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On Board the ISS, a Microbe Mutant Was Found – If He Breaks to Earth, He Will Kill All!

Saturday, June 17, 2017 7:13
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On May 1, Cape Canaveral launched a secret space satellite (USA 276) for the US National Intelligence Agency. Intelligence satellites of the United States, Russia and China – this is not news for today, hundreds of them fly in space, if not thousands. 

However, unlike other reconnaissance and inspection facilities in space, USA 276 behaved very strangely: its orbit absolutely coincided with the orbit of the ISS, the International Space Station.

The situation arose quite strange. ISS is a very important and very expensive facility, with people permanently on board. Why put the station at risk by launching a military satellite in a similar orbit? 

In the end, any military satellite is not perfect, there’s something somewhere can break down and it will become unmanageable, turning into space debris, constantly threatening a huge space station.

Those interested in the topic discussed the situation on conspiracy theories, suggesting that USA 276 is not just an intelligence satellite, but a so-called inspection satellite. This is the class of satellites that are needed to track other satellites.

For example, in 2014, the Russians brought into orbit three communications satellites, with which the fourth was launched – “Kosmos-2491″, the appointment of which the Russians notified the United Nations only by a short, non-talking note

NASA suggests that “Cosmos-2491″ is a secret satellite, with maneuvering, inspection and attack capabilities of other satellites.

Especially for such cases, the Pentagon has its own inspection satellites and even a small unmanned shuttle Boeing X-37, which can approach the dubious space object of Russians or Chinese and see it not close.

Based on these data, experts who discussed the strange orbit of USA 276, suggested that USA 276 is also an inspection satellite. It is specifically needed to monitor the external state of the ISS for some reason.

The version did not find a large number of supporters, as many began to ask its authors a logical question: why is an inspection satellite for the ISS necessary, if any astronaut can wear a spacesuit, go into space and see the problem with his own eyes, and if necessary, !?

Everything looked very logical and the topic was briefly forgotten, while the data on the change of position in the USA 276 was not available for public access:

As it turned out, USA 276 is really most likely an inspection satellite launched to monitor the ISS. He not only flew to the International Space Station, but began to describe a loop around the station, which would hardly have been a demonstration of the skills of aerobatics assigned to the satellite operators. USA 276 did inspect the ISS from the outside. And this is more than strange, because why do it, if astronauts can always go out into space?

However, with astronauts, as we all know, everything is far from easy. The network is just buzzing with videos, of which it is quite clear that the video, officially made as it were on the ISS, is actually made in a Hollywood-like pavilion:



It’s hard to say how many real videos in the history of astronautics, but what shows us in recent years from the ISS is an unequivocal fake made in the pavilion. Hence, many have a suspicion that there are no people aboard the ISS, otherwise why NASA to sculpt fake video?

On this basis, part of the public even put forward the hypothesis that no ISS in general exists in nature and in general the Earth is flat. We can neither confirm nor disprove this claim. Let’s better remember a little history.

The photo shows the Russian orbital station Mir, launched by the Russians into space in February 1986. In 2001, they had to take it out of orbit and flood it in the Ocean.


In the Russian segment of the Internet there is still a big discussion on why this was done. Some say that there was no money to finance, others are looking for enemies inside the Russian “Deep State”, some idiots even suggest the existence of the evil intent of the United States. Half-wits do not understand that in fact the United States with the cosmos is practically the same problem.

April 12, 1981 in the US was the first flight of a spacecraft from the program Space Shuttle, the creation of which was a miracle of American technical thought. The Russians tried to do the same, but could not, and the Chinese could not even repeat what the Russians could still do. 
It was a fine reusable ship that could not only deliver people and cargo to orbit, but the only one in the history of mankind, he was able to do the same operation in reverse order.

Almost forty years ago, when our first miracle ship started, American futurists predicted that by 2021, we will see new American shuttles landing on the Moon. However, today it’s already 2017, April 12, 2021 will be pretty soon. And what do we see? Boeing X-37? A shabby stump of robotic shit? Did the money go to American taxpayers? Where are our astronauts aboard this piece of iron? Where are people?

But in people it’s just the whole point: people in orbit in space today do not have anyone.

We read NASA official messages:

Unknown microbes found on board the ISS:

People are a mess. The human body both inside and outside is covered by an entire ecosystem of bacteria, fungi, mites and other spooky creatures, so bringing these creatures into space with humans is inevitable.
 And there, these microscopic passengers leave the organisms of their hosts and start new colonies on board distant space stations.

Sarah Wallace, chief microbiologist at NASA:

“We had pollution in the stations where the mushrooms grow. We received this biomaterial, but we do not know what it is until the sample goes back to the laboratory. “

  Note: NASA’s official announcement of “new unknown microbes” coincides with the launch of USA 276. This is the end of April 2017.

If you believe the message, the brave astronaut-blonde now sits in orbit and transmits data from the station to the center. But is it really so? As shown in the video above, in NASA’s official video, astronauts “fly” over the ISS on barely noticeable cables, which is clearly visible in a close look. Therefore, most likely there is no astronautics on the ISS, there is only a NASA message about incomprehensible microscopic creatures that were found on board. What is on board is actually nobody knows.

We all know perfectly well: when the government talks about some kind of official danger, the level of alarm should be multiplied by two, or better by ten at once. However, in this case, the danger of this “new microbiological discovery” on board the ISS should be multiplied by not 10, not 100 and not even a million. Multiply it all at once by seven billion, since in this case we are talking about the threat of the death of all mankind.

What is open space? Clear space is primarily penetrating from all sides of the solar radiation. It does not reach the earth, it protects the electromagnetic field and atmosphere. However, the spacecraft’s side is just an ideal polygon for all sorts of bacteria. Accidental mutations in bacteria become more frequent in order, and in view of the fact that there are many monstrous bacteria – almost inevitably something must appear, not only unknown to modern science, but also a threat to all living things.

The growth rate of microorganisms is also amazing. In order for a new random sign to appear in a highly organized specimen and the individual undergoes natural selection, it takes a long time. 
So much that the whole process is called the word EVOLUTION.

For mammals, evolution takes years. Hundreds of thousands and even millions of years. Microbes have evolution in hours and days. For a year the microorganism in space evolves as a flora and a fauna of a planet for the whole billion years. Almost like a sheep, born on a ranch near the Hanford nuclear center, where even the ants turned into radioactive giants.


Now imagine the side of the spacecraft – an absolutely closed physical volume, where with the advent of the astronaut immediately begins to accumulate contagion. Pulmonary epithelium secreted by breathing. Epithelium of the skin. Tiny, drops, fragments of food. Organic materials used in clothing and ship construction: rubber, flax, cotton. Well, of course – the waste of life of astronauts.

No ventilation system can catch all this and pack it correctly. At factories where microcircuits are made, special systems monitor the level of dust, and people do not even go into some especially important shops to avoid sharing. On board the spacecraft, you can not exclude the presence of a person in any way, since the spacecraft needs people to fly on it.

As a consequence, even the ONLY flight of several days for the space shuttle type vehicle thoroughly pollutes the cabin and air filtration systems. After each flight of a shuttle, all of this was dismantled and changed. Everytime. It was not changed because it was dirty, but because there was pollution, where unknown microbes could develop. Intelligent people always understood this in space centers.

The shuttle’s hull is designed for a hundred flights, as well as engines, other equipment, but everything to which the astronauts touched had to be changed because of the contagion from the cosmos along with the organic. That is, new microscopic bacteria, which for a few days of flight have evolved radiation. As a result, the program Space Shuttle had to be abandoned, it was too expensive to put everything new every time. And even after the replacement, there was still something somewhere, with each flight cycle bringing a new bacteriological threat.

The Russians had an even more nightmarish situation. Their Mir station for 15 years has turned not just into a garbage dump, but into a real biological weapons plant. Therefore, in fact, the Russians saved the planet, making a desperate decision to burn their station in the atmosphere and flood.

Over the decades of the space era, of course, there have been some new developments in air purification and microorganism control systems, and protocols of behavior with astronauts returning from orbit have been worked out. Recall how this happens.

Astronauts return from orbit in the rescue capsule and insulating suits. It is believed that this is done to protect astronauts in the event of depressurization during descent. But look at the question from another angle: maybe it’s not the astronaut who protects the spacesuit, but us in you? To start those people who come to meet astronauts?

After landing, the astronauts are placed in quarantine. They are absolutely isolated from the world. The official explanation is that this is done to protect astronauts from infections. During the flight they lost immunity, they became vulnerable to terrestrial bacteria and other things. But look at the problem from the other side. Think about the word itself: Quarantine. It describes the process of protecting not people under quarantine, but the process of protection from these people.

And now we turn to the most important thing.

In December 2016, all world media flew news of the mysterious death of astronaut Pierce Sellers, who according to the official version died of a malignant tumor in the pancreas. Such a strange diagnosis for an astronaut who has an iron health and who undergoes regular medical examinations was extremely strange.

On the conspirological forums, a widely discussed version of the fact that Pierce Sellers was a very famous climatologist and for this he was helped to die. Shortly before his death, he promised to make some important statement concerning “a menacing disaster for all of us,” but there is only such a non-reporting version on the net that does not look like an important message.


Pierce Sellers was not just an outstanding American astronaut – he was an astronaut of the ISS, visiting the station twice, most recently in 2010. And as people close to NASA say – it was the last expedition of normal operation of the station. All subsequent flights are exclusively products of Hollywood, which from time to time deliberately inserts blunders and defects into the pictures, warming up the discussion about “flat land”, which actually began suddenly on a flat spot in early 2012. Years when everyone expected a catastrophe.

True, the catastrophe happened a little earlier, when several astronauts who visited the ISS at different times began to die from very strange symptoms. According to our source among the former employees of NASA, these people became like zombies – completely deprived of intelligence and rushing around.

This syndrome was known for a long time, at least since the beginning of the 70s of the last century, sometimes meeting with astronauts. He was never given publicity and wrote off everything for excessive overload, strokes, hemorrhages and other medical rubbish.

In the late 90′s, several similar cases happened in a row for Russians, who rather quickly linked the events with the visit by astronauts of the Mir station, suggesting the appearance there of some new mutant pathogen on the board, which affects the nervous system. Hypothetical virus or microbe the Russians could not find, but the station was decided to flood. Just in case.

 NASA through official channels was also informed about what happened on the “World”, after which flights on the program Space Shuttle in the US almost ceased, and those that occurred – were held with special measures of quarantine for astronauts. The existing project of the American space station Freedom in view of the new data was also curtailed.

However, further on came the people from the Pentagon who was very interested in the prospect of a new biological weapon, and work on it was going on at least since 1947 – after discovery on one of the atolls where nuclear tests of mutant microbes with military-friendly properties were conducted. Their (military) efforts, but rather the efforts of far more influential people, the Freedom project was again promoted.

The Russians were also deliberately involved in the project, since the virus needed by the military appeared on the “World” from the Russians. That is, for their mutation and development, their water and air purification systems were required.

 Today, what is built by the common efforts of the world is known as the ISS. Officially – the International Space Station, really – a testing ground for some terrible bacteriological experiments.

It seems that either the object obtained in the experiments went out of control, or it again passed the entire development cycle and developed somewhere in the pipes independently, but there is an objective fact: astronauts who visited the ISS suddenly began to die, as well as contacting them Personnel of space centers. And all have the same symptoms: aggressive behavior against a background of complete loss of personality.

 Officially, nowhere is anything specifically reported, everything is written off to natural causes, which no one will be interested in. Actually, the death of a third-rate employee of the space center is not known to anyone. The truth is different, when already public figures die, very famous people.

Pierce Sellers, as a decent person, is one of the few who wanted to tell the world about the monstrous situation. About the fact that we all became hostages of an unprecedented mutant plague, dangling for seven years over our heads in orbit. The world elite, fragments of information know and have long prepared themselves for this case asylum. But others?

Of course, Sellers quickly closed his mouth, like many others. And at the same time, the situation with the ISS is very dangerous. People are not there, equipment is gradually breaking down and sooner or later the station will fall to the planet on its head.

But unlike the small in fact “World”, a huge station can not just be burned in the atmosphere and flooded. On the ground inevitably get infected with an incomprehensible threat fragments, the right temperature for descent in some parts of the ISS will not, until the pair it does not burn. Furthermore. Given the place where the microbe (virus?) Has appeared and evolved – it is resistant to almost any level of radiation and the most extreme temperature.

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