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Meet The Man Who Will Be In Charge Of The UN Takeover Of America

Friday, June 27, 2014 5:54
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Dave Hodges

The Common Sense Show


Meet your soon-to-be new United Nations Governor. He orchestrated the Gulf crisis and now he will be

Meet the ultimate insider. Soon, every American will know his name. 

In Part One, I detailed how the United Nations is posturing to seize American guns as a prelude to martial law. If you have have not read Part One, it will be helpful to do so before reading the rest of this article.

Any police detective will tell you that it is sometimes necessary to look at the facts of an old crime in order to solve a new crime. If one wants to understand the forces at work which are posturing to enslave America, one has to first take a summarylook at the forces behind the so-called Gulf Oil Spill because many of the players, one in particular, will prominently figure in what is coming.

The Genesis of Our Present Demise

Before we can solve the soon-to-be-crime in which the UN completes its pre-positioning of its assets and moves to seize American guns and impose martial law under the umbrella of a completely manufactured crisis, we need to take a retrospective peek at what happened in the Gulf Oil Spill.

Shortly following the Gulf Oil Spill, I wrote a seven part series which exposed the conspiracy, which in part, blew the lid off the event by demonstrating the money movement prior to the explosion was orchestrated. Yes, I am saying that this was a false flag event. Proving this assertion is as easy as counting 1-2-3. The players involved in the Great Gulf Coast Holocaust were the following:

1. British Petroleum was the owner of the oil being removed from the floor of the Gulf. BP CEO Tony Hayward sold 40% of his BP holdings in the weeks prior to the spill and paid off his mortgage on his estate in Kent, England, avoided staggering losses. And true to form involving the pattern of perpetuating a false flag event with media complicity, on June 8, 2010, less than six weeks following the oil spill, BP bought Google and Yahoo Search Terms, related to the oil spill, in an obvious attempt to conceal as much of the truth as possible from the public.

2. Halliburton was drilling at the base of the Deepwater Horizon. Very coincidentally, only 11 days before, on April 9, 2010, Halliburton purchased Boots and Coots for a quarter of a billion dollars. Just who is Boots and Coots? Coincidentally, they are the largest oil clean up firm in the world And when the explosion took place 11 days later, wasn’t it fortunate that Halliburton was there armed with Boots and Coots as they capitalized on their timely good fortune. Subsequently, Halliburton’s profits increased 83% in just 3 months following the Gulf Oil Crisis subsequent to the clean-up efforts. It was simply raining coincidences!

3. Goldman Sachs and Transocean instituted a “put option” on Transocean’s stock for preferred Transocean insiders the very morning of the explosion. Transocean boldly walked away with a $270 million dollar profit immediately following the explosion because they had doubly indemnified the rig only weeks prior to the explosion through Lloyds of London. This alone should have been enough to trigger a massive investigation. The subsequent cover-up for this event began in 2007, three years before the event, as Goldman Sachs reorganized Transocean, the owner of the destroyed oil rig, into a Cayman Island corporation. In doing so, it made Transocean virtually impossible for Congress to investigate and  subsequently discipline the perpetrators. 

Oh, and the President got his hands dirty as well. The late Bob Chapman, while appearing the Alex Jones Show in June of 2010, revealed that  Obama’s only asset holder, Vanguard I and Vanguard II, dramatically sold off BP stock only few weeks before Gulf oil explosion. Chapman also revealed that “According to this FSB report the largest seller of BP stock in the weeks before this disaster occurred was the American investment company known as Vanguard who through two of their financial arms (Vanguard Windsor II Investor and Vanguard Windsor I Investor) unloaded over 1.5 million shares of BP stock saving their investors hundreds of millions of dollars, chief among them was President Obama. The FSB further estimates in this report that through Obama’s three accounts in the Vanguard 500 Index Fund he stands to make another $100 million over the next 10 years as their largest stock holding is in the energy giant Exxon Mobil they believe will eventually acquire BP and all of their assets for what will be essentially a “rock bottom” price and which very predictably BP has hired Goldman Sachs to advise them on.” Watch the entire interview below.



The top five dumping institutions of BP stock just prior to the spill included Goldman Sachs Asset Management, L.P. (-4,680,822),  Wachovia Bank National Association(-2,667,419) and it is important to note that Wachovia is a subsidiary of Goldman Sachs, thus, making this one tight little family of co-conspirators. We also see massive dumping of Sanders Capital, LLC (-1,371,785) and PNC Bank, National Association (-1,177,413) brings noted globalist George Soros into the conspiracy as well. And we now know who orchestrated the entire event. 

Peter Sutherland: A Person of Strong Interest

Many have asked if there was a central figure who coordinated this conspiracy. If I were an unencumbered investigator and not operating under the umbrella of an agenda, I would want to look closely at a globalist named Peter Sutherland as the possible mastermind. But you see, Sutherland is not just the architect of the Gulf Oil Spill, as you will soon note, he will be behind what is coming with the United Nations take down of the United States.

Peter Sutherland

Peter Sutherland is an insider’s, insider.  He is on the steering committee of the Bilderberg Group, he is an Honorary Chairman of the Trilateral Commission (2010-present), he was Chairman of the Trilateral Commission (Europe) (2001–2010) and Sutherland was Vice Chairman of the European Round Table of Industrialists (2006–2009). Sutherland was also the former head of the World Trade Organization and the related GATT. Sutherland is the ultimate insider.

More to the point, from 1996-2009, Sutherland was the CEO of BP. In 2009, he resigned from BP and assumed a “non-executive” CEO position with Goldman Sachs, less than a year before the Gulf Event.

Sutherland was in position to know how to manipulate this event and further, he would have been the one at Goldman Sachs who was in charge of  the dumping of BP assets prior to explosion and the cover-ups of Transocean and Halliburton. Where was the FBI and the SEC through all of this?

As if this is not enough to raise eyebrows, here is where Sutherland becomes my primary person of interest in this conspiracy. In 2006, Peter Sutherland was appointed as the special representative (SRSG) on the United Nations International Migration and Development.

The UN’s International Migration and Development would be in charge of large scale population movements. At one time, I believed that the Gulf was going to be evacuated and that Sutherland, who helped his corporate cronies profit from the event, would be in charge of the UN mandated evacuation of the Gulf. That still might happen, especially considering that Jesse Ventura discovered an Army Corps of Engineers document granting the Corps $40 billion dollars to evacuate the Gulf. However, today, there is a much more pressing issue. I was correct when I stated that Sutherland is going to be in charge of a major UN population movement inside the United States, but it is going to be triggered by an influx of millions of illegal aliens who will unwittingly create a monumental catastrophe on our border with Mexico and that crisis is already underway.

The Overrunning of America’s Southwest Border by Illegal Alien Children

On June 19, 2014, I wrote a story which detailed how America’s southwestern border is being overrun by illegal aliens, mostly children. Why just the children? That same day on my website, I published an article which contained an advertisement by the US government for escorts to help illegal immigrant children who were going to be illegally crossing the border. In other words, this immigration crisis was planned at least 7 months in advance by the United States government.

The national mainstream media is not yet covering the growing holocaust on our border with Mexico to the degree that it needs to be. People are soon going to be starving, dying of thirst from crossing the border in very hot 110+ temperatures and some of these immigrants are bringing diseases into the US because of the extremely unsanitary conditions on the border.

The local media in Arizona is covering this horrific event, but not the national media. Below is a picture of illegal immigrant children being held in very primitive conditions in Nogales, Arizona.

A holocaust in the making which will require the intervention of the UN Migrant Council headed by Peter Sutherland. Make this picture go viral.

A holocaust in the making which will require the intervention of the UN Migrant Council headed by Peter Sutherland. Make this picture go viral.


You know this is being orchestrated into a Hegelian Dialectic on the border. The children of Central America did not wake up this June and decide to hold their collective recesses on the border with the United States. They were encouraged and provided transport (see Part One).

When Does This.....?

When Does This…..?

...become this?

…become this?

Gun Confiscation and Martial Law Happen When “These Guys” Show Up

un vehicles 1


un vehicles 2

This was taken six days ago on a Georgia highway. What are they doing here?

This was taken six days ago on a Georgia highway. What are they doing here?

Don’t believe the validity of these still photos? Then please explain the following video? (Foul language: Viewer Discretion Advised)




What Ties This All Together?

Question: When will the UN be called into play and take command of the “international crisis on the American border? Answer: When helpless children begin to die in the hot Arizona summer and America’s compassion for children, regardless of where they come from, is put into play. This will get the UN “relief workers” to be initially accepted.

Watch the news events in the coming days and weeks. Soon, every news item on this event will accentuate the suffering that these poor children are going through as they are herded into America without any adult supervision. And yes, God does command us to help these innocent ones. However, this will be the excuse that is needed to roll out these prepositioned UN assets.

The immigration/border crisis is at least one part of the plot to subjugate America. And when it comes to relocating the soon-to-be millions of children flooding here to safe havens, who will be in charge? It will be Peter Sutherland and the UN Migration Council. And once the UN troops are openly on our streets, the foothold will have been achieved. Gun confiscation and martial law will be a foregone conclusion as the next, yet undefined, false flag event will unfold.

When you see the blue helmets on your streets, it will be Peter Sutherland in charge. And I am certain that he will handle this crisis with the same demeanor and integrity as he handled the Gulf crisis.

un martial law forces


Meet your soon-to-be new United Nations Governor. He orchestrated the Gulf crisis and now he will be

Meet your soon-to-be new United Nations Governor. He orchestrated the Gulf crisis and now he will be “managing” the border crisis.

A Future Press Conference

“As President, I want to encourage all Americans to welcome with open arms from the United Nations as they help us mitigate the crisis at the border. God Bless America”!

Take a look at Peter Sutherland, below, as he was video taped at Bilderberg this mont. You can often tell a lot about the way a man carries himself.










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  • upchuck

    Baha. Your diplomatic immunity has been revoked you bureaucratic scumbags. Lunch is on me, one last round of BBQ pork sandwiches for boss hog!

  • Anonymous

    If this ever happens than that fat slob will have a bulls eye painted on his evil carcass.

    • weis

      What do you mean? look around

  • ichabodcrane

    The US military is just as dangerous as anything else!

  • YouGuysAreIdiots

    Total lunacy from the author. So sad there are so many gullible people that he can market to.

    • upchuck

      OMG. Like how could anyone form an opinion based on factual based information is total lunacy?!!!Come on, stop worrying abut everyone else. Do yourself a favor and stop being so ignorant. Open your eyes and look around. Its so obvious and in your face that you would have to be blind not to see the truth unfolding around you.

      • YouGuysAreIdiots

        Factual based information. Yeah, that’s what this article includes. LOL Not. And the sad thing is, next year you will pretend this article and the resultant paranoia never existed. Lastly, grow up dude.

  • Jiliane

    If humanity cannot correct its errors,
    then it must live with its failures.

  • truthseeker4809

    He was trained in a Jesuit’s institution in his early ages. Don’t forget that.. Jewish Jesuits are the most dangerous class of animals in the New World Order business.

    • Veritas

      Alex Jones?

      • Veritas

        Oh, sorry…

        I meant Dave Hodges…

    • Busta Myth

      “He was educated at Gonzaga College, a Jesuit day school in Dublin and then studied law at University College Dublin.”

      Surprise surprise, most of them are Jesuit trained!

      even Abe Lincoln knew that the Jesuits would try and take over America and that was a couple hundred years ago

      Hitler was a devout Catholic too ! and look how that ended up!

      It was the Vatican, Prescott Bush and Wallstreet Banksters were the ones that funded Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, even after WW2 the Vatican smuggled out loads of Nazis and their loot , and America hired thousands of Nazis scum after WW2

      Jesuits, Secret Societies!

      That is most likely what JFK meant in his famous speech . :wink:

      Ex Jesuit Alberto Rivera and others Speak on Jesuit infiltration

  • criss2002r1

    Only the UN trucks on tractor trailers were seen on GA hwys not the tanks and suv’s…. Also we need to check to see if there’s a manufacturer in that area that could be manufacturing these vehicles for export before we assume that these vehicles were imported from out of the states.. Not to say this could not happen just looking at it from all perspectives ya know,,,,

    • srsly1

      You mean use common sense? NOOOO, not on BIN!

  • Anonymous

    These MONSTERS never want to talj or associate with the salves. Their sh** don’t stink like the rest of us. They LOVE to spill human blood with their WARS and their ritual killings. They don’t want to take with uso live like common people, that might humanize us too much.

  • Usefuleater

    Great article. You neglected on other coincidence that foretold the spill. President-elect Barack Obama nominated Lisa Jackson as the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, she was confirmed by the Senate and took office on January 23, 2009. She just happened to be an African American female from New Orleans. Maybe the conspirators felt that the residents of the Central Gulf Coast would accept the B.S. coming from the EPA about the spill if it came out of a woman’s mouth with a New Orleans accent? They did and it worked like a charm.

  • WeBeDoomed

    Hahahahahahahahaha! The UN takeover America :?: Are you kidding me :?: The UN has never achieved anything militarily – so why are they going to start now :shock:

    • carsonking

      Ain’t that the truth.

    • truthzilla

      You haven’t a clue friend. You are just ignorant…Do you think the U.N is there for peace? You’re dumber than you appear. Do some research ignoratzi, Your type are destroying the world with your astounding ignorance. :mad:

      • CrowPie

        You people do realize that the U.N. head quarters is located in New York City. Why? You ask. Because one of our most dangerous cities is still safer than any other country in the world.

        Why? You ask? Because even though New York may not be brimming over with fire arms…….our country as a unit is very well armed.

        No other country will risk troops here…..they may pull some spotty stuff here and there….but nothing that would allow a full scale take over.

        Guns don’t require ELECTRICTY either…for all you EMP worriers.

      • WeBeDoomed

        How wude :shock:

        You make me cry with your hurtful words :cry:

        However, I do applaud your excellent spelling and grammar – such a rarity here on B4IN :smile:

      • CrowPie

        WeBeDoomed- I reckon my southern is getting in tha way, agin. I do tend not to worry sa much ’bout grammer and such when I’ve let myself git riled-up.

        H’its a real bad habit a mines. :grin:

  • weis

    Folks your on your own.

  • Ideas Time

    From Political Vel Craft site. Attention UN.

    To you foreign troops out there who have had it whispered in your ear that you will be engaging the American people of the American race for the purpose of disarming and bringing us into a one world dictatorship, be advised. If you come here, you will die here, each and every one of you. Once you have put us to the task you have sealed your fate. We are not going to let you leave, we will slaughter you and leave your bodies to decay where they fall and your bones to bleach upon our soil as a warning to all others who might in the future entertain the notion of conquering we the American people in our own country.

    • Sean

      That was Entertaining..only 2% fought against the British and they could live off the Land.

      Water is being Poisoned..Dams being Drained..But 7/11 and McDonalds will still be Open.

      Chemtrails, GM Foods, Tainted Vaccines, Open Borders, Endless Wars and I see No One in DC with Even a Picket Sign and You want me to Believe that they will pick-up a Gun..

      OK time to get Real.

      Who’s going to win the Super Bowl ?

      You think Kim K will have another Kid ?

      I was first in line for the new I-Phone !

      I wonder if I can get Free Porn somehow ?

      I have to Check if i have some new Facebook Friends ?

      The 16 year old girl on Maury had DNA tests done from over 100 Guys..Guys are such Pigs..huh?

      But Maury will keep helping her find who da baby daddy is..
      Maury is sooo wonderful !

      Lets see what’s on Jerry Springer..Next ?

      Lets see what Oprah has to say, I just Love Oprah..see i’m not really a Racist ?

      Its just that Obama I don’t like, with the Same Foreign and Domestic Policies of His Cousin the White Bush !

      Let me watch 30 minutes of MSM news, this way i know whats really going on in the World !

      I’m a Republican, Not a Democrat..Funny how Nothing has Changed ?

      I’m a Democrat, Not a Republican..Funny how Nothing has Changed ?

  • Rose

    I’m more concerned about these children and young mothers being kidnapped into their sex slave trade. This pug even looks like a ring leader, imho.

  • AnotherSorryGuy

    This is a joke. Japan’s Admiral Yamamoto during WWII said he “would never invade America because there would be gun behind every blade of grass”.

    Pages and stories like this are for cowards. Be strong. Do not be afraid. You ARE the power..

    • Ted

      Isn’t the Plan to house to house take away the guns?

  • weis

    Be aware there is high political figures to perform a ritual at the Mexico Borders. They are in route, and will curse the Migrants……..Oh My, and also Political figures coming from Honduras will be cursed…………Ohhhhh there is no end to this madness…….

    • Veritas

      :grin: What you talkin’ about Willis?”

  • Lenskin

    NULL and VOID !

  • CrissCross

    But Have you met these guys too? :eek:

    ROTHSCHILDS: PAPAL AND ROYAL KNIGHTS, The Nazi Zionist Policy Which Rules The World Today :???:

  • truthzilla

    Very possible scenarios…We shall see…Trying is one thing…Succeeding is another…But, I imagine one day robots and drones will be doing the dirty work…Hopefully I have shuffled loose the mortal coil well before that.

    • Miss Ida West

      You are spot on with that one! I fear our own government’s use of drones against us than any invading army!

  • Beforeitscrap

    Has anyone at all thought that maybe, just maybe these UN camps are for the 1.5k new illegal immigrants that are flowing into the USA EVERY SINGLE DAY now!? Arizona, Texas and California are being over ran with incoming immigrants from all over South America at the moment from the mass gang violence that is taking place down there. These groups are telling parents to send their children (some as young as 4yo) to the US because once they get here on our soil, our laws and regulations are so messed up that it takes years to send them back if we send them back at all!

  • CrissCross


    The Unregulated Global Casino for Banks :twisted:

  • wolfmama777

    Wow! And I thought I was freaking paranoid!! This site has been talking about Marshal Law; takeovers, Aliens, etc. for years now and none of it has come to pass.

  • fwrinkledsoles

    Just think people when they said, Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492 by using white European males criminals and painted them as heroes. Now, fast-forward to 2014 and just think what the white man has done to the whole world in the name of Christianity. For your information, Christianity was some made of religion that went up against what was the truth or common sense of human nature. I would say the world was more peaceful before those criminals left Europe and used by the Holy Roman Empire in taking over the world in which is the meaning of the world Catholic, fools.
    I had a college professor at one time who said, “As of the year 1500 and earlier the white man was the dumbest man on earth.” He (the white man) has destroyed the water system, the food system, polluted the air, polluted the oceans, kills off a lot of animals, has dump hazard chemical in the ground, and still thinks he has done something for the world, a dumb fool punk. Oh yeah, our children are killing each other, committing suicide, shooting up our schools and ocean floors are full of junk ships by stealing gold and silver for other groups as if gold and silver are worth something. We can eat gold and silver and if want grow anything, fools. He the white man has wage war on many nations, all for what.
    I don’t blame what is about to happen white man you haven’t realize why all over the world we have amusement park, sporting event and other is to keep you amuse. The word amuses means not thinking and you the common white man think he is some kinder hero. By have us fooled as if you are genetically superior more like genetically inferior. White man (the common ones) you have been used like a two dollar whore. I say wake and smell the coffee before we are all die. :mad:

  • Wretched Infidel

    I cannot hear him talk… no phones here.. but his eyes…

    they give me the creeps

  • winsome123

    you can see the evil in the eyes–just like that yahoo occupying Palestine.

  • CrissCross

    Another very Interesting article :eek:

    The Government-Corporate Complex Takes Complete Control Of The USA :twisted:

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