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Extraterrestrials or Fallen Angels? Who Is the Secret Force Behind the New World Order?

Friday, September 30, 2016 10:56
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Among  the many topics discussed by Dr. Ted Broer and Dave Hodges, one had to do with the question related to the real power on this planet. Who is really pulling the strings of the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds?

Are the dark and malevolent forces behind the New World Order ET in origin or are they the classic fallen angels?

This controversial topic is explored in detail in the following video.


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  • Godzilla

    God and Satan have been rivals for a long time. There is no such thing as fallen angels imo. They are simply demons aka bad aliens. Angels are good aliens. Read about the galactic federation of light versus the orion group.

    The bible is not supposed to be the absolute truth that is why it is mainstream material. Do you really think they would plaster the truth out for everyone to see if they had a perpetual conspiracy going on? Nope they would make it as secluded and complicated as possible to confuse people. They would call it the occult and have high level masons studying it or other secret societies.

    Not that the bible is complete disinformation. I have found plenty of jems in it. All religions are a study of good vs evil, its just that the details that are all screwed up and the ET connection is never made. What is going on at area 51, dulce, montauk, elsewhere is real…nothing to do with imagination. Plenty of whistleblowers have come forward the last 15 years.

    • K¡llúḿ¡ńàṫ¡✝☪ ॐ ﷲ ✡

      God and Satan have been rivals for a long time. :lol:
      Devil and god playing chess then poker and then the bet was up to a million souls :wink:
      Its more like we are on T.V. and we don’t know it. :lol:
      Jesus The Biggest Scam in the History of Mankind. God Love T.V.
      Turning people’s problems into entertainment. LoL We’re famous!
      I’m on TV, This is so awesome. World War 3 to look forward to.
      Hunger and everyone becomes a criminal, outrageous and violent.
      Governments run programs + Movie Producers (Fallen Angels-Watcher)
      Satan, who is the god of this world, has blinded the minds of those who don’t believe.
      They are unable to see the glorious light of the Good News. :eek:

  • Busta Myth

    sounds more like 60 years of NAZI MK UKTRA Project Paperclip child abuse Mind Contro and oodles of HollyWeired Movies to back up the “its the Aliens” angle

    But, the Nazis thought they came from another planet called Albarran

    So why are the NWO “illuminati” so infactuated with Egyptian Obylisks, Egyptian Pyramids, the all seeing eye of horus and Skull and Bones aka the Nazi Totenkopf?

    They are EVERYWHERE, in the Vatican City, in the City of London, in Washington DC, in Switzerland, in Berlin, in Paris, in Brazil, in Italy, Geneva, France, etc etc etc, they are in just about every major city and town in the WORLD, in corporate logos, in TV ads, on bank notes

    could it be a subtle hind that they are of ..EGYPTIAN origin ? :roll:

    and who just bought MONSANTON GMO POOP ?


    Here’s who they are, the Knights Templar Bankers that founded Switzerland in 1291 and later changed their name to the Freemasons some time after the Vatican and the French King oo la la rounded the top Templars up like Jaque de Molay and accused them of being homosexuals, stamping on the Cross and whorshipping a Goat with Tits called Baphomet that was probably some kind of Pagan God?

    ITS CALLED..dun dun dun….TEMPLARS REVENGE on Christians !!

    Masonic Switzerland – Home of the Pharaohs (Hence all the fekin big Egyptian Obylisks, illuminati Pyramids, the Skull and Bones and the Eye of Horus

    (aka Knights Templars/FREEMASONS/KKK/NAZIS + EGYPTIAN MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD aka AL QAEDA aka ISIS the Egyptian Goddess)

    and don’t beleive the pope, the last German pope was in the Nazi Youth and the new pope comes from ARGENTINA

    The same country that the Vatican Jesuits helped many of the Top NAZI war criminals escape to after WW2

    The CIA rigged the conclaves and put him in to power so he’s obviously also a TEMPLAR AKA FREEMASON

    Why else would the Pope/s use SWISS GUARDS ??

  • deano

    So lets see what the Concise “Oxford” definition of Fallen Angels actually is…….

    WATCHER(angel)~ to be awake, watchful …..from the Greek “egregoroi” , becoming Latin “Grigori”……

    ## We know that The Greeks, Transliterated the OT texts (Akkadian, Phonecian,Coptic(hellenic) Egyption,Arabic)

    IGIGI (Akkadian/Babylonian) ~ the workers that rebelled against their Anunnaki overlord. At the “Links” on Wiki. up comes
    # Anunnnaki
    # Grigori……………and also the “Atrahasis” a 2nd Millemiun BC Cunieform Tablet, also describing the Flood+ Genesis.

    :!: :!: Lucky You DELETED your comments section Lisa, with your modern “Watchmen”. Watcher? GOTCHA!

    Daemon from Greek DAIMON ~ a god divinity, godlike……..(good or bad)

    ## In a way, the UFO pilots are a Watchful Daimon (falling from the heavens)……..their last appearance was over the DOME of the ROCK 2011-UFO…….”Watching” the excavations under the Temple Mount….

    NEW WORLD ORDER – One Govt, One Military, ONE CHURCH…..the one “True”? Church of Rome

  • Pink Slime

    The Bible gives the answer already.

    It tells you Satan is in control of the world so those in POWER are under his due influence and can explain many of the wickedness, abominations and evil occurring in the world today that can be traced easily to your leaders and their leader – SATAN.

    Who the Bible calls the “prince of power of the air” and who Paul said, we wrestle not against flesh and blood but rulers of darkness and spiritual wickedness in high places. :twisted:

  • Anonymous

    There are no aliens, there are the angels cast out of heaven that are doing the work for Satan, and then there are the puppets such as Obammy the sodomite that help the bad angels with their work. The sodomite like all the puppets are being used and are to stupid to know it, or don’t give a damn for they have sold their souls ever so cheap. They are expendable, and will die and can be killed, The bad angels however with so much power cannot be killed by man and will meet their fate through Christ. This is why when The USA is gone as she is Babylon , and the armies of the world march upon IsraHell they cannot defeat her, as they are the children of Satan and are protected by the evil angels and Satan, but then Christ will come and have his way with the so called fallen angels, and Satan and the children of Satan the jews once and for all. Enjoy the ride its just around the corner, and we all deserve it.

  • HAPPY chem TRAILS 2 you

    No such thing as extraterrestrials. Only demons

  • 2QIK4U

    They enjoy kings game’s and treat countries like chess pieces.

  • GodhelpUS


  • Anonymous

    that guy hardly lets Dave get a word in edge-wise

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