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Facebook Page Set Up For Boston Marathon Bombings Days Before Boston Marathon Bombings

Monday, April 15, 2013 15:38
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This is so strange.   This kind of thing happened with Sandy Hook too I believe.  Who knows who made it but common sense says that the perps who carried out the bombing did.  If they did, why?   None of it makes any sense but then nether does this bombing.  -Mort

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  • Akemi Mokoto

    Did you know you can change the name of a page? In this case, they changed the name and got gullible conspiracy theorist hook, line and SINKER.

    • LedaOhio9

      Clearly you are a victim of Zionist Media…

      There’s far too many other coincidences as well as the FB creation to simply blow them off.
      Then again.. Why would someone happen to have created a page 2 days early and then change the title? Seems rather convenient they had a page 2 days old in the first place to be able to change the name to me…

      If you think TPTB are incapable of False Flags (Killing their own). Your cheese has slid off of it’s cracker!
      They are heartless power hungry Psychopaths and the Ends justify the means to them.

      Simply Google “Exposed List False Flags” or.. “Exposed Government experiments on population”

      They are EVIL EVIL EVIL!!!
      Not one DAMN war has been fought they have not orchestrated. History is a LIE and you’re a fool to believe anything the idiot box (or DOE schools) Spews -PERIOD!

      • wat

        can’t tell if serious or trolling hard. The internet has dulled my sarcasm receptors

      • platinum321

        And clearly your a victim of PT Barnum.

      • londoner

        Can but agree Leda – you are far from alone in your assessment of these psycho-bullies – which is precisely why they want to get your guns away from you – bullies only target the relatively helpless, not those who are willing and able to slap them down

      • ThenAgain

        ‘wat’ – typical zionist troll, here to defend your dirtbag buddies behind the fed reserve the media, the fake wars, 911 and all the rest. Anyone who sees my links below will clearly see ZIONISTS own ALL the main media tv, locals, movies, music ALL the main medias and are behind ALL that responsible for killing the US.

      • RBCN

        Here – I just made one for RIP, Richard Collins, who died 2 days ago. Page was registered in 2012.

        I had a page that was associated with me that I never used. Pretty common, pretty simple.

    • MJ

      Why would they do that???

    • Ronaldos

      @Akemi Mokoto

      hahah you are being too rational and make too much sense. people here don’t like that, this is the black helicopter crowd. :lol:

    • Draysum1234

      So someone sets up a generic FB page anticipating something might happen 2 days before it does so they can change the name of it to cause some kind of conspiracy??? Not saying this is real but that logic is just CRAZY!!!!!
      Did you do this Akemi Mokoto ? Are you the Boston Bomber????????


    @Akemi Mokoto
    Did you know you’ll be one of the first ones they throw into a FEMA camp? Enjoy your disposable coffin. :razz:

    • Ethiopian Haggis


    • ReasonFirst

      Is that so? Akemi made a very good point, one which counters the claim.

      HAARPY, can you actually counter Akemi Mokoto’s point? Can you provide any evidence for your side? Any proof? Could you even make a legitimate, logical argument supporting your case…….or, are you limited to name calling, hyperbole and nonsense?

      I know where I’ll be placing my bets.

      • ThenAgain

        lol. It doesn’t matter whether the page bit is authentic or not. Those of us who know history, and are tired of being sprayed with chemtrails don’t need any more proofs after 911. You trolls are getting mouthy. The hook hoax was a media shambles the alternatives took you zionist media trolls to the cleaners, now you think your game is tight. It’s not. We know the zionist marxists are behind this, same as it ever was.

      • Cinder

        Maybe you should focus on more than one piece of evidence. There are way more things that just THIS Facebook page.

      • Draysum1234

        I will make his point. Why would anyone setup a generic FB Page 2 days before anything happened just so they can change the name to what happened after it happened?? Thats a bigger conspiracy than the original claim!!!

  • Fisherman

    Golly – take off this idiot of a post!

    • Killuminati

      This is exactly why your kind is the growing minority and thank you Lord I never want to be like you all again.

    • LedaOhio9

      What a Dumb Ass!

      Can I join your Critical Thinking Club?

  • Squishay

    This isnt real, i looked up the names of the commentors and they dont exist.

  • smashUK

    Jeremiah Laster changed the name of the group “Random Acts Of Kindness” to “Thoughts go out to all the boston bombing victims.”

    Yes, I have changed my group. I wanted to show my support, concern, thoughts and love for all those affected by this tragedy in Boston. Will you forgive me, as I thought this was a worthy cause?


  • iamamerican

    On a social security gov. website they listed Adam Lanza [deceased] one day before the shootings at Sandy Hook.

  • Anonymous

    Now! Who’s getting the blame?? My money is on Assad, I did put a small bet on Ahmadinejad ,
    No use betting on Kim. He’s got nukes. So they will not touch him!

    • UM...

      I heard it will be the tea party, because of the day the bombing took place, tax day, patriot day, etc.
      I’m not sure if the aim was to start a civil war or a world war, but I do know this… our privacy has definitely diminished, prepare to get groped and watch your family get groped at almost every outing

    • Cinder

      Aww you’re a good little brainwashed sheep. WAKE UP. Muslims DO NOT bomb us, the United States Government does. They have done everything, 9/11 and now this.

      There were bomb sniffing dogs doing supposed drills before the bombs went off.
      Sure. Drills.

      As if that isnt fishy.

  • NoxTempus

    I’ve been reading through articles on t his website for many years now. Until recently I never actually signed up.

    Sure this story is a hoax..
    Sure he pushed it anyway..

    but most of the stories on this page are theoretical/down to here-say evidence.

    It’s as if people enjoy getting fired up on internet posts nowadays.

    • LedaOhio9

      There’s far too many other coincidences as well as the FB creation to simply blow them off.
      Then again.. Why would someone happen to have created a page 2 days early and then change the title? Seems rather convenient they had a page 2 days old in the first place to be able to change the name to me…

      If you think TPTB are incapable of False Flags (Killing their own). Your cheese has slid off of it’s cracker!
      They are heartless power hungry Psychopaths and the Ends justify the means to them.

      Simply Google “Exposed List False Flags” or.. “Exposed Government experiments on population”

      They are EVIL EVIL EVIL!!!
      Not one DAMN war has been fought they have not orchestrated. History is a LIE and ALL are fools who believe anything the idiot box (or DOE schools) Spews -PERIOD!

      • Ethiopian Haggis

        Mr Leda

        Please drown yourself,


        Normal people all around he world

      • ThenAgain

        ethiopian – Zionist troll, typical poster being paid by US taxpayers to junk up threads with bs to protect the zionists killing the US.

        Everyone else See my links both above and below, copy/paste/save them so you have to review and share with others -

  • coralynhill

    Because it’s the same people that carry out all these events, including 911, and none of them speak Arabic. They speak Hebrew and Perfect federal English.

  • joeyjg23

    The Facebook name of the page now is called “Our thoughts and prayers go out to all involved in the Boston bombings.”

  • ReasonFirst


    Thanks for telling the truth: “It doesn’t matter whether the page bit is authentic or not.”

    In other words, it doesn’t matter what the facts are because you’re going to believe with or without evidence. No different from a person who believes the bible literally, the radical muslim, holocaust deniers, etc.

    By the way, you don’t do anything for your credibility by posting a link to an antisemitic website that features looney Brother Nathaniel.

    You’re ad hominem attacks, name calling, and subject changing are all you can offer. You have no facts…guess it doesn’t matter as you’ve already told us…it doesn’t matter whether what you say is true or not.

    Hmmmmm…how does that make you any different from the “Zionist Media?” Seems you use the same tactics.

    • ThenAgain

      And here comes another desperate ZIONIST MARXIST Troll trying to cover up the facts, too bad people are onto your dirtbag scams whining ‘ad hominem’. People see the informational links that turn you trolls to dust. You think you’re smooth, you’re not. What you are is done. People are getting informed and you’re not going to stop that. There are many millions who were informed of this history long before I, now millions more are coming so save your BS.


    • ThenAgain

      LOL, and notice you FAIL to refute the FACT that google, zionist, facebk, zionist, microsft/gates/monsatan all ZIONIST.

      Real readers, our taxes are being used to pay govermt (zionists) to post bs on comment threads. Get the Facts –

      See that? If you view All the links you see zionists have taken over everything, they created the fed reserve usury, the bogus state of israel, fake wars, police state, illegals, liar media, comment trolls all of it-

      • Anonymous

        I have reached this conclusion:

        People who post and post and post about “Zionists” are either very immature, confused souls who do not know better or PAID to post such crap.

      • ThenAgain

        LOL. Another zionist marxist troll attempting to deflect from zionists.

        You zionist marxists have raped the US, killed tens of millions, created the Debt enslaving fed reserve, own the media, did 911, destroyed our culture, own both fake parties, and because I call that out with my links I’m… being paid? By who, the zionist scumbags killing the US have all the money, and you try to claim I’m ‘paid’ ? LOL.

        Here are the FACTS:
        WHO owns the federal reserve, foments the fake wars, did 911, Zionists -

        WHO is behind the media, and destroying our culture, Zionists -

        WHO is behind ‘homeland’ bs, Zionists-

        WHO has tricked christians and gentiles, Zionists -

        None of your yap changes those FACTS. People are getting informed whether you like it or not.

        For everyone else, copy/save links and share -

  • Fish

    Apparently you don’t know how facebook works. You can create a page one day and a week later change it’s name and it will still have the original date tag.
    Or is it that you DO KNOW how it works and use that knowledge to deceive.
    My bet is on the latter.

  • Cinder

    Why the hell are SO MANY SHEEP on this website?!



  • asterflower


  • Monticello

    Yes everything is included in this video, including FB and man on the roof!

  • Johan the viking
  • Little Lion

    I experienced a similar event last summer. Immediately after the Aurora Colorado shooting took place, and before any names or details of the event had been released to the public, (including number and names of the shooter(s) ), I went to the Wikipedia website and what did I find? Why, to my shock and amazement, there was a complete entry on the shooting, including the name of the shooter, James Holmes, along with his bio and details of the massacre! I was so stunned, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. But now of course, we see that this is their M.O. Complete, right down to the entries made on social and info websites. How ’bout them crafty little psyops folks. They leave no stones unturned…

  • shone_h


  • xdrfox

    Mort, did you come about finding this page ?

  • Draysum1234

    Akemi Mokoto is suggesting that someone set up a Generic FB page in anticipation of something happening 2 days before it does then change the the name to reflect the tragedy, so that it can cause a conspiracy!!
    I think Akemi Mokoto needs to be investigated as a suspect in the Boston Bombing case!!!

  • Anonymous

    This is not proof of anything. Provide some actual PROOF and then maybe I will believe it.

  • LNM Radio Network

    someone made the page two days prior but it was not what it is now, they simply changed the name of the page after the event took place.

  • chris2307

    Jeez, why have an investigation in to the bombings at all when we have so many “experts” online who clearly have it all figured out!

    This facebook page is a hoax. Facebook group names can be changed with just a few clicks. As long as the page has less than 200 likes (The one above has just 10). When changing a name, the date remains the same. This is more than likely the same kind of asshole who posts up hoax videos in order to get likes and shares. Its all about attention for some people.

    On a more wider point. I actually feel sorry for all your conspiracists. You must got through life so insecure and gullible. You constantly present feelings as fact to further your own warped agenda. I do wonder when I will see the first video showing so called illuminati symbols in the smoke of the boston bombings.

    Get a life

  • Anonymous

    This stupid guy is the one who pushed the “Assad is dead” story for the zionists. He never stops with the crackpot b.s.

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