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Mysterious Rays of Light Began Radiating from the Pyramids Around the World

Wednesday, December 30, 2015 7:42
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Mysterious rays of light began radiating from the pyramids around the world 

NASA and the European Space Agency have been warning the world for two years about the approaching catastrophes that may unfold during 2015 to 2016. 

Although NASA covered up the strange photon cloud that’s now enveloped the solar system, the word has leaked out from some scientists.

And now, as the ominous cloud approaches it’s affecting the sun and planets in measurable ways.

Amazingly, as the bizarre energy invades our space, some of the world’s most famous pyramids are generating intense energy.

Several incredible incidents of visible power beams shooting skywards into space towards the region of the alien photonic cloud are well-documented.

At the same time, people around the world began hearing and recording frightening sounds—noises that seem as if the Earth itself is moaning and wailing.



All the phenomena—including measurements of the never-before-seen gigantic electrification of the turbulent sun—seem to be centered on the deadly photonic cloud that some have called a ‘potential Doomsday space event.’

Ancient pyramids awake after centuries, Millennia of slumber

Tourists screamed, others shot hasty videos with their camera phones as the Mayan pyramid rumbled.

But no earthquake followed, instead a brilliant beam of light shot skyward into space as awed onlookers gasped, wondering what it meant.
But the Mayan pyramid of Kukulkan transmitting a raw column of incredible energy into space was just the latest pyramid to do so.

Recently, the Chinese government began closely monitoring the Xianyang pyramid for signs of activity. Last year a team of scientists investigated the pyramid and believe it may have extraterrestrial origins.

Aztec Pyramid of the Moon blasts energy vortex from apex

That amazing incident was followed by the vortex blast—witnessed and captured on film—shooting from the apex of the famous Aztec Pyramid of the Moon in Teotihuacan, Mexico.



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  • Central Scrutinizer

    “Luke……… I’m Your Father” :mrgreen:

    • Geheimnis Schwarze Sonne

      NO YOU NOT

  • albertan

    Yes, the moon in front of the clouds. I have seen this with my own eyes. The moon must be a hologram.

  • LucidMebin

    or this is that cool invention called PHOTOSHOP…. :lol:

  • You People Are Nuts

    This is as far as I got…your first sentence…

    “NASA and the European Space Agency have been warning the world for two years about the approaching catastrophes that may unfold during 2015 to 2016.”

    With that being said; as of 12:00:01, January 1st, 2016, I will no longer tolerate deception for financial gain.

    Those who wish to continue with the demon spirit will receive the gifts of “subconscious fear” and “self-loathing” instantaneously.

    • b4

      yup–you and I are on this site reading all this bs–we must be nuts! but its like watching fake wrestling-its theater-like shakespear if done well–problem is most of the bin writers do not present their “entertainment” very well….

      • Big dog.../small fish...

        Hey, BIN lets writers such as that wacko of a frenchie claiming to be JESUS the Messiah present articles…

      • Eggzactly

        The bad part is…… At least 40% of the stories are real!

        • morphnad

          I think 10% are real max. Lunatic asylum at best

  • dabu

    Oh my goodness! And nobody knows, but us!

  • katkaprvosienka

    Hahah, that mysterious sound in Slovakia is caused by starting of city´s heating system, every year are people surprised. It causes releasing of pressure from heating system through valve. No mystery there.

    • freedom007

      i first thought it sounds like some big cat hissing, a tiger.. I thought of Goddess Durga´s riding tiger. But if its only a technical noise – I believe that – I now change my mind from a kind of awe to a good laugh!

  • sean michael blacab

    Nuts is as nuts does,what kind of trouble your nuts get you in ?
    The pyramids much deactivated as the couldrons of russia and
    other land,evenly spaced.You in the middle have mostly no friends
    on either side as we let this happen abbys or not diamonds are made
    with pressure.Have you all had enough pressure?

    qik srvxrvism phrivmrth shrii shrii anandamurtiji

  • A Witness

    Old and fake, typical BIN contribution.

    • Geheimnis Schwarze Sonne


      everyone goes “fake” , like the article of the women giving birth to monsters eh, i been looking for that for YEARS, now it comes up, happens, and people be like “its fake yo” and im like, hmmmmm, yeah,,, ok, lets see what happens when the environment is juuust a bit more polluted, and there is more radiation, so these “things” can survive longer, the air is still to clean, the water also, for the gwatches to survive. and look, how the hippy scum flocks to this tripe, eg “truth”seeker 4809.

      • A Witness

        Yeah but this is old and fake, just like the woman giving birth to an alien hybrid.

        This same word for word story is on BIN numerous times a year+ ago.

        It simply didn’t happen.

        So it’s crap.

  • Luxx

    “Tourists screamed, others shot hasty videos with their camera phones as the Mayan pyramid rumbled.”

    Got any links to those videos???? – All you posted was rubbish sounds from youtube, and clip art from various pyramids..

  • truthseeker4809

    One of the many symptoms of approaching giant gravitating object in the sky.
    Or it may be the stream of the souls in the underground (could be reptilian) civilizations leaving the earth for their safety before the disaster strikes the earth and shakes up the whole continents. You know the moving spirits can become luminous as you may have seen in many ghost photos.

    • Geheimnis Schwarze Sonne

      HEY DOUCHEBAG!@ the gematria says your forehead aint Sealed, CMERE an read this:

      This is quite important:

      Sabbath (Seventh Day of the Week)

      This day was blessed and set apart by Elohim at creation (Ber. 2:2-3 / Gen_2:2-3). Later on it was instituted as the sign of the everlasting covenant between Elohim and His people, a sign that He sets them apart, an everlasting sign (Shem. 31:13-17 / Exo_31:13-17, Yeḥez. 20:12-20 / Eze_20:12-20). Sabbath-keeping is one of the Ten Words of the Covenant, standing forever, settled forever in heaven, founded forever (Teh. 89:34 / Psa_89:34, Teh. 111:8-9 / Psa_111:8-9, Teh. 119:89 / Psa_119:89). We would like to point out the following:

      (1) יהושע kept the Sabbath (Luk_4:16, Yn. 15:10 / Joh_15:10), and the women who were taught by Him still kept it at the time of Messiah’s burial (Luk_23:56).

      (2) Sha’ul kept it (Act_13:14, Act_13:42-44, Act_7:2, Act_18:4 & Act_18:11).

      (3) Ludia and the women kept it (Act_16:13).

      (4) In Heb_4:9 we are again reminded of the necessity of keeping the Sabbath!

      (5) Finally: After the end-time judgment has come upon this earth (Yesh. 66), and a new heavens and a new earth is established, we read in Yesh. 66:23 Isa_66:23 that the Sabbath shall still be kept!

      (6) Who then changed it to Sunday, in effect nullifying it? In Dan_7:25 we read of a horn, a sovereign (remember: in those days the gentiles regarded their sovereigns as deities). This one is often interpreted as being the Anti-Messiah, the enemy of the Chosen People. In Dan_7:25 we read that he would “intend to change appointed times (or, festivals) and law.” The RCC openly boast that they changed the Sabbath to Sunday. This change was preceded by Emperor Constantine legislating, in the year 321, that “the venerable day of the Sun” was to be kept as a day of rest. Remember: Constantine was a worshipper of Sol Invictus, the sun-deity. The “Church” soon followed suit, and in the year 336 (some give the date as 364), at the Council of Laodicea, Canon 29, the christians were commanded to observe the Sunday as well. Bishop Eusebius (270-338 CE), who worked with Constantine, admits to the Church’s decision to change from Sabbath to Sunday.

      so kafir, now you know, and ye cannot un know what you know, so now you can carry on, the information above will be most helpfull.

      cant believe i nearly missed you

  • FadingShadow2

    This article was copied almost word for word from this website that published the same article in 2012! And a few of the items mentioned go back to 2009. We are now almost 7 years later, and this is presented as current.

    Here is the link to the original article:

    Apparently plagiarism still exists since this writer didn’t give any credit, or show the source for the article.

    Given the plagiarism, I tend to doubt the content as well.

    • Styer27

      Thanks for that :)

      • FadingShadow2

        My pleasure!

  • The Guided One

    You gullible people, the ‘strange’ noise videos, have been debunked.

    It ended up being a sound from a movie. The sound was taken and put onto these so called ‘dooms day videos’.

    Lol, such gullible kids.

  • zfree2322

    It must be cool to call everything fake without researching…a lot of people on here say it because its the popular thing to do….but few research much…look up lighting from heaven in hebrew…look up donald marshall…look up rapper b.o.b.’s social media accounts…bin may have some stories wrong…but every lie has a truth…there is so much going on…people still won’t believe alot unless its happening literally around them. So the same people calling others sheep are sheep themselves…2016 is going to be to me the year the world as we see it change

  • TDurden

    No,..they aren’t

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