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Trump and Clinton to Be Assassinated-Mounting Evidence Revealed

Thursday, September 22, 2016 5:33
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Are Trump and Clinton Going to be Assassinated at the Same Time?



Let’s take a globalist perspective of the present situation in the 2016 race for the White House. The criminal elite do not want Donald Trump’s populist movement to progress any further. To do so would advance the cause of nationalism over the sovereignty busting globalism which is the end game of the New World Order. However, it would be a case of high risk poker to assassinate Trump, as it would put tens of millions into the street and the risk of having an uprising that cannot easily be squelched would become real. A military coup might even result.

On the other hand, if Hillary Clinton were to die, or be incapacitated to the point where she cannot continue the campaign, the globalists would witness the election, by default, going to Trump, yet, another unacceptable alternative.

Imagine if both candidates were to suddenly die. Only a handful of Trump supporters would suspect anything nefarious. Clinton’s impending demise would not leave Donald Trump’s revisionist notion for America in the White House. The simultaneous death of Clinton and Trump would allow the globalists to hit the reset button and erase the mistake they made when Trump was not stopped in the early days of the campaign, in Robert F. Kennedy style.

Are Both Candidates Slated to Die?

We are all too aware of the media based predictive programming that is utilized by the crimial elite to condition the masses for what is coming. It is not a very big leap of faith to project that in the last 11 days, America has been the recipient of some very disturbing type of predictive programming. It is looking more and more like both candidates are going to meet their fate at, or about, the same time.

The Globalists Have Made a Losing Bet

I think we can all agree that Hillary Clinton is the establishment candidate. And her candidacy has blown up in the face of the her puppet masters. And what do professional gamblers do when a bet goes this bad? They simply fold their cards and wait for the next hand to be dealt. This appears to be the case with Hillary Clinton’s campaign. As I have previously written, her continued candidacy is a liability for the globalists.

In a very bizarre turn of events, the very liberal, left-wing Huffington Post published an  “obituary” for Hillary’s campaign listing nine very valid reasons why Clinton will not be elected to the White House. The media, piece by piece, is beginning to run from Hillary Clinton’s campaign. They are clearly preparing for the death of Clinton’s Presidential campaign, and as we will soon see, they may be preparing for her actual death. Actually, both candidates may have their foot on the proverbial banana peel. Let’s start with Donald Trump.

Demonic Voice on Radio Calling for Trump Assassination

Simultaneously to the unraveling of the Clinton campaign, we are seeing a clear indicator that Trump will not be the beneficiary of Clinton’s demise.

In the weirdest radio broadcast that I have every heard, recorded by a man who just happened to be driving on the New Jersey Turnpike on his way to Hoboken, NJ., at 7AM in the morning, a message played that quite clearly intimated Donald Trump has been targeted for assassination on September 26th.

In the message playing on 1630 AM radio, one can clearly hear a demonic sounding voice keep repeating “Trump will go 26th“. For five minutes, the same message was played over and over. The voice sounded like something that had escaped hell and landed in the Twilight Zone.

If we wipe away the macabre aspect of this event, the notion that Trump may only have a few more days to live is quite clear.

“Hillary Clinton Is Dead”-WABC TV News

By now, most of you have seen the WABC TV News report listed below on Hillary Clinton’s death. It aired on 9/11 not long after Clinton collapsed during the 9/11 commemoration.

This report set off a firestorm of speculation that Hillary Clinton was indeed dead. When there was not any further announcements reporting Clinton was dead, further allegations of a cover-up of Clinton’s death were widely circulated.

Do I think Clinton is dead? I really don’t know, but I would not be surprised if she were. Here is the report, followed by what I believe is really transpiring.

Connecting the Dots

In my years of covering globalist treachery and tyranny, I have never seen two events that seem so bizarre on the surface. However, this mystery is like any other, in that there are dots to connect and conclusions to be formed.

If both candidates were to die in the same approximate time frame, this would solve a lot of problems for the globalists. This would allow them them to hit the reset button, without risking a revolution. With both candidates dying, neither side would have the moral high ground to claim their righteous indignation and moral superiority. The election would be thrown into instant turmoil, leaving TPTB  with a great opportunity to find a solution.

Let’s just speculate that both candidates are assassinated on the same day. The American public has already been somewhat prepared as indicated by the evidence presented in this article. The country, as was the case with 9/11, would be in shock and open to the solutions imposed by the globalists appearing to right the wrongs of what just happened.

The Russians, the Chinese and/or ISIS could be blamed for these catastrophes. The people of this country are war weary. However, the anger that would arise from this so-called double assassination would inflame the passions of most of the country and the desire for revenge would be high, even if it meant going to war. The election would be cancelled and obviously some form of martial law would be implemented and high profile dissidents would be snatched from the streets along with the purge of “groups” responsible for the most heinous false flag act in our history.

If this is not possible, or even likely, then please explain how these two “media events”, happening in close proximity, could be just a random set of coincidences. Add to that the fact that media is slowly, but surely, backing away from Clinton. If you think this is all random chance, then I would have to label you a “COINCIDENCE THEORIST”, and that you live in a world governed by exclusively random chance.

We must pray for the divine protection of both candidates. If we are true to the word of God, justice will be done.

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Total 22 comments
  • I guess anything could happen, but I doubt Hillary would be assassinated. She’s a NWO person, I’m thinking that’s exactly who the powers-that-be want in the White House.

    • But here’s the thing – the NWO powers-that-be and the Deep State have realized that she’s NOT the person they want in the White House.
      Her liabilities are too extreme. She and Bill have perpetrated the greatest charity fraud in the history of the world…
      And that is just the proverbial tip of the iceberg!

      • I’d have to disagree with you Gryphon, as NWO is in essence about people following the Antichrist. Devilish people in power aren’t worried about stuff like that, I think they applaud it.

    • This election is all about the vice presidential choices. They don’t want killary or trump, but they will take either of the globalist VPs.

  • because Jade Helm?

  • every election there is speculation online about candidates being on a hit list if they dont go along with the predefined agenda, does a political hit list really exist and we the people dont know anything about it, can it be prevented

  • “The media, piece by piece, is beginning to run from Hillary Clinton’s campaign.”
    No! You mean… common sense has actually survived?

  • God is control of all things, He is going to have it His way. The following prophecy from Wings of Prophecy blogspot was just posted two days ago.

    Some of the darkest times in history yet lay ahead for My people, and for the world. Such darkness is coming, and such evil, as the world has not ever seen and many will not understand what is happening. Those who do not know Me, who do not know My Word and My ways will have no hope in this time. Only those who follow Me, who abide in Me will survive what is to come.

    Man thinks he has all the answers. He thinks he can control all the aspects of his world, but he will soon know, and beyond any doubt, that he can control nothing unless I allow him to.

    I alone control the foundations of your world, My people. I alone control the atmosphere around you, and all that lives on the earth. I set kings on thrones and I dethrone them. I control all you see. I can make changes to your world that cannot be undone. I can remove the earth from its foundations, and leave it reeling.

    There is a dark time coming such as no man has seen before. The people of the earth will be very terrified in this time, for nothing shall be as it was. Nothing they try to fix it will work, for this will be the work of My Hands. I have already ordained this to be, for they refuse still to repent of their wickedness.

    There is nothing I cannot do.

    Serve Me and live.

    • CJ

      You seem to THINK God Knows about the human dream of separation. True, if you seem to ignore Me you seem to suffer, you seem to suffer cos there is Only Me, you seem to suffer cos you seem to deny Me. As there is Only Me, you seem to suffer cos you seem to THINK there is another beside Me, lol

  • Trump will win as his coronation was designed since before he was born. Major false flag being set up for October to officially begin WW3.

  • jdp…If both candidates were to die due to assassins chaos would prevail, but Trump may be head wounded and healed, who knows?

  • jdp…There is nothing that God can’t do so Christians pray all the more for Mike Pence who puts God first and his to be new boss that all will come out as God wants. In the darkest of times Almighty Gos came through for Israel and now for Christians. Those who have been slain in Christ name will receive there reward. Just know our reward is so great we have nothing to fear but fear it self.

  • jdp…There is nothing that God can’t do so Christians pray all the more for Mike Pence who puts God first and his to be new boss that all will come out as God wants. In the darkest of times Almighty God came through for Israel and now for Christians. Those who have been slain in Christ name will receive there reward. Just know our reward is so great we have nothing to fear but fear it self.

  • Total ‘BS!’ ..the kind BIN likes!

    • I’d say this is Definately Plausible!……Didnt they bring down 2 “Pillars of Democracy” before?

      and now we know it was 3 ! (bldg 7) , stole the $$, destroyed the paper trail, killed witnesses, started WW3 on Terror………yet Pull-it Zionsh!t, got insurance $$$ + free asbestos removal in NYC

      Kill 2 Birds, with 1 stone? ……..They kill a flock,its habitat, any witnesses/evidence and point the finger eleswhere> Islam., and rig it to make $$ or push their agenda.

      ***Islamic Suicide BLAST at USA Political Election Debate****

      ( and the ringleaders of Black Lives Matter were also taken out in the blast) at some UNI CAMPUS :???:

  • Hillary is NWO Socialist, so are the Bush people.

    Hillary is NWO pick but is also an expendable puppet that if something happened to her that it could spark a leftist revolution and of course Obama would take control with a suspended constitution. Will it happen, no one knows really the details of the unfolding end time events although they may have a idea of major events to happen.

  • Interesting! One good way of getting rid of the dilemma of either one being dead is to KILL both of them?

    That would be the negro sodomite’s DREAM of being declared USURPER FOR LIFE.

    Suspension of the Constitution which no politician liked away and martial law all so dear to a politician, plus they get rid of two liabilities, a failed sick Clinton (of no use to them anymore) and a menacing Donald who threatened their power. :cool:

  • Hillary should b trumps vice prez or trump her vice prez then everyone wins?

  • How about a plan like this ? I saw that Obama plans on selling OUR tax paid Internet to some corperutt group of people . It was also stated that they may monitore the Internet allowing only information they desire . Now let’s suppose that Oct 1 when this sale is suppose to take place that these people are NWO , UN people . Just like the media that they own they will control what you see and acquire from OUR tax paid for Internet . So Information and sending of information goes dead . Only good stuff about Hillary is all over the net . Even though a double is standing in all they have to do is make it to elections . The vote will be rigged even on the Internet . How could anyone prove what really happened in another state ? Hillary wins . But she is also causing problems for the NWO , UN with her FBI invesagations . Suddenly after taking her oath as president she has another spell and dies . Bingo ! Victory for the elite . Now Tim Cain one of our ( Virginia’s) worst governors steps in as acting president . This man is controlled by the elite he is also Catholic and answers to the NWO , Vatican , natzi , luciferian , Esau leaders . Now the NWO , UN agenda continues down the road ! It’s time America take back our country from these thugs !

  • If many people enough repeat in their prayer to God, “Trump won’t go 26th”, resisting the evil radio message, Trump will be protected. Concerning HRC, I think that she has gone over her limit, set by God, and cannot be helped by any prayer.

  • We know you really don’t believe they’ll get assassinated.

    You just love writing the word “ass” so much cause you are one and because your boyfriend’s is your dinner menu.

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