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Evidence Points to Two Shooters and Antifa Involvement in Sutherland Massacre

Monday, November 6, 2017 13:59
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Within a week, there wil be yet another photo at the top of an article on this webiste, depicting a scene in which dozens more are killed in another false flag attack. There are 3 soft targets that I have identified as likely to be hit and these are schools, malls and of course churches. Both Paul Preston and myself believe that schools are next. Any area in America which is declared a gun-free-zone is now a top tier target for psyops Antifa-related assassins and an organized terror attack similar to what we saw in Vegas.

The Common Sense Show would like to offer our prayers and heart-felt sympathies to the loved ones, in regard to the horrific attack upon Christians in Sutherland, Texas, on November 5, 2017. May the Lord bring comfort to the grieving loved ones.

Attention Democrats: Please Spare Us Your Ridiculous Cries for Gun Confiscation

Here is comes America, the gun confiscators are showing up in mass and will use any excuse to sieze your guns. Here are two related headlines following the Texas shooting:

 MSNBC’s Jansing on Texas: This ‘Puzzles’ Foreign Countries Like Japan with ‘Restrictive Gun Laws’

— Rep. Gonzales: Texas Shooting ‘the 4th of 5th This Year that Could Have Been’ Prevented via Gun Control

The fact of the matter is that it took a citizen with a gun to put an end to this massacre. The mass shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas, was only stopped after an armed Texan “engaged the killer and put an end to the rampage, the Texas Rangers reported”.


Freeman Martin, a major in the Texas Rangers and a spokesman for the Texas Department of Public Safety, says the suspect dropped his rifle and fled after being confronted by a local man who had grabbed his rifle.

Freeman provided a timeline of the tragedy in a press briefing Sunday evening.

“At approximately 11:20 this morning a suspect was seen at a Valero gas station in Sutherland Springs, Texas,” Martin said. “He was dressed in all black. That suspect crossed the street to the church, exited his vehicle and began firing at the church.”

“That suspect then moved to the right side of the church and then continued to fire,” he continued. “That suspect entered the church and continued to fire. As he exited the church, a local resident grabbed his rifle and engaged that suspect. The suspect dropped his rifle, which was a Ruger AR assault-type rifle and fled from the church.” 

“Our local citizen pursued the suspect at that time,” Freeman went on. “A short time later as law enforcement responded that suspect right at the Wilson/Guadalupe County line crashed out and was found deceased in his vehicle. At this time we don’t know if it was a self-inflicted gunshot wound or if he was shot by the local resident. We know he’s deceased in the vehicle. “

The suspected killer is being reported as Devin Patrick Kelley. However, Freeman would reported, “The suspect has not been completely identified. We believe he’s a young white male, maybe in his early 20s. He was dressed in all black, tactical type gear and was wearing a ballistic vest.”

A local resident and neighbor of the good samaritan, Kevin Jordan, witnessed his as-yet unnamed neighbor put an end to the rampage, and possibly kill the shooter. Jordan is also a trained medical assistant and tended to the victims.” 

In Israel, teachers carry guns in schools and on to the playground.

Instead we are facing the following:

Sometimes a picture is worth a 1000 words. Ask the families of the one million genocidal victims how well gun control worked in Rwanda.

Kelly Was An Antifa Member


This was from Kelly’s Facebook page. It was mysteriously taken down within moments of the shooting. How could anyone have known to take this Facebook page that early into the event unless this person ws made known to Facebook ahead of time. This fact opens up a whole host of possibilities. I used to work with drug addicts trying to get probation from prison. Therefore, based my experience, I must state that this man in the picture is on drugs. Please note the “I am not there” look. I think it highly likely that both shooters, as evidenced by the comparative photos and surrounding circumstances, are Manchuraian Candidates (ie psyops assassins).

How Many Shooters Were There?

I am not letting go of the following report which surfaced within moments after the mass murder event in Texas and this was the account that I published on The Common Sense Show.

“The shooter’s name is being reported as Chris Ward. He has reportedly killed his entire family before launching the attack upon the church. I am not buying any more lone nut mass killers. We will find what we did with Paddock. Ward, or whomever,  will have been on psychotropic meds and is the perfect Manchurian Candidate.”


The above news report is convincing and is presented with conviction. And now, this has all disappeared. The authorities have their man. And of course, as always, it is a lone nut assassin with a paper trail that implicates him as the sole assassin. It is normally the case that the assassin does not survive and that is very convenient because dead men tell no tales. However, the above news report is highly suggestive of at least one other shooter and we don’t have to go the 4th floor to find muzzle flashes like we did in the Vegas massacre.

There is more potential evidence that is surfacing that suggests the presence of another shooter. First, we have a communication that demonstrates forethought of action which removes any typical “random act of violence” as a possible explanation.


Devin Kelley, who killed at least 27 people and injured many more, was one of two shooters in the church, according to eyewitnesses, who also report Kelley carried an Antifa flag and told the churchgoers “this is a communist revolution” before unloading on the congregation, reloading several times.  Please go to the following link to see a tweet about the fact that there was 2 shooters and that an Antifa flag was unveiled in the church. This is an unconformed report. However, it is important to note that this is the second account in which some measure of evidence is presented to indicate that this is a second shooter. My expert source tells me that a second shooter is often employed to ensure the primary assassin does not survive and plans are usually made to evacuate the “handler”.

Is this real? The way that we will know what was real, such as the case of the news report naming a “Chris Ward” as the shooter, is if the information begins to disappear. What is ignored by the MSM is what should be paid attention to.

As the reader will not in the following section of this report, I believe we are looking at an assassin that was part of a psyops.

Where Have We Seen the Clown Face Before?

Have you seen the clown face of the alleged assassin? If not, you should and then you should compare what you see to another mass murder that took place just over five years ago.

Paul Preston and I spoke late in the evening on November 5th. He directed me to the following Tweet and subsequent photo. Ask yourself a question America, where have we seen this before? While you are pondering the answer to this question, I will present this very telling Tweet. The answer to the question follows the Tweet.

Paul Preston‏ @a21rpaul

FollowFollow @a21rpaul


Texas shooter part of the Insane Clown Posse. Carried Antifa flag into church before shooting and killing 26 Christians as they worshipped.

5:23 PM – 5 Nov 2017 from California, USA

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Here is the answer to the above quetion. His name is James “Joker” Holmes in what was left of his clown face. He was the infamous Dark Knight Batman shooter in Aurora, Colorado.  Compare the clown face of Holmes to Kelly. Please note the far away, “I am not here look”. The detached look is explained in detail in the following paragraphs as Holmes behavior was explained following his heinous act. Further, I am told that the clown look is part of the psyops approach to conditioning mass shooters into a state of automatic programming using classical conditioning (Pavlovian) techniqes. This is designed to elicit a conditioned response to a neutral stimulus designed to trigger the subject into carry our predetermined acts of violence.


On September 19, 2012, I published the following excerpts:

…PhD candidate, James Holmes, 24, residing in Aurora, Colorado,  acting with the precision and sophistication of a well-trained, killing-machine commando killed 12 people and wounded 59 as he opened fire at a Batman movie premiere The Dark Night Rising Yet, as many mainstream media outlets, including the BBC, are reporting that James Holmes had no criminal arrest record and had absolutely no military training in his known background, yet, Holmes had every detail of “what the police call tactical equipment. He wore a ballistic helmet, a flak jacket and gas mask, but also the gloves and breeches you would expect from a Swat team….”

…The media has hung its hat on two analyses and subsequent explanations for Holmes’ actions: (1) Holmes is a mentally ill mass murderer who was suffering from paranoid schizophrenic delusions; and, (2) this horrible tragedy could have been averted if only effective gun control measures were in place. First of all, there doesn’t seem to be any history of serious mental illness with regard to what the media is stating that Holmes most likely suffers from. Secondly, the paranoid schizophrenic argument loses steam because the killer abruptly stopped killing when he got outside the theatre where the perpetrator calmly sat down and peacefully surrendered to authorities as if to say “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!” Are these actions consistent with a crazed mass murderer? I do not believe so. If the murderers intent was to kill as many innocent people as possible, then it appears likely that this rage would have continued outside the movie theater. Adrenaline alone, would’ve accounted for several more minutes added on to the killing rampage unless, of course, someone literally or metaphorically flipped a switch, MK Ultra style, which caused Holmes to shut down and passively surrender. Thirdly, the delusional beliefs and subsequent behavior of paranoid schizophrenics does not follow a calm, rational, predictable and methodical pattern of behavior which is exactly what we see in Holmes’ homicidal actions on that fateful night. The manifested behaviors of paranoid schizophrenics are normally preceded by disorganized and delusional thinking which causes the person to appear and act in an illogical and irrational manner. This is the opposite behavioral pattern of what we saw from James Holmes who carried out his act with the precision of a well-trained professional killer.

It is my considered opinion that the same psyops techniques that were used on Holmes were also utlized on Kelly. Police have identified Antifa member Devin Patrick Kelley as the Sutherland Springs Church Killer


I agree with Paul Preston, schools better tighten their security protocols.

This is the beginning of the TET Terror Offensive I warned was coming as long as three years ago. There is no turning back, we are in a full-fledged war.  So long as George Soros is allowed to walk freely among us, we will see more acts of violence such as this.

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  • 2QIK4U

    Yes. A False Flag doesn’t mean people weren’t killed. But im yet to be convinced. Crisis actors hired for this date in Texas. I warned you

    • Hayduke

      No one was killed and there were nine shooters. Pretty obvious. :cool:

      • 72FX


        • Hayduke

          :lol: :lol: :lol:

  • Pink Slime

    THIS is why I have called for the BANNING of the Demoncrap party. They are a seditious and violent group seeking to overthrow America for more than a hundred years.

    Started all wars this century in hope of getting America FINISHED and BANKRUPT. They have corrupted your Constitution, your culture and your character. This is not a political war but a SPIRITUAL one. That is why they are called the Demoncrap Party, if you care to notice.

    They are very VIOLENT and very RACIST and class oriented to cause division. They just shot a church up, shot 2 Congressmen and left them cripples, shot two Kennedys, so they even ATTACK their own kind they are so VIOLENT and DELUDED.

    Demoncraps are known to cause mass immigration to your country. However, knowing the nature of a Demoncrap it should be correctly called an INVASION!!

    They do not allow you to own your property by handily calling for a tax on it every year though you paid up for it already. This is a communist principle you cannot own private property. Why Republicans fell for this I’ll never know.

    Demoncraps succeeded in installing a dicktator the Negro sodomite Moslem pagan obama who did crimes against this country worthy of hanging. They almost succeeded in installing another one Hillaryous who has done high treason of this country worthy of being hanged.

    This tells me ALL 535 Congressmen must be PURGED (like in Saudi Arabia) from office and the ring learders hanged. There is no way we should put up with these WORTHLESS communist and leftist anymore. This party must be declared SATANIST and BANNED forever. :twisted:

    • Hayduke

      It sounds like you are describing Bush here. Wasn’t he a Republicunt? And wasn’t Cheney a Republicunt? Is that a typo or did you just forget who started those wars? :cool:

      • Pink Slime

        No, both of them morphed into people like you – Demoncraps! If Clinton had 4 more years he would have started the war.

        Your Nerogro sodomite set us up for WAR with Nor Kor as did the previous Demoncraps like your rapist Bill Clinton, Jimmy Catah, etc.

        If the sodomite had 4 more years he would have started it – on advice of his Demoncrap handlers.

        Now Trump has to take care of Demoncrap treason. :twisted:

  • Man

    Omg this is so predictable. I said yesterday in one of the articles that after blaming his atheism, there will be a statement of 2 gun shooters.

    Man, these articles are very predictable

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