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Why Making Religion Responsible Is Important

Thursday, November 24, 2016 10:23
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It really doesn’t matter to me as to how many people read my blog on a regular basis, nor does it matter to me as to whether anyone is really following what I say in my posts on this blog.  I claim to speak for my Angels.  Which is why I think religion has a responsibility to the world.  When I say “religion” I am referring to ALL religions.  I include Druidism as much as I include Evangelical Christianity.  In fact, I include myself in this regard, but I could say I am excepted because of my experience or my “claimed” experience with Angels.  I say that in ALL I do as Brother Ralphie I do for my Angels.  And I claim to know Jesus.  I know that Jesus was NOT a warrior, like that of His ancestor King David.  I claim to KNOW Jesus as I claim to know God.  I KNOW that NOTHING is more important to God than EVERY single Human Life.  Therefore, this IS the basis of my responsibility for all I do in the name of my Angels. 

My son posted something funny yesterday from the Onion.  It said that Buddhist leaders were vowing to unleash extremist cells to clam the West.  I thought that was funny.  It is said that at many Thanksgiving tables in the US today are going to be filled with tension from the recent political elections.  Politics will either be at the center of conversation today or it will be totally avoided at all costs.  Families have been divided by this election as never before in the history of US presidential elections.  It is said that while women drifted towards Hillary, men have solidified their support for Trump.  In fact, the elections have caused more than one divorce just for this reason alone. 

I see the power of religion as a power to heal.  And in some cases, I have seen the power of religion as the power to divide.  I see irresponsible religious leaders making all kinds of remarks that have nothing to do with God and everything to do with their own self-interests and charlatan divisiveness.  I don’t put much stock in many of the leaders of religion today.  This would include Evangelical Christianity and conservative Catholicism.  If someone is seeking attention that causes divide, then in fact, they seek their own self-interests and do nothing to proclaim the true nature of God.  I don’t care which sins a person has committed or STILL continues to commit.  This has been my point all along. 

The ONLY sins that matter to God are the sins of murder and suicide.  If a person doesn’t say this and says something other than this, then I say his or her religion serves only his or her own self-interests and does NOT serve God!  I say that taking a Human Life in the name of religion is NOT of God.  It is the belief that Satan wants the world to possess when it comes to religion.  God will NOT nor will He ever forgive anyone for purposely taking a Human Life including that of one’s own.  If you do NOT accept this, then in fact, this is YOUR problem and NOT mine.  I KNOW God and I would say that if you can’t accept this, then I am saying you do NOT  know God.  And really, that is about all there is to it.  I can discern the spirits because I KNOW God.  A spirit that spreads lies about God does NOT speak for God, but only speaks to one’s self-interests and ultimately speaks only for Satan himself. 

This is why I am Brother Ralphie writing for my Angels from The Angels of Life Institute.  Peace. Brother Ralphie works from his study for the promotion of Peaceful living and inner Peace with God. He calls this the “Sanctity of Human Life Movement.”


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  • plsnogod

    it matters not which ‘god’ or deity you support.

    all of them lead to division,turmoil,conflict,torture,war,and death…it has always been this way.

    in place of that,just try to believe in humanity. treat people as you would wish to be treated.

    you do not,or ever should,bow and sing to a mythical man in the sky.

    for those of you who still adore the man above, have you ever considered why a monotheistic god is always male?

    it’s because they were invented when man was superior to woman. hence ‘god the father’,mohammed the prophet,allah the saviour and jesus the son of god…

    now,if a new religion was invented,no doubt there would be more gender parity.

    so,do you not realise this religious stuff is just a product of the times?
    OR, where you were born?
    there are not many hindus in michigan, but there are lots in mumbai.

    we have to cast off this religious,indoctrinated nonsense,otherwise we cannot progress as a species.

    • Damien

      Monotheistic Gods are NOT always male

      Only INCARNATED Gods are male

      The other monotheistic Gods maleness is derived from this

    • maxwell

      plesnogood you said all deities “…all of them lead to division,turmoil,conflict,torture,war,and death…it has always been this way….you said supporting any deity…”…I’d say you are totally correct.
      …What or who one supports as deity is false. My God needs none of mine…I depend upon his guidance, and I am blessed by his grace.
      …I was born into division, turmoil, torture, and death. My Lord has come to destroy death, and all the mayhem you just named.
      …It takes faith and conscious effort to understand what is going on…and why. You gotta have a lot of guts…Do you know how many God-haters there are out here? Not only that, but Scripture tells us that your kind, (God-haters), WIN THIS WHOLE WORLD!! “The whole world is deceived.” The earthly reality belongs to you and yours. Bon Appetite’.

      • Damien

        What or who one supports as deity is false.



        HIS guidance

        HIS grace

        Aaaand … you’re outta here!


        • maxwell

          …Dear poor thing…My Lord, the LIVING God…SUPPORTS me…Christ is the ROCK I stand upon. Wadda you have?
          …You sure you don’t want to tell us a bit about yourself? come on…!

      • plsnogod

        my dear maxwell, i see what you are saying,and i have no argument with you at all.

        you have found your god,and you are happy with that, and having got to know you,i am happy for you in your faith.

        i simply say, you need no god.

        • maxwell

          …I know that every knee will bow…I’m ready…you?

        • The Clucker

          “i simply say, you need no god.”

          You don’t know that for sure. It’s only a guess, as you could probably readily admit. If Maxwell and I are wrong… ok. We are no more worse off after death. But…

          if you’re wrong…

          • Man

            seriously? pascal wager?

            The problem with that is that that there is no binary option.

            there are so many religions out there with a version an unpleasant afterlife, you have just as much chance in believing in the wrong religion

            You are way safer if you not practice a religion, than to piss off a god because you’ve practiced the wrong religion

          • maxwell

            …Man…”there are so many religions out there with a version an unpleasant afterlife, you have just as much chance in believing in the wrong religion….
            …That’s the reason for study. If the subject is truly, interesting to you. If its not all that…what the hell are you responding to? You just here to play destroyer? To criticize and disagree?
            …You certainly don’t add much to the discussion. Wouldn’t you have more agreement in some other area of interest…

            …There is not any RELIGION extant in this world that has fearless truth. Christianity is the only reality, and IS NOT RELIGION. All ‘religions’ are man made…and consist of traditions, handed down through generations…Christianity IS TRUTH. We’ve gone far past mere ‘belief’. Our PROOF is living within us now…Had you eyes that can see, you would be able to know about it, first hand.

            …There is no way you can understand. There is not any intellectual capacity that can contain these truths. You gotta have heart…DEEPLY.

            …There is coming, soon, a great day of REVEALING…The bare bones truth of the Creator’s whole plan for mankind, becomes apparent. EVERY KNEE, will bow, and every tongue, will confess.
            …If you survive, the earthly chaos, just a bit longer, you’ll witness it happen.

          • Man

            There is not any RELIGION extant in this world that has fearless truth. My regilion is the only reality, and IS NOT RELIGION. All ‘religions’ are man made…and consist of traditions, handed down through generations…mt religion IS TRUTH. We’ve gone far past mere ‘belief’. Our PROOF is living within us now…Had you eyes that can see, you would be able to know about it, first hand.

            …There is no way you can understand. There is not any intellectual capacity that can contain these truths. You gotta have heart…DEEPLY.

            …There is coming, soon, a great day of REVEALING…The bare bones truth of the Creator’s whole plan for mankind, becomes apparent. EVERY KNEE, will bow, and every tongue, will confess.
            …If you survive, the earthly chaos, just a bit longer, you’ll witness it happen.

            Said the Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Pagan, Rodnovarian, Old believer, etc etc etc etc etc

            All you just said is: it is true because I said so. That isn’t a great answer for pascal wager

  • Mayhem

    Why is it, Man, you reject Pascal’s Wager and then go right ahead and employ it in defence of your own opinion?

    Where you said…

    “You are way safer if you not practice a religion, than to piss off a god because you’ve practiced the wrong religion”

    … is the same philosophical construct just put another way.

    As for throwing out a list of religions and implying they are in any way similar to the Abrahamic faith don’t you think it would serve to first prove the similarity? What i’m getting at is Muslims, Buddhists, Rodnoverites and other assorted Pagans wouldn’t get a look in if they consented to serious debate with a half decent Bible apologist.

    With that in mind can you name any religions that…

    1) – Invite questions?
    2) – Comprise anywhere near 66 books from 44 different authors?
    3) – With all accounts in complete agreement?
    4) – Lacking any contradiction that withstands critical analysis?
    5) – Promises Salvation for all?
    6) – Does not include an unpleasant afterlife?

    … and if you can’t then you haven’t seriously studied because there is most definitely one, and only one, that withstands all objections.

    I do hope you caught, in particular, 5&6 because the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob promises to save all Adamkind without need of eternal punishment but that is not to say that everyone inherits the Kingdom of God which is another matter entirely.

    As an aside, Man, does the secular world possess an example of 60 odd authors writing 40 odd books that all fundamentally agree on any subject?

    • Man

      lol those questions are so leaning heavily on Christianity. Even within denominations of christianty you will have discourse of these questions. But i will use Hinduism just for fun.

      1) yes The Upanishads deals with all facets of life including sex. Hinduism actually created the basis of mathematics as we know.
      2) The biggest collection of hindi books are about 44 unlike the bible where no one knows who the author is of Matthew and that was even blatantly copied from Mark.
      3+4) yes it has at least 4000 years of history. As it mentioned the Dharma king Asoka whose edicts can still be found throughout the land. Unlike Christianity, who are still trying to figure out if John the Baptist recognized Jesus after his baptism. (Yes (John 1:32, 33) and No (Matthew 11:2))
      5) yes
      6) you create your own afterlife. but in the end you will be released from that.

    • Man

      oh i didn’t answer your last question. Do you need 60 add authors and 40 odd books to agree on a subject?

      The constitution didn’t need 60 authors. and any law books are a good beginning and that is a breathing document. they are more concise and doesn’t accept slavery unlike the bible

      • maxwell

        …Man…What you aren’t taking into consideration is The Christ…the Creator in human form, here on earth to overturn the eons old grip that Satan has had on our race. If this isn’t recognizable to you, there is no way to make you understand.
        …Death is surely the great equalizer. We will all know this. For most, it is lights out. Nothing beyond earthly existence…Or at least, that is what is hoped.
        …All you can hope for is that this earthly lifetime, has meaning enough to you, to die for.

        • Man

          Maxwell, you just assert things. You can use the same statement for the Jewish and Muslim religion and even Mormon.

          This human form you speak of is nothing special in Hinduism. That happens all the time with the Hindi Gods. Their human form is called an avatar:
          10 Avatars of Vishnu
          8 Avatars of Ganesha
          2 Avatars of Lakshmi
          7 Avatars of Brahma

          The last avatar Kalki will bring the death of the universe and then the cosmos may renew and restart.

      • Mayhem

        Yes, Man, my entire shtick is scriptural apologetics supported by complete trust in The Word after having strenuously sought spiritual truth and only finding it in the Bible. I absolutely agree with your implication regarding denominations not seeing eye to eye and if it makes things any clearer i belong to no church because i don’t agree with any of them given none of them adheres completely to God’s instructions.

        You have seen fit to present Hinduism as satisfying my 6 point list of requirements and with respect you obviously haven’t studied the matter because the various texts are not in agreement with each other let alone individually contradiction free.

        Consider if you will – God The Creator – according to the Veda Texts.

        Rig Veda 2:20.7 & 2:13.5 says it was Indra.

        Rig Veda 10:82.1 & Yajur Veda 17:25 says it was Visvakarman.

        Rig Veda 10:190.3 says it was Dhatar.

        Atharva Veda 13:1.6 says it was Rohita.

        This is but one example of the innumerable variances just in the Vedas alone and i can do much the same with the Ramayana, the Mahabharata and the Puranas but i think i’ve made my point. Hinduism fails to meet my 2nd, 3rd and 4th criteria.

        Moving on the authorship of Matthew isn’t so much in dispute rather it’s the chronology of the synoptic gospels that is contentious also with regards to Matthew, being copied from Mark/Luke that is why they are called synoptic as compared to canonical with the book of John employing a quite different literary style all the while conveying much the same message albeit with omissions.

        Now then with regard to what you imagine is a contradiction between the books of John and Matthew you can find a very satisfactory explanation here…

        … by scrolling down to the relevant section titled – “John the Baptist did (John 1:32-33) or did not (Matthew 11:2) recognize Jesus after his baptism?”.

        Finally, Man, the number of books and authors is indeed critically important because therein lies the weight of the argument. In that regard there were 55 delegates who attended the constitutional convention with 39 of them being signatories so in fact it took nearly as many men, if not more, to write The Constitution as it did to write the Bible.

        • Man

          oh you are an apologetic. no wonder your questions are so slanted to a specific variant of Christianity. that makes question 2 even less sense with all the debate on what is apocrypha. And be honest, that question as a red herring. No one chooses a religion on the basis of that and if I found a religion that answer that question, you won’t be converted by it. (I think the gods/books of HP lovecraft comes close to your answer)

          But if you want to go technical Indra isn’t a creator god, Dhatar is a sun god and they are both from the class of Adityas gods. Rohita is another Sun god.

          You need to look up the Trimutri. Those are the creator gods. But good job spending all this effort on the internet. and you only looked it up from the veda’s there are more books after that… if you want to find some more gods.

          And all these ‘non’ contradictions dependents on which denomination of Christ you follow and which part of the bible you selectively follow. The Council of Nicea did a poor job putting it all together. Besides it doesn’t actually prove a god other than stating that the book said so.

          So you need to prove this god without the book otherwise I could use any fantasy novel that has a god in it.

          • Mayhem

            After having your first effort soundly thrashed you’ve decided to soldier on undaunted, Man, which is rather typical of all Bible deniers and hardly a surprise.

            No i don’t need to go any further in debunking Hinduism because the Vedas are the oldest and therefore most authoritative Hindu texts. I have linked to the very passages that support my argument, you’re welcome, and your blithe dismissal does not become you.

            Case in point:

            Indra the Vṛtra-slayer, Fort-destroyer, scattered the Dāsa hosts who dwelt in darkness. For men hath he created earth and waters, and ever helped the prayer of him who worships. Rig Veda 2:20.7

            Thou (Indra) hast created earth to look upon the sky: thou, slaying Ahi, settest free the river’s paths. Thee, such, a God, the Gods have quickened with their lauds, even as a steed with waters: meet for praise art thou. Rig Veda 2:13.5

            So technically, which is indeed how i like to go, i’m right about Indra supposedly creating Earth and Water and you’re just spouting opinion supported by absolutely nothing.

            The Cannon Bible has long been established and the Apocryphal books didn’t make the cut because they contradict Scripture. Arguments can be made for some to be included, like the book of Enoch for example, but the vast majority have no place being considered alongside the inspired word of God.

            So you attempt to move the goalposts by demanding proof that God exists which is about as lame as arguments get because if i could do such a thing what need would there be for faith? What i can do is prove that the archaeological record supports the flood narrative just as the literary record supports the existence of Jesus.

            Anyway this isn’t about proving the existence of God. No this is about your claim that…

            “There is not any RELIGION extant in this world that has fearless truth”

            … to which i have countered that there is most definitely fearless truth to be found in the Bible.

            Contradictions? There are none in the Bible.
            Denomination? I don’t follow anything but The Word.
            Which part[s]? All of it, every jot and tittle.

          • Man

            What? You haven’t even acknowledged what I said about rule number 2.

            “I don’t need to go any further in debunking Hinduism because the Vedas are the oldest and therefore most authoritative Hindu texts”

            That is only what a person who doesn’t know Hinduism would say. Does that mean you don’t have to follow the New testament because the old testament is the oldest? Say goodbey to the 10 commandments.

            you do know that the Adityas (like Indra are only earth creators) are the different expression of Lord Vishnu and that the Trimutri are the ones that created the universe as they are the personality of Brahma.

            Looking up Hinduism on the internet might my give a basic understanding but I already corrected twice now. It is very basic information that I gave you that is very likely available on Wikipedia.

            Continuing, I like how you say that the Apocryphal books are 100% determined and in the same sentence afterwards make exceptions on Enouch and that some within Christianity do use them (not to mention that you also have mormons)

            archaeological record supports only the natural existing items. not the supernatural. But if you want it that way, Varanasi is the oldest city in Hinduism and it was populated in 1800 bc by the vedic people who created Vedas and it was the birthplace of Buddhism. So I guess that makes Hinduism and Buddhism correct.

            But you don’t have to use archaeological proof for Buddhism. The Dalai lama is the 14th reincarnation and is proven by the tulku system. Worldwide recognition.

            Contradictions, yeah. Try explaining the trinity and you already have the multiple denominations that disagree.

            But of course you have true Christianity figured out but unfortunately haven’t been able to convince all the other denominations

          • Mayhem

            I think i have fully addressed what you had to say about my 2nd condition. You gave the US constitutional process as an example and you were wrong about that. You gave the many books of Hinduism as an example and i showed that at least 4 of them contradict each other. You argued that the authorship of Matthew is in question whereas it is only the chronological order of the canonical gospels that is up for debate. You mentioned that some of the gospel accounts were copies and i asked if you knew what “synoptic” meant. What more would you have me address?

            Correct; the OT is the authoritative base of the NT but that does not mean that the NT is inferior. You would need to show that the two testaments are contradictory in order for your argument to have any merit. Did you not understand what i meant when i said “every jot and tittle”?

            Yes; while the first book of Enoch does have some merit it is not canon because it becomes somewhat unreliable when conflated with the 2nd book of the same name. The canon is settled and 1 Enoch didn’t make the cut. That is to say it cannot be used as a foundation for doctrine regardless it is an interesting and informative historical account.

            Archaeological records only suggest that Varanasi dates as far back as the 20th century BC and any such claim is wholly reliant on carbon dating. Carbon dating doesn’t get a look in because it is based in gross assumption and prone to error which i’ll be happy to prove to you if necessary. Based on the most recent digs the earliest date is arguably 800 BC some 17 centuries younger than what you’ve claimed. Unless you’re relying on Mark Twain’s mention of the city that is?

            Regarding reincarnation. If i can’t use scripture as proof of God then how can you possibly proffer the Tulku system as proof that the Dalai Lama comes from an unbroken line of Lamas? World wide recognition really only amounts to political expediency and it wouldn’t be the first time that falsehood has been accepted as common knowledge.

            Explain what Trinity? There is no such concept to be found in scripture.

            I’m not a Christian Apologist rather i’m a Scriptural Apologist. My speciality is what the Bible teaches not what Churches teach. Denominations are welcome to have a crack at defending their doctrine but none have succeeded so far and i’ve shredded more than a few.

          • Man

            oh you are a Scriptural Apologist. So basically it comes to ‘because the book said so.

            and if you shredded the other denominations, how come they still exist?

          • Mayhem

            Yes that’s right, Man, because the book said so. You know, the same way Thomas Jefferson or Alexander the Great are known to have existed.

            Anyway i’ve obviously made a grave mistake where you’re concerned. When you recognized Pascal’s Wager for what it is, a weak argument, i presumed you had a clue but given you’ve already used two of the lamest arguments, to deny the existence of God, i can only conclude that you’re either stupid or disingenuous.

            Till next time, Man, keep telling yourself whatever helps you sleep at night.

  • Anonymous


    Fact : God gives the breath of life to ” ALL MEN ” True or false? I have news for you, God don’t give a shit what you call yourself you are a son of God.

    WHO IS THE SON ? ———————- ” I AM ” the way, the life and the truth. The ” I AM ” the key.

    So religion stuff it up your ass, the truth shall set us free. AMEN

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