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The Ultimate Extinction Level Event

Monday, February 5, 2018 18:25
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The Ultimate Extinction Level Event

As Einstein stated at the height of World War I, “What a pity we don’t live on Mars so that we could observe the futile activities of human beings only through a telescope. . .”

We could be as far away as Mars and the globalists, the servants of Satan, would still find a way to ensnare us in their trap to destroy humanity.

This article and subsequent video with an interview with Steve Quayle will serve to warn humanity about how far Transhumanism has progressed.

Ex-NSA Operative Vance Davis’ Warning

In 1993, I heard Vance Davis on Art Bell’s show. I could tell that he must have known about the secret space program that my father was involved in from a research, reverse engineering perspective. At that time, my father had already revealed his role in the program to me, but I was sworn to secrecy because my mother could have lost all the family’s assets if I got caught revealing state secrets due to the national security oath that my father had signed.

After my mother passed in 2011, I was able to speak more freely. However, in 1993, there was really nobody that I could speak with on this topic. This was hard on me because I witnessed the lies being told by NASA to the American people. Then along came Vance Davis. After his appearance on Art Bell, and this was the first time I had ever listened to Art, I reached out to Vance and though I would test the waters on this topic. Perhaps we could talk because he might have as much to lose as I did.

Vance actually responded to me through a gentleman named Bill Pawelec. Bill wore many hats in his life, but among them was being a contract agent for the CIA in the area of communications technology. Interestingly, Bill had worked for a brief time with my father at Sunstrand Electric (Westminster, CO) on classified satellite applications. After I passed my initial test with Bill, he introduced me to Vance.

Vance and I began a 25 years friendship. However, it wasn’t the secret space program that cemented our professional interests, it was Vance’s knowledge in something called Transhumanism, although we did not call it that in 1993.

Vance told me that in his NSA training, he was taught two relevant things in relation to this topic:

  1. There was a perpetual war that was being waged in the cosmos and the Earth was at the center of controversy with the control of man’s soul constituting the ultimate prize. Control of this prize was being sought by who most of would call, Satan.
  3. Satan was unable to unlock the secrets of the soul and Satan’s mission morphed into destroying God’s creation through the destruction of the human being itself. Thus, Transhumanism in the modern era was born.

These revelations were part of Vance’s NSA training, but my knowledge and understanding went to new level when I met Steve Quayle.

Enter Steve Quayle

I tell the Vance Davis story as a backdrop to the revelations of Steve Quayle.  Vance conditioned my mind to accept what Steve was saying about the subject of Transhumanism. When I first heard and then later interviewed Steve Quayle as he spoke on the subject of Transhumanism, I knew Steve had insights that were stunningly accurate. Steve’s revelations greatly added to my understanding of this topic to a whole new level. Steve’s references to scripture cements the information he brings out as the Lord has created warnings in His word over 2,000 years ago and Steve is quick to make these connections.


Humanity is engaged in a fight for its own survival. We could very well be the last generation of human beings to inhabit this planet. We are indeed living in humanity’s darkest hour where every perversion is being embraced as the new normal. It is all inspired by Satan and we best wake-up to this fact or we will surely perish.

Below is the interview I conducted with Steve in Hour Two of last night’s show. The interview is stunning and it should serve as a warning to get right with God.

Interestingly, The True Legends Conference is being held in September of 2018 in Branson, Missouri. The finest group of guests connected to this theme have been assembled. Never before has such an all-star cast come together to provide their area of expertise on this very disturbing topic. Last year’s conference sold out early. This conference is ahead of last year’s pace. Here is the information about the conference

In the course of the interview, Steve makes the repeated point that we are at the point of genetic Armageddon. To my Christian brothers and sisters, where do you think this leaves you and our Christian faith?

Here is the interview, please share this widely because I strongly believe that hunanity’s fate hangs in the balance.



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  • 2QIK4U

    I believe more like an ancient earth civilization did watch mars destroy itself in an alien war and then they escaped to earth and thier name was Man. And we have followed Mars, the God of war naturally ever since.

  • Man

    must be a slow news day…

  • patann

    -Thus said the Lord Crying Behind A Silence In Heaven, He That Shall Be Named And The Name Taken Away, He That Shall Be Clothed And The Clothes Taken Away, Oh How You Lived Deliciously With Her, Separate Them Into Itty, Bitty Pieces, Kill All Parents, Finish All Schools, For The Great Day Of His Wrath Is Come Us Soil, Get Ye To Repentant Altars God Is Avenging Martyred Blood And Except Those Days Be Shorten, No Flesh Shall Be Saved!

    Prophecy Link

    -And I Heard In My Hearing, A Highly Memorable Jan. 13th, 2018, “one hour with the beast,” Rev. 17/18, live US soil, (note, this was a day before. into the Hawaii Missile alert that was and was not, congress wrecked, then a Russian fighter jet just failed from the sky, then the dow just tanked, and tanked and tanked, beware, Apb

    -America, Have You Ever Fallen Before Teased Territory Spirits In High Places, There’s Something About Shelby County, Even The Secrets Of Memphis, Who Is The Authentic Sleeping Giant, There’s Something About The Figure, 593, see Eze. 7,

    -For thirty years into a Matrix ten day count, a shot down Russian Jet and the worse Dow performance in history, was it’s seventh, I just thank God more and more won’t be taken over as a thief, but see their end and have decided to face it head on; even if there are some who refuse to admit it. I guess all the elephants of staying, unaware, it’s first Matrix ten day count, didn’t stampede and the hundreds of millions targeted Americans with them. I know everyone escaping to a pending apostle THEY call me, prophecies these thirty years a proposed US of Africa is like this total opposite, it’s like the Jws going how any so long a captivity Just remember, their world leader, like a Barack Hussein, an African born male from Ethiopia into Kenya so I guess you can say they just followed him home, now America refugees in real time, their come Moses day commanded exodus need someone like that, just until Jesus sat his Millennium Reign for a sec again atop mount olivet that like the Red Sea that day cleaves in two, a ginormous graceland without measure ever and here is a desolated Jerusalem cries, blessed is he who cometh in the name of Lord fulfilled, blessed is HE indeed, beware, Apb, The RAM

  • patann

    -Hello, Anybody Out There?

    -The Little Miya Girl Of Apocalypse Our Procrastinating Escape Vehicles, Indeed

    -Weather Channel Confirms Suspicion of Mysterious Water Disappearances

    -The Secrets Of Memphis, Egypt, Tennessee, 1811, Is Hussein Obama A Moses or A Muhammad, Is The New Madrid Fault, The New Sleeping Giant?

    Prophecy Link

    -Seem to wake from sleep 2007, at hearing, a mighty as the sky itself, type of star wars battle just out outside my window, as just overhead, Jesus, God alone hath reign, beware, Apb

    -You Are The Last Dragon, Ancient Beast Hath Reign, Put Ye On God’s Armor, Stand Tribulation Saints, Stand!

    -I responded to the title, now let me respond to the article, 1993, while I looked directly into the sun that day I began to remember this beyond for seven years then, this extraordinary thing. If you look beside my bed right now, there is jotted a figure of 593, from when as I woke a night or so go, I knew it as a death toll; at the same time I was reminded it could as well be one of the prophets Ezekiel’s years, 593 BC with mine now being 1993, AD. You see a type of Jesus, who to look upon was to look upon Heavenly Father, I’m not kidding yall, something not possible, until Elohim, put on Jesus, seeing HIM, that is.
    -Demonstrating the rapture or the gathering up and out of the saints appeared to, me and three separate times told me to come, this was not a dream, this was live, spring 1986; three others were with me. Until this revelation of the sun, I didn’t even know anything had actually happen let alone, a translation to heaven, that I’d by a live demonstration of rapture, visited God’s throne. Just as this blessed Bridegroom of ascension had then past me off to a familiar at first glance prophet/Elder Ezekiel. Happy to oblige, who’d been assigned to open three time tested doors to me, which would then be as being on a sight-seeing tour with the Sunlight Himself.
    -His working about preparing specialty laborers anyway, sorely washed and cleaned hands, a surgical heart transplant, I witnessed old hearts to new as they beat from death to spirit life in Elohim’s Hand. They were even marked along their forward and commanded mostly to be acquainted with His grieves and sorrows He, Elohim, being long suffering toward us-ward not willing that any perish; you hear Jesus saying to disciples, except ye show love one for the other, you will not be known as my disciples. So what I vaguely began to remember that very moment of starring down this sunshine, that took on a whole new meaning that day, come to think of it, as did all things this heaven and this earth.
    -This newness of awareness is why in the Christmas carol of a flyover America’s extinction level event, not only was the west coast just gone from us, like Canada, just off the map with it, not only was the white house. Even like that left behind movie, before that left behind movie white house scene and Donald Trump, Pence, and all western leaders, well leaders period. Just as portrayed of this President need to repent, ask the train wreck congress acting like a stumbling Syed Farook, you can’t run from this, its altars and grab bags. I went from there and after seeing all things this blown away, there sat just as so was a damaged Kennedy space center, it’s kinda like when you do it to God’s predestined, to His Anointed, you do it unto Him, right into reaping these horrors, this weighty blood guilt sown.
    -Know this, understand this, a done in Kennedy space center is the reminder, explorations of space into dreams and gazing into star-wars, well little do people know. It’s Satan swearing along his ultimate goal, how he will exalt his throne above the stars of God only according to Revelation description, it’s 20th, post Jesus’ Millennium, it’s last Gog and Magog. As is written, see those coming against God’s Anointed in a number like the grains of sand, only God blinked but a little, and He, they were no more, off into the lake of fire with all the Rebellers.
    -It is written in Ezekiel, seven months it will take to bury their dead, on to study war no more ever, EVER! It is written, seven years it will take to burn these vast armaments from the planet, these blessed truths standing to be evident from the book of Genesis to it’s book of Revelation. Sincerely, it’s why God just keep telling you all, your leaders, HE alone is God, repent or perish, though Jesus knock after your hearten heart, hell hath enlarged itself in great degrees, decide! Beware, Apb The RAM, see here,

    • raisnbran

      they let you out of your padded cell an hour a day to use the bathroom and computer so you can vent your insanity? it seems to flow from both ends no doubt…..

  • Pink Slime

    Ummm…. as Christians we all know this earth was given to SATAN. The inventor of the MURDER and the LIE. If you care to look around, this MO is what governs the world.

    Along with violence. And yes Yahuah gratefully introduced DEATH to our species so we would not succumb FOREVER to the HORRORS of Satan’s way.

    But from this DEATH can come a REBIRTH and the WAY again. Yahuah promised to RESTORE His way again. Did you see that? RESTORATION is coming. A restoring to the original and intended way. But first must come the Sabbath rest. Then the judgment.

    Rev 20:15 And anyone not found written in the book of life was thrown into the lake of fire. :twisted:

  • The Troubles

    Well lookie here….a story posted by TCSS and Mr. Hodges, where people are allowed to comment. How odd? :???:

  • YellowRoseTx51

    Now you’re getting closer.

    They are removing ‘humans’ from Earth in the move forward, and this places us at an evolutionary level above these ‘satanic minions’ and..they are then going to have an ‘extinction level event’ for those left behind(‘cabal’ satanic minions)
    No human dna will be left behind, for them to use again. At that point, having been the winners of the war, we take ‘Earth’ with us. She moves, is renewed, and placed at the same level we’ll be at on the ‘frequency range’.
    Look at the Sun. Its about to occur. All life that is good, will exit before the Nova in “The Event.”

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