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Very Strange Happenings in Small Towns Across America – Paul Martin and Dave Hodges

Monday, October 17, 2016 15:04
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From Wittmann, Arizona to LaPorte, Colorado to any rural area in America, the military is up to something and private businesses and contractors are in league with these very strange events.

Find out what’s going on in the following video.


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  • Pink Slime

    There might be some truth to this. Someone reported seeing three white ***** and I told them did they have UN markings? But he did not know.

    Now, I have not passed this area and I rarely go that direction so chances are I cannot confirm what it is or how large. I have also asked friends if they notice anything unusual. Except for those three white ***** they have not seen anything unusual.

    But, the worst thing would be foreign troops on our soil. Uniformed or not, but they can do great damage to this country and kill or round many of you up. This will not be pleasant as many will not return and a lot will be raped and your homes ravaged.

    • 2QIK4U

      Fill the tank and get a hidden camera set up and go for a drive.. Interested to hear what you see.

  • Enjoykin4

    Syrian Government Troops Advance Further in Eastern Aleppo
    The Syrian Army supported by Palestinian Liwa Al-Quds forces, pushed further into the Northeastern parts of Aleppo and captured several positions to the South of Babdin Square.

    Syrian Military Forces Continue to March on Terrorist-Held Lands in Northern Hama
    The Syrian government forces, backed up by the country’s fighter jets, inflicted major losses and tens of casualties on the terrorists and won control over al-Ebadeh on the Southern side of Ma’ardes.

  • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes


    More fear from the fear monger.

    How many years you been posting articles EXACTLY like this one?

    How many times has ANYTHING been accurate?

    Yeah, that’s what I thought.

    • Redlist Renegade

      Another lame comment from an OBVIOUS government disinformation agent !!!

      • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

        Actually, another lame comment from someone who has been in the conspiracy theory community for almost 30 years, and has grown bored with baseless claims, with no proof, from people that say the same thing over and over again and have made a career out of posting the same stuff over and over, with it never happening, but them never explaining themselves or admitting that 99% of what they say is a lie that never happens.

        • Redlist Renegade

          Yeah “StarShit Pooper” you’re the REAL “Expert” aren’t you !!! You’re a Freekin’ JOKE Jack , that’s what YOU are !!!! And don’t say that THIS isn’t happening because I have friends out here that have SEEN it and told me about it BEFORE Hodges even reported it on here !!!

          • Mayhem

            Anecdotal evidence is the clincher in what delusional dimension?

          • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes


            Look at how mad you get.

            So aggressive!

            Telltale signs when someone knows their wrong.

            Go ahead son, keep believing people that make a living selling fear.

            You’ll keep being wrong, I’ll keep being right.


            It’s “freakin” not “freekin”.

          • Hayduke

            Then be a good guy and tell your friends to get some sleep.

        • Redlist Renegade

          I stand corrected here so let me PROPERLY rephrase that for you ; A “Know it ALL” lame ass WELL PAID and OBVIOUS Government Disinformation agent !!! Hows THAT ???!!!!

          • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

            You’re funny.

      • Jacko

        @Redlist Renegade This argument is getting lame. It’s most likely that Redlist Renegade = common nonsense himself anyways. That’s why he can only say it’s obvious without stating why. He doesn’t have the brain to make a lie believable.

        • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

          Yeah, I thought the same thing, he seems to like defending Dave, despite Dave never being right, and clearly just being here for the clicks, and Dave never comments here, maybe he gets his rage out this way.

          • awake1

            The wallmart here in central ohio has about 800 to 1200 bicycles while the meijers has about 80 to 120 I just find that odd and no I didn’t take a pic starboy but they are outside and covered with plastic I could maybe see it at Christmas but it’s just weird if you ask I’ve never seen them stockpile bicycles like this

          • Redlist Renegade

            Ok Smart Ass since you blocked my response to your comment on another story Let me ASK you something . How many times have YOU been around the World ? I’ve done that MANY times !!! I’ve been all through Europe 9 times including all of the area of the UK 3 times (during one of my long trips I was in over 30 different countries). I’ve been in and out of Russia and Ukraine and I’ve seen more of that area than anyone else that I’ve ever even heard of ( I spent the better part of the nineties over there up to around the time of 911) and MOST of the former USSR ELEVEN times (spending up to 4 months at a time there including the Crimea 9 times) and I’ve been in and out of Denmark THIRTY THREE TIMES and the rest of Scandinavia 12 times .That doesn’t include trips that I’ve made to Asia , Africa the pacific etc. and I’d be willing to bet that I’ve seen more of North America than you’ll ever DREAM of seeing !!! Can YOU come even CLOSE to THAT ? I don’t think so !!! I seriously doubt that you’ve had the opportunities in life that I’ve had !!! Are YOU in your sixties Sonny ? I don’t think so , so don’t EVER refer to me as “Son”again you ignorant FOOL !!! Got it ???!!!!!

          • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

            I cant block you idiot, I’m not an admin. You just dont know how to post comments

            I’ve traveled the world.

            Have I been to Scandinavia 90 times or whatever you claim?


            Do I care?


            You’re still obviously a close minded idiot, so traveling the world clearly does not help people become more intelligent.

          • Redlist Renegade

            That ISN’T what I said IDIOT !!!! Travel (and LOTS of it in LOTS of different places) broadens ones horizons and understanding of the world and other people which is why I highly DOUBT that someone as “High Handed” , Narcissistic and so FULL of himself (and full of Shit too) Really HAS done much travelling !!! You’re just a Liberal Simpleton of an absolute Narrow Minded FOOL there “Sonny” !!! Maybe if you could find the time to pull your head out of your closed minded Liberal ASS and wake up to REALITY you could see that BUT I SERIOUSLY DOUBT IT !!!

          • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

            The simple minded always get so aggressive.

            It’s funny and sad.

            Sorry for you Redlist. :sad:

        • Redlist Renegade

          “Jackoff” are you STILL on here spouting all of YOUR crap !!! I would hhave thought YOU’D be off “Playing With Yourself with LAME Ass screen name like THAT Mister Outta Stater Masturbater !!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

          • Mayhem

            And ad-hominem attacks impress thinkers no end.

    • 2QIK4U

      Every post you are PRO HITLERY. What rock did you crawl out from Spider? :mad:

      • Redlist Renegade

        It must have been a very WELL funded (by U.S. Taxpayers) LIEbral Government Disinformation Facility rock or Hitlery’s “Server!!!

      • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

        Who’s pro Hillary?

  • Enjoykin4

    Breaking News !!

    Dramatic Undercover Footage Shows Clinton Operatives Admit To Inciting “Anarchy” At Trump Rallies – “It doesn’t matter what the friggin’ legal and ethics people say, we need to win this motherfucker.”

    More here:

    • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

      Supporter and operative are pretty different, why not post some of the stuff Trump supporters say? Lets get the audio from the Klan meets!

      • Eggzactly

        it was james okeaf with project veritas who got the video.

      • Redlist Renegade

        It’s quite obvious from THAT staement alone that you just gave your “Liebral” self away as actually BEING a Hitlery supporter and LAME Liberal StarShit Pooper or A Common Traitor or whatever OTHER Lame Ass name you’re going by THIS week !!!

      • Redlist Renegade

        Get REAL you Liberal ass kissing Shill !!! The Klan is only a tiny segment comparatively of those of us that support Trump and Trump has NEVER said or even remotely indicated the he supports them or their views in any way !!!

        • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes


          Whatever, my point was actually that both sides have worthless pieces of crap supporting them.

          Which makes sense since all candidates running are worthless pieces of crap.

      • jtricer1973

        DUMB FUCKING TROLL!!! GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

          Yeah, Redlist is pretty bad.

          His name even has a communist ring to it, doesn’t it?

          • Redlist Renegade

            Except that it refers to the Red list , The Blue List and the Yellow or Green List with THIS government ! You can’t REALLY be THAT Dense and uninformed there CAN you Sonny Boy ?!!!

    • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

      I’ll come up with a new name some time.

      • Redlist Renegade

        I have NO doubt about THAT and you’ll STILL be obvious to me and anyone else that’s intelligent and awake on this or any other alternative news website !!! At least THAT and your “NEW” screen name as an admission are the ONLY things that I’ve read from you on here that really ARE the TRUTH !!!

        • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

          None of you clowns are awake, you’re just as blind as anyone watching MSM.

          • Redlist Renegade

            Don’t count on it Sonny Boy !!! You still have a LOT to learn and those of you FOOLS that THINK you Know it ALL REALLY Piss those of us off that actually DO !!!

          • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

            Based on your comments, you think that there is a difference between presidential candidates, and that the election process is real.

            The president is decided on and groomed prior to being announced.

            You cannot vote for the president, they install a president.

            Thinking either candidate is “better” shows your ignorance.

          • Redlist Renegade

            As far as your comment about the election being rigged and the NWO Elite installing their own chosen candidate is concerned I’d say that they HAVE since at least Bill Clinton and probably even before him with Bush senior but I’m not at all convinced that’s the case with TRUMP !!! They may have just been handed a Wild Card that they weren’t actually counting on there ! Is it possible that he’s part of a conspiracy ? Sure it’s possible but just as possible (and just maybe even probable) that he ISN’T !!!

          • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

            The shadow government has selected the president since 1787, when The Virginia Plan was put into effect for Congress to elect the president, not the people.

            Since then it has evolved into the Electoral College.

            Every president since then, has been selected prior to any candidates being announced.

            They are groomed and prepared by the worlds elite.

            They are then placed into the position of President to be a figure head. A face, to either place blame or praise on.

            This has gone on since WAY before Clinton.

            Your lack of understanding in this matter, shows you know less than you think.

          • Redlist Renegade

            I’m aware of that and the constitution for the District of Columbia that Incorporated the U.S. after the civil war as well but once again a “A FOOL HEARS (or READS) what he WANTS to hear” or BELIEVE in your case BOZO !!! THIS election MIGHT just be a little “Different” or it might not ! We won’t know one way or another until after it’s over no matter WHAT past practice has been or what YOU happen to think or think that you “Know” !!! Now go take your WAY Over Inflated overblown Ego and WAY Overly important Sense of self and Big Head OUT of your idiot of an ass and GO F##K yourself good and HARD there Once And For All FOOL !!!!

          • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

            MORE childish name calling, you really were raised poorly I suppose. Sad.

            You wont know after the election either way.

            Which candidate does the shadow government want?

            They could use either to sculpt the world in their favor.

            That’s my point. The choice is non existent. And you know nothing.

          • Redlist Renegade

            You have a LOT to learn in life there JUNIOR !!! The problem with people like YOU that think their “Opinions” are the Be All End All of Everything and Anything and the ONLY way is that they AREN’T !!! Opinions are like assholes and EVERY ASSHOLE like YOU (and YOU in particular) seem to have one !!! As far as your comment about my not being raised “well” you are absolutely WRONG ! I’m well educated and I was raised in an educated , reasonably well off family ! YOU on the other hand must have been raised in a something akin to a Mental Institution !!! Most of the people that post comments on BIN and most of the other Alternative News websites ARE awake or they wouldn’t be searching out and reading the stories , alerts and opinions of the authors of the articles and commenting and interacting with others to share their opinions !!! You talk down to other people on here as if you really believe that YOU are superior and you CLEARLY AREN’T !!! You’re just a egotistical FOOL with a self centered “Greater than thou” fools attitude and NARROW minded point of view !!!

  • Redlist Renegade

    Don’t just pass this off as being ridiculous or impossible info !!! I have friends here in Colorado that have not only seen some of these things but who have encountered these armed foreign soldiers in northern Colorado around the area of LaPorte RECENTLY and they were told that they needed to leave that area immediately as they were interfering with government military operations !!! Those of you that discount things like this obviously DON’T live in Colorado (like I do) or places where it’s happening !!! I’ve personally seen things around my area of the rocky mountains related to things like this that you obviously haven’t seen in your areas !!! Also , everyone must know by now that there are paid shills and government disinformation agents that post comments to any and every story like this to try and make anything that’s even possible and reasonably credible seem ridiculous to weak minded and easily swayed individuals ! Think for yourselves and don’t be influenced by some Fool Ass shill or troll’s “Opinion” !!! Your freedom and future might just depend on it !!!

    • Jacko

      So where are the pics you took? Oh wait. This is common nonsense’s alias. Always the “government chills” argument. In the age of the selfie you saw something super amazing but didn’t take a pic? All proof you have is nothing? So very believable. NOT! You got to do better to make it believable Mr Common Nonsense. I surely must be some government agent now since I don’t believe you. Since everyone who “thinks” must believe your story! LOL funny guy. You’re actually going against the ones who don’t swallow anything being told. But I know that is the tactic you guys use here. Make the most ridiculous claims. Without any proof. And then make it seem exactly 180 degrees the other way. And then resort to name calling because you don’t have real arguments.

      • Redlist Renegade

        LEARN TO PAY ATTENTION ON HERE “Jackoff” !!!! I NEVER said that I was the one that encountered those troops myself you IDIOT!!!! I have FRIENDS who DID though and I’ve never known them to lie (unlike YOU Fool) and they aren’t half ass liberal shill ass trolls like YOU either !!!

      • Redlist Renegade

        “Jackoff” you NEED to cut back on your “Medical” marijuana and increase you prescription meds for your Mental condition !!!

    • Mayhem

      Of course you do and of course they did.

    • GRR

      Friends of mine in Nevada have reported that Las Vegas now has a LAKE in it!!!! There is now a ‘bay of Las Vegas’ and the North Pole has practically disappeared off Google.

      Near Boulder (Colorado), UN vans are now a regular site and residents have reported seeing Chinese, Russian, Polish and German soldiers in full military gear wandering about. When questioned, they say they are on a secret mission authorised by the local state and it is for our own protection. Importantly enough, they are all eating their own food and do not see to like Taco Bell, McDonalds, or KFC.


      • Redlist Renegade

        Like you I’m worried about it too and anyone that’s AWAKE to what’s happening should be as well !!!

  • truck driver

    I seen a person with a red British military coat with a white Rope around his shoulder eating dinner with some girl. Dash Cams can upload videos to the internet and game cameras are motion activated

    • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

      I seen it!

      • Redlist Renegade

        NEVER trust a man with a FAKE mustache , he’s clearly Hiding Something (Like the TRUTH) !

        • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

          That’s an illustration, not a real picture.

          • Chet

            The picture may be a fabrication but you can tell the mustache is real.

          • Redlist Renegade

            I’m well aware of that , it was meant as a metaphor . You can’t be THAT dense can you ?!!!

          • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

            Your childish, curse word filled, poor attempts at countering me, seem to show YOU may be that dense.

            Anyone can clearly see your lost temper, which is also evidence for a severe lack of mental capabilities.

            You come off very pathetic, even if anyone agreed with something you say, your tirades hurt anything of value you may have written.

            No wonder your generation started so many wars, it’s sad really.

          • Redlist Renegade

            YOU REALLY ARE INSANE !!!

          • Redlist Renegade

            My “Generation” had nothing to do with Starting ANY war !!! The Elites have been behind instigating and fueling all of the major wars on the earth ever since their inception and manipulated the people involved to unknowingly go along with their greed , corruption and killing !!! “Poor Man’s Fight for a Rich Man’s War” . ever heard that before ?!!! You “Claim” to know SO much about them so why is it that you’ve conveniently chosen to overlook that quite OBVIOUS fact “Einstein” ?!!!

  • RationalSkeptic

    You lot seems to forget United States are part of a military alliance called the NATO. Of course foreign military will visit American soil for practices and stuff.

    • Redlist Renegade

      Yes, you’re correct that the U.S. IS part of NATO and the U.N. but the encounter that I refer to on here with foreign troops that people that I know experienced was in an area that WASN’T a military or restricted reserve ! It happened in a place that people go on a somewhat regular basis out in a country area and those soldiers would NOT identify who they were with , that IS suspect !!!

  • charlie2dogs

    you cant figure where they are ending up? cant you drive and follow, or is it something just to talk about, by this time you should know all about it, get off the fing computer and go find out

  • barebones

    Regarding the lack of DOT ids on OTR vehicles. During the time when the North American Union was a hot topic, much ado was made regarding Mexican trucks on US highways. I seem to recall that any of the roads and terminals that would be used for international commerce would be designated as Inland Waterways to extend jurisdiction to Admiralty Law. Any interference of these transports by anyone other than an authorized authority would be regarded as an act of piracy!

    During the reigns of Bush, Clinton, Bush, and Obama, this is just another in the planned disintegration of US sovereignty through the surrender of territory and authority to international organizations.

    • Redlist Renegade

      You’re absolutely RIGHT about that and I remember that information when they came out with it as well !!! Also , as to your second comment , that’s obviously WHY national parks and certain wildlife forested areas were designated as UN Genesco “Protected” areas for Agenda 21 and eventually for Agenda 2030 !!! So WHO or WHAT are they actually “protecting” them FOR ?!!! UN and Foreign troops to train , live and martial a large number of their vehicles and supplies and munitions in ?!!!! AND Who or WHAT are they “Protecting” THEM from ……the TRUTH and ANY of US finding out and SPREADING THE WORD TO OTHERS , that’s WHAT !!!!

  • Godzilla

    Rumor is walmart closed some stores and had them dug up to be connected to the underground highway or rail system linking many of the DUMBs together. It goes hand in hand with what phil schneider said before he got killed 15 years ago.

    Here is a great video of some guy in arkansas driving past one these dug up walmarts with huge barbed wire fences along the perimeter and watch towers on every corner. Now if it was a local warehouse or distribution center why would they have maximum security prison like conditions on the outside? Does it make sense? Also why would there be an absolutely enormous pile of earth dug up and taken a few miles away stacked up and sold to people who want top soil or sand? Supposedly its a sand quarry, but nothing goes down, only up!

    You better believe its a FEMA detention center at the very least, but I also suspect an entrance to the underground highway.

    • Redlist Renegade

      If it walks like a duck , Quacks like a duck and Farts like a duck it IS a damn DUCK (if you get my meaning) !!!

  • Chet

    Its not just strange happenings in small towns across america…. its happening here too.

    Don’t be a hero boys.

    Accept it.

    Tell Dave hes RADIANT

  • humaka

    I wonder how small minds will prove protecting the homeland should be considered a crime…

    Some seem to be living in the self induced dreamworld of them self as gods unstoppable chosen warriors…

    Poor mice, who the cat doth lead into it’s claws easily.

    • Redlist Renegade

      And there’s more than ONE way to SKIN a “Cat” !!! If there are enough guns in the hands of really determined and angry people they can do a LOT of DAMAGE !!! Revolutions and WARS are Never “Pretty” or Easy things and each and every one of them is usually VERY bloody and long and hard fought !!!

  • Hayduke

    I just wish that there was even one other person in BINNERLAND that was as smart as Redlist Renegade. It is tough to deal with people who’s IQ’s are that high. That is why he is always two steps in front of everyone else here. He is simply AMAZING! Pay attention to what he has to say because he has NEVER been wrong, you can tell this by reading his insults to everyone else. He is a GOD!!! I have a couple of graduate degrees but I know I’m nowhere near as smart as he is. I would hate to have to debate an intelligence such as his. :eek:

    • Redlist Renegade

      Well “Thanks” for the obvious “Left Handed Compliments” There Snitch ! Are you having fun down there in Vegas driving your cab around all day with your two “Advanced” degrees and hanging out at the casinos with your gambling addiction whenever the opportunity presents its self Mister “Professional”Sports “Better” ???

  • humaka

    If there was ever a time, when raging impotent bull renegades needed to make truce with greater powers for their own sake and the sake of all valuable, it be now…

    For that which scream blood by the sword and induce pain with his firearm, live and think as Neanderthals, that for good reason, their own ego folly ways, extincted them self.

  • awake1

    Can you not put a pic on here on android ? Idk getting a pic on is frustrating I’m sure it’s all cake somehow but? Would it be too simple to just download it and write a story? I’ve got stuff to do but I tried to go to the kaine rally today and they wanted me to sign this paper saying I’d knock on doors and make calls to get in when I told dude I was cool he said that what you need to get in I’m fairly sure he would have let me in but he didn’t seem to want me to take the paper so I did and left it’s downloaded I just can’t get it from point a to point b.Im sure someone will point out how stupid I am that’s cool I gotta make dinner.If I can do it easily let me know if not whatever it’s not that big of deal.Do you have to pay for the file thing?

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