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Las Vegas Shooting Mandalay Bay Was Staged ~ Fake Actors (Proof)

Monday, October 2, 2017 8:44
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Las Vegas Shooting Mandalay Bay Was Staged ~ Fake Actors (Proof)


                                                                                        Written by JayWill7497

I’m not positive if this is real or bogus yet.

But to all those in search of blood, guts and gore as evidence…..gunshot wounds are not like what you see in movies. It is very feasible to be shot and not spray tons of blood. In truth, some bullet wounds don’t bleed on the outside much at all.

Not stating that’s confirmation this is real….but most folks seem to not comprehend the physiology behind bullet wounds.

Are these people going to tell us 50+ got killed and stash the death certificates, again??

At 9:56 – “Mary Lou Danley….weight of 111 pounds.”!!!!! ?????? Did they have a scale to measure her weight? Why 111 lbs?? You would say “around 110 lbs”…….. Suspecting that “111” is a coded number.

Yep 450 paid actors the government hired just to make the news and terrify everyone….the 50 that “died” got a larger check than the rest….

Who can blame everyone for asking questions? Is this real or fake? Everyone interviewed, who was around the supposed gunner, such as a hotel guest or staff? There has been countless lies in past events. Specific orgs could have also chose to do a combination event of both fake and real, or create a state of hysteria based on appearances. Have not yet seen anyone who is injured in videos. Also, supposedly a firefighter is declaring many people as dead? Many questions should be raised. For instance, attempt to find some genuine bullets that were fired, and also ask questions about everyone who is injured. Likewise, if the person was allegedly firing from a hotel, then where are the accounts of noise from neighbouring rooms or the hotel, or any videos from that hotel? The folks who are giving long interviews appear very weird in their demeanor, overly calm, and extraordinarily clean. Additionally, there was an strange video of a calm person doing a slick way of demanding to utilize a truck to apparently take folks to a hospital. Please spread the word, and investigate, and ask questions.?

This is sooo fake, it makes Orlando seem believable. Check out the strategically placed US flag @0:31.?

Ok…where’s the Mandalay…(Manchester) Benefit concert going to be. A drill at an Ariana Grande concert, Now at a Jason Aldean concert. 50 crisis actors dead in Pulse drill, 50 crisis actors dead in this one.
They truly need to find some different script writers at the Synagogue in Washington DC.

how at 3 minutes this video conveniently is zoomed in far enough to cut out the whole upper half of the hotel as that officer in the yellow vest walks by. Other videos with this same particular angle do not show it this low res and close up. The 3 minute mark has been tampered with, normally you’d see those rifle flashes and cloud of smoke like I just did on another video on liveleak. I smell fake here….?

5:17 where did the typical citizens get strechers? and no paramedics. here you all take these strechers and go pick up the bodies. Ummmmmmmkay. ?

GET THE TRUTH OUT… I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO GET THE TRUTH OUT to family and friend’s… but there CONtrollers. have a firm grip on there mind’s.. TRUTH. Truth is hard to come by these day’s….another .DHS ..sheep x drill… take a look at that word. Sheep… rubbing it in your face “ewe” brainwashed sheeple.


Attention!!!! You Tube and Google have already started censoring shit. Expect any video with truth in to be taken down!!!!!!


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The Establishment continue to push forward in their attempt to shut down the alternative press that is rapidly growing and pushing out the faltering mainstream media. As the EU demands social media sites censor fake news and Reddit, Facebook and other sites begin blocking Fusion Laced Illusions and other alternative media it is now alarmingly evident that their truly is a war on free speech.


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  • Dustman27

    Ok, so I always read these articles saying a shooting was faked with some curiosity. I know you don’t know who I am personally but for what its worth my friends daughter was working as a server there that night and was truly frightened. Another one of my friends unrelated to the first actually had a very good friend who was shot and killed and is currently distraught about it. So I know my word counts for very little but I think in this instances a false flag is more likely than faked based on the evidence I’m seeing.

    I really feel like it would be incredibly hard to keep this many paid actors silent in a faked mass shooting. Someone would talk. Conspiracies seem fall apart when too many civilian people are involved.

    • mitch51

      This is BIN so it’s easy to see that there are 500 actors and no one really got shot. But in BIN everything is a false flag. The Sun is a false flag and the Moon is a false flag. Sandy Hook was a false flag and 9-11 didn’t really happen. Orlando didn’t happen either, and neither did WWII.

      BIN is not noted for it’s rocket science.

    • Bob DD

      Hey Dustman, Wake up. I’ve been in different places and there have been friends of friends who heard shots, saw red fluids. No one saw bodies. And, the group of people carrying an injured person? Yeah, right, that happened at Florida night club too, as soon as the helpers got out of camera range they dropped the supposed victim on the ground and he walked away. They thought they were out of camera range. An active alleged shooting and people are looking around for people to carry out? Yeah, right, when shots ring out everyone gets there as*es out, they run in panic.

      • Sean

        Maybe it was those Muslims once again that you are always writing about to have Americans keep Killing Jaywill.

        Not many of them left Worldwide, like Native Indians in North America, Buddhists in China and Tibet, Christians in Russia.

        Their will be no exceptions no matter what Rat Hole you are hiding in Worldwide.

        US has to ban automatic weapons to avoid further mass shootings: Dave Lindorff, a columnist for Counter Punch and a contributor to Business Week and other news organizations, made the remarks in an interview with Press TV on Monday.

        The attack left at least 58 people dead and injured more than 500 others from Bullet Wounds? from a Weapon with Large Bullets.

        558 Bullet Wounds from Large Bullets and No Blood and Guts Everywhere.

        But Jaywill writes, trying to put the seed of doubt and confusion into you’re minds – Quote:

        But to all those in search of blood, guts and gore as evidence…..gunshot wounds are not like what you see in movies. It is very feasible to be shot and not spray tons of blood. In truth, some bullet wounds don’t bleed on the outside much at all.

        About 4 weeks ago in a hobby to pass the time of rock hunting, since I work on the Temple on the weekends when the young girl is off from school, I hit a rock and a tiny chip from it hit the top of my forehead or scalp as I was leaning over to break the rock,

        Moments later a Steam of Blood from a tiny little cut ran down my face and shirt, so small I couldn’t even find the tiny little cut that caused The River of Blood to Flow.

    • Anonymous

      it ain’t working . I don’t believe anything you wrote . I believe you are lying.

  • goastdale

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    • PixiePaul

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    • King of Shambhala

      Joe Arpaio announced he’s going after Obama in earnest and the next day there’s a false flag in Las Vegas?
      It makes sense that it’s a false flag because Arpaio’s said Obama’s birth forgery is the biggest crime in the history of the USA so it’s a matter of survival for the shills lying to us in the media.
      So it makes sense for the secret powers to throw everything they”ve got at the media to stamp out Arpaio’s voice – but I’m here and this is not going away, I’m keeping Arpaio’s news right up here in the headlines. (Jaywill also says Obama’s the Antichrist and is a Horseman of the Apocalypse.)

      Las Vegas False Flag Was Made To Cover Up Arpaio’s Attack On Obama. Your Duty: To Not Let That Happen (Video)

      • Mean Old SOB

        KOS is authentic and heterosexual…

    • Mean Old SOB

      Post your own article and stop spamming others….

  • b4

    my friend was there–4 people around her got shot–she has been there all night helping out–covered in blood–it was very real–very real

    • King of Shambhala

      Jaywill spreads the message that Obama’s the Antichrist.
      He’s the “Death” Horseman of the Apocalypse.
      Spread the news and thus be freed too, yourself!

    • Anonymous

      Hopefully this time you and your “friend” will be deposed to tell your story.

  • unidentified

    they really need to look at the hotel security videos

    • King of Shambhala

      All the articles about Las Vegas are phony.
      The only reporters speaking the truth is Jaywill.
      He says Obama’s the Antichrist: indeed, he’s right and Jay’s the Horseman of the Apocalypse who is spreading the Apocalypse right as of now.

      • Mean Old SOB


  • Pink Slime

    The standard true fake crisis actor stories come out that may be fake in themselves if they work for the other side, in which case they are telling the truth to the lie.

    Confused? You should be…… :roll:

    • King of Shambhala

      Arpaio threatens Obama with jail and the next thing you know, what happens? The attack occurs in Vegas. Of course, that was so predictable! DUH!

      Jaywaill’s the Horseman of the Apocalypse.

      This is it, next thing is jailing Obama.

      We’re the Messengers of the Apocalypse.

      • mitch51

        Jaywill is the horse’s ass of the apocalypse. KOS is that long, dangly thing that hangs low right by the horse’s ass, they pretty well have that old horse covered. :cool:

        • King of Shambhala

          Watch out for homos like mitch51, they’re the Minions of Satan Obama.
          We’re in the last days.
          Jesus said to not follow the false christs, the homos like mitch51 who serve and support their god and saviour the Devil and Satan Obama – who’s also an old HIV-infested homo too.

  • Anonymous

    More disinfo. Most bullet wounds bleed profusely if the victim is still alive and the heart is still pumping. Hunters find their wounded quarry by following a blood trail for cripes sake. We had 500 wounded according to the official lie so we should have 500 blood pools and we should have pavement that is torn up by bullets. Instead we have more Hollywood sloppy crisis acting.

    • mitch51

      Anonomous, you are right! Also, I would like to add:

      World War I didn’t really happen, the blood there wasn’t real.

      World War II didn’t happen, this was the first use of millions of actors.

      We didn’t go to the Moon.

      The Twin Towers are still standing but they are hidden by an invisible ray.

      Sandy Hook didn’t happen either.

      Orlando was fake.

      Nothing happens in BIN, really. :eek: :eek: :shock:

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t, Mandalay one of the Bohemian grove camps and it was done on the 32nd floor , which is 32 degree and I was thinking, what if the whole concert was a false flag . Where is, all the hospital footage? There should be hundreds of videos . Something doesn’t smell right. With Trump in office , we will never find out , because he supports government propaganda being used on us, via the patriot act.

    • Just me

      No hospital footage, no mass ambulance footage, no triage footage, no blood and gore. All people need today is a good narrative.

  • Anonymous

    Youtube is attacking your videos.

  • unidentified

    what about taxi drivers they usually know everything :neutral:

    • eusshu

      I saw a long YouTube video about a cabbie who was in the area and ended up evacuating folks out of the area. Interesting video.

    • mitch51

      The taxi drivers in Vegas were heroes. Many, many taxis ferried the wounded to hospitals in their cabs. And they usually do know everything. They were AWESOME!

  • eusshu

    Somewhere I heard…

    32nd floor…
    59 dead…
    527 wounded…


    That number sounds familiar :idea:

  • pulltabjunkie

    I truly wish that Mitch51 would never have happened. They world would be a better place.

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