage you beyond compare I assure you.
        OK.. when I discovered my little fiberous pals living below my skin I decided to start collecting rain samples. The sky was full of chemtrails – actually it seemed that they would fly more and more sorties just before it rained – so I reasoned that “what goes up, must come down”. It does..and it did.. EVERY sample i collected had numerous fibers and other anomalies. I even found some barrel shaped bacteria looking things as well as what appeared to be red blood cells(!). Can I PROVE they came from the aerosols? No.. how could I? I know that what fell into the stainless steel bowls came from above and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to add this up.

  • Terracer

    nutrasilver doesn’t work for everyone and it’s NOT a cure (yes I realize you never said it was). This horrible “disease” (bio-weapon is more like it) seems to design itself around the host it infests – so what works for one may not work for another. Finding the proper combination that gets results can be very costly…some can’t afford it so they just suffer… it’s beyond tragic….
    I have researched it thoroughly since 2009 when I discovered a silver “thread” under my skin that danced around on the tweezers when extracted… this is some bizarre stuff folks.. we are dealing with nano-technology that doesn’t exist in the private sector… if you know what I mean….
    The common denominator between the plants and animals seems to be a specific clear fiber with alternating bands of bronze and blue.. I am finding it in plants, insects, and beneath my own skin. It appears to be alive – like a nematode yet I have had five complete blood workups done since ’09 without a hint of parasitic infestation. It is possible that we are dealing with a plant/animal hybrid species that defies normal detection. ‘dunno…. I just know that I am getting worse and worse which makes me more and more desperate to figure this stuff out-
    THANKS for the article -

    • Danser

      :smile: Actually NutraSilver eliminates Morgellons symptoms from every one that follows instructions. Our greatest challenge is to convince people to do exactly what the instructions say.

      We guarantee results for 60 days. If it does not work for you, get a refund! Simple and fair. There is no need for anomymous to suffer further.

      As far as his speculation, he could be right and there are many other theories out there.

      At the end of the day, the only thing that really matters to each Morgellons sufferer is to heal. NOTHING is more important than that. :smile:

  • deltagrunt

    Are These Pilots American????????? How can anybody spray their own FAMILY and CHILDREN ????? Are WE Really this STUPID ???? OR are These Pilots ????????? ILLEGALS ???

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