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Busted! Obama Caught Red Handed Doing Something Sick to Hide Hillary’s Health! Wait Until You Hear What He Did!

Friday, October 7, 2016 11:09
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By Lisa Haven 


If you are anything like me, then you are likely sick and tired of hearing about Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and all the scandalous corruption she’s involved in along with her forever failing health. The problem is a woman like Hillary should never have made it as far as she has gotten and yet, there she is, waiting to ‘take the throne’ in the White House.

As tiring as it may be, we MUST NOT give up the fight of battling people like Hillary. If we don’t take care of this problem now, then another will arise in her place and likely be much, much worse!

In the video below, Gary Franchi’s Next News Network delves into Hillary’s health issues and reveals how Barack Obama had set up a “secret medical checkup” for Hillary while she was the Secretary of State. 

Here’s the breaking report… 


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Total 9 comments
  • Pink Slime

    Hello Angle#1,

    Charlie here. The TRUTH is Hillary is NEITHER QUALIFIED NOR LEGAL to be president. And why I didn’t pay attention to the presidential debate. Trump is the ONLY viable and legal candidate and it is egregious of the Democrap party to put this SICK and DELUDED lady as their candidate just like they did with a negro.

    Yes, it’s not only the candidate that is mentally ill but HER WHOLE PARTY. They are made up of criminals, sexual deviants, liberals, rapist, socialist, communist, morons and quite possibly many are sociopaths such as Hillary. This is who this party attracts.

    You may find that hard to believe but even our party hardly gets away with this. Have you seen videos of the goofball Jorge Boosh on Youtube?? You should see some of them. Remember he was your president!

    The BOTTOM LINE is Hillary is mentally and physically ill as well as being a an un-convicted felon let go by the (gasp!) FBI! When Bill was president few knew they were staring at a RAPIST who was never charged. Do you think Hillary wants to beat Bill by saying, I’m a felon that was never charged – just so Hillary can now make love on top of Bill for once?

    Imagine that? :cool:


    Charlie (BTW, you misspelled “throne” but that’s OK Charlie misspells doughnuts a lot) :lol: :lol:

    • maxwell

      …slime…Why ya goin’ so easy on hillary? I think she was never a “real” candidate for anything but slooowww assassination. She’s a sacrificial goat being used in the narrative to keep Obama in power. I don’t think she volunteered for the role, but you never know about these power freaks. Maybe Obama promised he would “heal” her, once he owns the universe.

    • deano

      Now you might REALIZE Saint Paul, that evryone is targeted.

      YES, you have been a good little Christian promoting the “Babble”. BUT, if your interpretation doesnt align with theirs……….

      HILLARYOUS it is not. Watching Christian Vs Christian ATTACK each other here on BIN, because their version/meaning/interpretation does not align with theirs……

      once JUDAISM + ISLAM + (Asian Religions) are EXTINCT, their will only be Christians left……
      then it will be
      CATHOLIC Vs PROTESTant……again…..with “anonymous”(Jesuit Guy Fawkes) informing INQUISITORS

      :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

    • Hayduke

      Me too.

  • deano

    Lisa! “take the thrown”?…….is that take the ones THROWN out of Heaven? :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Where have been ? RHEMA Pastor School Camp?……..Never seen “GAME of THRONES”?

    ” The problem is a woman like this should never have made it this far…..”…….being a reporter on an alternative news site that cant even SPELL. :lol:

    Throne, my dear, is something a King sits on. And in latin, its called a CATHEDRA!>the seat of a bishop

    If you want to promote the RHEMA(word of god?) , I highly recommend “spell check” or look up the words you are talking about……
    young girls thinking they are getting a ticket to heaven by promoting words they dont even understand is not doing the “work”……your secret overlords that u work 4 (u oblivious) …its called OPUS DEI.
    **Other Christians here attack u as a “false prophet”. I attack because the words/dogma you promote are FALSE!

    Sorry for being a “Word NAZI”, I normally dont give a toss……..but since you promote these fallen angels here on BIN, dont u think u should investigate/research the actual words? Fallen angels =GRIGORI …..for a start :sad:
    and that comes from Greek ‘egregore”, the Septagint Transliteration of Akkadian IGIGI. :eek:

    # I dont know what ‘sect’ your father raised you in but it is anti Hillary , so, are you pro-Trump?(Conservative Republican). Trump went to FORDHAM, a bastion of “The Society of Jesus”, the IHS, the JESUITS.
    HellMary was originally a “Republican Spokesperson” at her Collegium, her husband Bill GEORGETOWN., the place where they tried to hide this alignment……(they covered IHS logo when OBama gave a speech there)

  • dagiles

    maybe he gave her the antidote for all this crap they are spraying us with

  • questioneverything

    I’m not even going to comment on the article itself, I just find it very irritating how judgmental everyone is about everyone else. Quite frankly, I don’t think anyone comes BIN to read the articles, but to point out everyone’s mistakes. Pink Slime or “Charlie” you point out how Clinton’s party are rapist, deviants and blah blah blah but you however seem to be a racist. I’m not black or any minority, but to refer as Obama as “the negro” is clearly a negative way to identify him. I personally cannot stand him, but it has nothing to do with his color. Traitor, liar or Muslim would probably be better adjectives to use to describe him. And Deano, if you’re going to be an a**hole while pointing out someone’s spelling error you should have used spell check yourself buddy. EVERYONE has 3 e’s. Spell check would have caught that, but I’m sure you’re too sure of yourself to use spell check. However, in Lisa’s defense of making a human error, spell check would not have caught it because thrown, is an actual word. Your comments reek of arrogance. No disrespect to any of the writers on bin, but anyone can post a story here or have a Blog, this does not make them a “reporter” :cool:

  • Cousin_Jack

    Actually I’m fed up with not hearing about the scandalous corruption she’s involved in.

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