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Trump Is Not A Panacea, The Globalists Will Declare War Against the US

Friday, November 18, 2016 18:04
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~~Trump is not a panacea. No one person can save the nation or the world from what the globalists have planned. If we play soft ball while the globalist play hard ball, we are bound to lose. We are dealing with psychopaths that have no moral restraint in causing the deaths of one person or millions – if it serves their purposes. Unless the “good” leaders take off their gloves and fight the globalists to win, we are all bound to fail. Helping bring sanity and Americanism back to the US government is a good thing, but I don’t see it making an impact in the nation or the world in the long term.  To be frank, it is delusional to think such a well entrenched enemy can be uprooted so easily. The New World Order crowd will not concede defeat and stop their diabolical schemes. They have too many options to utilize in achieving their global socialism agenda. The corrupt leaders of the world behind the scenes never created a weapon they didn’t use. They have at their disposal a host of weapons that can be used to accomplish their goals. One of those weapons against societies is control of the financial system and economies. They can disrupt financial systems and then rebuild them at will. What is going on in India is an example of manipulating a population so they can see the ripple affect in that society. The Indian government announced that 86% of the currency being used was outlawed within hours. The citizens had to turn in that money to get other denominations or a coupon for new printed currencies. Riots immediately ensued and the ripple of panic went out across the nation instantaneously. Imagine what would happen if that was done in the US. It makes a person wonder if this was a test to gauge a nation’s response. If it wasn’t a test, it will suffice until another one comes along.

The truth is the nations stand at the precipice of global economic failure. And the only thing holding back disaster is the ‘”trust” of the people that everything will be okay. Keep in mind that if the globalists conclude they are going to lose the reins of control they will unleash hell on earth as a last resort. It may not be their first choice, or a very desirable option, but if they are going to lose all control anyway, they have nothing to lose. There is nothing more vicious than an animal or an opponent that is cornered. They will fight to the death at that point. We are not at that point, yet. But if nations start to degrade the globalist’s power structure there will come an inevitable time when the conspirators see their control deteriorating to such a degree that they will use whatever means left to them to create chaos. The truth is, our nation as the last bastion of freedom in the world, does not have a very good track record of resisting the new word order. The people are still divided and brainwashed, corruption abounds in politics and our borders have been overrun by people of other nations that want to destroy the American system. We have not begun to fight back, let alone made any strides in reversing the damage that has been done.

Let me be clear, the election of Trump was one of the greatest political victories in US history. It was a step in the right direction, but it remains to be seen how that election will translate into actual change in the nation. The globalist socialist agenda is so pervasive in the minds of the people that many are brainwashed and actually scared of Trump and his possible actions. This is mass hysteria and totally unfounded. The schools have used propaganda to such a degree against the students that many of the children were crying and in distress over Trump being elected. Some schools had to give time outs, therapy and stress relief, and some brought in dogs to help soothe the children. The news media, which was supposed to be neutral in elections was telling the people that “this was not a night mare, it was real, and that this was not hell”. This is what two terms of a socialist has done to this nation. And I am fully convinced now that the second election of Obama, if not both – were fraudulent. Which means that we have had a president in power that was not duly elected by the people legally or Constitutionally. Let’s also keep in mind that people that were uncovering the high crimes of those in power died and are still dying. Will those crimes ever be revealed to the public? Or will they be swept under the carpet and pardoned away? Our so called illustrious FBI has even been tarnished. The Supreme court has been compromised. The Republicans in Congress were not defending Trump. What chance do you think Trump will have against a stacked deck? Don’t be naïve, the structure of corruption is deeply rooted in this society and cannot be uprooted without going to war against the conspirators. And when you go to war you don’t face a mortal enemy with a smile on your face, with half measures, flowery rhetoric and noble sounding intentions expecting to have a positive outcome. So, what is the answer? We are in too deep for easy answers. There is no panacea, no magic pill to solve the world’s problems. But, we can forestall the inevitable and educate people to reality. That is why the number one priority of a good administration it to educate people to what is truly going on and reverse the hysteria. Tell them the truth. That alone is a several year project and one that will have resistance from society. The other things that need to be done is to reduce government bureaucracy and  regulations that stymie businesses. Stop all foreign wars and put America first. Seal the border and enforce the immigration and employment laws to a sane and rational level. Stop ALL foreign aid to other nations. Kick out the UN from our land and withdraw from that fake organization. Take control of the national money system from foreign bankers. Stop all farming compensations for lands that are not farming. Stop all price supports for crops and products and let them come to their own level. Shut down the EPA and level off pollution controls. Give tax reductions to solar and wind power productions. Replace all nuclear electric plants with safe thorium plants. Stop all subsidies for ethanol production from corn and other grains. Stop subsidizing the Amtrak rail system. If services and products can’t make a profit, they should not be propped up. Either we believe in the free market or we don’t. Reduce the employment of government workers and encourage and support businesses that will provide good jobs that actually produce something.  Stop all slave labor in prisons and bring back sanity to sentencing. Review all drug crimes and reduce the prison population. Stop all drug production by the US government, such as the sale and importation of opium. The nation has been deceiving the people by telling them one thing about how bad drug use is, while at the same time they promote opium production in foreign countries that is shipped into our nation to generate profits. Then those that get involved in drugs and do crimes are skimmed off to be used as slave labor. It is all contrived  – that has to stop. The military industrial complex must be reined in and controlled. We should eliminate all covert activities that create wars in foreign countries to generate profits in the defense industry. That alone is a blotch on American history and needs to be stopped immediately if we are going to regain any honor and integrity for this nation. Millions of lives have been lost by fabricated wars. Our own sons and daughters have died, and have been deliberately sacrificed for that industry and to make the international bankers richer. I can’t think of anything more blatantly evil than that system of human butchery – that needs to be stopped. That is a short list of things that NEED to be done if we want to take this nation back. I seriously doubt even a fraction of these things will be done under this incoming administration. Regardless how great a victory it was or how high sounding the words of intention were, the fix for our nation’s problems are too great to overcome. No one will make the hard choices. They will instead compromise on every item I mentioned, even if they tired to do them. Trump means well, don’t get me wrong. He is a great American and personified the American values and the resistance against tyranny. His team will be sincere, talented and work hard to steer the nation back on course. But it will all end up being an act of futility. Does that sound too pessimistic? Too cynical? Yes, it does, and I regret having to even make these conclusions. But it is the reality we face. The deck is stacked against us. If we want to make wise moves we should support Trump in making as many changes as possible and to focus on educating the people to become more self sufficient in their lifestyles. We must decentralize power and give more power to the states and local governments. We must learn how to live more simple lifestyles and not push for materialism and commercialism as it has been done the past 50 years. We will enter a new phase where industrial production will top off to a level below what we have now. Our nation and all prosperous nations have been built on credit and trust as a nation expands. We are in debt more than the existing money supply. When Trump takes office we will have a national debt over $20 trillion, and in the financial system the amount of money in hedge funds alone is approaching $2 quadrillion. These amounts are astronomical and can never be paid back. The global system has expanded beyond what can be sustained. A collapse is inevitable, don’t ever believe anyone when they say things will never collapse. They have only put off the inevitable for decades now to forestall what will eventually happen. There is no fix for it, no silver bullet, and no magic cure. This is the disaster that Trump will inherit as he takes office in January. Let’s not fool ourselves into thinking we have reached Nirvana and can now dance on streets of gold in castles in the air. How do you think the military industrial complex is going to react to losing the chance to go to war and make more $ billions? How do you think the corrupt politicians and businessmen are going to react when the investigations uncover their crimes? How do you think the globalists are going to react as they see their generational schemes for global socialism being wiped away? They will consider this a direct attack against them and their families and they will go to war against Trump as a mortal enemy. Keep in mind as you see these things unfold that those that verbally attack Trump the most are the ones that have the most to lose. Fasten your seatbelts, the lines have been drawn for a momentous battle and now we will see what happens next. George Eaton, The Priority Report

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