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Brace Yourself! What Will Happen in the Next 2 Weeks and Beyond

Monday, October 24, 2016 22:59
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~~A friend of mine asked me to let him know what I thought was going to happen in the near future regarding the political situation and global turmoil. Here is my answer:

The stage is set for the possibility of one of several things happening. There are a lot of factors we are not privy to that would influence the outcome. So there is no way to accurately guess what will happen. It is certain that many of the things that have been revealed has caused the players to alter their plans. Once they are exposed to a degree, they figure that going ahead with a particular scheme(false flag or fake event) would no longer be a surprise and wouldn’t have the same affect.

I will describe each scenario and give an idea what is possible. There is not likely going to be any race riots to stop the election, or afterwards either. That has proven to have limited success. 

I read an article recently that Russia may take out North Korea. That would take away Obama’s wild card. China would also help Russia in this and stabilize that area. We will see if that happens or not. Unless there is some kind of new provocation by North Korea I don’t see that happening right now.

The nation has been awakened to the crimes of Obama and the Clintons. Even if Hillary wins she will be severely wounded and court cases and investigations will take place to hobble her presidency from the start. If the election is held, Trump should win easily. This is all well known by the experts on the inside. It is also well known that when Trump wins Hillary will be charged with multiple counts of fraud and crimes. She will have to flee the country with Bill and live out her days in Qatar or United Arab Emirates where they don’t have an extradition treaty with the US.

The truth is, a confluence of events is approaching rapidly and they only have two weeks to stop the election. Waiting until after the election and January for Obama to do something does not appear to be a good option.  It would not prevent Trump from being president and would not help the Clintons at all. Also, a terrorist attack on one city, or two, even if it was a nuclear dirty bomb planted by terrorists, would not have the necessary affect or be a large enough event to justify stopping the election. It would be considered too much of a coincidence as a possible false flag and be rejected by the public en masse.

A limited confrontation in the south China sea now, after losing the control of the Philippines would not have the affect necessary to stop the election. Even if a US ship was sunk, it would not be enough to make the US citizens accept what is going on. It would be questioned by conspiracy theorists and there would be limited backing of Obama, and would not help Hillary win the election.

A banking holiday and quick collapse of the financial system would not stop the election, but only expose Obama as a failure because it would have happened on his watch.  Even if it happened it would not help Hillary to get elected.

The major event left is some kind of a confrontation/event in the Middle East, namely Syria, that could start a chain of events that could possibly affect the elections. The entire Northern Russia naval fleet will be in the Mediterranean soon. If one of their ships or any US ships are hit, we go into a war footing with Russia. As far as Ukraine is concerned, it is a peripheral issue and will only be a side show compared to the main event. That area will only react to what happens in the Middle East.  The US is hoping for a sudden hostilities between the US and Russia that would cause a domino effect and up stage of attacks, where Ukraine will eventually be a domino in their favor in taking back Eastern Ukraine, etc. But they are wrong, Putin will not even bother with that area at this time. He doesn’t have to. He can send missiles to take care of any invading armies towards Crimea or Russia

Gauging from the response of the Europeans and the UK regarding the situation in Syria, it appears that they are hell bent on a confrontation in the Middle East. The fact that recently there was a Belgian fighter jet that flew into Syria and bombed and killed some Syrians, shows their intent, pattern of action and tips their hand. Belgium is the leading country where the global conspiracy originates, and it was no accident they used them as a test in Syrian defenses. It may have been done just before the new defense missiles were set up by Russia. My guess is this kind of incursion will happen again, perhaps with a UK fighter jet this time. Once a jet goes down the US will go into immediate action and start targeting the Russian defense missiles-  with cruise missiles and conventional missiles. The use of unmanned missiles will make them(USA) feel they are handling this in a “measured and proportionate” way. But that conclusion would be a miscalculation. Putin will destroy EVERY source of where those missiles came from. We must understand this is not Saddam Hussien we are dealing with. Putin will not sit there and allow his forces to be picked apart for weeks like in Desert Storm 1.

Also, if one of the Russian ships goes down, Putin will take out at last one US ship in relaliation. This puts the ball back in the US court. They have a decision to  make – if they take further aggressive moves, Putin will react even harder. If NATO or any EU nation tries anything at that time, Putin will also hit them. There is also a possibility of there being some kind of US military resistance to orders given by Obama. It would be considered foolhardy and anti-theoretical to attack the nation that is fighting against ISIS. This will mean that the orders Obama wants to make, even going to a nuke exchange will be rejected by the military. Any hesitation on our part gives Putin the advantage, and gives the American public time to think about what is going on. When I planted the seed about the declaration of repudiation of Obama before the last mid-term election, that idea has spread underground and taken root.  There are numerous calls for the military to arrest Obama right now on numerous charges. It must also be noted that there may be back channel communication between the US military and the Russians. The US commanders may be telling the Russians not to nuke the US in this conflict and that they will also refrain from nuking Russia – and will reject those orders from Obama if and when they are given.

This puts the aggressive and offensive moves back into the hands of the Europeans, and whatever they try to do – Putin will respond. The European citizens are worn out with the migrant invasion, unemployment, heavy handed EU mandates and the loss of sovereignty  - and are in the process of waking up. If they see what is happening they also may start going after their politicians. That situation will create a staring match between Putin and the aristocracy/power elite in Europe. They will know by that time they must act or lose their power anyway. They will feel they must attack Russia or in the aftermath of a failed plot against Russia will cause the collapse of the EU and their control. They have painted themselves into a corner. And at that point, without the guarantee that the US will actually destroy Russia with a nuke attack, they will then be forced to send missiles against Russia themselves. Knowing this is their option, Putin will be ready to destroy any and all missiles directed at his nation. That is when the elite in Europe must decide whether to risk what they have, or go back to the long range plans of taking over the world in the next few generations. Since there are so many variables I am not privy to, I can’t make an accurate prediction what will happen. Quite honestly it could go either way. As far as Obama, Hillary and the globalists that put them in power are concerned, the only option open to them at this time is to start a war with Russia to stop the election. If they are stupid enough to think all the US military will follow orders, they will risk an all out nuclear war.

When the globalists committed themselves to elect Hillary that was the fatal mistake. Once she was in the limelight 100% she was a target by the conservatives and the alternative media. When the Democrat party attacked Bernie Sanders and used dirty tricks, and forced the independent and Libertarian movement to accept Hillary that was also a fatal mistake. It is obvious the Wikileaks releases of the emails helped wake up the nation. People like Julian Assange and Snowden are crusaders for justice and the people, regardless of their political leanings. Hillary and their goons were then trying to put out too many fires from too many directions. Obama is also injured, even though it is not being discussed much at this time, he will also be charged in several obvious cases of fraud, treason and traitorous activities. This will also be the impetus for him to start a war with Russia. His legacy and survival after the election is now at stake. There is much known to him that we don’t know, and that weighs heavy on his mind  – in the same way a criminal would think when he is cornered, or trying to run from the police. We must understand how they think as crooks when being exposed and the possibility of being pounced on at any minute. This will be the deciding factor in what decision he makes in going to war. I would say there is a 70% chance he will try to go to war with Russia, and start the process as I laid out here. Now we have 2 weeks to see what happens. Let’s hope Obama cuts his losses, backs off and does nothing and then fades away into a post presidency and into obscurity.

I am aware of the Turkey incursion into Syria, and the possibility of them helping out in Iraq. Don’t worry about that at all. Turkey is only in Syria to get rid of the Kurds which are constantly attacking them in Turkey. Erdogan is trying to destroy their bases across the border to stop the terrorism in his nation. If Turkey helps out Iraq, they will be most welcome to join in the battle. (update: I was wrong about Iraq letting Turkey help out in the liberation of Mosul. I did not figure in the historical anomosity the Iraqies and the Turkish people have for each other. And the offer to help in that fight has been soundly rejected by the Iraqie leaders.However sicne this report was first written it has been announced thatTurkey is wihin 15 miles of Aleppo, Syria and may help in that liberation. And, there is word that Turkey will help in the liberation of Ar Raqqa soon) Mosul is toast, thousands of ISIS fighters have already fled. The only ones left are the ones that will hold out to the death.

The only reason people are concerned about Turkey is because of the old Ottoman empire history and mostly because of Biblical prophecies. That motivation for worrying about Turkey is invalid. If Turkey does ONE thing wrong in either nation, Russia will stop them and destroy them, and take over Turkey in the process. The leader of Turkey had a second chance at life since the failed coup and is on board with Russia now, and Russia is fighting ISIS, so in a way Turkey is on the same side as Russia. Naturally Syria is concerned, and so is Israel, but the truth is – Turkey is not going after Syria, Iraq or Israel. They are only defending their own nation from a terrorist army.

We must keep in mind that when China sides with Russia, the US may retaliate with an embargo on Chinese goods. That will make a huge impact on things available in US stores. Regardless what happens in the election or a war starting, the economy and the financial markets will then take a dive and the long downward spiral will kick in. That means next year will be a financial mess, stores close, people laid off, auto makers stop production, banks go under, and inflation kicks in. The conspirators then will punish the world and Trump for ruining their plans to install global socialism when they wanted it to happen. They will no longer continue to prop up the system, but let it go down on its own. The great unknown is how our nation will respond to that economic collapse. In a best case scenario we may have dodged the bullet as far as a nuclear war, but we are not out of the woods yet. We will still face a financial collapse, global starvation, unrest, riots, rampant crime, terrorism, plagues and a variety of local wars and conflicts. Getting Trump elected doesn’t make all of the major problems go away, it only starts a process to take the nation the right direction. Whether it will work or not is another question. George Eaton, The Priority Report

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  • Man

    great, now write your first novel now…I am sure you can be the next harry turtledove

    • George Eaton

      I’ve written 5 novels, but the publishrs won’t touch them.

      • edj1983

        Because your writing is awful.

      • Anonymous

        I find it interesting that the major players in this fake terror are also the same perps who have been showing the world computer generated images of a round ball Earth when any modern camera with a zoom lens can quickly prove it to be a lie. I suspect the threat of war is a distraction for the growing army of folks world wide doing their own experiments to prove that we are on a flat plane that is not spinning at all.
        One month ago Flat Earth research showed 12 million hits. The past month, 13 million and growing daily.

        • b4

          George–that is a well written,thoughtful article


          13 million stupid sheep who will believe anything!

        • The Clucker

          Don’t fool yourself, Anon 64/440. Most of the people researching FE theory are just curious as to how gullible some people can be. 12 of those 13 million are looking it up so they can laugh about it later with their friends.

          • Anonymous

            Yeah, that’s the way I would guess that a birdbrain would think. A higher IQ however, will simply go to a large body of water with a zoom camera or good pair of binoculars and quickly prove that there is no curvature. You can look across or just follow the shoreline and it is just too obvious.

          • maxwell

            …bets…If you don’t comprehend the actual scale of what you’re trying to measure.

    • Redlist Renegade

      Lpke I’ve said about YOU a number of times on here you’re a complete IDIOT and a Shill “Man” !!!

      • Man

        How is life in your underground bunker? Enough tin cans to last the impending doom, I hope…

    • Redlist Renegade

      Like I’ve said about YOU a number of times on here you’re a complete IDIOT and a Shill “Man” !!!

  • Truembaster

    You started well but after that part… :

    “It must also be noted that there may be back channel communication between the US military and the Russians. The US commanders may be telling the Russians not to nuke the US in this conflict and that they will also refrain from nuking Russia – and will reject those orders from Obama if and when they are given.”

    …. I stopped reading. Thats ridiculous. :mrgreen: :?:

    • George Eaton

      I know what you mean. I ws hesitant to include that theory, but if cooler heads don’t prevail we are doomed to a nuclear exchange. Listen to the phone cal between Pres. kennedy and eisenhaur. The crisis of 1962 was being discuused. eisenhaur asked him if he had back channel contacts with the Russians. It was through those back channels that he war was averted.

      • b4

        it is always thru back channels were the real work goes on–always–never what you read in newspapers–that is always bs

      • Truembaster

        I am not sure about whom US commanders you talk about, but what I do know is that the US Army Chief Mark Milley has publicly threatened Russia. Everything else are just hypotheses :

      • fearwise

        They don’t have a hot line for telling jokes to one another!

      • Anonymous

        How old are you George? Are you old enough to have played the ridiculous terrorist game of Duck and Cover as a child in Fool School? That was the game where the government terrorized every child in the US every day in school. They would blare an alarm and all the kids would have to get down on the floor and tuck their heads under their arms. This was to “save” us from the nuclear bomb that the Russians would drop on the school at any moment.
        Fast forward 60 years and I have never even seen each side shoot a BB gun at each other.

  • Richard Parker

    Chaos is what will happen soon enough. These folks in the US government are so full of shit you can smell them from way off. But what would you expect from Freemasons?

  • Enjoykin4

    BREAKING NEWS 25.10.2016

    UK Plans to Train Militants (read ISIL terrorists) in Syria Once More

    UK Defense Secretary Michael Fallon announced the decision of resuming suspended program of training militants (ISIL terrorists) in Syria.

    According to the plan more than 20 UK trainers will be deployed in Syria or in neighboring territories “to provide vetted members of the militants opposition (read ISIL terrorists) with the skills they need to continue to take the fight agains Russian ans Syrian army, Sputnik reported.

    “All militants (from ISIL) will be subject to strict vetting procedures and will receive training in international humanitarian law. Trainees will be security and medically screened prior to the start of training and will be assessed during and monitored after training,” Fallon told reporters.

    The training is reported to include basic infantry drills and battlefield attack and medicine, as well as skills to avoid mines and booby-traps, according to the text of the upcoming announcement.

    The program was put on hold in 2015, after it became known that very few of the militants trained in Turkey by Western instructors succeeded in training mission , by ISIL or al-Nusra Front (ISIL strike force also known as Fatah al-Sham Front) militants, or surrendering, along with all of their brand-new US-supplied weapons and communications gear.

    The US participation in the militant training program in Syria spent a reported $500 million on the program , aimed at delivering some 15,000 skilled militants (read ISIL terrorists) to the Syrian front, produced only a handful of soldiers.

    US commanders acknowledged that they struggled to find more new militants (read ISIL terrorists) who would agree to only fight Syrian army and Kurdish Peshmerga.

    The UK Ministry of Defense still believes the moderate-opposition story, denying that those militants are high grade ISIL terrorists. On the contrary, US President Barack Obama is reportedly unwilling to send more manpower to the militants in Syria, as it has been suggested that they are becoming increasingly extremist.

    Critics of the moderate opposition (read ISIL terrorists) notion observe that the fighting skills, to say nothing of the weapons themselves, will be quality transferred to ISIL or other terrorists groups, as light militants have willingly surrendered in the past or same willingly joined ISIL terrorsist.

    Currently, more than 500 British troops are training Kurdish Peshmerga and some Iraqi forces in Iraq to support the ongoing assault on Mosul, according to the Telegraph.

  • Enjoykin4

    ISIL terrorists storm Police Academy College in Quetta – Pakistan , 60 Killed, 122 Hurt

    ISIL terrorists stormed last night a police training college in Pakistani city of Quetta, killing 60 and injuring at least 122 recruits, local media reported.

    “Five to six terrorists barged into the academy from back side and went straight to the hostel,” Balochistan government’ spokesman Anwar ul Haq Kakar said, SAMAA TV reported.

    “Normally, around 200 to 250 soldiers stay in the academy’s hostel,” he said, adding that there is no confirmation of any hostages.

    An exchange of fire is continuing from both sides at the police training academy on Sariab Road. Three bomb blasts were also reportedly heard in the area.

    Police and FC personnel reached the scene and cordoned off the area.

    According to reports, many police recruits staying in New Hostel of the academy have been taken hostage by the attackers.

    Sources say that around 500 new recruits are undergoing training at the facility.

    At least two terrorists have been killed by the forces.

    Taking note of the terrorist attack, Balochistan Chief Minister Nawab Sanaullah Zehri directed police and FC to deploy more personnel around the academy to clear the area as early as possible.

    Meanwhile, emergency has been declared at all state-run hospitals in Quetta.

    Pakistan’s Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has strongly condemned the attack on Police Training Center in Quetta and directed the federal and provincial authorities to bring the perpetrators to task as soon as possible.

    In a press statement, the Prime Minister has especially shown concern over the safety and security of under training cadets at the Center and directed that utmost efforts must be made to save precious lives while hunting down the terrorists.

    The Prime Minister asked the provincial government and Ministry of Interior to brief him on the evolving situation on continuous basis, said a press release.

  • Enjoykin4

    Free Americans SIGN THE PETITION to have Jewish Illuminati Cabal Soros owned voting machines removed

  • Enjoykin4

    More Breaking News

    Russia’s Mi-28 Attack Helicopters Provide Close Air Support to Syrian Army in Clashes with ISIS terrorists

  • Phd

    Wow! A Pretty dam good summation from the ” American ” perspective ( only positives mentioned )

    Couple of realities :-

    America the commonwealth and EU are in the process of starting military conscription for Females
    as they are running short especially off pilots…where as Russia and China have an abundance of troops
    in all diciplines… Where as America has a vast contingent of tired traumatized and wounded war vets
    and thousands with post traumatic stress syndrome….

    The only military bigger than Russia is China and India who are all allies against the NWO NATO….
    The Greatest Military Force In the world….

    Never forget ” America ” has never won a war in its existance and has always relied on NATO to help it out of
    Lost wars like :- North Korea, North Vietnam, Cambodia, Cuba, Somalia, Iran, Iraq Afghanistan and so many others….

    Not forgetting the hatred out there for so many nations for all the years of bullying by America
    and the Zionists…

  • stompk

    They’re rolling out project bluebeam as we speak, they just tested it in Yellowstone yesterday….

  • Dave 1963

    History does repeat itself. And right now it’s screaming Brigadier General Smedley Butler! Here’s a link to a Youtube video, it’s an audio of, War Is A Racket. Butler wrote the book in the 1930′s. And believe it or not the people that manipulate our system of government are doing exactly what Butler describes. In a nutshell US business used the US military as hired mercenaries to act as strong arm men and protect their business interest. Sound familiar?

    Furthermore Butler helped prevent (for a while) a Fascist coup to overthrow FDR. A congressional comittee actually formed (Mccormick Dickstien Committee), and Butler testified against the CEO’s of several leading US businesses. No one was ever prosecuted.

    Sound familiar?

    • b4

      yeah–ww2 could have been averted if they listen to Butler–instead they went after him–ruined him

      • Dave 1963

        And the fascist Coup was finalized by the Supreme Courts, Citizens United decision. Now we have the melding of business and state, doing what is in their best interest. Mussolini’s definition of fascism.

  • dagiles

    we already are in a war footing with Russia

  • Ideas Time

    Trump can fix this overnight by eliminating the fed, irs and declare all odious debt null and void. Then get Congress to coin new constitutional money and pay all valid debt and loans.

    Then go an recover all stolen assets to back up the new money. Game over for the Cabal elite.

    All their billions and trillions made worthless overnight and all their assets lawfully seized.

  • jdpent01

    jdp…With the polls so showing so weak for Trump why stop the election? Dems believe they already won because of the pre planned voting corruption.

  • Debbie

    I keep an open mind when I read reports like this one, but I wish the writer would include how he comes by these opinions, what are his sources?
    AT this point it looks as if Trump Camp is already saying that the MSM polls are correct, Trump is behind…clearly building their narrative for a Trump acceptance of a loss….a loss that can only happen due to voter fraud…..there is no way Americans are really electing Hillary, Americans want her indicted……
    So, it looks to me like the fix is all in, the script will be followed and Hillary will take office…or, at least a Hillary clone will take office. It is likely that she will die within months and Tim Kaine will be President – a thought that would be hilarious were it not so tragic…
    Hillary/Kaine will preside over the genocide of Americans…and she will enjoy that a lot…they are engineering a famine for starters…the financial collapse will come early next year…..and the NWO will never have to worry about the rise of Americans to challenge their rule and tyranny
    The only wild card in all of this is what reaction Americans have to this, they might not fight it at all. In which case America will be dissolved with a year’s time, we will be the borderless North American Union that George Bush Sr dreamed of, and the UN will claim ownership of all the wealth and real estate once owned by Americans….

    • Doccus

      He has no sources. It’s just a (poor) opinion piece. How this is in any way news worthy is beyond me. Especially when there are genuine facts to report. And if I want to hear someone’s opinion I would rather a psychic with an accuracy rate of 1% than this joker. And of course there’s also all these “God told me” buffoons “I had me a woid o knowledge” who so far are batting 0%, but they still beat this as well.. After all, they can claim “God” as their source. Doesn’t make it so, but at least they *have* a claim of sources.
      This.. not so much…

  • Pink Slime

    Another deluded ass.

    The negro is NOT your president. He is technically a USURPER being unconstitutionally qualified having never met the birth requirements.

    And also in a Judeo/Christian culture you are forbidden to put in a foreigner as your “king”.

    • Phd

      G/Day Pink Slime….

      I will have a doughnut instead of a cupcake on your behalf….
      Well said…

      And to the minus markers here :- WE ARE NOT ALL THE SAME, NEVER WILL BE.


  • my2pesos

    Tree ‘of’ Tranquility ~ Fertile ‘or’ Quantity
    Eternal Life ~ Fertile Lane

  • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

    Heres a fun game, type “next 2 weeks” to see how many times we’ve heard that line before.

    Heres a few examples.

    Warning! ISIS Determined To Attack Us Homeland In Next 2 Weeks. Sunday, August 31, 2014

    Nov 29, 2015 … … Qaeda terrorist network is urgently stating that he believes the United States is ‘ next on the list’ as ‘ISIS’ will attack within the next two weeks.

    The Next Two Weeks will Change History Forever Sep 10, 2015

    ISIS will Attack the USA within 2 Weeks! Nov 21, 2015

    2 weeks–what’s next in terrorism? Nov 14, 2015

    1000 mile swath of the U.S. may be destroyed within 2 weeks from Jan 30, 2015

    Apr 20, 2016 … American economy in the next few weeks. … Is Planned To Be In The News In The Next 2 Weeks”


    See what I mean?

    • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

      Heres a fun game, type “next 2 weeks” into the search box* to see how many times we’ve heard that line before.

  • fearwise

    Great analysis of the current sit and where things are going, there is no question though that once Russia and China the Bear and Dragon make up their mind nothing will change it, the Eagle had better keep that in mind, The M.E. will be controlled by a unified alliance head by Russia and China and their is little the global elite can do to stop it short of the Global Thermal Nuclear War and that has been proven to be extremely unlikely given the “watchers” demonstration on both super powers U.S. and Russian missiles being deactivated with no explanation other than “lights in the sky” :lol:

  • Enjoykin4

    The Saker is top american independent military analyst !!

    Making Sense of the Russian Naval Task Force Off the Coast of Syria
    The Saker • October 25, 2016

    The AngloZionst Empire’s propaganda machine, otherwise known as the corporate media, has had great difficulty deciding what it should say about the Russian naval task force that has been sent to Syria. The Americans have decided to express their usual contempt for anything Russian and describe this force as centered on the “geriatric” aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov, while the Brits chose to describe it as a formidable “armada” about to completely obliterate the moderate terrorists in Syria.

    My friend Alexander Mercouris has recently written a superb analysis explaining that, in reality, this task force was neither geriatric nor that formidable. Rather than repeating it all here, I prefer to write what I will consider a follow-up to this excellent piece with a few more details added. The first step will be to debunk a few fundamental misconceptions.

    Let’s begin with the Russian aircraft carrier.

    The “Heavy Aircraft-Carrying Cruiser Admiral of the Soviet Fleet Kuznetsov”

    Did you know that the Russian don’t even call the Admiral Kuznetsov an aircraft carrier? The official designation of the Kuznetsov is “Heavy Aircraft-Carrying Cruiser”. It is important to understand why.

    What is, in your opinion, an aircraft carrier? Or, let me put it this way, why does the United States maintain a force of 10-12 heavy aircraft carriers? If you believe Ronald Reagan, it is to “forward deploy” and bring the war to the Soviets (that was, then, the rationale for a 600 ship navy and US carriers in the northern Atlantic). Nothing could be further from the truth. The reality is that US, British, French aircraft carriers are a colonial rule enforcement tool. You park one or two aircraft carrier battle groups a few hundred miles from a disobedient country, and you bomb the shit out of it until it rolls over. That is, in reality, the only rationale for these immense structures. And the beauty of it is that you can threaten most of the planet and that you do not depend on allies agreeing to your mission. So, we can say that US and other western aircraft carriers are a long range power projection capability used against weak and poorly defended countries.

    Why weak and poorly defended only?

    Here is the ugly secret that everybody knows: aircraft carriers cannot be defended against a sophisticated enemy. Had the Cold War turned hot, the Soviets would have simultaneously attacked any US carrier in the north Atlantic with a combo of

    Air launched cruise missiles
    Submarine launched cruise missiles
    Surface ship launched cruise missiles
    Submarine launched torpedoes

    I cannot prove the following, but I can just testify that I had plenty of friends in the US military, including some who served on US aircraft carriers, and they all understood that US carriers could never survive a Soviet saturation attack and that in case of a real war they would have been kept away from the Soviet shores. I will only add here that the Chinese apparently have developed specialized ballistic missiles designed to destroy carrier battle groups. That was then, in the early 1990s. Nowadays even countries like Iran are beginning to develop capabilities to engage and successfully destroy US carriers.

    The Soviets never built any real aircraft carriers. What they had were *cruisers* with a very limited number of vertically launched aircraft and, of course, helicopters. These cruisers had two main purposes: to extend the reach of the Soviet air defenses and to support the landing of a force from the sea. One very special feature of these aircraft carrying Soviet cruisers is that they had very large (4,5-7 tons) cruise missiles designed to strike at high-value enemy ships, including US aircraft carriers. You can read up on the “Kiev-class” aircraft carrying cruiser here. Another key characteristic of these Soviet aircraft-carrying cruisers is that they carried a rather lame aircraft, the Yak-38 which was plagued by problems and would have been a very easy target for US F-14s. F-15s, F-16s or F-18s. For that reason, the Kiev-class air-defenses were centered on its surface-to-air missiles and not on its complement of aircraft. By time the Kuznetsov was built, the Soviet had developed aircraft which were at least equal, if not superior, to their western counterparts: the MiG-29 and, especially, the SU-27. And that gave them the idea of building a “real” aircraft carrier.

    The decision to built the Kuznetsov was an extremely controversial one which faced a lot of opposition. The Kuznetsov’s “selling points” were that she was a much superior air defense platform, that she could carry vastly superior aircraft and, last but not least, that she could compete for prestige with the US heavy aircraft carriers, especially the planned but never built nuclear-powered follow-on generation. I find that argument wholly unconvincing and nowadays I am pretty confident that most Russian naval force planners would agree with me: Russia does not need US-style aircraft carriers and if she needs any aircraft carriers at all, then they would have to be designed around a *Russian* mission requirement and not just to copy the Americans.

    [Sidebar: I would love to get on my favorite soapbox and tell you all the bad things I think about aircraft carriers in general and why I think that the Russian Navy should be submarine and frigate centered, but this would take up too much space. I will just say that I much rather have many frigates or corvettes than a few heavy cruisers].

    So the Kuznetsov ended up being a mega-compromise and, as compromises go, a pretty good one. Think of it: even though the Kuznetsov packs 12 massive Granit anti-ship missiles, it has, at least potentially, a complement of aircraft bigger than the French Charles de Gaulle (50 vs 40). Initially, the Kuznetsov carried 12 pure air to air SU-33, but now these will be gradually replaced with 20 much more modern MiG-29K and its 24 Ka-27 helicopters will be replaced by the most advanced reconnaissance and attack helicopter on the planet, the Ka-52K. The Kuznetsov still has two major weaknesses: a frankly dated propulsion (see the Mercouris article) and a lack of on-board AWACs aircraft. The latter is a direct consequence of the design philosophy of the Kuznetsov which was never intended to operate much beyond 500-1000km from the Russian border (again, the crucial roughly under 1000km Russian force planning philosophy).

    To sum this all up: the Kuznetsov is a fine aircraft carrier which nevertheless reflects a compromise design philosophy and which was never intended to project Russian power at long distances the way western, especially US, carriers have.

    Now let’s turn to the rest of this Russian naval task force

    The rest of the Russian naval task force around the Kuznetsov

    One big name immediately stands out: the Heavy Nuclear Rocket Cruiser Peter the Great. This is one heavy beast and currently the most heavily armed ship on the planet. I won’t even go into all the details here, check this article for a list of armaments if you are interested, suffice to say here that this battlecruiser can do everything: anti-air, anti-ship, anti-submarine. She is packed with top of the line sensors and advanced communications. Being the flagship of the Northern Fleet she is also the de-facto flagship of the entire Russian Navy. Last, but not least, the Peter the Great carries a formidable array of 20 Granit anti-ship missile. Please note that the combined firepower of Granit anti-ship missiles of the Kuznetsov and Peter the Great is 12+20 for a total of 32. I will explain why this important below.

    The rest of the task force is composed of two Large Antisubmarine Ships (destroyers in western terminology), the Vice-Admiral Kulakov and the Severomorsk, and a number of support vessels. The Kulakov and the Severomorsk are based on the Udaloy design and are modern and all-around capable combat ships. All these ships will soon be merged into one force, including two small missile ships (corvettes in western terminology) which carry the famous Kalibr cruise missiles and which specialize in attacking surface ships. Finally, though this will not be advertised, I believe that this task force will include at least two Akula-class nuclear attack submarines, one Oscar-II cruise missile submarine (armed with another 12 Granit cruise missiles) and several Kilo-class diesel-electric submarines.

    To sum this all up.

    The Russian naval task force is a Russian attempt to bring together a number of ships which were never designed to operate as a single naval task force far away from Russia. If you wish, it is a clever Russian “hack”. I would argue that it is also a rather successful one as this task force as a whole is a very impressive one. No, it cannot take on all of NATO or even the USN, but there are a number of things which it can do very effectively.

    Now we can turn to the big question,

    What can the Russian naval task force in Syria really do?

    Before looking at the bigger picture, there is one detail which I think deserves to be mentioned here. Nearly every article I read about the Granit cruise missile says that it is an anti-ship cruise missile. I also wrote that above in order to keep things simple. But now I have to say that the Granit probably always had a “B” mode, “B” as in “beregovoy” or, if you prefer, “coastal” or “land” mode. I don’t now whether this mode existed from day 1 or whether it was added later, but it is now certain that the Granit has such a mode. It was probably a fairly minimalistic capability, without fancy guidance and other tricks (which the Granit has in its main anti-ship mode), but the Russians have recently revealed that the upgraded Granits now have a *real* (“complex”) land attack capability. And that requires a totally new look at what that means for this task force. This is what we know about the new and improved Granit (which the Russians refer to as 3M45):


    Mass: 7 tons
    Speed: Mach 1,5-2
    Range: 500-600km
    Warhead: 750kg (conventional and nuclear capable)

    The Granit is also capable of some very advanced things, including having one missile flying at 500m or higher to detect the target and the rest of them skimming the surface while receiving the data from the high-flying one. These missiles are also capable of automatically attacking from different directions to better overwhelm air defenses. They can fly as low as 25m and as high as 17,000m. What this all means is that these Granits missiles are very capable tactical-operational range missiles in their own right. And considering that there are at the very least 32 such missiles in the Russian task force (46 if a Oscar-II class sub is also present), that means that this task force has a tactical missile firepower similar to an entire rocket brigade! Should things go very wrong, this task force could not only seriously threaten any USN/NATO surface ship within 500km of Syria, but also every single city or military base in this range. I am rather surprised that the western fear-mongers missed this one because it ought to scare NATO pretty badly :-)

    To be honest here, some specialists are expressing major doubts about the land-attack capabilities of the Granit. Everybody knows that these are relatively old and very expensive missiles, but nobody knows how much effort was really put in their modernization. But even if they are not nearly as capable as advertised, the fact that 32 to 46 of such missiles we be sitting just off the Syrian coast will be a formidable deterrent because nobody will ever know what these missiles can do until they actually do it.


    The combined capabilities of the Russian naval task force and the S-300/S-400 missiles deployed in Syria give the Russians a world-class air-defense capability. If needed the Russians could even throw in A-50 AWACs from Russia protected by MiG-31BMs. What most observers do not realize that is that SA-N-6 “Grumble” which forms the core of the air defenses of the Peter the Great is a S-300FM, the modernized naval variant of the S-300. It is also capable of the amazing Mach 6 speed, has 150km range, an added infrared terminal capability, a track-via-missile guidance system which allows it to engage ballistic missiles and an altitude envelope of 27,000m. And, guess what – the Peter the Great has 48 such missiles (in 20 launchers), roughly the equivalent of 12 S-300 batteries (assuming 4 launchers per battery).

    One of the major weaknesses of the Russian deployment in Syria has been the relative low number of missiles the Russians could fire at any one time. The US/NATO could simply saturate Russian defenses with large numbers of missiles. Frankly, they can still do it, but this has now become much, much harder.

    Can the Russians now stop a US attack on Syria?

    Probably not.

    But they can make it much harder and dramatically less effective.

    First, as soon as the Americans fire, the Russians will see it and they will warn the Syrian and Russian armed forces. Since the Russians will be able to track every US missile, they will be able to pass on the data to all the air defense crews who will be ready by the time the missiles arrive. Furthermore, once the missiles get close, the Russians will be able to shoot down a lot of them, making it necessary for the Americans to conduct battle damage assessment from space and then re-strike the same targets many times over.

    Second, stealth or no stealth, I don’t believe that the USN or the USAF will risk flying into Russian controlled airspace or, if it does, this will be a short-lived experiment. I believe that the Russian presence in Syria will make any attack on Syria a “missile only” attack. Unless the Americans take down the Russian air defenses, which they could only if they want to start WWIII, US aircraft will have to stay outside the Syrian skies. And that means that the Russians have basically created their own no-fly zone over Syria and a US no-fly zone is now impossible to achieve.

    Next, the Kuznetsov will be bringing a number of fixed and rotary wing aircraft including 15-20 Ka-27 and Ka-52K helicopters, and 15-20 SU-33K and MiG-29K (I don’t think there has been an official figure announced). What the Russians have said is that the fixed wing aircraft will be upgraded to be able to attack ground targets. Will all that make a difference? Maybe, on the margins. It will definitely help deal with the expected influx of moderate terrorists coming from Mosul (courtesy of the US operation to flush them into Syria), but the Russians could have simply moved more SU-25 or even SU-34 to Khmeimin or Iran at a much smaller cost. Thus in terms of its air-wing, I fully agree with Mercouris – this will be mainly a real-life training opportunity and not a game changer.


    This deployment is highly uncharacteristic of what the Russians have been training for. They have basically found a way to reinforce the Russian contingent in Syria, especially against Hillary’s “no fly zone” nightmare. However, this is also a case of making virtue out of necessity: the operation in Syria was always too far from the Russian border and the Russian force in Syria always to small for its task. Furthermore, this deployment is not sustainable in the long term, and the Russians know it. They have successfully imposed a “Yankee no fly zone” over Syria long enough for the Syrian to take Aleppo and for the Americans to vote for their next President. After that, the situation will either get dramatically better (Trump) or dramatically worse (Hillary). Either way, the new situation will require a completely different Russian strategy.

    PS: I am aware of the semi-official Russian announced plans to build a modern aircraft carrier, probably a nuclear one, with catapults and all. For whatever it’s worth, I am very much opposed to this idea which I find wasteful and which does not fit the Russian defense doctrine. The new generation of Russian subs (SSNs and SLBMs), however, gets my standing ovation.


  • Enjoykin4

    BREAKING NEWS 26. October. 2016. year

    Syrian Army Recaptures Oil-Rich Regions in Eastern Homs
    The Syrian Army and popular forces continue to beat ISIL back from two main oil-rich regions in Eastern Homs after they regained control over the territories North of al-Maher oilfield. [VIDEO at Tube]

    Iraq’s Joint Military Forces Liberate More Villages South of Mosul
    Iraq’s joint military forces have liberated more than 70 percent of the territory lying to the South of the ISIL-held Northern city of Mosul since they started a massive operation to drive the Wahhabi-Takfiri cult out of its last stronghold.

    Iraq’s joint military forces have liberated more than 70 percent of the territory lying to the South of the ISIL-held Northern city of Mosul since they started a massive operation to drive the Wahhabi-Takfiri cult out of its last stronghold.

    Terrorists’ Rockets Hit Civilian Neighborhood in Quneitra
    Residential areas in Quneitra came under Fatah al-Sham (Nusra) Front’s Grad missile and rocket attacks again on Tuesday with several civilian casualties reported.

    Iraqi Military Troops Liberate More Villages, Continue Hitting ISIL inside Mosul
    Military campaign by the Iraqi military troops to liberate the city of Mosul continued on Tuesday with army sources reporting that government troops are within a distance of only 3 km from the Eastern edge of the ISIL-held city now.

    Syrian Military Forces Push Terrorists Back from More Lands in Northeastern Hama
    Syrian Army soldiers and popular forces engaged in fierce clashes with three main terrorist groups in Northeastern Hama, and forced them to retreat from key positions in the region.

    Syrian Army Destroys Convoy of Terrorists’ Military Vehicles, Tanks in Western Ghouta
    Syrian government forces fended off terrorist groups’ offensive on their strongholds along Khan Sheih-Deir al-Khabiyeh road, inflicting 23 casualties on the militants and destroying at least three tanks of the Takfiri groups.

    Pakistan Attack: Nearly 60 Killed in Terrorist Attack on Quetta Police Academy
    At least 59 people were killed and more than 117 others were injured after a group of heavily armed suicide attackers stormed a police training academy in the Pakistani city of Quetta.

    The Day After: Mosul Is Not a Make or Break Battle for Iraq
    The long and hard offensive to liberate Mosul could determine the future of ISIL in Iraq. It would also determine the fate of Iraq, but it won’t break the country if unsuccessful.

    Iranian Supreme Leader Receives Chairman of Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei receives visiting chairman of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bakir Izetbegovic, in Tehran on Tuesday. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is also present at the … more

    Retired Army General: Syrian Army in Final Phase of Western Ghouta Operations
    Retired Army General Heisam Hassoun said the Syrian army is nearing the end of its large-scale military operations in Western Ghouta and the war on terrorism in the Western parts of Damascus province will end soon as tens of towns and cities.

    Syrian Army Spreading Control from Southwestern Aleppo to Northern Hama And Southeastern Idlib
    A senior war strategist said the Syrian army has initiated action to spread forces to regions Southwest of Aleppo, including Khan Touman, in a bid to drive terrorists back to Northern Hama and Southeastern Idlib to eventually isolate.

    Syrian General: Syrian Army, Kurds Ally to Push Back Turkey from Al-Bab in Northern Aleppo
    The Syrian government troops and Kurdish fighters have formed a coalition to stand against Turkish army’s incursion into Northern Syria, a retired Syrian army general said.

    Interior Minister: Several Foreigners Among Terrorists Captured in Southern Iran
    Iran’s Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli disclosed that several foreign nationals have been among the terrorist cell that was busted just before conducting a horrifying attack in the Southern province of Fars earlier this month.

    Russian Envoy: Iran Informed of Details of Moscow-Washington Talks on Syria
    Russian Ambassador to Tehran Levan Jagarian underlined strategic ties between Tehran and Moscow, and said Russian official inform their Iranian counterparts of details of its negotiations with the US on Syria.

    Rouhani to Run for 2nd Term in Upcoming Presidential Election
    Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli made the first official announcement about President Hassan Rouhani’s bid to win a second term in office in the next year presidential election in Iran.

    Syria: Widening Rifts Lead to War among Terrorist Groups in Eastern Damascus
    Disputes and sporadic clashes between Jeish al-Islam and Faylaq al-Rahman have increased after the Syrian army’s crushing victories in Eastern Ghouta in recent days, media sources close to the opposition forces disclosed.

    Syrian Army Targets ISIL’s Military Column in Dara’a Province
    Syrian Army’s artillery units shelled heavily a long military column of ISIL’s vehicles and forces on a road to Northeastern Dara’a, inflicting major loss and casualties on the terrorists.

    ISIL’s 6 Main Tactics against Iraqi Forces in Mosul
    The ISIL terrorist group is using special tactics and methods to block the Iraqi army, popular and Pishmerga forces’ further advance and liberation of more lands in Mosul.

    Battle for Mosul on Tuesday: Artillery Fire Starts Hitting ISIL inside Mosul
    Military campaign by the Iraqi military troops to liberate the city of Mosul continued on Tuesday with army sources reporting that government troops are within a distance of only 3 km from the Eastern edge of the ISIL-held city now and have.

    Senior MP: US Helping ISIL to Flee Mosul to Syria’s Raqqa
    Officials in Damascus expressed deep worries about the United States’ deliberate moves to help ISIL terrorists to flee to Raqqa in Syria from the city of Mosul in Iraq’s Nineveh province.

    Over 100 Journalists Jailed by Turkey in Post-Coup Crackdown
    A new report on Turkish media freedoms found that 107 journalists are currently in jail, while another 2500 journalists are unemployed after the government shut down 155 media organizations.
    Yemeni Forces Capture Strategic Point in Saudi Arabia

    Yemeni Forces Capture Strategic Point in Saudi Arabia
    The Yemeni Army and their popular allies captured a strategic point near Yemeni-Saudi border region after a fierce clash with the Saudi army and border guards.
    Afghan Taliban Use Drone to Film Suicide Attack

    Afghan Taliban Use Drone to Film Suicide Attack
    The Afghan Taliban released aerial footage of a suicide car bombing in southern Helmand province, marking the first time the militant group has used a drone to record an attack.
    ISIL Still Training, Dispatching Child Soldiers to Battlefields across Syria

    ISIL Still Training, Dispatching Child Soldiers to Battlefields across Syria
    Opposition groups disclosed on their media pages on Tuesday that over 155 child soldiers have finished their military courses in an ISIL-held training camp in Raqqa and are to be sent to battlefields in Northern Aleppo.

    Turkey Continues Support for Terrorists in Syria
    Ankara has sent several trucks of ammunition to the Fatah al-Sham (formerly known as al-Nusra) Front and Ahrar al-Sham terrorists stationed at a base near Atme border region in the Northern province of Idlib.
    Syria: ISIL Retreats from More Heights in Energy-Rich Regions East of Homs

    Syria: ISIL Retreats from More Heights in Energy-Rich Regions East of Homs
    The Syrian Army and popular forces continued to beat ISIL terrorists back from two main oil-rich regions in Eastern Homs, establishing a 10-kilometer-deep buffer zone around one of them.
    Militant Commander Beheaded by Rival Group in Syria’s Idlib

    Militant Commander Beheaded by Rival Group in Syria’s Idlib
    The militants of Jund al-Aqsa militant group reportedly beheaded the leader of rival Faylaq al-Sham group in Southern Idlib on Tuesday.

  • Enjoykin4

    ISIS Jihadist Counter-Offensive in Southern Aleppo Ends in Disaster

    aleppo-syrian-army take control

    AlMasdarNews reports: ISIS Jaysh Al-Fateh (Army of Conquest) launched a counter-offensive in the southern sector of Aleppo City on Tuesday night, targeting the Syrian Arab Army’s defenses at the Air Defense Base.
    However, the jihadist rebel counter-offensive in southern Aleppo ended way before it could ever get started; this was due in large part to the nonstop air raids conducted by the Russian Air Force and the heavy artillery launched by the Syrian Arab Army. According to a military source in Aleppo City, the Syrian Armed Forces killed over 20 jihadist rebels and destroyed 8 of their armored vehicles that were traveling from Tal Mu’tah to the Air Defense Base. The military source added that the southern Aleppo front is now quiet, with sporadic gunfire taking place every few minutes.

    • The Clucker

      Calm down, guy. Nobody gives a sh*t about your spamming. Contribute to the conversation or move along. I scroll past all of your comments because I bothered to read one once. Enough said.

      • VirusGuard

        I see your point but at least it’s breaking news to some degree and looks more real than much that is posted here because it’s all BS to plug Trump or Clinton or religious crap and “ET” junk

        I think he know that unless you are one of the select few here that your posts get a lead weight and yet the spam bot posts about Alex Jones are always top pick of the moderators and yet no one leaves any comments.

        Let the man have a level playing field i say, too much “The world is about to end in ten seconds” and click bait for me here.

  • VirusGuard

    “I read an article recently that Russia may take out North Korea. That would take away Obama’s wild card. China would also help Russia in this and stabilize that area. We will see if that happens or not. Unless there is some kind of new provocation by North Korea I don’t see that happening right now.”

    Not a chance in hell of that happening because China does not want South Korea under the control of the US occupation force on it’s border having seen what the USA has done in places like Poland

    The Samsung 7 phone catching fire incident was a slap on the wrist for SK because they have upset Japan (that place the yanks nuked and become best freinds the next day :lol: ) so buy one if you see one going cheap because i am sure they are good if you don’t care about being watched or do you realy think Samsung cannot make a battery because they have been around for 200 years and any make of phone will catch fire from time to time, thats life

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