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Critical Developments-Wikileaks, Abedin’s Computer, Confirming Clinton Was Behind the Murder of Ambassador Stevens

Tuesday, November 1, 2016 5:31
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The late Ambassador Stevens

The late Ambassador Stevens

I want to preface this article by stating that this work has been updated 3 times in 10 hours. Information is coming out Wikileaks and other sources faster than any of us can keep up with.


Wikileaks is about to confirm the story that The Common Sense Show told 4 years ago  in that Ambassador Stevens was set up to die because his stories of gun-running, child trafficking and drug-running on behalf of the CIA in order to promote regime change in Libya using terrorists funded by these illegal activities,  were leaking out and it was only a few months until the election. Subsequently, Ambassador Stevens had to be silenced.  And Petraeus had to be put in a place where he was not forced to testify before Congress because he could not take the 5th before Congress.


At the same time, Clinton was broadcasting Stevens whereabouts and she refused to provide the extra protection Stevens was so desperately requesting. Being that Stevens was working for the CIA, then head of the CIA, David Petraeus, would have known about Chris Stevens activities. To protect Obama’s 2012 election, both Stevens and Petraeus had to be gone.


People are asking me how I knew all of this four years ago and I say, “I had a deep cover source from inside one of the military/intelligence services who wanted the real truth to be told. Somebody who knew this nation could not afford to let Clinton ever become President”. Now, I am getting confirmation from Wikileaks and others who have reached the same conclusion I did four years ago.


Dear Mr. Hodges,

This is to inform you that Wikileaks will soon, or has released Clinton emails which will demonstrate the following:


Please note that I have covered the ISIS/Lafarge/Clinton connections very prominently in the past year. This is just more confirmation of what I have already covered.

The above is already appearing on the Internet in several places. It is clear that Putin would be a fool to allow Clinton and her gang of thugs to continue with their plan. Every time Clinton sags in the polls, she starts talking about 9/11. The evidence is beginning to line up that Clinton interests had motive to commit 9/11.  No wonder Clinton tries to blame the Russians for everything, she is the main culprit on the world being brought to the precipice of World War III.

It is a gratifying feeling when the dots start to connect.

The Aaron Klein Revelations

Aaron Klein, the Breitbart Bureau Chief for Jerusalem revealed, in a Breitbart publication dated March 1, 2016, revealed that “the email from April 10th, 2011, the State Department employee, Timmy Davis, forwarded an email to the server by Clinton’s aide, Huma Abedin.” Please note that the time of this revelation, Huma Abedin, was not yet a household name.

The series of emails will eventually have catastrophic consequences for Ambassador Stevens.

“An email containing the whereabouts and plans of murdered U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens passed through Hillary Clinton’s private server, dispatches released Monday in the final group of messages from Clinton’s emails reveal.”

Below are some examples of the allegations posed by Klein and these are not empty charges as Klein offered as proof, the following emails.

“A March 27, 2011 email released last year was titled, “Chris Stevens mission.” It divulged: “The current game plan is for Mr. Stevens to move no later than Wednesday from Malta to Benghazi. He will stage offshore initially for a one day visit during which he will have meetings with TNC interlocutors and get a sense of the situation on the ground. The goal of this one day trip is for him to lay the groundwork for a stay of up to 30 days.

An April 8, 2011 email was forwarded to Clinton revealing the “security situation in Benghazi remains quiet. Chris Stevens & team are in the hotel, moving only for meetings as required.”

An April 22, 2011 email revealed Stevens was on the road: “I want to let you know about a temporary rotation in Benghazi. TNC Envoy Chris Stevens has been on the road since March 13, when he began his outreach mission, and has been in Benghazi since April 5.”

An April 24, 2011 email has the exact time of a Stevens meeting: “”Stevens will be meeting with MFA in one hour and will make a written request for better security at the hotel and for better security-related coordination. He still feels comfortable in the hotel. They are looking into the idea of moving into a villa, but that is some way off.”

If  later emails are released, I have no doubt, that we will see that Clinton was transmitting Stevens location up until the time of the attack upon the Benghazi compound and this explains why some of these emails are not being released. However, at some point, they will see the light of day.

The release of travel information, in any form, is a felony! Remember, the Stevens travel plans are classified and they came from Clinton’s private server. A casual Law and Order fan could make the causal connections between the release of these emails and Stevens death. This is absolute evidence that Clinton not only is guilty of multiple felonies, she is an accomplice to murder!



This is an excerpt of what I wrote 4 years ago…..


……..Nov. 2012

Who had Ambassador Stevens Killed
and How the Petraeus Affair Factors In

There is the reason for an event and there is the real reason behind the event. Sixty percent of all married men cheat on their spouse. The more money they make and the more power a man possesses, the more opportunity for cheating.

I have swamp land for sale, in Florida, for anyone to purchase if they are naive enough to believe that David Petraeus, former director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), resigned solely based upon having an extramarital affair with the biographer-turned-mistress, Colonel Paula Broadwell. How did the affair compromise Petraeus’ position as CIA director? The FBI has concluded that it did not.

The media has suggested that the affair began in 2006. So, the ignorant American public is supposed to believe that David Patraeus was vetted by the FBI, the Secret Service and the rest of the Obama goon squad and they did not discover the affair until AFTER Ambassador’s Steven’s murder? How convenient is that? This doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in the CIA’s and the FBI’s vetting practices now does it?  Let me be clear again about this outrageous set of facts. The most powerful and presumably thorough intelligence agency was unable to detect Patraeus’ affair during the vetting process?  America, this is what you are being asked to believe!

It is abundantly clear that the extramarital affair excuse is just one more piece of excrement piled upon a growing mountain of Oba-manure perpetrated by this administration in order to cover up the fact that they had Chris Stevens murdered by the very terrorists that Stevens was running guns to on behalf of the CIA.

Does Adultery Get One Fired?

Let’s examine this event through the lens of common sense. Adultery is indeed a violation of the Military Code of Justice and senior command officers have indeed lost their careers over their sexual indiscretions. However, David Patraeus is no longer a command officer in the military and would not be subject to these prohibitions. And the adultery prohibition is rarely enforced, even in the military, and when it is, it is used as a matter of political expediency in order to get rid of an undesirable.

As for the political “I did not have sex with the woman, Monica Lewinski,” crowd, adultery is not a career killer. And for the head of a federal agency, or for a cabinet member, unless the affair can be shown to compromise national security, it does not end the careers of unholy partakers of the forbidden fruit while serving in high government office. Petraeus decided to quit, though he was breaking no laws by having an affair, officials said.

Janet and David A Tale of Two Tails

Rumors persist that the way to get promoted in the Department of Homeland Security is to “provide services” to one’s superiors, especially for Homeland Security Director, Janet Napolitano. So if it is permissible for Janet to be serviced in exchange for a promotion, then why should David be any different when it comes to giving an exclusive to your mistresses’ journalistic desire to become his biographer? Yet Janet is on the verge of being promoted to Attorney General, despite her indiscretions and resulting law suit. Conversely, Patraeus is out of a job. But wait, the believability of this cover story gets worse!

According to New York Times best-selling author, Aaron Klein, whom I have interviewed on my talk show, Hillary Clinton is a lesbian who surrounded herself with lesbian aides and staffers when she was the First Lady and she continues to do so as the Secretary of State. And as the Mail Online points out, why did it not seem to matter to Hillary that her husband chased anything that wore a skirt? It is because she is a serial lesbian who has had multiple affairs. Who cares?

Take Attorney General, Eric Holder, his actions, related to the topic of sex, are the most reprehensible of them all. Brandon Darby, previously an FBI informant, is speaking out on the Department of Justice’s hesitancy to assist victims of human trafficking, in particular they are refusing to help children who have been victims of sex crimes. The obvious question is, who is Holder protecting? This inaction on the part of Eric Holder is far more reprehensible, and represents a greater violation of the public trust than do the actions of Hillary Clinton and Janet Napolitano.

When one considers the fast and furious sexual life-styles of the senior cabinet members of the Obama administration, it is impossible to swallow the fact that Patraeus was sacked because of an affair.

The Patraeus dismissal based upon an extramarital affair is a cover story, plain and simple.

The Rats are Jumping Off the Ship

I do not care what people do in their private lives behind closed doors. I do not care if Clinton and Napolitano are lesbians. My feelings hold true for the President, the Director of Homeland Security, the Secretary of State or the director of the CIA. However, when a fake cover story is concocted to cover up the murder of an ambassador, as it was with Chris Stevens, then it is everyone’s business.

Many of the rats of the Obama administration are jumping ship in the aftermath of the murder of Ambassador Stevens and this explains why Patraeus was fired as CIA director. Patraeus is gone for the same reason that Hillary Clinton will soon be gone. Clinton is gone for the same reasons that Eric Holder is contemplating leaving.

Congressional Hearings Regarding the
Death of Stevens Begin Soon

If Petraeus was subpoenaed before Congress in his role as CIA director, he could not invoke the Fifth Amendment against self-incrimination. If Hillary Clinton is subpoenaed to testify before Congress, in her role as Secretary of State, she cannot invoke the Fifth Amendment against self-incrimination. And if members of the Obama administration begin to incriminate themselves for their dirty deeds which resulted in Stevens’ death, then they implicate Obama.

This is Obama’s potential Watergate moment. If Clinton reveals before Congress that, as the senior official that oversees diplomatic security, that she denied Stevens’ requests for extra security and that she, Holder, Patraeus and Obama watched drone footage for nearly seven hours as Stevens and his party were murdered and that these senior level Cabinet officials blocked AFRICOM Commander, General Hamm, and the Commander of Carrier Task Force 3, Admiral Gayouette from rescuing the Stevens contingent, and then had both men arrested when the tried to disobey orders and rescue Stevens in violation of these executive orders from Obama administration.

The gravity of these events are stunning!  All of these senior officials, including the President, are implicated as accomplices in Stevens murder. This is criminally negligent homicide. This is first degree murder! And why did Stevens have to be murdered? Stevens was murdered because he was running guns for the CIA to al-Qaeda operatives, first in Libya last year and in Syria this year.   (EDITOR’S NOTE: WE KNOW THAT STEVENS WAS ALSO RUNNING KIDS AND DRUGS TO SUPPORT THE CIA IN THEIR EFFORTS TO ARM TERRORISTS IN THE OVERTHROW OF LIBYA.)

Dead men tell no tales in this Middle East version of Fast and Furious. This also explains why Patraeus had to be sacked. He was the link between Stevens’ gun running and al-Qaeda since Stevens’ gun running was a CIA operation conducted under the purview of Petraeus. This account is partially confirmed by Council on Foreign Relations member, Dr Steve Pieczenik, as states that Stevens was running guns and missiles into Syria. You remember the missing hand held stinger missiles that went missing in the NATO invasion of Libya last year? Those would be the ones! Can you imagine the public’s further outcry when al-Qaeda operatives begin bringing down American commercial airliners with these weapons. Even Biden would not be able to pardon this motley crew!

How Will the New World Order Spin This?

Only a month before the election, I thought Obama’s reign of terror was over. However, in the month before the election, the economic outcome appeared brighter for the first time in years. The housing market showed signs of rebounding. The stock market appeared stronger and the banks were actually talking about loosening credit.

The George Soros voting machines came into play. The military’s vote was compromised. All the stops were pulled out to extend the heinous tyranny of Obama by the global elite. Why? The very simple and obvious reason is that with Benghazi-Gate, the elite can pull Obama’s strings in any direction they want. If Obama gets out of line, the global elite will topple his presidency and the aforementioned Obamanites will go to prison for a very long time.

What will the next four years look like in America? Well, under the existing conditions, with Obama’s very freedom riding on the whims of the globalists, the future of America looks bleak as Obama is completely compromised.




When Wikileaks releases their information, and it shows that Stevens was running drugs, guns and children to support the overthrow of Libya, Clinton will come into the foreground. She repeatedly turned down Stevens request for additional protection. Petraeus was sacked for the bogus reason of having an extramarital affair so he did not have to tell Congress what he knew because he could not hide behind the 5th Amendment.

If this breaks before the election, Clinton cannot win.  She alone set up Stevens by denying protection and transmitting by email Stevens location by email from her private server. Further, the Aaron Klein revelations show clear complicity by Clinton in the felony act of broadcasting of Ambassador Steven Stevens travel plans. IF that is not a smoking gun for participation in a homicide, I don’t know what would be.

We know that Stevens was murdered. What happened to Petreaus?  After he was fired from the CIA, he went to work for the NWO in Belgrade where serves as the minister of propaganda. He is the chief censorship official in Belgrade. How do I know this? I was interviewed on the Voice of Belgrade radio this past summer and I was told that they had a hard time getting me by the censors and that is when I learned that Petreaus ran State-owned Belgrade media.

Now we find out that 1,000 emails between Clinton and General Petraeus were not turned over in the original FBI investigation.  Subsequent to this discussion, there are newly discovered 650,000 emails found on the Abedin-Anthony Weiner co-laptop. Now Abedin is negotiating for immunity and Weiner is “cooperating with the FBI”. These emails are going to sink the good ship Hillary. Remember, The Common Sense Show had the information about to be leaked by Wikileaks four years ago and I endured tremendous criticism for daring to implicate Clinton in the murder of Stevens. If justice is done, Clinton will soon be doing the perp walk for the murder of Chris Stevens. Maybe this is why Hillary and Bill, through the Clinton Foundation, have stolen $2 billion in Haitian relief money and have reportedly transferred $1.8 billion to Qatar who has not extradition agreement with the United States.


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    Remember folks it was Obama who is her boss and he is as guilty if not more and the entire Obama administration belong in prison if not a firing squad.


      Thank God for whistle blowers who expose corruption and thank God for Patriots like Dave who risk their life to get that truth to we the people.

      • TuffENuff

        Except nothing changes, no one believes anything unless the teevee talking robots tell them to believe it. Obama and the First Tranny are still in the White House because no one believes it. They won’t believe this either.

        • JKnTX

          It makes no difference at all what they believe, it is what the people who control the ‘net and all the nifty war toys believe. If they believe something is so, and they have the power to force that belief into objective reality, and currently that is so, then you and I and the rest will be affected by it, it is that simple, like it or not.

          • HitleryforPrison

            Fucin-a!… My Clinton foundation made millions of dollars running guns through Benghazi into Syria. Ambassador Stevens was in the way and was going to advise Congress of my treason. We had to kill him and I made sure the military stood down to let it happen. We came, we saw, he died. Sound familiar? What difference at this point does it make!!!?

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    Cretin ‘or’ Lout ~ Interlocutor …………
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      Why do you come here and act so Retarded?

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        Anagram Genius – Their software makes anagrams and uses artificial intelligence and other deep technology to make the anagrams fun, grammatical and relevant to the subject.

        • Sean

          I did this thread just a moment ago my2pesos think you may like it “Remember What The Dormouse Said” and updated my 1999 thread, I like you’re comments my2pecos, but you have to seek within you’re heart, its getting very late in The Game of Souls, try not to lose yours

      • Mrs Clippit

        He is using anagrams.. if you don’t know what an anagram is,then you are retarded i.e. slow..

        • Eggzactly

          I actually have a life.

    • Jack Shlitz


    • Jack Shlitz


      Yoda Says:

      Profitableness choose I

      Professionals be hot ice

      Feasableness Pooch Riot

  • James R. Calvert

    Hillary’s #1 aide Huma Abedin: Undeniable ties to terrorists & 9/11 funders (Watch before voting!)

    This is dead-skunk-politics, stinking to high heaven.

    • Debbie

      Speaking of stinking……… one of Podesta’s emails he described Hillary as smelling like a combination of “boiling cabbage, urine and farts”………..
      I think that pretty much sums up just how badly Hillary stinks………kind of describes her whole campaign….and you might know that many others have commented on how bad she smells……like she enjoys walking around all day in her soiled Depends…

      • JKnTX

        Why do you think that fly landed where it did during the debate?

  • Pink Slime

    Hillary is a WICKED Jezebel.

    Loves to kill PRIME WHITE MALES and laughs when white females get raped. This lady needs to be swinging from a rope. Fecal and urine will come out when women are hanged so she needs to be wearing diapers if this should happen. She might balk at that.

    • smfresh82

      I wouldn’t even refer to her as a lady. She is a demonic psychopath traitorous murderous parasite that needs to be exterminated with the other parasites. or the host will not survive! (america)

  • JohnSmith2016

    this story is just parroting a twitter conspiracy theorist named hector morenco. lots of claims without any evidence.

  • Anonymous

    Dave Hodges is a liar and a creep………………………….

    He’s opn here to beg for donations.

    Hey Creep, Get a real job.

    • Anonymous

      I really think he has small penis issues.

  • humaka

    Oh how falsely zealous those pesky dumb Christians are, whom oppress the better of all, in their haste but to be rewarded with heaven for them self…

    Little do they recognize, such is the greediest and most selfish of all human motives, and hence, why they will receive just the opposite.

    • my2pesos

      Job 1 – (KJV)
      1. The Lord, Satan and Job.
      2. Job, Satan and the Lord.
      3. Satan, Job and the Lord.

  • truther357

    Yes.. and if BIN would let my important post stay up for a while.. you will also find in the leaks that the Saudis where the ones that gave her the stand down orders, that got Our heroes killed.. reason leading up to a Clinton Foundation donation!

  • Gil Carlson

    Planet X has always been one of those subjects that has always puzzled me. I was very curious about what the real story was and the more I searched for answers, the more I floundered in all the guesses, scare tactics and religious hype. Planet X scared the crap out of me, but if it there was any truth to it, I wanted to know it so I could be prepared.
    So several months ago I started an endeavor to dig as deep and wide as I needed in order to pull up and test all the facts. So after I put it all together, information from scientists, NASA and other government sources, as well as very credible facts that countered the official line, and tons of historical data and calculations.
    I put it all together in a big book that was fairly easy for most of us to understand and at the same time included so many facts in a format that makes it easy to dig deep. Now you can read all about and discover what and why the government has been covering up. If Planet X does get close to Earth, what is likely to happen and where, and what you can do to prepare.
    While there are many predictions from astronomers and others included in this book, what was really fascinating to me were the predictions of two ordinary people. We’ll maybe not really that ordinary. You see a contacted two psychics. Before you say “What!” let me explain. These are not the kind of psychics that are on TV or offer to help you for huge sums of money. These two psychics live quiet, ordinary lives but are extremely accurate. I know both of them and I’m always amazed with their accuracy. Whatever they are tuned into, it is very real and powerful! So, independently, I contacted both of them and got some interesting and shocking answers. What amazed me was that both of them predicted the same year! While it’s not this year, it is still close enough that we need to be prepared!
    But, please, I don’t want you to rush off to a mountaintop or neglect your duties here on Earth or bury your head in the sand. And I don’t want you to take all my opinions as fact. The purpose of this book is to present you with all the credible facts in one easy to understand book so you can make your decisions and come up with the right conclusions for yourself!

  • Nancy Owens, The Obama Forger


    Vince Foster was killed in 1983.

    The Cubans and the Russians began running submarines in the Rim Canal of Lake Okeechobee. They also built bunkers as they murdered off Americans English speakers in Miami in exchange for the Cocaine gold. Vince Foster came to South Florida with Hillary and Pelosi in response to my report of these mini-subs. Being the total corrupt idiots that they are, they began playing games and Vince Foster ended up dead. Hillary and Pelosi panicked and Foster’s body was carried outside to his car and my gun was placed in his hands to frame me. The investigator is none other than Mike Volin who is also the birth certificate investigator. Come on, people, it ain’t rocket science here! Why is it that Mike Volin can never seem to solve any of the cases that he’s on? I was also raped by Bill Clinton who loves to bite while he’s committing his acts of violence! These people are just so damned careless with classified info and it’s a wonder we’re not already bowing down to a foreign king! These subs were from the early 80′s, folks. It CAN happen overnight if these hidden Russian ops make their final move!!

  • unidentified

    bengazi looked like a hoax from the get go, we already know the cia was involved so anything might have happened and falsely reported on the media

  • HitleryforPrison

    Fucin-a… My Clinton foundation made millions of dollars running guns through Benghazi into Syria. Ambassador Stevens was in the way and was going to advise Congress of my treason. We had to kill him and I made sure the military stood down to let it happen. We came, we saw, he died. Sound familiar? What difference at this point does it make!!!?

  • Pink Slime

    The crimes of the Clintons are so high they reach the heavens. There must be an encyclopedia of their crimes, treason and betrayal on the American people.

    So, pray tell me, why are they footloose and fancy free in America? Why are they not either JAILED or HANGED? Is it because they ALL do this up there?

    It is time to prey for our leaders? :lol:

  • what if...

    It is not a Deep State, but a DARK State that seeks to to generate billions of dollars in profits by the murder of millions of innocent human beings (even Americans) in unjustified, unrighteous and unnecessary wars, for nothing more than to establish global fascism and totalitarianism over humanity to make them more farmable, like animals. If money is the root of all evil, mass death is surely the resulting fruit of evil.

    Why would the propaganda we are led to believe originates on the Left, support such a tragic end to mankind?? Or does this constant war propaganda originate from the DARK state itself?

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