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Man Is Using ET Technology to Travel the Stars – Secret Missions – Stunning Report

Friday, January 13, 2017 21:48
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Fifteen months ago, I revealed the following information and I have modified the content to reflect the current state of affairs. 

I want to thanks Steve Quayle, whose deep cover sources validated this account the day after it first appeared in print. The video that follows is the most stunningly accurate video I have ever seen  on the topic of ET transferred technology. Most of the video is mundane, but there are 3 examples of technology that my father warned me to not be the first to disclose for fear of my safety. 

I was fluent in German when I was a toddler. Well, I was as fluent as a toddler could be. I learned German from my German grandmother and father who often spoke to me in German, the land of their birth and upbringing. Sometime later, when I was five years old, I received a lot of practice speaking German to strangers, because they were crawling through my home in Littleton, Colorado, on a regular basis.

From 1983 to 1985, I visited almost every night when I learned that my father was dying from asbestos poisoning. He explained many bizarre things that I had seen and heard as child. O

Here, I will share the content of the highly classified material that my father shared with me during that time on the topic of Operation Paper Clip, UFO’s, the secret space program and the existence of Extraterrestrials  (ET’s).

A Strange Childhood

I had a childhood that was different from many children and my beautiful mother had a marriage that was unique and at times was filled with loneliness.

Before I was born, my father oversaw the rewiring of the Combat Information Center (CIC) on the carrier Franklin D. Roosevelt. The FDR was the first ship in the U.S. Navy to be retrofitted for the installation of nuclear weapons. At the time of the installation, this was the most secure military mission in the history of the United States.

With regard to the mission, the crew and ship was stationed at the naval base in Jacksonville, FL. The installation of the nuclear weapons on the FDR was accomplished at sea. The nukes were operationalized on a mission which extended around the southern tip of South America. My father said this was done to try and limit the amount of “eyes on” surveillance the Soviets would have of the process. This mission was performed at a time before the use of satellites.

During the course of the mission, my father said that for three nights the small task force was followed by “glowing orbs” to the rear of the ship.   

The mission, itself, from start to finish, took 18 months. During that time, my father and mother saw each other for exactly 10 days.

During the course of my childhood, my family was under constant surveillance. Our phones were tapped and our mail was read. We had visits from either the Secret Service or the FBI every six months. The routine was always the same. One agent would generally question the family while another agent isolated one of the family members, at a time, for interrogation. The questions that we were asked were always the same. Do you know what you father does for a living? Who have you told about what you have seen and heard? The interrogations were always accompanied by the use of a polygraph. For a long time, as a child, I thought that this was what every family went through as this became normal to me. These interrogations continued like clockwork until my junior year while attending the University of Denver as an undergraduate student. The FBI showed up, unannounced, at my dorm wearing suits and ties. I was embarrassed and incensed and I started yelling at them until they left. I never heard from them again. Although my father received a scolding with regard to my uncooperative attitude.

The Chronology of My Father’s Work

Following my father’s mission with the FDR, he was early retired by the Navy at 19 years and 6 months with full pension instead of the requisite 20 years required to receive a pension. In other words, the government could not wait to get my father to work on his new project.

My father was allowed to come home to the family and visit for a week, in Marshalltown, Iowa, following his formal retirement, and then he left for Denver, Colorado. He purchased a home and began to work at Lowry Air Base in Denver. His work was disguised. His entire unit posed as civilian engineers with the 547th. It was there, that he encountered German scientists who had worked in the Third Reich. Occasionally, my father would bring one or two of them home and they would work on what appeared to be blueprints. During these visits, I would get to speak to the men, often in German, and then my mother would take the kids to the park or the movies. Security personnel, in plain clothes, would accompany the party to our home. Later, the project was moved from Lowry Air Force Base to Martin Marietta located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains 15 miles due west of our home.

So, what did my father work on during this time? His work centered upon vertical take-off craft. I do not mean the harrier jet, I mean like what you see in the movies. My father worked on anti-gravity technology that would enable a craft to achieve escape velocity from the earth’s atmosphere. Because my father’s role kept expanding, he was able to see the project beyond the compartmentalized view that was imposed to prevent any one person from learning to much.

After my father’s work was concluded with the Nazi scientists, he went to work at Sunstrand Electric in Westminster, Colorado. There he worked on advanced satellite technology that would be used to track outbound and inbound space vehicles. My father’s expertise did not extend into this area, but his service was invaluable because he knew how to organize study groups, action groups and help the process grow to final implementation. In short, he took on the role of a non-technical project manager.

Bill Pawelec and my former News Director, Annie Deriso

Bill Pawelec and my former News Director, Annie Deriso

It was at Sunstrand Electric that my dad worked with electronic surveillance expert, Bill Pawelec. Bill would later be married to Annie DeRiso, my former director of news at The Common Sense Show. On the “About” page of my website, you can view Bill’s revelation, made to Steven Greer at the White House Press Corps, regarding the existence of extraterrestrials beings. Bill granted the interview before he died of cancer.

Bill Pawelec actually briefly knew me as a child as he visited my home. However, I do not remember Bill’s two visits. I reunited with Bill in 1993 after I was listening to Art Bell interviewing Vance Davis, formerly of the NSA. Vance’s revelations on Art’s Coast to Coast show were of a nature that I knew that he knew what my father had learned over a 30 year period. I reached out to Vance and was eventually contacted by Bill Pawelec who was also doing contract work for the CIA.

Nightly Revelations

In 1983, when my father received word that his developing lung condition was terminal, I began to visit him on a nightly basis. It was the most difficult two years of my life as my dad was my best friend, the person I most admired in the world. With his passing, there is a hole in my heart that has never healed. We talked about everything including the work he did for the government following his retirement from the Navy.

Our conversations took a bizarre twist when I asked my father two questions:

  1. Who killed JFK and why.
  2. What was the truth behind UFO sightings?

I was never obsessed with the UFO question, but was fascinated by the Betty and Barney Hill accounts that I had read about as a child.

During the course of our conversations, I learned that every one of the Nazi scientists my father worked with believed that the technology that they were in possession of, had extraterrestrial origins.

I understand that these revelations will come as a shock to my listening audience as well as my readers. Except for the false flag plan, Operation Blue Beam, I have never written or discussed the subject of ET’s, until now.

What I will reveal will be the culmination of over 30 years of information gathering.

If any of you are wondering why I would wait until now to reveal what I learned about this topic, as a result of the work of my father, Bill Pawelec and Vance Davis, let me save you the time it will take you to construct an email. My mother was the beneficiary of my father’s pensions. Both pensions carried a strong stipulation as to my father’s national security oath. If he had been caught revealing state secrets, he would have been sentenced to life in prison at Leavenworth, sentenced to hard labor, no due process and would have forfeited all financial assets. After my father’s death, the only assets left on the table were my father’s two pensions. If I had spoken publicly about this prior to 2011, the year of my mother’s death, she would have forfeited the rights to his pensions.

The only person that I spoke with outside of Bill Pawelec and Vance Davis was Ken Anderson (former astronaut) and Jim Marrs in a meeting that was arranged by Bill Pawelec in 2005 at the Phoenix airport. This was a meeting in which Jim Marrs and I exchanged information on the topic of Operation Paper Clip that was reverse engineering of the scientific breakthroughs obtained by Nazi scientists.

My father had revealed technical details to me that were top secret and anyone caught talking, in violation of the security oath, would not just go to jail, they would risk being eliminated with extreme prejudice. My father advised me to NEVER reveal some of the technical details of what he told me, even after the death of my mother, because it could pose a threat to my safety. 

A Craft That Renders All Others Obsolete

The vertical lift-off craft that my father knew about, could achieve speeds of 15 to 20,000 MPH within a few seconds of take off. These crafts could make right angle turns on a dime in such a manner that the craft’s inhabitants should have been crushed by the “G forces”. However, he said that Germans possess the theoretical knowledge on what would become real world application of this technology. He also said that these craft would have the capacity to travel into the solar system and as long as there was planetary bodies, the craft would need no fuel as it used gravity to propel the craft. They mastered the re-entry problem be displacing time and space as the craft would enter the atmosphere, thus avoiding the massive heat of re-entry. My father said he was shocked and dismayed that John Glenn, the first astronaut to orbit the earth, almost died when Ground Control thought he is very primitive heat shield came lose and he would burn up. An interesting fact, and one that I did not fully understand until well after my father had passed had to do with how these craft navigate which is to use the gravitational meridians. To understand the technology, one have some working knowledge on hyper-dimensional physics.

You may ask, why build the F-35 with this kind of technology? Answer: The Military Industrial Complex will always seek to make money, even if the purpose is illegitimate.

There has been a stunning breakthrough discovery I have made on YouTube. I found a video that contains references to three technologies which would have been too hot to disclose, with regard to my own personal safety. 

My father said it, that we had a secret space program because his work never ended up in NASA which used primitive technology, even to this day where there has been no meaningful breakthroughs in 50 years. That is because the technology is being suppressed from the public. The inescapable conclusion is that man is traveling amongst the stars, not just the solar system. 

From the following video, and based on what I already know, there can be no other conclusion that mankind has the advanced technology to travel the stars. Can you pick out the 3 examples of exotic technology?


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  • mastwow

    NO, NO, NO! Got it all wrong.

    There are fallen angelic technology but
    There are no stars to travel, outer space, inter galactic missions.
    All 100% fabricated joke against humanity to make believe there’s something out there. There is nothing out there.
    Its just US and God, side to that devil and demons.

    Don’t be deceived.
    If you’re thinking, what about these phds, experts, and astronauts? They are jokers, deceivers, and brainwashed individuals, and misinformationalists.

    • Eggzactly

      Then stop trying to deceive Us! Look up at the stars at night. Dummy :razz:

    • Charas Mayhem

      closed minded retard!

    • sitrep

      One can go out early in the Morning before Sunrise and scan the skies, Do this for at least 7 days, and you will witness strange triangular craft.
      The lights on these craft change, and makes it difficult to see the shape, although, when they fully light up it is easy to see the shape.
      The Lights on these craft also create many different patterns, including a spiral.
      Also Some type of lighting, or laser is used for communications.
      As there are also other craft with different shapes, and sizes.
      As one Smaller Craft was set on a course that would have collided with a Larger Craft—-
      The Larger Craft emitted some type of Light/Laser beam directed to the smaller craft—–
      The Smaller Craft totally changed course to get out of the way, and in a big hurry too, All this happened very quickly.
      With just the Basic Cameras/Smart Phones one cannot take pictures or videos of these events.

      If your brave enough, and can handle the truth, then scan the skies every morning before sunrise for at least 7 days.
      You have to look close because what you might think is a star may start moving, and changing light patterns.

      After 7 day period of scanning the skies, you will have a totally different outlook, and it may totally stun you.

      If you cannot handle it, and want to continue living in a Bubble, and lied to. having the Silicon Valley Sultans, Fake MSM, etc- to continue blowing smoke up your rears, and taking away your choice, making “Recommendations” for you to further your “Experience”, so you can digitally sign those thousands, of Thousands for all that bogus software security upgrades, and patches which are designed to switch all your privacy settings, then their web-bots Gobble up your private info before you even know about it.
      Depending on who you are if they want your info, they send you a Smart device security up grade, this switches your privacy settings, then they Phone that device, what!!! no one on the other end answering, Wait, it is a silent Web-Bot, and now has retrieved your data before you can hang up, you ever have to press that button several times before it disconnects?.

      Oh what about all these so called “Hacks”, and The Current, and outgoing Administration, Silicon Valley Sultans (SVS), Micro-Shaft, Twart-Twat, and Face-Hook, Announcing in some form, or another, to include sending out letters to people saying their Private info was compromised.
      This is a big Ruse to cover themselves when your info pops up in the strangest places, leaving you vulnerable to electronic attacks in many, many ways.
      Some of the Companies may be selling your Data to countries like China, whom are eager to purchase it, it is worth Trillions.

      If you follow some of the Scientific forums, and understand the lingo, you will hear a lot of chatter about using all the stolen info to program a Super Artificial Intelligence Entity, that has a lot of control, and long reaching bots,etc to better “Recommend” for You, and to Better your “Experience.
      The New System Operating Software (OS) for Most of the Computers, and Smart Devices is Totally Illegal,,,,Your Being Micro-Shafted, Jack Hammer Style. They are very Aggressive scheming fabricating ways to get your info.
      The Current Administration Has done Nothing about this, and Have opened the doors for the SVS, and Crew to do as they please to you, and with your data.
      This is Very Serious, and if your not concerned, you better start being concerned, and inform yourself.
      They do not need your passwords, They just embed a Special Packet that opens your systems up to them.

    • Jango

      You are right mastwow, as soon as he began speaking of gravity, I knew he was lying. Gravity does not exist. It’s a lie and scam and can be easily proven as such. Problem is this. When someone has been indoctrinated it is impossible to convince them that right is wrong and vice versa even with black and white proof. This is the power of brainwashing. Thank God that some of us were able to escape that trap and can still think and reason. These are the ones that realize that the Big Bang, Heliocentric Solar System model is a lie, that we Do Not live on and Cannot live on a round spinning globe. For more:

      • VirusGuard

        Your into religion and then want to warn people about brain washing ????

        Come on man wake the flock up

        “Gravity does not exist”

        Not phyicaly but you would have to apply the same logic to you sole that you are so concerned about and that is just data and gravity is just functions acting on data and that is why we can produce gravity in computer games.

        You have been indoctrinated more than most people and no you are not very good when it comes to “can still think and reason” even if you get that “Big Bang” is BS

        Tell me can you have “White” without “Black” or “Right” without “Wrong” because i say you cannot but you get your kickers in a twist when i also say that you cannot have “Good” without “Evil” so you tell me who’s been brainwashed

        You is not one thing and part of you is what you call the sole and the other half of you comes from the consious brain and the blue print for that and the brain functions come from your DNA and that is computer code.

        Had Hitler’s sole been joined to a difrent body (DNA Avatar) and was he born so that he had not fought in WW1 then he could well have ended up being just a shop keeper so should his sole pay the price for ever and a day when much of what happened was out side the soles control.

        “we Do Not live on and Cannot live on a round spinning globe”

        No but the computer simulation we are in is round and spinning and has laws of physics that only apply to this simulation that seems physical to us

    • Redlist Renegade

      What’s the weather like on your planet BOZO ? Do they MISS you on Neptune ?!!!

  • Ted

    I always hate it when I’ve clicked on a BiN article, and Dave Hodges’ logo appears at the top. Here comes a big load of crap, a huge waste of my time; and he just profited from my “click” He’s as bad as KoS! :mad:

    • Man

      well i am still waiting for that alt media hit list with his name on it that his buddy warned about.

      I wish they would hurry up and finish that list already

    • Sulletje

      Just install ublock and he won’t get anything from your clicks :)

    • Hayduke

      Click on “Featured”. Problem solved.

  • Pink Slime

    BIG TALK but still no evidence. Just hearsay….

    Gimme the SPACESHIP dammit! :mad:

  • compaid

    More bull in this site than a burger joint

    • GUNNY

      :?: :?: :?:

      Nobody makes burgers out of bulls, jackanapes.

      (But your overall point is most valid.)


  • Canderson

    They have not reached that far I can tell you that, it is illogical, today when they go against us the people, the white sheep.

    • Canderson

      They are stuck, that is why they go against us the people, the white (unknowing, still pure) sheep (food).

      • Canderson

        They on a rampage wacko they are, until?

  • unidentified

    there is existing technology to travel to deep space but we’re not using it here on this planet, that is wild speculation, did he go to deep space come back and report it here to the government, we are just now starting to get high tech installed in developed countries eventually everyone will be using it globally, the government spying program was planned at least a hundred years ago, the secret government can spy on us if they want to right into our homes, they have ways to listen watch monitor ect if they want, there are no secrets from et :mad:

  • Anonymous

    man is writing bull crap so others can read it ??

  • akira

    On free days like today,
    I like to visit this website,
    and read the funny stories
    made up by funny people.
    White man is strange.

  • atomant

    Nothing of interest here folks.lm going back outside to scan for flying donuts.

  • JohnDave

    Since, as of now, none of these hyper-advanced technologies can be used or proved, it’s useless. Maybe in a few
    hundred years. :idea:

  • Sulletje

    I know a guy who’s UFO-pilot according to himself. He’s only homeless and heroin/coke junkie. But it must be true. He told me so!

  • Counter Analysis

    With or without alien tech, if the laws of physics allow such movement, then I think it’s inevitable humans will achieve it given enough time. I don’t doubt extraterrestrial or extradimensionals take interest and make themselves known to man and most especially to man’s govts that dabble in certain areas. Ghosts, demons, or whatever you want to call them are very real and well documented as communicating with humans on such shows as Ghost Adventures where a variety of tech is used to interface with them. I’m sure govts have figured out the reality of this phenomenon, and with tech, mediums, and devil worshipers have deeply explored this reality probably to the point where they have partnerships and intelligent coordination.

    I’m not a physicist but I have some ideas that interest me. In my view light moves through space but is trapped in time. Its travel is instantaneous but the reason it seems to have a speed is because space-time is laid out like a matrix where Jan 14 2017 is simultaneous with Jan14 2018 one light year away if you are headed out or Jan 14 2016 if you are the destination from a distance of one light year. When you travel time slows down. At light speed time slows so much that anywhere you travel is instant to you. So today you travel and arrive one light year distance. Your watch has not changed but a year has gone by and its 2018 at your arrival. At two light years distance your watch has not changed but it’s 2019 at your destination. So the further out you are the greater the displacement of time that is simultaneous between the two points.

    Matter is the opposite. Light is a wave stuck in time moving through space. Matter is waves stuck in space moving through time. You can apply energy to accelerate matter creating a sort of ratio of time-space movement. Mass has inertia, and movement is relative except for acceleration which affects an object independent of other objects. A moving object with no acceleration is at rest. Acceleration requires the application of force to an object. The only exception is acceleration in a gravity field (though gravity is also called a force) due to free fall which is really being at rest and weightless because it is space which is curved and the object is at rest by following the contours of space. Hence standing on earth you are accelerating and force is applied to your feet, but you are weightless when free falling from a building until you hit the ground.

    So there are essentially 2 ways to accelerate an object. You can bend space-time so that an object at rest will follow the bent contours. Or else you can reorient the shape or direction of matter waves either by applying physical force or by some other hypothetical means of manipulating the matter waves. My guess is that alien tech or human tech that involves deep space travel has discovered a way to reorient matter waves without the use of physical force or the massive bending of space-time. Perhaps this is done using some kind of rotating oscillating electric or magnetic fields at resonate frequencies. If I were a physicist I would look to see if such a thing could happen or be observed in nature or if it could be derived or predicted based upon current theories.

    Another interesting side-note. Some physicists believe the speed of light is slowing down. My hypothesis is that is due to the universe expanding. Light travels instantaneously but as previously mentioned time is laid out like a matrix. When the universe was a singularity, the speed of light was identical to the time it took light to reach the end of the universe. The bigger the universe became the longer it took light to travel the distance, though its speed is still instant. Because light is instantaneous, an expanding universe manifests as a slower observed light-speed. As the universe expands, so does the matrix of time within it. Light red shifts but also loses speed (though the speed of light is independent of its wavelength) through the expansion. In the very early universe the loss of speed in light would have been very pronounced. Now that the universe is so very old and huge, its rate of expansion in ratio to its size has been decreasing exponentially so that the rate of light speed deprecation is so little that it may be very difficult to detect.

    Another interesting idea. The universe could have been created six thousand years ago and be 20 billion years old. How? If the universe’s expansion exceeds the speed of light it effectively expands backward in time. The universe can be expanding both infinitely forward and backward in time at once. So the scientists and the young earth bible thumpers may both be right though I highly doubt the earth itself is that young.

    I hope this doesn’t sound like gibberish. It’s not easy to articulate these ideas. I’ve never shared these ideas and they’re only the tip of the iceberg. Hope I’m not crazy LOL.

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