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Assange’s Days Are Numbered-The Real Reason Ecuador Prevented the Release of Information

Tuesday, October 4, 2016 16:12
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Last night, I decided to make a late night of it, and I decided to listen to Alex Jones as he covered the Julian Assange Clinton revelations via live stream precisely at midnight (Pacific). It quickly became 1AM and then I was interrupted with a communication from an insider source. He said very abruptly, “Are you waiting for the revelation that will never be?”  I promptly asked him what he knew and he said “You will never know what Julian knows”.

Subsequently, I asked him, again, what he knew and he said that Assange’s days are numbered. Ecuador’s government will likely give up Assange to Obama and Clinton. He said he had information that the Ecuadorian government was hit with the kitchen sink. My source went on to say that the leadership of the government was told that if they persist in letting Assange do what he’s doing, that there will be severe economic disruptions and even assassinations if Assange is permitted to continue. I asked if this was strictly the work of the Clinton criminal enterprise and I was told that this goes much higher, but that they are operating on Clinton’s behalf. In short, Obama is pulling out all the stops along with the Bank of International Settlements to stop the damning information from coming out.

As most people know, Ecuador’s embassy was attacked in late August and presumably Assange was the target. The British authorities took 2 hours to respond to a crime that was less than a 2 minute walk away.

Subsequently, we have seen the last of the Wikileaks revelations unless the Ecuador’s government is willing to risk ending up like Venezuela.

Ask yourself this question, if Clinton’s allies are willing to do this to a sovereign nation, how far will they go to steal the election? Clinton will become President at all costs.

No doubt Putin would like to complete the double play of propaganda and rescue Assange and give him asylum along with Snowden.

Meanwhile, the people cannot be permitted to hear the truth.


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  • JKnTX

    Since we are all dead and dust in the end, it is merely a matter of time and what you chose to die for. Simple as that.

    • 2QIK4U

      While Julian hypnotized the lot of you GUCCIFER was very busy doing possibly Assange’s data dump for him. Look in my eyes not in my hands

  • Detergent

    OK, call me dense, but I don’t follow the logic of the above argument. If Assange knew he was soon to be handed over to the Americans, I’d think that would be encouragement for him to get the information out quickly. What would be the point of continuing to withhold it?

    • Morgana Le Fay

      He may not be able to get it out at this point, although I find it hard to believe he doesn’t have contingency plans to leak the info if that’s the case.

      • JKnTX

        If he had anything to release, he already would have. This is nothing but a charade.

        • Eggzactly

          the files are already in other news organizations in the case something happened to him. its out there.

          • Equalizer

            RELEASE…just like Hillary’s colostomy bag.

    • JKnTX

      Because he is nothing but a distraction, just as Snowden is. If you watch soap operas, you will see this same cliffhanger methodology employed to keep the audience coming back for the next episode.
      It is nonsense.

      • Anonymous

        Than you. You critical thinker, you. Both are zio-fag CIA assets IMO. TBBP. DGIT.

        • Anonymous

          Thank you. You critical thinker, you. Both are zio-fag CIA assets IMO. TBBP. DGIT.

    • Detergent

      Thinking about it, I guess the answer to my own question is that as long as he has the information and also has a “dead man switch”, he has at least some protection. Were he to be taken by the dark forces the dead man switch would be activated. So, as long as he’s not been taken then the dead man switch has not been activated and he has a small bit of protection and some capital with which to negotiate.

  • The end is upon us

    These 2 have risked their lives and given us nothing more than their spying on you and they dont pay taxes…….. oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Come on. either assange has nothing or hes holding on to the juicy stuff. better release everything while you can.

  • Elijah

    Both Snowden and Assange are controlled opposition leakers. They are the Illuminati’s created version of david vs goliath, in the high tech world.
    The fact that there was a movie out this summer on Snowden shows you this guy is part of the scam!

    • True News

      Correct. The best case is they are patsies.

      • Equalizer

        Болеhead… Wake up and smell the roses bonehead..never shoot the messenger, never persecute a whistle-blower standing up against corruption., idiot.

        • Болеслава

          what if the messenger has an avatar depicting a retard clapping :eek:

  • Болеслава

    julian assage – fruits so far????

    snowden – fruits so far. ???

    I think snowdens fruits are well known and earth [ie. prevailing order] shattering. Assage – not so much.

    • Болеслава

      also one is creepy one is not

      one they went all out to get and one was wandering around unharmed for years before they decided to ‘get him’

      one sacrificed everything the other nothing until eventually they decided to get rid of him having outgrown their purposes – which they do with all their minions

      discernment is an important part of truth :cool:

      remember the guys they droned in the us because of their high profile – the journalist and the actor walker and the other guy??????

      assange is a distraction for them

      snowden has protection

      assange is a mason

      snowden is not

      the election will be fought between trump and his backers and satan and his backers

      trumps ranks are filled with world political influential types satan has only the english speaking nations political banking backers

    • deano

      #Exposure of Iceland’s corrupt Banks. The people revolted and now run the banks themselves!
      #Exposure of Africa’s puppet presidents….UN was forced to act
      #Exposure of Afghans puppet leaders/CIA opium connection
      #Exposure of US WAR CRIMES…..the Helo-gunship video of Manning “Co-Lateral Murder”

      Why does the USA want to extradite him back to Sweden ?
      Why has UK Police had 24/7 presence to ‘arrest’ if he steps outside?
      Why has his “Lawyer” suddenly died in mysterious circumstances?
      Why didnt the 24/7 UK police see the assassin climbing the Embassy walls?

      *%* Here in Aus(he cant be a US traitor) our govt has completely hung him out to dry! All we here is he is a CYBER HACKER + a RAPIST!……….the Aus public has NOT been told that he actually lived with this “rape victim” in sweden……the apparent “rape”….a Broken condom?

      The TRUTH is Bob Bekel ‘screamed” on FOX 5 panel , in 2010. not recently in 2016.

      ..>>>”He is a traitor! Lets kill the son’o'bitch! Lets drop a drone on him in London”

      That is International Terrorist. A man inciting a Murder via Drone on London(a bomb) on national US TV station. FOX is guilty of TERROR Promotion!

      Fruits so far?…….the FRUITCAKES here on BIN pushing this Psyop….Wikileaks cant be trusted, he didnt make his promise…….therefore, any of their other stuff is questionable….

      and as those 30mm Cannon shells ripped apart 2 Iraqi Children……..NICE!

      • VirusGuard

        Yes you are right and i was starting to turn on Juillian for not delivering the goods myself and then it was pointed out to me that Alex Jones was putting words into Juillians mouth by saying he had some “leaks” to put Hillary in Jail and Juillian never realy said that but now is taking heat for not delivering on words he never said.

        Alex Jone points the finger at everyone but never the bankers and is not to be trusted.

  • Pink Slime

    The world in disarray succumbing to the evil ones. If what you say is TRUE, Assange was a big let down or never was. Could all of US have been played??

    The bottom line is no matter what story they tell you HILLARY MUST NEVER BE YOUR PRESIDENT – PERIOD!!! She must NEVER be accepted as president and we must make it known.

    This or you will never have your country again as you know it. Most of you won’t care. Right till you get slaughtered you will be clueless. So it will be merciful.

    For those in the know – head for the hills. It won’t be so merciful but you’ll be alive. :cool:

  • Cousin_Jack

    Seen this before, nows the time things get interesting.

  • NotaLemming

    This is disturbing.

  • sarah

    Thanks for the article Dave.

  • Josie

    If his days are numbered he might a well take the ones responsible of his demise with him.

  • Eggzactly

    Calling BS again on BIN!!!!!! He is not wanted by the US! We have no warrants out on him. And I got a call from a cousins cousin’s aunt and she said her butcher told her that the cable guy told him from a neighbor that Dave is full of Dave! :shock: :lol:

  • Takealook

    Why would anyone take refuge in a country as pathetic as England which is owned by the Devil-Jew family Rothschild?
    It makes no sense since they are the root of all evil here in America and worldwide.

    • Ted

      I don’t know how many People around here believe you but I do.

      The Upper Classes of England are corrupt and scary. They want the system back where with one word a higher “ranking” inherited privilege Person can send you for life instantly to “Australia”. The American Dream of 87% Middle Class with Rules that apply to everyone under a Bill of Rights is NOT what the British Elites want.

      • DK

        Australia was a working mans paradise and the British uppers are pan Euro Uppers and are guilty of treason against the crown, not only that the majority are tax avoiders and no longer live here bar for 2 weeks a year for tax reasons.

        Now if you want that one word and a man with privilege can send you to Australia business, you have to go to the case of Chris Spivey who exposed the fact that Lee Rigby was a fake persona, where the plaintiff never showed up at a hearing, a judge was substituted for a magistrate(a bad sign), he defended himself and did not walk out when plaintiffs did not turn up to prove standing, or walk out when the Judge declared he would render verdict – without quorum or the required 12 jurors. Spivey was more miffed about being messed about with the time and place of his hearing than the lawful procedure and his rights.

  • Ex LA Lady

    I hope Putin takes him in……..

    • Болеслава

      Ex LA Lady ……huh! you make LA sound like a disease :grin:

  • Counter Analysis

    I immediately guessed that was what happened. Here are a few of the counter moves Assange can make. One, he can resign from Wikileaks leaving whoever is his predecessor to make the revelation. Two, he can pull a hillary, and leave the info on an insecure basement server to be hacked by Guccifer 2.0 or whoever would then reveal the content. Three, he can encourage his source to give the revelation to another outlet preferably or including the Trump campaign!

    Isn’t it comforting to know someone will have info to blackmail the president should Hillary get elected. This whole election is surreal, and feels like a hitleresque tyrant is rising to power. Very very scary!!!!!!!!!

  • George

    Just one more example of holding and bragging about sensitive information for too long without just dumping it! If he has information, it would’ve been so much better for him to just put it out there. Now he’s between a rock and a hard place with no good path to follow. If he dumps it now, his hosts may dump him by necessity, right into D.C.; they may dump him there no matter what he does now. If he hopes now to release the information at a later date, that date will never come for him. There is a lesson here. Bragger.

  • Болеслава

    i;m gunna release the stuff from my balcony… i;m not by video stay up late world and watch …….oppps sorry to get you all up ….I’lll release it in stages – the stuff will be released in stages – thats it in stages – what i said to deano I’ll say to you – shove it up your arse.

  • ruk9p

    The more information that the blackhats are seen twisting arms and threatening lives to cover-up that information the more people they are waking up to the pervasiveness of their criminal presence. Let’s face facts, shall we?

    For the Obama/Clinton/Bush politi-mafia there are only two potential outcomes for the blackhats that don’t include either a prison cell or a gallows. #1. The NWO crowd is successful in enslaving the world with a one world government by deceit and force establishing a mortocracy where they kill off all but the weakest willed, turning the planet into a big game of us vs. them for who knows how long. #2. They manufacture a pretext for warfare with a nation whose current leader took losing the Cold War VERY personally. Provoking a nuclear first strike, while keeping the American people completely in the dark as to why there was no retaliatory launches by the US. The short answer is that the blackhats can come up from the bunkers we paid for, blame everyone and everything but themselves, and start over with a blank (and glowing) canvas upon which they will then paint their Picasso-esque picture of a previously failed ideology.

    Would you and your children rather be slaves to the wealthy elites, treated as the title implies? Or, die with the dignity of people who are free, knowing you and yours wouldn’t be enslaved and treated like animals?

    :arrow: Liberty is worth the risk or loss of one’s own life. Tick Tock.

  • Sue Rosenorn

    Satan is controlling Obama and Hillary.

  • 2QIK4U

    Here’s some common sense for you. Have you stopped to think that Julian’s 3am announcement was a stall tactic! While everyone is watching Julian nobody was watching GUCCIFER! It looks like he might of done the dump instead. Or at least a part of it. Check out the evidence he dropped last night. This will shut Alex Jones the hell up. :grin:

  • VirusGuard

    Wikileakes release was sexed up by Alex Jones to make out the Juilian said he had something to put Clinton in jail but these words did not come from Juilian and now the world wants him to deliver on something he hever said and cannot do.

    Yes he does have something on Clinton but it’s not mind blowing and motor gob Alex Jones is setting him up

    Dave your man Alex is trusted by next to no one here on B4IN

    “I promptly asked him what he knew and he said”

    Sure Dave because you was sitting next to Alex in bed with his jewish pay masters

  • El_Puerco



  • sitrep

    Last Sitrep Report: Bugging Out …….Take Care

    We Have top people, very High up the echelon ladder.

    Each agent speaks 10 different languages, very precise, with accent. These Agents are trained from birth.

    You been notice…… to go now will try to finish in bug out location

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