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Ron Paul: “A Trap Has Been Set for the US and Our Economy Will Collapse on Trump’s Watch”

Monday, January 30, 2017 7:53
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Ron Paul feared a Clinton presidency more than anything else. But He also knows that a planned depression awaits Donald Trump

Ron Paul feared a Clinton presidency more than anything else. But He also knows that a planned depression awaits Donald Trump and this is where we are headed.


My wife’s late Uncle Bobby fought in World War II. at one Christmas gathering, Bobby told me how his unit entered a town and encountered only minimal resistance. He said he had a bad feeling, the advance, which was anticipated to meet with heavy resistance was just too easy. Bobby was correct, when his recon patrol reach the center of the town, the Germans came at them with everything they had and the Americans were trapped. It was just too easy, the Americans took the bait and they suffered 50% casualties.The moral of the story is that if something looks too easy, it is.

This is precisely what has happened with President Trump taking power. I thought Clinton would fight with everything she had at her disposal in the recount scam led by Jill Stein. I thought that more electoral voters would be bribed by representatives of George Soros and the election would be thrown into a Constitutional crisis. That didn’t happen either. This kind of capitulation is out of character for the globalists. Why would they give up so easily? Just like Uncle Bobby, a trap has been set for the American people.

Ron Paul’s Warning

Ron Paul recently said that an economic collapse has been planned and it was designed to coincide with Trump’s presidency.In other words, we have walked into a trap.  Dr. Paul feels that the collapse will take place within the next 18-24 months. Personally, I  believe this will be much sooner.

From The Free Thought Project on comments made about Ron Paul statements made 3 days ago:

“The Federal Reserve’s policies of printing trillions of dollars back in ’08-09 have locked into place a serious financial crisis at some point in our future,” Paul stated. Going so far as to intimate the financial collapse will occur at least some time in the next two years Paul wrote, “It’s unavoidable, and even Donald Trump can’t stop it.”

Paul said Trump will be the patsy for the supposed impending financial ruin. Just like everyone blamed Obama for the financial collapse in 2009, this time, “Trump will unfairly get the blame,” the former Texas representative wrote. Paul bases his comments on reports he says he’s read which concludes that within the next 18-24 months, the collapse will happen.”

Many are echoing what Ron Paul is saying here. How did this happen?

I contend that this was trap set by the globalists.  I will explore this in more detail in Part Two. In the meantime, I know with the enormous amount of new people who have awakened to the real state that America is in, it is time to explain what is at the root of it all. The failure of the Petrodollar will lead to World War III.

From the globalists perspective, America must first be destabilized (e.g. CALEXIT, planned George Soros funded riots, eventual economic collapse etc)  to the point where war is the only option.

The globalists desperately want war because it will help them usher in their one-world government and one-world economy. Further, as many of them have previously stated, the globalists want to reduce the population by 90%  and what better way to accomplish that goal  than by having a world war.

Some are no doubt wondering what is the Petrodollar? Here is a brief explanation.

           The Petrodollar Replaced the Gold Standard

The United States has debt, crushing debt, which makes the former Weimar Republic look solvent by comparison. Unfortunately, the United States abandoned the gold standard a long time ago.  What then keeps our economy from degenerating into a trading and bartering society resulting from a collapsed dollar?

The United States’ good economic fortune is due solely to the fact that world must use the dollar, the Petrodollar if you will, in order to make their nation’s individual oil purchases and this provides the only source of backing for the U.S. dollar that the Federal Reserve requires in order to somewhat sustain our back breaking debt that the banker occupied United States government has passed along to the American taxpayer in the form of bailouts.

Despite the economic pain associated with the enormous debt caused by the Wall Street contrived Ponzi schemes associated with the now infamous derivatives, America’s economy has proven to be very resilient.

However, if the artificial global dollar demand, made possible by the Petrodollar system, were ever to crumble, our days of economic dominance would abruptly end and the resulting economic chaos would be followed by the need to impose martial law on a starving public.

Again, tens of millions of Americans will die in this scenario. Further desperate and out of money, WWIII looms in the future.

The following clip explains why we attacked Iraq and Libya and how this fits into to today’s Petrodollar crisis. The invasion of Syria is underway. Iran is next.

Challenging the Petrodollar and the Roots For WWIII

Unfortunately for every man, woman and child in America, that day of economic reckoning is quickly approaching. China has been, for sometime, been buying Iranian oil in gold. India has followed suit, as have the Russians. The days of the Petrodollar are numbered and therefore, so is the only source of backing of our dollar. Have you and your family prepared for the collapse of the dollar and ultimately the collapse of society?

Like most Americans who have awakened from their slumber, I came to realize that the Federal Reserve Board is responsible for most of the evil perpetrated in the world and I personally loathe the organization.

It is hard not to cheer the fact that the days of Federal Reserve Board dominance may be coming to an abrupt end. Yet, I would advise against popping the corks on the champagne bottles because, like it or not, America’s economic fortunes are tied to the health of the dollar and our precious dollar has come down with a terminal economic case of the Asian flu.

If the Federal Reserve crashes and burns, so will everything that you have ever worked for. If the Federal Reserve collapses over this impending crisis, the resulting economic holocaust will make the United States unrecognizable within a very short time and your personal fortunes will come to an abrupt end.The Federal Reserve is preparing to install feudalism following the currency collapse.

How would you like to rent your own house from the bankers that are preparing to steal it from you?  This is exactly what  has been set into motion.

If you didn’t hear, almost four years ago, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals made it legal for the banks to steal your deposits. This is something that I have covered before. I will be reviewing this for our new readers in an upcoming update on this topic.

Surely, there must be something that can be done to avert this coming train wreck? Can’t the United States simply employ economic sanctions and force Iran to its knees and ? Without the cooperation of Russia, China and India, economic sanctions and an oil embargo will not be effective and subsequently, the United States cannot force Iranians back to the negotiating table over the oil issue.

Dr. Paul is correct, the dollar is done and is living on borrowed time. Billionaires in the Silicon Valley know this as well as 50% of them have constructed underground hideaways. What do they know that you don’t?


I have thrown a lot of dots up on the wall and the connections are still somewhat loose. However, in Part Two, they will all be connected.  Part One has introduced you to all the players. Suffice it for today, to state that the globalists have had a Plan B all along and just Uncle Bobby, we have walked into their trap.

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  • raburgeson

    No, I will have my big mouth flapping. The banksters will rightfully be blamed for this. They inflate and deflate money at will and I will make it clear they have caused the problem, audit the FED!

  • Pink Slime

    It would NOT be unusual for ANYBODY to prep. You included. It’s not a big deal. Just about everybody I know is aware of it, and about half don’t care.

    Just like the sillycone heads. :twisted:

  • Josie

    Something about Ron Paul that just rubs me wrong.

  • my2pesos

    Here we are. – (2017)
    So many respected experts warned that if we bailed out the banks and Wall Street in ’2008′ that we would face a much greater crisis in the future.
    Here ‘we’ Are’s ~ War He ‘RE’ See
    Greater Crisis ~ Regret ‘arc’ ISIS
    Greater Crisis ~ Gates ‘here’ Criers
    Greater ‘a’ Crisis ~ Tigers ‘air’ Ace ~ Stingers ‘IR’ Race
    Greater ‘n’ Crisis ~ Regrets ‘sic’ Rain…………..(Rain ~ Iran)
    Regrets Rain ~ Rare Stinger ~ RE: Arresting

    • Judge Roy Bean

      They are not wrong, the trouble is brewing that will be much greater than it was 8 or 9 years ago. The trouble will be so great it will shake the world to it’s foundations and bring about the Mark of the Beast system. This shaking and breaking is on God’s time table, not man’s.

  • Dodgeball

    Yawn….I’ve heard this trumpet blowing for what?…maybe 20 years now (before the Dot com bubble), and we are still alive and kicking. Everything was suppose to collapse YEEEEARS ago but they kept on finding a cure (albeit always a temp one), and things just keep rolling along. The PTB could pull the plug anytime they want but why do it when things still LOOK strong and vibrant and are still working in their favor.

    Yes, there might be a blip on the radar screen in the near future but it won’t be bad and things will level off again, even at the end of Trumps first 4 years. Who is going to stop the Fed from printing more $$$? Who is going to stop them from another round of QE or helicopter funds? The bankers–hardly! The worst thing they could do is threaten to close their doors! The politicians–no way–they need to look good for their next re-election. The average un-informed consumer? No, they would scream bloody murder if they couldn’t buy stuff on credit anymore.

    Besides the little bumps in the road from time to time, this must go on in perpetuity. It is unthinkable to imagine otherwise…and they know it! Who would want that to happen on THEIR watch anyway? No one I know!

  • tatsmaki

    Warning to Earthers from the Creators
    Jan.31, 2017 T. Tatsmaki (Japan)
    According to a notice from the Creators,
    American dollar and economy will collapse in the 1st week of Feb., 2017.
    That will lead to the new civil war in the US and the victory of the new American people’s revolution.
    American peoples of “We are The 99%! Occupy Wall Street !” must realize the transition to the New society of everything gratuitous services in all fields of their socilal life, abolishing the monetary system in the solidarity with British workers fighting for abolishing money, following the orders of the Creators and the planets’ development law.
    Otherwise, Earth being under conditions of takeover by shapeshifters of reptilian humanoids of the Lizard and their boss: draconian lizards of the Draco (the official emblem of UK capital London) and about 20 thou. planets of evil and corrupt civilizations in our space will be disappeared from our space due to the cleanup of our space by the Creators in order to keep the normal order of our space, despite the late start.

    • Hayduke

      (A) What are you on?

      (B) Do you have any extra you can spare? TY in advance.

  • nomorelabels

    I did not blame Obama for the financial crisis because it happened under G W Bush, which many seem to forget that. Obama just continued the facade.

    I do think we should all take pause and realize something peculiar about the election of Trump. Although I DO want him to do well, it would appear something else is indeed the focus, and those who pull the strings did not care who was selected as Pres.

    Depression? No, but for sure more endless criminal wars all the while the US public is fooled into thinking it is all about ‘war on terror’ when that is a lie. it is all about geo-politics now and who gets the resources. War crimes will likely only increase while the public continues to buy the reasons. The masters did not care about Trump, the agenda is WAR, and the shadow figures who plan them.

  • Judge Roy Bean

    I can say it for you Ron Paul, NWO Jews is at the root of the problem.

  • Counter Analysis

    Zerohedge published an article suggesting the Fed could sabotage Trump by tightening the money supply by raising interest rates. But if they sabotage the economy, there will be a lot of unhappy countries who economically collapse with us. There is no American economic collapse without a world economic collapse. This is war. If it comes down to economic devastation, then there is no reason not to abolish the Fed and print money directly through the treasury as an interim measure to reestablishing some type of gold or commodity based currency standard. America could just decide to default. Times would be very tough, but we are a nation rich in natural resources and could temporarily thrive on an internal isolated economy where we go back to producing our own goods again. In time confidence in America would creep back. The big hazard would be world war III as all nations seek to channel internal unrest into an external enemy. But the question remains, who will take the blame for initiating a world wide economic collapse. If I were the elite, I would fear some major blow-back.

  • Viking

    Trump knows this can happen and he is quickly taking measures to lessen the impact, such as bringing back manufacturing jobs stat.

    For nations don’t have a license to print US Dollars (US is the only one) at will, the only things that gives their currency any value is to export more than you import.

    He is also moving to audit the fed and wants an accounting of US Gold supplies.

    It is clear he wants to put us back on the gold standard, most likely get troops out of the middle east and let the petro dollar die.

    Once we are sufficient, others cannot control us.

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