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Black Box Voting Machines Programmed to Switch Trump Votes to Hillary… Blatant Theft of Democracy Under Way in Pennsylvania

Tuesday, November 8, 2016 14:11
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Tuesday, November 08, 2016
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

(NaturalNews) CBS News is now reporting that voting machines in Pennsylvania — a hotly contested battleground state — are immediately switching Donald Trump votes to Hillary Clinton.

Via CBS Pittsburgh:

Most of the issues came when people tried to vote straight party ticket. However, others said they specifically wanted to vote for Republican Donald Trump only to see their vote switched before their eyes to Democrat Hillary Clinton.

“I went back, pressed Trump again. Three times I did this, so then I called one of the women that were working the polls over. And she said you must be doing it wrong. She did it three times and it defaulted to Hillary every time,” Bobbie Lee Hawranko said.

We are then told that the machines were resolved after being “recalibrated,” which means that, apparently, all the voting machines DEFAULT to steal Trump votes and turn them into Clinton votes unless they are caught and recalibrated.

“Officials have recalibrated the machines and are confident that the problem has been resolved.”

IT’S OBVIOUS: Black box voting machines have been programmed to steal votes away from Trump

Friends, this is total bulls##t. Machines don’t have to be “calibrated” to accurately record a vote. They are being programmed to switch votes to Clinton in the states where the election is close. Why is this happening? Because the criminal democrats don’t trust the voters, and they refuse to allow voters to determine the outcome of this election.

This means, of course, that Donald Trump is going to have to overcome extreme fraud and vote theft in order to win this election. It’s just one more reason to vote for Trump no matter what. Tell the establishment you REJECT their fraud and theft of power.

If he loses, Trump should contest the vote theft and call for an immediate investigation into the fraud.

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  • Wretched Infidel

    I was making a thread posting today over on Godlike Productions just now, with this addition: & the DATE CHANGES at sundown, per the Chaldean tradition, of beginning a new day as the sun goes down; so many people tonight, in that reality, will be casting their vote on not 8-11, but on 9-11 and they BANNED ME, CUT ME OFF NOT ALLOWING ME TO POST THAT ADDITION. I wasn’t even begun yet on giving the information of or significance of the numerals 8 and 11.

    wtf to hell with Godlike Productions, they always do that

    (the title of the thread is “Today’s USA Election is on significant date: 11-8, or 8-11″

  • Pink Slime

    Hillary MUST never be accepted as your president.

    Both the Democraps, CONgress, the sodomite negro and the FBI head have committed fraud on this nation and all you do is grumble about an electronic box that every schoolboy knows can easily be hacked into.

    No, it is much more serious then that. We are talking about wholesale high-treason and betrayal committed by your leaders selling out to your enemies and even sneaking them on to your property and all you Americans do is squawk like the geese you are when you should be turning into wolves and REMOVING THIS EVIL FROM YOU!!

    If you don’t do this you will be INVADED and SLAUGHTERED! :twisted:

  • Wretched Infidel

    The hateful goal to unite all humanity against the Benign Creators under the cloak of ‘Illumination’ of a ‘new’ (read: Old) religion and philosophy which exploits humanity and successfully subverts the people’s minds, spirits, free will and self-determination – has almost been achieved;

    - they have patiently followed The Great Archietect’s Plan of Subversion for so long that they clutch the entire globe in captivity, as ot struggles to breathe – solidifying for all time ‘The Masters‘ power over the hated Creation.

    …as an emotional and mental shock of that magnitude changes our mode of thinking, feeling, reacting, our paradigms of the world in profound ways. This is one of their principles, and it had the desired (destructive, damaging) collective effect.

    …another September 11, eleven (11 = chaos, rebellion, destruction, INITIATION, HIGHER FREQUENCY and SPIRIT ). … The eleventh (11th) Sign of the Zodiac is Aquarius (Zeus), The Water-Bearer, Golden Illumination and Fire God, Zeus’s (Horus’) age…
    …energy is raised but it is still incomplete. We have yet more planned traumatic terror ahead and more unification by fire. We will suffer more sacrifices to the God whose blessings are always dependent on
    …his/her dualistic nature (duplicity, fickleness, schizophrenic cruelty) is what they admire most, and their energies are taken up in ‘enjoying’ and anticipating the desires of the God they serve, for better rewards in this life and in the life after.

    … Satanism is not for the masses, … the few, the strong, the talented, creative brutal ones, the Elite keep us on the track of doom without recourse, for their God’s creed is hidden from us in mimicry of righteousness, justice and morality. Remember that ‘justice’ to Satan is altogether different from your ideas of justice, and righteousness is a completely different colour than you perceive, up is down, backward is forward, love is doing hateful things to prove its depth and strength, black is white, and white is dark, in this real and astonishingly deceptiive religion. You should be used to it by now.

    This ‘New World Order’was inspired thousands of years ago, and has been following detailed, specific plans for hundreds of years now. …according to circumstantial exigencies …made necessary by the particular strengths/knowledge/mindset of the people. … highly successful so far in this war of spirit against spirit.

    September 11 has been used before in steps towards the Complete Control (Unification/Subjugation) of the People. This September 11, 2012 is the 3rd one in sequence separated by eleven years (from 1990 speech) which involves the …

    triune Godhead of Satanism, the Trinity), and the super-sacred nine, (sacred three three times, which is so highly significant and sacred that 9 holds a place of its own, a set-apart category of sacredness) and the eleven,

    … (11 = Chaos, destruction, initiation, rebellion, Spirit,

    …As we know, sincere ignorance results in certain destruction, however undeserving of that destruction those destroyed were; helpless, ignorant defenseless people who show no inclination to gaining necessary knowlege or taking defensive steps against a certain threat will usually suffer.

    …we are all suffering, and those who are using the dates/numbers in ways which are harming us are invoking a God who wants all of our destruction and maximum suffering they can achieve, while maintaining their control to the degree they desire, or require, until the time, according to their ascended masters (familiar spirits of destruction) arrives for the masses to be killed off ( as the energy-raising sacrifice to the Horned God, which is a cleansing/ridding the earth of the undeserving).

    They themselves have drawn us a picture, graphically and specific to detail, in their history of just how they go about their destruction of us – (whom they have vowed to protect and defend, …so the destruction of our spirits, bodies, our sovereignty, freedom, prosperity, dignity and nobility takes place continually without our full to what exactly is taking place. We have not caught on,… their means of subversion are totally effective.

    If we think ‘things will get better…’ then we are so completely deluded as to be termed insane, for we have taken no pains to throw off the darkness that has descended upon us in the form of mass mind control by the Elites who, behind the scenes perform rites of blatant destruction upon us, not so hidden anymore, and we (so horrified? so stupefied? so spellbound?) actually not only look the other way at our fellows dying in the ditch, we take part as though it is an acceptable way to treat one another. When will we defend ourselves (our brothers)?

    When will we protect our children, or are we already so hexed by the rites of this God of Death and Deception we have become like the Mayans and Aztecs, and think treachery is a required, normal activity and mode of worship of a Spirit which has shown clearly that our well-being and joy is not on the agenda? We see history, witnessed the results of the same previous mistakes, yet we do not apply the lessons to ourselves, and have adopted the Destroying God’s agenda as our own.

    No, things will not get better for us as a nation, or us as a world, until we utterly denounce, renounce this evil in high places against us and defend our people. It (the war upon us) has not ended; its last brutal thrust in the end-phase of this war against creation has only really just begun.

    Disaster is coming. Pain and pressure will increase in frequency and degree. It will unhinge the masses to the point that they readily accept that which is called ‘Abomination’.

    Please get the historical facts and understand. It is not what you have been told. Who is being appeased? Who is being honoured and invoked? Whose words and principles have you accepted? Is Zeus your creator, Horus, or Lucifer?

    Who is God, and why are you supporting the destruction and deception that this God requires of your leaders, with your money, blood, sweat and tears? We need to get it straight, and realize we are not being herded toward a benign ‘New World’, but to certain tyranny, utter desolation and horrific destruction if we do not make a quick U-Turn away from Subjugated Unification under the All-Seeing Eye of Horus.

    Who actually is this Hidden God, The God of This World, and Whom will you be found worshipping -whether by knowledge or by default, when Yahueh (IAUE) sends His Strong Right Arm to avenge the innocents? The Ancient Religion is always Solar God/Sun-Deity, Astral and Planetary; you can tell it by its rites and doctrine; the names change with each ‘civilisation’ but the character and essential worship of the Deity remains the same. Saturn/Satan, Lucifer, Horus, the Solar God’s Christ, and his mother, the Goddess Inanna/Ishtar/Ast/Ashtarte/Diana/Aphrodite/Shing Moo/Tanit/Mary… We are heading where the ancients (who did the same as we are doing), went, and we are embracing the same lie because our leaders are slick.

    Let Thy Will be done, Father Yahueh Almighty. In Yahushua’s Name, (The Name of His Father is contained in His Messiah’s name) save Thy people, for they are scattered and hurt and do not know which way to turn for safety.

    Thank You Father Yah, and praise Your Name forever.

    Did you get the meaning of the 11 up there? Chaos? Destruction? spirit? Frequency-raising? Rebellion? All this is being USED AGAINST US TODAY.

    8 means different things, complete, anew, renewed, new beginning, fulfillment of a cycle, a new paradigm.

    This could go either way, depending on your intention. Of course, we all know that. Some are not for us though.

    And to rebel is not always done by wicked people. Many fine, good and brave people have had no other choice but to rebel against tyranny and wickedness.

    Now, though, the wickedness and the wicked hold the highest positions of power, due to us. So any rebellion against this wickedness will result in bloodshed, and it will be of course, ours.

    But that is our own fault, isn’t it? Still. It is what it is. Some things are worse than death.

  • Wretched Infidel

    So today, 8-11 (same as 11-8) means 8 fullness, new cycle, new beginning, perfect cycle, complete, anew (things like that). This can go either way, whether the occultists use it for their evil on the masses, for control, as in the perfect new start of their New Age of Luciferian Totalitarianism, or it could go the other way, as with IAUE’s design and plan, 8 carrying its meaning and power/influence of fullness, new paradigm begun, perfection plus one, new again as in the start of a new week, or the beginning of his son’s reign of righteousness over the whole earth in the future. The Last Great Day or ‘Day 8′ after the Feast of Tabernacles (a commanded week long feast and convocative celebration of the coming Messiah’s rule over his Father’s kingdom) is called that, ‘day 8′ to mean this exactly! It foreshadows the new thing, a great new paradigm and new reality for us! 8 is meant to be beneficial, for us, as all other numbers are, of course.

    It could be that if enough of us support Trump (the good man) and pray to IAUE for mercy, help and protection for him and his family and for our families and countrymen and the earth’s poor people, children and babies and animals, and for forgiveness,

    that this 8-11 voting today heralds a new righteous, sensible, protective, common-sense New Beginning in American’s leadership – by a brave and unselfish man who wishes to help us. It could and should go that way. But many of us have not done what may have been the things to have done. Let us hope that Trump wins so that we will have a better future, for the childrren’s sakes, and babies’ sakes at least.

    When Hillary says she fights for children, what she means is she fights over their spirits and souls, minds and bodies; she is telling you the truth, but only partially, and she knows you don’t know what she really means. Like her murderous, lying husband Bill Clinton, Hillary also has learned to tell us what we think she means: to parse their words very skillfully, and lead us on to our own destruction, thru their insinuations and their outright lies and pretenses.

    Satanists like (love) to do that to us. For then, the shame is on us even more, that we agreed with them.

    So now, on the east coast, the voting booths are still open and it is after dark now. It is after sundown. so per the Chaldean way of (and Biblically also) reckoning a new day and new date, it has changed from 8-11 (11-8) to 9-11 (11-9).

    And you know what that means. Don’t you.

    9 is really not good any way I can see it. 11 can be, biblically it can mean more than enough, more than perfect, more than abundant and better and over and above ten, the number of complete fulfillment and perfectness. Even more than THAT.

    I do not know if 9 is ever used in a good way. I know it cannot be inherently bad, but what I am saying is that to the occultists, 9 is a most sacred number in its own category it is so powerful.

    Hence the destruction of 9-11. All of them. It is a good combination, to them, used by them, to murder people.

    May IAUE help us now.

  • Wretched Infidel

    so whether it is still 8-11, new era, new, perfect cycle beinning, (11-8, today right now while voting this election) or you prefer to see it already at sundown like the biblical reckoning, as what it makes it now, on the east coast of America, 9-11, (destruction, three threes = the Satanic God’s number of sacred perfection, divinity, symbolising THEIR GOD – who is always the Solar Deity – either way you look at this voting day, they are using the numbers whether 8 or 9 , in the 11th month, this they are using against us. This does not mean the numbers are ‘bad’, but they are being used against us and our well-being, from a malice and hatred of the good that you and I do not find natural. These two dates, 8-11 and 9-11, are not being used by our leaders in the black arts for our benefit, but for our harm and their increased power thru harming us. Chaos, fear, strife, rebellion, frequency-raising, Spirit, (their kind of spirits), INITIATION are some meanings of 11 in their reality.

    And they are right now using it against us. so go and pray to IAUE now, for Trump and all of us now, please.

  • Wynter Moon

    We have a Republic not a Democracy. Educate yourself!

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