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ET Disclosure Is Imminent – Dr. Steven Greer

Tuesday, November 29, 2016 6:04
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Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show


Mr. William Pawelec was one of my best friends. He was a U.S. Air Force computer operations and programming specialist with numerous credentials in security technologies and access control systems. He did contract work for the CIA. 

He gave the interview with Dr. Steven Greer at the National Press Club Disclosure event and asked that it not be released until after his death. 
This interview, along with others that will soon be released will serve as a catalyst for disclosure that ET’s are here and have been for a very long time. 
Disclosure is right around the corner.

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  • Anonymous

    old video

    • Danika

      How old? I watch stuff like this but this is first time seeing this one.

      • PaulTarsuss

        Invoking the name of ‘greer’ for a story will only make one’s own name suspect at this point. I mean, the man’s been promising….


        For years. It goes wayyy back. For instance, here is an egyptian hieroglyph which, decoded, promises imminent E.T. disclosure….

        Just ask greer.

        The only thing Hodges left out of the title for this one, is the money word….


        But does it matter anymore? One could write “INFIRMED” and what difference would it make….

  • unidentified

    alien disclosure has been on the internet for over a decade, its all over youtube, who hasnt read about and seen videos about off planet aliens already, they obviously like to remain out of sight, dont scare the children with scary alien invasion stories

  • Anonymous

    Pleas make a notification when the article was first released. Releasing old stuff doesn”t make the world a better place.

  • Boo

    You mean the supernatural ET’s who coincidentally resemble those fallen angels of Enoch, who back off and back down when rebuked in Jesus named? The ones who can’t do anything without convincing a human to do it for them or carry out the actions for them? When the people who buy into the Steven Grier explanation of how things work, grow up and decide not to engage with these supernatural entities, they will find the quality of their life substantially improved.

  • Mariano

    I joined this site in 2009. Since then I´ve been witness to a whole bunch of imminent events which were supposed to happen by the end of the month.

    -Arrival of Nibiru.
    -Economy collapse, no more dollar.
    -The rapture.
    -Nuclear attack on major city.

  • Counter Analysis

    Mr. Hodges, what you describe is a near certainty in my mind. Just imagine how the world will be forced to step back and take a deep breath when so-called disclosure occurs. If economic collapse, near or actual world war, and a host of other problems hit the world, disclosure would be like an electro-shock treatment to jolt mankind. What a massive psyop!!!!!!!!! Disclosure could also either be a distraction from Planet X, or a segway into public disclosure of the imminent Planet X problem. I’m personally kind of surprised some form of so-called disclosure hasn’t been made. It would have worked brilliantly with the old Soviet plan of destroying America by weakening its morality. The crash of religion (especially Christianity) would have lead to a faster complete breakdown of society. But I suppose disclosure is too great and precious of a card to play and the globalists plan included the temporary or feigned defeat of Russia.

    But the shock and awe of disclosure will turn the dazed and confused populace into putty in the hands of the elite. With the possible pause of military hostilities and distraction from misery, a charismatic world leader will gain credit for world peace and offering hope of a new age free from the barbarism of our own ignorant past with it’s religion. First it will become very unfashionable and laughable to be a Christian. No one will take Christians serious, and they will become a mockery and butt of jokes. They will be excluded from social circles and seen as unintelligent, and weird. Then at some point, probably after the pre-trib rapture, Christians will become official enemies of the state. The rapture, coming attack on mystery Babylon (which may be destroyed by angelic rather than human forces if Richard Coombes is correct), project blue beam ops, and false flags will introduce the notion to the public that some aliens are aggressively hostile against mankind. Imagine the temporary unity of the world as nations band together and share technology to defeat the alien threat.

    Now why are Christians considered enemies of the state when this unfolds? I believe that they will be considered to be under remote alien mind control. With all the false flags, project blue beam, etc… Christians will be seen as a security threat. If they cannot be mercifully relieved of their delusion and recant and accept the antichrist, they will be deemed incorrigible threats and eliminated. It will be pointed out that it was the Christians who were abducted in the rapture, therefore it is the Christian God who is aggressive and hostile. The bible will be showcased as hate speech and all the passages of God’s judgement against man will be considered proof that God is a man-hating psychopathic alien who has rebelled against his own alien species. Then lucifer and the demons will be worshiped as the good aliens who have come to put an end to God’s tyranny and wrath on mankind. lucifer will be honored as the king of the good alien alliance. I don’t know if they will be that explicit in naming him lucifer, but I suspect it will be an overt recognition that this alien king is satan of the bible as satan desires the worship of man. By revealing that aliens speak telepathically, it will be an easy stretch to accuse Christians of being under remote alien mind control. Miracles of God which flow through Christians will be explained away as alien technology and alien assistance to perpetuate the alien Christian agenda and

    Current events are very fluid and we will have to see how they unfold. The prophecies in the bible will surely come to pass. As these events come closer and occur we will know with more detail what to expect. Until then remain flexible in your understanding within the confines of God’s word.

    • 2QIK4U

      And that is why 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇

  • 2QIK4U


  • Pink Slime

    Prepping to attack Yahusha on return. Mankind’s savior. Most Hollowood movies show aliens as vicious ugly creatures out to do harm to humans.

    Satan twirling them on his thumbs. :wink:

  • Grammyx4

    This is my humble opinion & what I believe the Bible teaches. IF the day comes and alien beings are shown…they are :twisted: totally demonic. Satan is called the prince and power of the airand a liar. He has fooled man since of Eden. Their vehicles UFO’s are demonic as well. JUMO.

  • Chromo 23

    Wouldn’t trust Steve Greer anyway.

  • Gryphon

    Guys, if there is a “God” – and I’m pretty sure there is – He is an extraterrestrial.
    By definition. Not of this place…
    And for the life of me I don’t see why people struggle so much with this.

  • Duke

    Lets get one thing straight for all those who are being conditioned that aliens are coming, that would be all of us. There is no such thing as aliens only demons playing a part like a crisis actor. When they trott out a 10 foot tall blond haired blue eyed guy with what we call a grey alien about 3 foot tall, with the president, the pope and the head of the military, DO NOT BE FOOLED! THEY ARE NOT OUR FRIENDS, THEY ARE DEMONS! They can perform miricles of the heavens because they were angels at one time. They HATE us because we ade Gods children. They are trying to create a race of their own so they can be looked upon as gods and worshipped as Gods. Please find Jesus now. There isnt much time left. Repent now and be saved, even if the do cut your head off, you will be saved for eternity. They can NEVER leave for betraying God.2bc6b301bcc351a07ed6

    • maxwell

      …Duke…You know more about the truth, than 98% of these rubes. I hope to read more of it.

      • Duke

        People are waking up faster than I thought 6 months ago. With the pizza gate going viral and the MSM declaring (fake news) war on Breitbart News for covering the child molesters and murders who lead just about every country on this flat earth that we live on. The false flag is going to take place at any time now. Hold your hats because its going to be a doozie!

  • Andy

    all the religious comments here,, no wonder our so called “civilized”world is fukd – adults actually believe man-made religious fairy-tales are real and USE these fairy-tales as a source of “wisdom” to make critical life choices?

    mind boggled

    • Jacko

      Well they’re indoctrinated since birth. So it’s hard to blame them…

  • kufr

    Disclosure is so old it has cobwebs.

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