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Ex-NSA Agent Sees Dark Days Ahead for America Due to Trump’s Election

Monday, November 14, 2016 8:10
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landry nsa

Vance Davis, formerly of the NSA and I recently had a conversation about where the country is headed in the next 6-8 weeks. I was surprised at some of the things coming our way. The challenges can be mind-numbing.

The conversation drifted around to the question as to why John Kerry was at the South Pole on election day. On its face, the behavior seems bizarre. However, the reasons are very nefarious. This, and more, are contained in the following video:


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  • PaulTarsuss

    A whole lot of shaking going on….political…economic…literal…

    The media, governments and education centers are so corrupted and toothless, they will only take a breath in unison and by quorum approval. These latest earthquakes that coincide with the closest supermoon in recent history taking place now were predictable, and were predicted, yet establishment ‘science’ says it ain’t so.

    The signs are here and have been for some time. We are entering the “quickening” phase.

    God bless

    • Equalizer

      Dark days…Like Tax reductions? Improving healthcare? Removing drug pushers and radical mooslim terrorists? Future looks fucing bright to 100% of voting Americans!!!

  • tatsmaki

    Evil and Corrupt Civilization Planet: The Earth’s End is imminent
    Nov.13, 2016
    The Creators gave for Earth everything gratuitously too, but the evil Lizard’s Reptilian Humanoids (4-dimensional reptile type humanoids covered whole body with scales) and their shapeshifters’ ruling layers of all nations on Earth, their boss, the Draco’s evil draconians (5-dimensional flying lizards walking with 2 legs: the official emblem of GB capital London), infringing the principle on prohibition of interferenc to inner problems of other planets, has invaded and dominated Earth since ancient times.Thus, Earth is under domination of evil and corrupt civilization of plutocratic slave domination.
    SPGB and CPGB: British Socialist Party and Communist Party are fighting for realization of the strategic goal for “Abolish Money!”. British workers staged a demonstration against the G8 Summit under such a banner in London aiming at rebelation from capitalist system of plutocratic slave domination. With this, they have become the flagbearer of Earth workers’ liberation movement.
    Nevertheless, regrettably, working peoples didn’t develop solidarity movements globally in the US, EU countries, Japan and worldwide.
    After the death of Reptilian’s shapeshifters, including D.Trump and Hillary Clinton, with brain cancer due to sanctions by the Creators, Trump and Hillary have been replaced to Reptilian shapeshifters’ doubles by the plot of Reptilians.
    In the recent US presidential election, at the end of the political performance, Trump’s double staged the declaration on “Realization of the Great US Empire”, regarding the preservation and expansion of capitalist system’s plutocratic slave domination. Thereby, he shouted loudly the hostility against the Creators de facto.
    Thus, the General cleaning of Earth is being promoted by the Creators.
    The planet Nibiru which is 5 times larger than Earth is rapidly approaching to Earth.
    In the beginning of Dec., 2016 the pole shift of Earth occurs. The US East, CA state, the British islands, the Japanese archipelagoes sink into the sea, the East and the South of China, the Korean Peninsula, Moscow and Petersburg of Russia sank into the sea.
    Immediately afterwards, the storm of ultrafast solar energy emanating from the large corona of the sun blows up Earth and Earth disappears from our cosmos.
    Measures on sweeping away of the reptilians’ planet of the Lizard having taken over Earth and their bosses: the draconians’ planet of the Draco are carried out by the Creators together with Earth at the same time. And they disappear from our cosmos.

    • Hayduke

      You need to get some sleep.

      • Redlist Renegade

        And YOU need to get a LIFE and a CLUE there dillusioanal cab driver !!!

  • carolina4

    this guy is completely full of shit. bought and paid for. we went into afghanistan not to control the drug lords, but to take the whole trade. and dump it on americans. just like when britain put china to sleep. there are no pansies on this website. and besides, it’s wintertime. the pansies are going into hibernation. nobody needs to be pulling a paycheck of half a million a year. that’s what ruined america. unions were their answer to slavery. but in the end, unions and fat cat ceo’s are what took us down. they gave them unions so that they could control the pension money. that’s why they want to get rid of social security because they can’t get at the money. so you will kill the future generation to save your pension? i know a man who is in his early sixties, drawing an $ 80,000 a year railroad pension. guess what? he has a part-time job doing maintenance just to keep from being bored. so tell me? how did he get the job over the thirty year old man with two kids.

  • Nancy Owens, The Obama Forger

    It’s a timing issue. Russia had the numbers with the infiltrating Hispanic New World Order and it was just simply time for America to fall via a Civil War. Russia is behind Obama’s faked birth certificate and they now have their King on the American throne. The Clintons were supposed to be a follow-up on that agenda. Instead, if I’m understanding this correctly, the Clintons will be facing financial ruin once again.

    :lol: They are all being haunted by this ghost:


  • Redlist Renegade

    This guy “Vance” is certainly NOT very articulate or well spoken or very well educated ! He comes off as a Joe Average conspiracy theorist and NOT someone that seems to posess any real “inside” government secret information ! If he really IS former NSA I would be quite surprised ! He’s certainly NO Ed Snowden !!!

  • Pink Slime

    I like the part where Dave throws out a conspiracy theory and the guy ignores it. LOL!

  • Boo

    Wiped out by whom…”White Hats” meaning? This person is about as credible as Hillary Clinton. Double speak, vague, full of innuendo’s and in the end nothing of any measure to gauge anything BY. What’s a matter with you Dave? Have you gone full on retard buddy. More of WHAT is going to coming out in the days ahead. Be prepared for WHAT? Geeze!

  • GRR

    Hey, you blew it once you mentioned an ‘ex NASA’ guy as having any credibility.

    We all know that NASA is 100% fake. Yes, the earth is flat and nothing your shill and you will tell us will defeat any logical conclusion that it is anything other than as flat as a pancake.

    Piece of trash as an article.

  • CelticFire69

    You can tell he is part of the elite guys. His bottom line is we cannot change anything, Trump’s election is a waste of time. Why even bother with an election process?

  • HAPPY chem TRAILS 2 you

    Of Course the eagle in the N$A seal is clutching the silver */atican key of temp0ral p0wer, enforcing the digital inqui$ition.

  • retiredpatriot

    Dark days for him and any other curupt organization

  • charlie2dogs

    this agent is a damn fool, dark days have been ahead for this country for over 50 years because of tratitors that americans have voted for.

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