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Monday, August 19, 2013 17:57
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Published on Jul 29, 2013


Weather Modification,Incorporated Website Clients & Projects…
Weather Modification, Inc. • 3802 20th Street North, Fargo, ND 58102 • phone: 1-701-235-5500 • fax: 1-701-235-9717
Weather Modification, Inc…
Cloud Seeding…
Clients and Projects…
The Weather Modification and Geoengineering “Industries”…

Government Documents Link Global Warming To Advanced Military Climate Modification Technology

lots more links here
Readout Text HR 2977 Chemtrails and HAARP Exotic Weapons…
Extensive List of Patents…

NASA Warfare Document From NASA Website…
NASA Spraying Aerosols…
future strategic issues/ future warfare [circa 2025]…

The Depopulation Agenda For a New-World-Order…

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    This is one of the agendas of Other World peoples.
    Altering the Earth to suit themselves (according to the hidden texts of Nostradamus)
    The U.N is also infiltrated by these Off Worlders (who look just as we do)

    Primary aim: decrease the overpopulation of Earth

    • PaulTarsuss

      Woo woo….. ‘nostradumas’ was a divinator, whose sources for information are sketchy at best. Which is why God forbade them….

      As for “overpopulation’….Wake up and smell the facts…. Every man woman and child on the surface of earth would fit shoulder to shoulder in the area of the single city of L.A. And could share the population density of the City of New York within the confines of the state of Texas.

      Overpopulation? hell no.

      Rampant GREED, yes. These “offworlders” as you put them, are not from earth, it’s true, but they only LOOK like us, because they inhabit ‘us’… least, those of ‘us’ that allow these demons to take us over.

      The TRUTH of these matters is contained within our Father’s Word:

      Blessings in Yahshua, Jesus Christ

  • Ahura Madza

    This past week we saw these throughout our trip from north eastern Alberta to north western Alberta.
    And again last evening, and they were every bit as big as these, they spread and spread till they cover the sky, the clouds come next.
    They always put them on the leading edge of the weather fronts.
    When it is closing in, and the blue pockets are getting smaller and smaller, you often see a trail laid down in the patch.
    We have not had enough heat to ripen or grow some crops to maturity because we have had no SUN this year.
    When we have a “sunny” day, the daylight is “Yellow” not bright white, and the “trails” are right there too.
    Why in the HELL are they doing this?
    Cause a crop failure? Maybe.
    They are doing it EVERYWHERE, and much, much more of it.
    One year with no food will sure teach us to listen to Al Gore and the rest of the Climate change Monkeys.

  • voliza

    I’m so sick of hearing about chemtrails already! This is getting really ridiculous. It’s no wonder people discredit everything ‘truthers’ have to say! When there’s people who spread lies like this, how can I ever get people to believe what’s really going on!? I swear.. it’s like the sheep have just moved to new pastures. They are still sheep! So easily misled.

    Chemtrails are persistent contrails. They only form depending on the humidity of the lower stratosphere, which is why some days you see them.. some days you don’t. They are in a grid pattern because planes fly in a grid pattern. This has been debunked over and over again, yet people are still buying into it! WHY!?

    I’ve debunked it myself, by monitoring weather and atmospheric conditions daily, testing my water and soil and other common sense approaches. We have ‘chemtrails’/contrails continuously over the part of the country I live in (piedmont area of Virginia) from planes flying east to west, north to south, etc. There is A LOT of air travel going on above us right here, which means lots of persistent contrails.. but guess what? No barium in my soil and normal levels of aluminum.

    Also, how can these be called chemtrails in the first place? Last I checked, metals in their elemental form are not chemicals!

    If you’re open-minded enough to read about the psychology of a ‘chemtrail believer’ or want to see the information that proves chemtrails are not real, you’ll contact me.

    • Anonymous

      You , Voliza, are an Idiot. I work about 70 hrs a week trying to make ends meet, so i certainly don’t have time to do all the research i would like.

      Our Government is coming at us from every degree on the compass and then some. I see the regular condensate trails on the same days and same times i see the chemtrails. Don’t piss on my back abd try to convince me it’s raining You MORON.

  • pnwperson


    You are posting to shame people. While I understand you have your opinion, I have mine. Since I travel across this country on some of the most untraveled roads on a daily basis and see the difference in Chemtrails and contrails I know that people aren’t being sheep. While I am not privileged to know everything regarding these planes, I do know that they are at work.

  • LightandLife

    Saw one of these in Florida tonight

  • crabby

    fema 3 rocks the chemtrails !!! the crazy cazzba way..

  • patriot156

    Tell me!!!! :twisted: If all these chemtrail things are just contrails; as people say why in minutes after I see them do big heavy clouds form? Have you people ever seen the videos on these? Scientists say themsleves that they are indeed using chemicals in these planes, or they say they have no idea what effects these chemicals will have. There is actually a hand book in PDF form that talks about how the US is using weather ctrl in warfare and in handleing global warming. There was actually a show on a while back talking about chemtrails and how it could be used to stop or slow down global warming. Can’t remember which chanel but was a narrative and animated on how life changed for some women during her lifetime.
    But these chemtrails are filled with barrium and aluminum. Tell me why in areas that are heavily sprayed with these chemtrails the soil and water in these areas are hihgly contaminated with aluminum and barrium? If it’s all just a hoax then shouldn’t these areas have no, or very little levels of these chemicals? Why too are large forested areas with this being sprayed on it are dying off? Tell me this too why is it monsanto all of a sudden has seeds that are resistant to aluminum and barrium? Guess ice particles would cause that huh? :mad:

    • Apollon

      Every changes you get spray daconil fungicide on your plants.its has rained here in Pensacola fl everyday since the first day of summer. Every dam day. This is not normal .ohh if you grow a garden water your plants spray off the rain then treat them with calcium and lime.

  • John P Grimes

    Why do the pilots go along with this?

    • Viking

      I am starting wonder if there are actual pilots. They could all be flown by remote and controlled via satellite.

      • Apollon

        Not yet. 2 people are in the cabin more are in the cargo. They dont know who they are or how many.but they do fly heavy.

    • Apollon

      Its not their choice. Why do all other enlisted men and women when given the order to kill do it .it’s their job.

      • wakeup

        Well they better QUIT their jobs!

  • patriot156

    Seen more tonight too long staying trail even in the darkness you could still see it wasn’t just a cloud, but left over chemtrail.

  • yahuashua

    That is a big effin chemtrail

  • TombRaider

    I think they smell sorta purddy….Yup….

  • AndreyE

    stop them: breath more and deeper :roll:

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