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The CIA and President Trump Are Gaining a Foothold in Iranian Regime Change

Tuesday, January 2, 2018 11:36
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The CIA and President Trump Are Gaining a Foothold In Iranian Regime Change

The violence and blooshed continues in Iran with least 9 more people being killed, overnight, and the arrest rates continue to rise as 100 more dissidents were arrested as the discontent and expressed unrest is sweeping Iran. The protests have seemingly come from nowhere as six days ago the news reached the West that protests were beginning inside of Iran. The protests seemed to lack a build up period that one would typically see in similar situations. This speaks to the fact that we are probably looking at what started out as a contrived event. However, because these events have entered a sixth day, they are taking on a life all of their own. It is noteworthy that some of the killed protesters were actually trying to steal guns from the town of Khomeinishahr. It is also imperative to note that among those killed were six protesters had also attempted to steal guns from a police station in the town of Qahdarijan, according to Iranian state TV as reported by the AP. This speaks to the fact that, with these types of actions, we can expect the bloodshed to grow exponentially over the next several days and weeks.

The Repressive Iranian Leadership Have Created the Conditions for Violence

The people in Iran are ruled with an iron fist. No deviation from the beliefs and practices of this fanatical religious dictatorship is permitted. Justice is swift, unforgiving and often deadly. The media is controlled and is a point of derision and contention among the citizens of Iran. In Iran, there is no doubt that the rank and file fear their government and there is always an undertone of resentment towards authority. Having said that, the country’s  leaders have accused the traditional  “enemies of Iran” of organizing and orchestrating the demonstrations which have turned deadly. I don’t usually find myself agreeing with Iranian leadership on much of anything. However, in this instance, I totally agree with the Iranian leaders that this is an orchestrated event. The combination of living in a repressive regime and a little “encouragement” from CIA operatives, on the ground, have produced conditions which will soon boil over into full-scale rebellion.

How can I be so certain that the CIA is involved? Besides the fact that the CIA would never not be a part of a major upheaval inside one of America’s most notorious enemies, POTUS is in full support of the emerging rebellion as well.

President Trump Weighs In On the Iranian Crisis

With the President so quick to judge the events in Iran, it appears highly likely that he is, in part, behind what is happening in Iran.

Donald J. Trump



Big protests in Iran. The people are finally getting wise as to how their money and wealth is being stolen and squandered on terrorism. Looks like they will not take it any longer. The USA is watching very closely for human rights violations!

5:03 AM – Dec 31, 2017

Human rights violations Mr. President? There are human rights violations every single day in Iran. As I like to say, there is the reason and then there is the real reason for one’s actions. This is about much more than human rights violations.

A Clear Case of Supporting the Petrodollar

Why would the President be behind, or at least in support of these events in Iran? The answer is simple, this President has based his entire presidency to this point in time on building up the economy. As much as America, and Donald Trump, may loathe the Federal Reserve, the financial health of the Federal Reserve is paramount to the health of the dollar and central to Trump’s economic recovery plan.

At the center of this controversy is the Petrodollar. Prior to the rise of the BRICS nations, nearly all nations of the world had to first purchase American dollars from which they would then purchase oil from Middle East suppliers. This gave the dollar its only backing. A healthy dollar is contingent upon the use of the Petrodollar. The BRICS, led by Russia and China, began to purchase Iranian oil in gold and subsequently damaged the dollar. Undoing this damage is paramount to saving the dollar in the short-term. Trump may not like the Federal Reserve, but he likes a failing dollar far less. In the following short video, I discuss how we can be certain that this series of protests, which is looking more and more like an outright insurrection, is being motivated by Western and US interests. The highly relevant material is found at the one minute mark in which I reference the fact that the Iranian dissenters are chanting pro-Western phrases which have to do with Palestine and other Western foreign policy interests.

Like President Trump must be feeling, I am having conflicted feelings. I would love to see the degenerates from the Federal Reserve fail. However, I am not willing to cut my nose off to spite my face. America needs a healthier dollar and countering the BRICS intent of destroying the dollar is important. Therefore, it is hard to not support regime change in Iran and at least a temporary restoration of the Petrodollar.

The Beginning of Russia’s Line In the Sand

Russia has made Iran a very close ally and economic partner and anyone with any degree of awareness of Russia’s political and economic interests should be concerned that Russia will put troops on the ground in Iran in order to preserve the status quo.

From RT:

“Moscow considers the ongoing unrest in Iran an internal matter and will regard any outside interference to be unacceptable, the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Monday. “We express the hope that the situation won’t develop into a scenario of bloodshed and violence,”the ministry said in a statement quoted by Russian news agencies. “External interference destabilizing the situation is inadmissible.”

The Chinese Will Not Be Left Out

It is not just Russia that the United States has to worry about with regard to Iran. The Chinese appear to be inserting themselves into this controversy as well.

From the Daily Caller:

…appeared to be signs of Chinese militarization of Pakistan…

In the last few months, there have been persistent reports of Chinese survey teams in the areas west of Gwadar, a seaport considered critical to the success of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), the linchpin to China’s Belt and Road Initiative, an effort to achieve Chinese commercial dominance in South Asia and as a connection to its strategic interests in the Middle East and Africa.

Pakistan would be an excellent jumping off point if military aid was needed in Iran to prevent a regime change which would prove detrimental their BRICS interests.


How long will it be until Moscow puts troops on the ground in Iran? What will China’s role be? Should the world be focusing on the events inside of Iran instead of what is going on with North Korea? Is North Korea merely a distraction and a disguised excuse to mobilize for war under false pretenses?

This is beginning to feel a lot like the military build up to World War I.

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Total 6 comments
  • Anonymous

    Following the original Dick Cheney plan. What a shock.

  • TC

    The picrures of people celebrating Christmas in Tehran don’t appear that oppressed. The second largest community of Jews in the Middle East lives in Iran and they have refused all Israeli invitations to leave, so they don’t appear that oppressed either. Could it be that the media is failing to tell us that the demonstrations in favor of the government are far larger than the ones we support?

    But people are being killed. Yes, but is the number who died greater than the number of innocent civilians bombed by our proxy in Yemen today? Is it greater than the number killed today by our proxies in Syria? How about in Libya, how about in Sudan? Remember that the last time Iran invaded a foreign country was 1736. Persians are not a violent people.

    But Palestinian protests against the Israelis stealing their land has intensified and over 50 have been shot. Trump and Netanyahu cannot have this hitting any front pages, so that’s why they picked this time to launch the riots in Iran. Will the mercenaries do as they did in Ukraine and Syria – shoot both the protesters and the police – and start a cycle of violence that will put our puppet back in power? Or is this trick getting old?

    Iranians may not be as gullible as we are.

  • Detergent

    “Therefore, it is hard to not support regime change in Iran and at least a temporary restoration of the Petrodollar.”

    This, from you, Dave? I am shocked and appalled. WTF, man?? How many millions of lives, and I mean millions, are to be sacrificed to maintain the petro-dollar??

    I say enough is enough! The petro-dollar will live or die, but it should not be sustained by the deaths of millions of innocents through proxy wars.

  • The Real Deal

    Propaganda, and you’re helping to pimp this crap, Hodges. Unlike Amerika and it’s master Israel, Iran is a peaceful country. The people don’t want regime change, ISRAEL DOES! You’re a shill, Hodges.

  • Icecharge

    Rather, they are the Russians that are interfering in Iran as they did in Afghanistan 1979. The Russians invaded there after a long propaganda campaign and agitation. They created a vassal regime and waged a proxy war, but when their proxies did not succeed, they invaded,….0…1c.1.64.psy-ab..1.36.3127.0..0j0i131k1j35i39k1j0i10k1j0i10i203k1j0i22i10i30k1j0i19k1j0i8i13i30i19k1.0.C10dMlq2090

    History appears to chime again, and what will be the outcome? Of course, the Russians will lose after a bloody attrition war as they did in the first time. The Russians have always wanted to get a land connection to the Indian Ocean and what is a better way to get it than to get Iran under their sole. In addition, they would get the Iranian oil, gas and nuclear reserves, and they could control the important connection between Europe and the far east. Europe would fall on their hands also.

    Iran is a low hanging, delicious, big fruit. Who can get it first? It is a global strategy game that China may mess.

  • Takealook

    Dave as usual is not very bright. How hard is it to see that regime change in Iran is fully backed
    by the terrorist support of the US and Israel. As always these 2 supporters of ISIS and AlQaeda
    are behind all forms of terror including 911 of course. The regimes by the way are the fake
    democracies of the Rothschilds filth. Only Iran, Russia, and Hezbollah fought against the utter
    terror that these scum foisted upon the democratic government of Syria. While our supposed
    heroic military dropped arms to these vile murderers. Take your head out of your ass and
    wipe it off to see the truth.

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