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How the Globalists Will Use ET’s to Stop Donald Trump

Monday, May 2, 2016 6:09
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The current pope is no stranger to the topic of ET's.

The current pope is no stranger to the topic of ET’s.

We are all familiar with the notion of predictive programming which is designed to desensitize the people to coming trends and judge the reaction of the masses. There is a predictive trend going on right now and it involves a resurgence in the concept of an alien invasion of the of the planet.

A Distinctive Up Tick In Predictive Programming

I have been noticing a trend in restaurants, with the sponsoring of Hollywood movies with an extraterrestrial overtone and this tone is reaching a crescendo within the past month. In a search for predictive programming trends, I have noticed a distinct pattern with regard various networks to play older movies that involve the people of the Earth versus some alien threat. Even the Denny’s Restaurant chain of stores is obsessed and has entered into a partnership with the sequel to independence Day.

Key General Predicts that Graduating Officers Will One Day Fight Aliens

The following video depicts General Mark A Milley, mentioning “little green men”, and he’s not joking” as being one of the potential adversaries in the lineup of enemies that a graduating class of military officers will one day have to fight.

“They’re Back”

One of the classic movie lines of all time, can now be applied to a set of very hostile aliens who were intent on exterminating mankind as a prelude to colonization in the 1996 movie,Independence Day.

As mentioned earlier, the sequel to Independence Day is being embraced and partnered with the iconic restaurant, Denny’s.

“SPARTANBURG, S.C. (March 28, 2016) – America’s favorite sizzlin’ side is making a comeback this spring with the introduction of Denny’s new ‘Red, White and Bacon‘ menu. Featuring seven sweet and salty dishes, including premium ingredients such as Denny’s new thick-cut Honey Jalapeño Bacon, the limited-time menu salutes the return of mouthwatering bacon flavors and celebrates the long-awaited film “Independence Day: Resurgence,” coming to theaters nationwide on June 24.”


Connecting the Dots

Nearly three years following disclosure, the former Canadian Defense Minister, Paul Hellyer, made a series of stunning disclosures regarding the fact that aliens are visiting the Earth and are interacting with various organizations within the U.S. government (i.e. the US Air Force in Nevada).

Almost as shocking, in the following video, Hellyer revealed the existence of a secret cabal who had as one of their primary purposes, to cover up the existence of these alien visitations. And who comprised this s0-called cabal? It was none other than the Trilateral Commission, The CFR and the Bilderberg. It was almost like watching another 1996 production, but this time, it was called the X-Files.

The Trump Impact

Every resource under the control of the elite has been marshaled to defeat Donald Trump in his quest to be America’s next President. For example, where I live in Arizona, Trump swept the state winning almost 60% of the primary vote. However, the criminal Arizona GOP is appointing nobody by Cruz supporters for delegates.

I have previously predicted why a “terrorist”, false-flag scenario could be considered likely at the GOP convention this summer in order to stop Trump. Recently, I have been writing that even if Trump is assassinated, he has awakened millions to the tyranny that Americans are enforced to suffer under. I have felt that the criminal elite would have no way to counter the new American consciousness. I think I was wrong. And I think the strategy of the criminal elite is designed to counter any socio-political movement in the country.

Operation Blue Beam

I heard about Operation Blue Beam long before anyone in the public because of the work my father did and his subsequent revelations to me just prior to his death.

The world seems poised to go to war, the next war to end all wars. Only this time, it might be true. But what if the next invasion was not from this Earth, but from an extraterrestrial source? I am not really suggesting that little gray space aliens are going to invade the planet. However, the globalists have a plot to make you believe that this is the case. It is the “Plan B from Outer Space”.

Plan B

IF a series of false flag events will not thwart the Trump populist movement, it may be time to reach for the “Trump Card”, namely, Operation Blue Beam. There is some current precedent for this belief.

Hillary Clinton and the UFO Question

Hillary Clinton was viewed at the Rockefeller Ranch holding a book by Paul Davies regarding the implications of extraterrestrial life.

Interestingly, Vince Foster, friend and advisor to President Clinton, was tasked with two missions upon Bill Clinton’s election. First, find out who killed JFK. Secondly, find out the truth behind the alien question. Foster, as all will recall, committed “suicide” under some very mysterious circumstances.


Operation Blue Beam and Trump

If the great of war of globalist unification fails to start in Ukraine or Korea, of the South China Sea, because the leaders of the subsequently stand down because they do not have the stomach for nuclear war, will a Plan B quickly emerge? Could it also be used to subdue the Trump populist movement in the United States which is the ultimate antidote to a globalist takeover of America?

For decades, NASA has developed space based weapons systems designed to penetrate every aspect of our lives and this plan is labeled as Operation Blue Beam.

The Blue Beam Project has four different steps in order to implement a new age religion, along with the roll out of a fake Antichrist at its head. Oh, I believe that we will see an Anti-Christ, but this will not be it. We must remember that the new age religion is the very foundation for the new world government, without which religion the dictatorship of the New World Order is completely impossible. In the final stage of the plan, it will be made clear to the people that an alien invasion is imminent and the consolidation of government will be “needed” for mankind to survive.

Condensing the Trump Threat

The threat of Donald Trump and his legions of followers, are an omnipresent threat to the world domination plans of the criminal bankers. If Trump is successful in securing the Presidency and reversing globalist initiatives such as the free trade agreements, this movement could easily go international and that would be the ultimate globalist nightmare. If assassination, election fraud and a devastating false-flag attack upon the GOP does not do the job, Operation Blue Beam sits in reserve and is ready to preserve the status


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  • Mark Brander

    To learn the truth about the Satanic NWO and their Annunaki Alliance see

    Also visit this link to see the leaked Annuanaki photos and website….

    • Fake News

      We don’t need the ET’s, we have a project blue beam to emulate a false attack.

      • Daniel

        FIRST; AND I AM USING CAPITALIZATION FOR EMPHASIS ADDED; IF ANY HUMAN CANNOT LOOK IN TO THE EYES OF MS. CLINTON AND RECOGNIZE AN EXTREME PSYCHOPATH THEN ANY DISCUSSION WITH US MAY AS WELL STOP HERE. Ms. Clinton is a very, very sick human. She is beyond a narcissistic psychopath who would do whatever it takes to obtain power. she is in fact, a very unintelligent human. Without her teleprompter she has great difficulty formulating simple sentence structure. In short, she is a complete idiot of a human.

        Next, the author, Mr. Hodges who we do enjoy reading his work and were acquainted with his father and do respect him must say we totally disagree with his facts and beliefs in this particular article. WE HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO DESIRE TO INTERFERE WITH THE AMERICAN ELECTION AND WISH MR. TRUMP SUCCESS ON HIS CANDIDACY. THIS IS NOT TO SAY WE ENDORSE HIM. WHAT WE ARE SAYING IS, WE AS HYBRIDS WILL ABSOLUTELY NOT INTERFERE WITH THE UPCOMING ELECTION IN THE USA. In closing, we are amused many of the human woman seem to follow Ms. Clinton only because she is a woman, a lesbian human woman. This does make us laugh very much! Liberal woman scream for woman’s rights to a woman who would rather be a man and is an extreme psychopath. Good luck with that and her non presidential success!!!! She will not win! We are telling you all this here and now. MS. CLINTON WILL NOT WIN. WE WILL NOT COMMENT YET ON ANY OTHER PART OF THE FAILED UPCOMING ELECTION.

  • my2pesos

    Trumpets ~ Trump ET’s ~ Trust ‘MP’ E ~ True ‘MP’ ST
    Diet ~ ID ET
    Diet ~ Tide
    Diet ~ DT ‘I’ E
    Diet ~ IE: DT
    Diet ~ Ted I
    Diet ~ De IT
    Diet ~ Edit
    Diet ~ TD ‘E’ I

    • Problem, Reaction, Solution


      toilet ~ Yourmouth
      toilet ~ Yourmomsmouth

  • Leo

    ETs??? :lol:


    —just sharing.

  • Ambicatus


    NO LASER WIELDIN SHARK , FECKALL,. as Vinny has correctly pointed out, for AMUSEMENT PURPOSES trump is best. really, fighting “president” hitlery or old feck bernie yaaawn, trump , however, is, a darkroom wielding shriner that will sacrifice all yer asses for his ego, and can be easy led nehehe

    • Problem, Reaction, Solution

      Dickardo…Build that wall… and Bone-me Sanders will pay for it! Because socialists have lots of money until they run out of your$.

  • kyrie Exposing the Lie of Islam pdf Exposing the Torah pdf Exposing Judaism pdf The 16 crucified saviors pdf The Dark Web The Deep Web

  • Counter Analysis

    In my opinion the elite are definitely aware of angels and demons that they call extraterrestrials, and have been actively preparing the public to receive their spin and control of the phenomenon when the reality can no longer be suppressed. This is in addition to the fact that they have for sure run through many scenarios on how to exploit the public’s fear and fascination with the subject. I doubt they would pull the alien card solely to stop Trump as there are many more mundane ways to do so. But perhaps if it also serves another agenda and they cannot kill Trump because of God’s divine protection, then maybe they will give it a try.
    But let me lay out a more serious reason for all the conditioning and likely predictive programming concerning aliens. R. A. Coombes in his books America the Babylon vol. 1 and vol. 2 makes a good case that the destroyers of mystery Babylon will be angelic in nature, but that they will appear to the world to be aliens. And I personally suspect that the rapture of the church may occur either very shortly before this destruction or as it is happening. Such events, or even just one of them, can only be explained to the world as an alien incursion or attack. This is probably what will catapult the antichrist into power as a desperate world seeks to unite to deal with the crisis.

    Revelation 17:12-13World English Bible (WEB)

    12 The ten horns that you saw are ten kings who have received no kingdom as yet, but they receive authority as kings, with the beast, for one hour. 13 These have one mind, and they give their power and authority to the beast.

    These ten kings sound a lot to me like united nation ambassadors or heads of state that agree to give emergency powers to the antichrist as a global response to the chaos. What will likely ensue after that is an official explanation that all religions are derived from extraterrestrial visitations in the past. Then the God of the bible will be vilified as an evil leader or rebel of an alien sect, while lucifer is painted as the good guy who has been defending and protecting mankind against God through the ages. After all, it was the God of the bible who abducted all those Christians (rapture). The Holy Spirit would then be vilified as remote alien mind control. Any who come to receive Christ would be accused of being under alien mind control and would be forced to recant or else be considered incorrigible enemies and security risks marked for elimination (martyrdom). Then to enforce solidarity people will be forced to worship an image of the beast.

    Revelation 13:15World English Bible (WEB)

    15 It was given to him to give breath to it, to the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause as many as wouldn’t worship the image of the beast to be killed.

    I suspect there will be some kind of an audio-visual terminal that has lie detection technology beyond polygraphs, and probably involving deep analysis of brain waves. Everyone will be forced to be hooked up to have a session with this terminal in which they will have to recite and affirm their loyalty. Any detection of insincerity will result in immediate execution by the terminal perhaps through lethal injection, electrocution, etc…

    Perhaps I went a little off subject but I wanted to throw this out in the public arena.

  • Solar)Geometry

    Aliens are just demons in disguise. Rebuke them and you’re done.

  • Pink Slime

    This is as SETUP to attack Yahusha when He returns from the heavens. It says so in the Bible no naturally they have to start brainwashing the idiots about aliens and little green men.

  • The Trump Prophecy

    Exelent Article. Great Timing. Get ready for the new nephilim.

  • hailthechief

    So if ET’s showed up they would make people want to vote for Clinton? lol, we would vote for ET’s.

  • A Freeman

    While project blue beam is a historical fact, proving THEY (The Hierarchy Enslaving You) may use a FAKE alien invasion to try to bring about their “new” world order out of the chaos, the REAL ETs have warned us for thousands of years to avoid ALL politicians, political parties, elections, etc.

    That includes Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and every other professional liar running for political office. ALL of them. Please see the MUST read article about the ET warnings at the following link:-

  • AmbrociousXP

    The general in the video pretty much just said that the military would be “dealing with” EVERYTHING. Which means that they will be ordered to shoot to kill anything pretty much.

    “You will be dealing with hybrid armies (Genetically Enhanced Super Soldiers), little green men (aliens) tribes (people who are scared and break off into groups for safety), politicians. Clearly this is a planned attack with prior knowledge of the coming attacks minus any real details that might actually help anyone when it all happens.

    Just try and stay out of the way of the military when all of this crap happens, that’s the best course of option.

  • Getta Lyfe

    What IF, they aren’t green? What if, they’re from Earth? There’s thousands of different species. What if, they’re human?? :roll: (But they don’t exist, or, there’s 2 many humans here, so lets have another false flag war!)

    NASA says “their space ships are made of ice crystals”. So, does that mean they can only land in Antarctica or the north pole, or else they’d melt? Here’s one crashed, does this look like ice crystals;

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