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Trump Is Finally Purging the Deep State – Will Trump Survive?

Wednesday, May 10, 2017 5:38
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“You’re Fired!”

Finally, James Comey was fired from his position as FBI Director. The reason being given was the he lied about Huma Abedin’s emails and Attorney General, Jeff Sessions recommended to President Trump that Comey be fired.

On May 9, 2017, in a letter obtained by NBC News from Trump to Comey states the president had been advised by administration officials to remove the FBI head.

“I have received the attached letters from the Attorney General and Deputy Attorney General of the United States recommending your dismissal as the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. I have accepted their recommendation and you are hereby terminated and removed from office, effective immediately,” Trump told Comey.

Since July of 2016, I have been screaming from the top of the roof tops that Comey was dirty and was implicated in several scandals which centered around his role as a Senior Board Member at HSBC Bank. Now he is linked to child-sex-trafficking allegations by covering up Abedin’s emails. This part is not yet public, but I am told it is just a matter of time.

The two primary factors which are relevant to Comey’s firing consist of the following:

  1. Comey obviously has awareness of the child-sex-trafficking emails that Weiner maintained on his laptop that he labeled “life insurance”.  Why would he call the file” life insurance”?  Weiner was quite obviously afraid that he would be eliminated to cover-up Hillary Clinton’s email, and subsequent participation in the trafficking issues that are surfacing. In fact, we now know that Weiner transferred many of the emails, as many as 49,000 to Human Abedin’s email server. Abedin was a top Clinton aide at the State Department and in her Presidential campaign. There can be no question that Weiner fears for his life.

Propublica did an excellent job of connecting the dots;

“FBI director James Comey generated national headlines last week with his dramatic testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee, explaining his “incredibly painful” decision to go public about the Hillary Clinton emails found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop.

Perhaps Comey’s most surprising revelation was that Huma Abedin — Weiner’s wife and a top Clinton deputy — had made “a regular practice” of forwarding “hundreds and thousands” of Clinton messages to her husband, “some of which contain classified information.” Comey testified that Abedin had done this so that the disgraced former congressman could print them out for her boss. (Weiner’s laptop was seized after he came under criminal investigation for sex crimes, following a media report about his online relationship with a teenager.)”

2. In fearing for their lives, Abedin and Weiner obvious conspired to create “life insurance” of Clinton’s criminal activities and as this scenario unfolds over the next two parts of this series, the cover-up has to do with child-sex-trafficking and money laundering of drug cartel and terrorist monies from HSBC bank. The money laundering will be covered in Part Two.

Tips From Two Federal Gov. Employees

Early last week, two days apart, I received information from both a State Department and an FBI employee that their immediate supervisors were packing their personal items at work in anticipation of being transferred, or more likely fired from their position for their “Deep State” affiliations which ran in opposition to the Trump administration. I was also led to believe, by these two informants that Trump was preparing to go after the first layer of the Deep State within various federal agencies.

The blockbuster tip came when I was told that Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner would likely be turning state’s evidence on child-sex-trafficking charges for information that was found by the FBI on their personal computers on a file named “life insurance”. Three days after I received the report, I published the following podcast, which was published two full days prior to the revelation of the most recent cover-up by Comey, with regard to these emails, which led to the firing of the FBI Director. As it turns out this tip was very accurate in regard to the nature of the emails possessed by Abedin and her husband the former Congressman, Anthony Weiner.

The article and subsequent video I produced was published on May 7, 2017 and was entitled;

Are Pizzagate’s Abedin and Weiner About to Turn State’s Evidence?


From The Common Sense Show (May 7, 2017):

“Top Clinton aide, Huma Abedin, and Anthony Weiner are under intense scrutiny from the Attorney General’s office. At the center of the controversy is the delicate subject of child-sex-trafficking. Attorney General, Jeff Sessions is putting away child sex traffickers faster than one can blink.  The trail is headed toward former and disgraced Congressman, Anthony Weiner. Weiner and his wife, Abedin are next on the investigative trail. Most likely, their lives are in danger. The sources that I speak with say federal protection is in order and immunity is in order if they are willing to turn state’s evidence in what could be the biggest scandal in American political history.

Very soon, we may find out what Weiner hid on his computer as a deadman’s switch.

Here is the story…..”


Trump Begins Purge of the Deep State

I cannot overstate how accurate the information I received about Weiner and Abedin with regard to the cover-up and content connected to the emails.

Breaking news from the evening of May 9, 2017, at least five members of the Environmental Protection Agency‘s Scientific Advisory Board have been fired, likely to be replaced by representatives from industries the EPA regulates.

The dismissals coincided with recent House legislation that called for that board and another like it to be revamped, as they have long been viewed by congressional Republicans as little more than a “rubber-stamp” for the EPA’s many climate change-related regulations, with little to no input from the industries being regulated.

One cannot overstate the importance of this event. Climate change is one of the sacred cows of the globalists. Ultimately, through the pseudoscience of technocracy, climate change controllers, mostly through cap and trade companies, will control every aspect of the economy. This blows a gaping hole in this initiative. This is an absolute declaration of war being declared by the Trump administration on globalism. The Deep State is being purged.

Connecting the Dots

Amazingly, the 65 million dollar question that nobody seems to be asking is where is the fiasco involving Weiner and Abedin headed?Unquestionably, and as I stated three days ago, they are going to turn state’s evidence. Who will be the main target? Undoubtedly, it is Hillary Clinton. The only question that I have is whether or not Hillary will be allowed to turn state’s evidence in exchange for Obama’s head?

The Jerry Sandusky scandal almost ended up in this same place a few years ago. I was roundly criticized for saying that the Sandusky scandal reached far and wide. My beliefs were strongly influenced when Centre County District Attorney, Ray Gricar, was murdered for looking into the Sandusky case years before it became a public scandal. And now we see that the former President of Penn State University was convicted on child-sex-trafficking allegations.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions just aided in putting away 90 prominent sex traffickers. Did you see where the Philippines just put away 300 online traffickers, yesterday? And people wondered why Trump recently met with Philippines President Duterte? Now we know why and we know why the President was criticized for meeting with Duterte. “I think thou doth protest too loudly”. The thread of investigation that was Jerry Sandusky, is now being pursued in earnest by Sessions. Expect more arrests this summer, from what I have been told. All roads lead to pedogate.

Great Concern and Fear for Trump

I must apologize to our President. I had written off his presidency. Certainly, Trump has lost control over foreign policy. His days as President are numbered as the three options to remove him from office are still very much in play (i.e. impeachment, 25th Amendment removal and assassination).

Trump must know that he is a marked man. However, he has quite obviously made the decision to go down swinging. The EPA purge is just the beginning. And for this, President Trump has my deepest respect.

And I have a warning for the globalists. Do what you will to Trump and to this country, however, did you notice that the Venezuelan Army is defecting and standing with the people in the midst of their crisis?  Of course, that is why the globalists have the UN on our soil. We are moving quickly toward a civil war on our soil and these events are the catalyst. The only question remaining for the moment is if Clinton does the perp walk first, or Trump ends up being JFk’d?

This is not the end of this story. There is a Part Two to this story. Why? Because there will be a new set of charges coming out to be leveled at Obama, Holder, Lynch and Clinton.  Stay tuned for Part Two.


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  • Ideas Time

    All of us Trump supporters were happy to see finally take down one the big deep state parasites.

    • Just The Truth

      It is not Trump who ‘draining the swamp’… it is the Lord Jesus Christ who was the One who put him into power, and also the one who keeps Him in power. If it was not for Jesus, Trump would already be dead.

      Daniel 2; 21…. And he changeth the times and the seasons: he removeth kings, and setteth up kings: he giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding:

      Learn the extraordinary truth about Revelation 12 and how the events of Revelation 12 are connected to mysterious appearance of the second sun which people are erroneously identifying as Nibiru.

      • Just The Truth

        Jesus just told prophet Sadhu Sundar a couple of days ago, (Sundar is a very well respected prophet who prophesied accurately, long beforehand, both Trump’s election win and the purging of the swamp) that we all need to praying for Trump to be able to finish His first term as there is much witchcraft being directed towards him. Please do this everyone, pray for Trump daily.

        Here is Sadhu’s recent prophecy…..

      • Andy

        that’s funny, i didn’t get to see jesus vote, so i guess it must actually have been the American VOTERS who put Trump in power and Trumps own tenacity is what’s keeping him there

        i also see that Trump fired Comey, not jesus

        keep your religious fairy-tales to yourself huh?

    • Anonymous

      Hodges, keep hawking your garbage. Trump just met AGAIN w/ ultimate swamp feces- Henry Kissinger- calling him a “longtime very good friend”. Here is who REALLY runs us- and Trump.
      Whether neocon or fake progressive, the top of of the pyramid of wall st. media, education, govt etc- it is the Masonic jewish cabal. People- kick this fake patriot to the curb. Read GENUINE patriots who tell the WHOLE truth. Xtians like Rev Ted Pike and Fritz Springmeier’s Bloodlines of Illuminat. Steer clear of false Masons who dwell on giants, ETs, UFO abductions etc like Haggman, Quayle and their ilk who will deal w/ any and every subject under the sun but the one that is most important- Pharisees’ role in the NWO. Christ warned in the Gospel of these same devils- and so should any folks who purport to be truth leaders

  • Hayduke

    I’m not a Trump supporter (nor a Hillary supporter) but it was Comey’s e-mail announcement that actually got Trump elected. In fact with the way things were looking I thought Comey was actually campaigning for Trump the way he made that e-mail announcement right before the election.

  • Counter Analysis

    I get the feeling that Trump had an uneasy truce with the globalists whereby he wouldn’t utterly destroy their most sacred cows, or pursue the criminal elite. He seemed to adopt their policy of war while softening other policies they despise. Comey was kept on as sort of a good faith gesture he would not pursue prosecutions of the elite. In exchange the elite would back off trying to remove him and allow him to put in place some of his campaign promises. Perhaps Trump was willing to settle for a toned down presidency with only a limited amount of his agenda put in place instead of no presidency.

    Now I’m wondering if Trump is about to embark on an all-out war against his enemies since they seem to be violating the speculative truce in seeking his removal and continuing to aim potentially lethal attacks against his administration. You, Mr. Hodges, exposed insider information given to you that there have been meetings taking place to plan Trump’s removal.

    I hope and pray to see the Trump I voted for get back on track and drain the swamp. Please President Trump, quit respecting the enemies of the people and go for the jugular. Dismantle all their sacred cows, destroy their power base, foil their wicked schemes, and forever destroy the people’s confidence in the purveyors of govt corruption. They will almost certainly remove you one way or the other, but if there is going to be blood, literally or figuratively, then at least strike with everything you have!

    One more thing Pres. Trump. Hit them hard by ditching all their coveted war ambitions. Give the world a little more time to breath before the apocalypse.

  • Josie

    Trump really needs out prayers now, don’t let up!

  • Pink Slime

    OK, will stay “tooned” for part two. :lol:

    Hillaryous, Bill, the negro sodomite must all be arrested for high crimes and treason. The entire Democrap party must be investigated for ties to Russia.

    The MSM must also be PURGED and replaced because of their manipulation and fake news that have promoted the liberal agenda.

    In short, the communist party (aka Democraps) must finally be removed, shut down and BANNED. Something I have been calling for years to do.

    If allowed to flourish they will annex the entire United States to communism much like what Califphonia communist (liberals and Democraps) are doing to that State. :twisted:

    • Boo

      Pink Slime: Obama as a confused man doesn’t need the communist rhetoric of color coding and slang to make a point. Try to move off the predictive programming subtly infiltrating your brain and expressing itself via this method. You might be surprised at the significant improvement you’ll experience personally in regards to your friendships, with the effort.

      • Pink Slime

        Sorry, will describe him in adjective/noun phrase. Sorry for the confusion.

        Here it is proper, sodomite negro. Hope this helps, and I also hope it helps out the confused negro. :lol:

  • diane

    yes, it is Jesus Christ draining the swamp, through a very brave man. President donald Trump! god bless you Mr. President. Thank you, and I to am sorry for ever doubting you. I now understand you are there for us. God bless you, and keep you safe, for we need your strength to pull through these difficult days.

    • Andy

      no, it’s Trump draining the swamp – jesus doesn’t exist and never lived

      why is it you religtards can’t keep your fantasy fairy-tales to yourselves?

  • unidentified

    we have read reports about people getting arrested but names and locations arent in the reports except at local level where its an afterschool activities director or something like that

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