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Major Scandal: State Department Guilty of Racism, Intimidation, Treason – Trump Supporting Employees Fear for Their Lives

Thursday, February 2, 2017 8:59
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In an earlier article, I wrote that President Trump would face extreme disloyalty and even treason from the mid-level Federal employees who are still loyal to Obama. This prediction has already come true.

Insubordination by 900 State Department Employees

On February 1st, 900 State Department employees, in an act of extreme insubordination, signed a document stating that they did not support the temporary Muslim ban on travel into the United States. The White House is aware of this action and this led White House Press Secretary to state that they were aware of the action and that these employees needed to decide if they were going to get on board or leave. Mr. Spicer, they need to leave. President Trump has a major problem on his hands.

State Department Employee Facing Intimidation and Employment Termination

Monika Wesolowski has been a State Department employee for over a decade. Her work has been exemplary. However, Monika has 4 distinct handicaps. She is White, Christian, conservative and cute. In today’s State Department this is a toxic and even potentially lethal combination. Most importantly, she supports Donald Trump and for that, she is experiencing extreme workplace harassment and today, she faces termination for displaying a President Trump’s photo at her workstation.

Subsequently, Monika went to the ethics and legal department of the State Department and sought an opinion on displaying the photo of a sitting President in her workplace. The written opinion, see below, stated that what she was doing was not a violation and that she is not in violation of the Hatch Act which prohibits Federal employees from engaging in promoting a candidate. Monika subsequently showed the legal opinion to her supervisor, who promptly said “I don’t care, we will just have to agree to disagree”. Today, Monika faces an annual job review which has been moved up to coincide with these events. Monika stated that she expects to be fired today.


What’s Good for the Goose Is Not Good for the Gander

Please allow me to remind the readers that Kerry O’Grady, the head of the Denver Secret Service office, stated that she would not “take a bullet for Trump…the Hatch Act be damned”.  This treasonous federal employee was allowed, by the Obama administration, to continue on the job with impunity for 3 months up until the time that Obama left office. There were absolutely no consequences for a clear Hatch Act violation under Obama.

Shortly after the national election, in Monika’s office, a State Department non-citizen contract employee from Saudi Arabia, began to circulate a petition which she encouraged people to sign. The purpose was to overthrow America’s election system, and support that Hillary Clinton should have been elected….  This is clear violation of the Hatch Act. Perceived pressure was put upon State Department employees to sign this petition. Monika’s supervisor apparently has no problem with her like-minded subordinates engaging in willful violations of Federal law.

The State Department: A Rogue Culture of Corruption and Racism

In an interview on this topic which I did on Paul Preston’s Agenda 21 Radio show, he shared that he has outed 12 instances (people) associated with espionage in the State Department and that this ring was established under Clinton’s rule.

Monika’s story is no less volatile. She produces State Department documents and brochures on sensitive topics. Monika has had work rejected for having too many White faces in the brochures. There are brochures, unrelated to topic, which do not permit any White faces to be used.

The Saudi Arabian contract employee is in charge of State Department brochures on Child Sex Trafficking. She does an amazing job, according to Monika, of producing documents about these events on the continent of Africa. However, none of these same type events are covered domestically. Let me remind the readers that Washington, D.C., is right next to Fairfax County, VA, and as such, is the highest child sex trafficking area in the country. The State Department is also a stone’s throw from the alleged location of PizzaGate. How is this topic not covered domestically? As a US citizen, I want this question answered. What is the State Department potentially covering up? How deep does this corruption go?

Dave Hodges’ Interview with Monika Wesolowski


For President Trump to get a handle on these types of situations, there appears to be only one course of action. Because the spirits of Alger Hiss and the Bolsheviks are roaming the halls of the State Department, he needs to demand the resignation of every employee of the State Department, pending a performance review of each employee.

We do not need the swamp drained, we need the sewer rats cleared out. Make this go viral and send this to your Republican Congressmen and Senators.

By Dave Hodges|February 2nd, 2017|ConspiracyFeaturedMain|0 Comments

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  • Takealook

    The biggest and most disgusting racists in America are and have been for a long time blacks. They are loving their portrayal as victims of slavery 200 years ago that has zero bearing on today. To embrace victimhood gives them an excuse to be racist, lazy, law-breaking racists, robbers and in general felons. Not all of course but a hugely disproportionate
    percentage of their population. The government fully supports this racist victim story because it helps to Divide and Conquer and makes managing the slaves more easy both white and black. The slaves of course are too stupid to see through the ruse which is the time tested Divide and Conquer technique used by the British Rothchilds to start and win wars for hundreds of years. Nowadays it is easy with the criminal corporate media and education system to suck in idiot white liberals into the false government story of “White Privelege” totally ignoring affirmative action in housing, education, and employment which by their very being represent racist discrimination. Whites that go along with this government trickery are simply comimitting suicide. To them I say good bye and good riddance. You are idiots.

    • larry4765

      Takealook what you wrote is very good and I actually think you nailed it. This is exactly what is happening.

  • Raymond Desmond

    Greetings from the temple of bones and skulls usa….. Join the illuminati society today and be great, we are born great. Email us at or together we will rule the world!!!

  • Redlist Renegade

    Trump should be made directly aware of her situation as soon as possible (if he isn’t already aware of it) !!! There needs to be a MAJOR house cleaning in ALL departments of the Federal government and each and EVERY Traitor and agent provocateur NEEDS to be discovered and Outed as SOON as possible !!!! If there’s even a doubt of an employee’s real loyalty they should be terminated ! It’s not simply a partisan political issue , it’s a vital matter of national security !!!

  • Pink Slime

    GOOD NEWS!!! 900 jobs will be axed! :mad:

    BAD NEWS!!! Trump is NOT hiring! :lol:

    I mean, this is what we voted for right? JUST MAKE SURE YOUR TAXES GO DOWN ALONG WITH THE PHONY REGULATIONS!!

    I think this is what you call FREEING America ONE mind at a time!! :lol: :lol:

  • Anonymous

    “What is the State Department potentially covering up? How deep does this corruption go?”…The State Department are covering up for the COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS, the actual SHADOW GOVERNMENT, all the State Department employee are SELECTED by the COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS, the CFR is in charge of implementing the NWO and the TPP agenda, read this…Fact: The COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS(CFR) is a corporation based in New York. It’s main offices are located at the Harold Pratt House, 58E 68 Th, New York, NY 10065.

    Fact: The CFR’s core nucleus is composed of Wall Street bankers, oil magnates and CEOs of transnational corporations.

    Fact:Some of the Wall Street bankers are not even Americans. The rest of the members of the CFR nucleus don’t see themselves as Americans, but as globalists.

  • Cousin_Jack

    Some people need a taste of their own medicine then when they complain they need to answer why they should be given special priveledges.

  • Everette

    Write a registered letter to the presidents office . This means he must sign for it or have a representative that he trustees sign for it and open it . Be sure to put in the trying to over throw the government problem . Bye ! Bye ! Muslim official leading a coo against the new government . Every Muslim radical needs to be rounded up secretly and drop shipped to Syria right in the middle of the war . I’m so tired of tge stupidity of people not seeing the threat these people are posing to America . Hell ! Look a Europe how they are destroy it ! Europe will go hungry very soon . But problem is the nuts living there allowed their NWO , UN lead leaders to take away their guns . Now they have nothing to defend themselves with . Women and children are being raped . Men are being killed . Heck round up the nuts too that are supporting this stupidity and let them go back with them ! I thought they were leaving after Trump got into office . They are still here ! When they start the round up , Start with the media first ! Our Constitution supports this , but it calls for harsher means of dealing with teariney .

  • Jdelec

    What Muslim band are you talking about? There was never a Muslim band. I think you are full of s***. Like all your stories.

  • Deputy Dawg

    It is my understanding that like with security breaches federal employee can be fired on the spot for insubordination.

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