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Scalia’s Murder Tied to the Election

Tuesday, October 25, 2016 7:17
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 The Obama protection rackets murders a Supreme Court justice over climate change initiatives.

The Obama protection rackets murders a Supreme Court justice over climate change initiatives.

In hindsight, I think the death of Scalia had far less to do with his rulings on gay marriage and climate change , and had everything to do with the 2016 Election.  This incredible claim is indeed supported by a hindsight analysis of Scalia’s murder and indeed, he was murdered.

Originally, I was a day late and a dollar short in terms of my timing in weighing in on the death of Supreme Court Justice Scalia. On the first day following his death, I just did not feel that there was enough evidence to fall in line with many others who were calling this a murder as opposed to death of natural causes. At least that is how I felt until I discovered that Scalia did not have an autopsy and his body was cremated.

At the end of the day, I will not be a day late on the motive behind the murder of a Supreme Court Justice. Once the facts supporting that there should have been a murder investigation complete with a full autopsy, I immediately knew the motive because I had extensively written about this over several years ago.

An Investigation Should Be Held on the Death of Any Senior Government Official- It Only Makes Sense

A senior government official, a Supreme Court Justice, was dead. And how was it being treated? The body and subsequent investigation into the death of Justice Scalia has been handled with all the professionalism of putting a rabid dog to sleep. Despite being found by John Poindexter, dead on his bed, with a pillow over his head, there will no investigation.

A Judge Who Thinks They Are Really a Doctor

Under these circumstances, how could an autopsy not be performed on a senior government official? And to add insult to injury, Scalia’s body was moved to Sunset Funeral Homes and this devout Catholic was promptly cremated. But the body was not cremated until Judge Guevara determined that Scalia died of heart attack. Did I say Judge Guevara, or Dr. Guevera? And Guevera, a judge, determined that Scalia died as a result of a heart attack, with an autopsy, and a doctor present, or an RN in attendance…… The fix was in.

Originally, Scalia did meet up with his would-be hunting companions. When found by Poindexter, Scalia was still in his daytime clothes from the night before. Shouldn’t Supreme Court Justices have bodyguards? They do, it is called a Federal Marshall and none was to be found on the day of his murder, which only adds to the long list of facts that adds up to the inescapable conclusion that he was murdered.


Against All of His Personal Beliefs, Scalia Was Cremated

One of the most amazing facts surrounding this “mystery death” is that Scalia’s body was cremated before an autopsy could be performed. Cremated? Wasn’t Scalia a Catholic? The last time I heard, Catholics do not sanction cremations. Oh yes, you can be cremated if you are Catholic, but it is extremely frowned upon by people of Scalia’s age. This fact, alone, should have triggered a major murder investigation. Where is Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, when she is needed the most? Did Obama send flowers to the widow yet? Charred bodies yield no autopsy clues.

Scalia’s Death Marks the End of the Constitution As We Know It

Scalia was the Supreme Court’s staunchest opponent to the progressive agenda. He demolished 2015 gay marriage ruling in a scathing 9-page scathing report authored by Scalia.

With Scalia out of the way, limits on free speech will be restored; “the Supreme Court will render the Second Amendment meaningless by reinterpreting the right to bear arms as a non-personal right; freedom of religion will be made subservient to same-sex marriage and abortion priorities; the death penalty will be ruled unconstitutional; unions will be allowed to continue confiscating the dollars of people who disagree with them politically.” However, these are not the reasons that Scalia was murdered, these were the fringe benefits of his death.

The Real Reason That Scalia Was Murdered

Like it or not, I completely agreed with Michael Savage analysis that Scalia was murdered.

“We had a razor-thin savior of the conservative, or, shall I say traditional, ways in America, Antonin Scalia, who was found dead under suspicious circumstances,” he said. “And now this character in the White House who nobody with a rational mind should trust is trying to railroad Loretta Lynch down our throats … as his number one choice. Can you believe this?”

The End Game Motive for the Murder of Scalia

At the third debate, Trump was asked if he would accept the (rigged) election results. He has received much criticism when he said he would to “see at the time”.  This meant, he is not going to capitulate to voter fraud.

The last time America had a legal question over an election was back in 2004, Bush vs. Gore and the infamous hanging chads. And who finally decided the election? It was not the Federal Election Commission, IT WAS THE SUPREME COURT.

Is it possible that 9 months ago the Clinton Foundation controlled Democrats anticipated that the 2016 Presidential election could be decided by the same body because then knew, back then, they would have to steal the election in order to win and that Trump might mount a legal challenge and that legal challenge would end up in the Supreme Court as did the last election that was challenged?

In retrospect, and in light of Trump’s answer about accepting the election results, it makes sense that Scalia was indeed murdered because of the potential chance of a Trump court challenge to a stolen election.

At the time of Scalia’s death, the Supreme court boasted five conservatives and four ultra liberals. With Scalia out of the way, Obama would be able to nominate a swing vote justice that would shift the power of the Court to the Democrats and any challenge that Trump, or any other potential GOP nominee at that time, would be thwarted by a 5-4 vote.

Obama could not have counted on the fact that the GOP would not allow a Justice to be appointed for nearly a year, the time from the death of Scalia, to the inauguration of new President. Now the Supreme Court is deadlocked 4-4. However, all is not lost to the Democrats. Justice Roberts, because of his surprising vote in the mandatory Obamacare issue has shown is he is vulnerable to political pressure mostly likely due to something in his past that the Obama administration was able to exploit. Subsequently, I believe that a legal challenge by Trump will fail 5-3 and Justice Roberts, again, will be compromised.

One thing that has not even been considered at this point that should be considered, is the fact that if Trump’s margin of victory is so large, and if the Electoral College voters should cower in the corner and give into Trump, fearing a backlash against the electoral college by the public, Clinton may indeed be the one’s to file a legal challenge to the election results.

May we live in interesting times. It is a travesty that a Justice had to die to further the agenda of a hopelessly corrupt political party.


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  • truther357

    You bet..and the future of Our nation!
    He was murdered.. and no FBI investigation (NO SURPRISE HERE!) no autopsy.. If one of Barry’s (illegal ) Supreme would have been knocked off.. the ‘corrupt’ FBI , Secret Service and DOJ ‘would be talking High Crime’ and would be crawling all over the place. It is obvious that they (ALL) are now controlled by this Soros Marxist Mafia governmental ‘takeover!’
    And Our 9 to 5 ‘sleep at the wheel’ Republican’s just set there with their thumb up there ass..thinking about how to get rid of Our selected candidate for POTUS-TRUMP!
    The ranch owner Poindexter is a hard core Democrat and a close financial supporter of Obama…GIVE ME A BREAK!

    • truther357

      Go to my home page and read my other important post.. That BIN doesn’t think should be front page news! :mad:

    • smfresh82

      scalia died because he was a sick and twisted pedophile and a boy he kept raping finally did him in. he was not supporter of the constitution his job was to protect pedophiles. SICk MOTHER FUCKER HE WAS he got what he deserved

  • unidentified

    his death might have been a hoax

    • Sensor

      Why? He’s not dead? Then who died “instead”?
      Then who were beaten and given over?

  • LifeIs

    Um. Bush and Gore and the US Supreme Court was 2000, not 2004.

    And there is the typing error of “with” in place of “without” an autopsy, a doctor, or an RN.

    But the big problem is, how would anybody in February anticipate that this election would end up in the Supreme Court?

    Insiders would know about Hillary’s health, her scandals, her unpopularity. But, they were and REMAIN convinced that they can elect her. They can block investigations, and the media can hammer her opponent.

    They think it will work out for them. Criminals always expect to get away with it, because they’ve planned the crime, and they think they’ve got it all under control.

  • Pink Slime

    Everything is so easy to call out with the open lawlessness, hypocrisy and lies of the Democrap party but nobody ever does anything.

    Not even the Republicans. They let the open wound fester and now it has become a disease. The lawlessness of America.

    CB was right. The only thing keeping you free right now is the semi-auto AR15. The only that is standing between you and your tyranny.

    As soon as Hillary gets in office (via fraud) she will go after that weapon – the 2nd Amendment be DAMNED!!

    • Pink Slime

      :!: Oops alert.

      Word “thing” between “only” and “that”.

    • Gibbs

      Another Oops. You never mentioned the doughnuts

  • Global Agenda

    Check out my video as to why he was killed. He was protecting a global pedophile ring. You know that the election is rigged anyway. They already picked Hillary at Bohemian Grove anyway. Check out Colin Powell’s leaked email. Peace.

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