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Gun Confiscation Beta Tests Are Spreading Across the Country

Wednesday, March 7, 2018 14:18
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Gun Confiscation Beta Tests Are Spreading Across the Country

This was a familiar sight in Boston and surrounding areas following the Boston Marathon Bombing.

Boston’s brush with Martial Law

In the Spring of 2017, I received the following communication from someone claiming to be with DHS and they stated that they were rehearsing gun confiscation in urban areas. I had nothing to connect this communication to so I simply hung on to the message until I could connect this to something tangible. In the last 48 hours, there have been two events which tells me the Deep State is firmly in control and they are now rehearsing the seizing of American held guns. Here was the original warning:

Mr. Hodges

I have read much of what you have written about gun confiscation and so-called FEMA camps. They are real and generally, the information you provide is accurate. To the best of my knowledge you have not covered the mechanics of a gun seizure operation. 

I am not totally on board with what I have been training to do with regard to Americans and their Second Amendment gun rights. I am eligible to retire in three years and my protests will accomplish nothing and I would lose my retirement. So you could say that I go along to get along. 

What I am writing to you about is the government sponsored gun confiscation that is coming to this country. There are people in our government who determined to take your guns. 

We have trained in mock cities on how we will accomplish this feat. We use a traditional checkerboard pattern similar to what the citizens of Boston experienced after the Boston Marathon bombing. 

We have routinely practiced the same scenario, repeatedly. To cover a suburban block, our forces approach with two armored personnel carriers on opposite ends of the street, two per side of the street. One vehicle remains  on each side of the street as the accompanying vehicle moves down the block. Our teams approach a house from the front but we also flank the house and enter the backyard. Our support vehicle trains its guns on the house. the assault teams consist of a dozen men each. The armored support vehicle has orders to immediately fire upon anyone appearing in a window with anything that could be construed as a gun. Our personnel, will knock one time on the front door. When the door is answered, we secure the individual or individuals and ask them how many people are in the house and where they are. We also ask how many guns are in the house, what type of guns they own and where they are stored and would anyone have guns on their person. Most often we have trained to assault a house between the hours of 3 and 4 in the morning. Then we clear the house with an emphasis on first entering the bedrooms. We accomplish this task in two man teams. We order any occupants to get on the floor and we secure them and then begin the search for guns. We employ a portable metal detector and gun sniffing dogs if available. 

If the occupants are non-responsive, we enter after knocking down the front door. Before going in, we have already viewed the schematics of the target house. Yes, we have the blueprints for virtually every house in America. We go in hot and are trained to use deadly force against any any all perceived resistance. We don’t use tear gas, we are trained to shoot any resisters.

Upon entering the house we are trained to identify ourselves and order everyone out of the house under gunpoint. We have trained on mock houses in which guns were hidden in the attic, under the bed, in a safe and even in underwear drawers. If the seized guns are legally registered, we seize the guns and let the family return. If the guns are illegal or not registered, we take the entire family into custody. We have practiced transporting families to differential holding facilities  re children, men and women are held in different facilities. 

Each armored vehicle and their personnel make their way down the street from opposite ends. The accompanying vehicle stands guard at the end of each block to prevent escape. We prefer to execute the operation in bad weather because it eliminates escape possibilities. 

One of the reasons that I am writing to you is because you have identified Camp Graylling as a detention facility during the Jade Helm drills. during that time my team trained foreign solders at the camp in the art of  securing new prisoners.  My training of foreign nationals makes me suspect that future gun confiscation efforts will be conducted under the auspices of the United Nations although I have not been told that. This is where I part company with my employer. I will not participate in such an operation. 

When you write future articles on potential gun confiscation activities, I am hopeful that you will refer to some of the logistics to evaluate the authenticity of the information that you are given…….

This FEMA camp facility in Grayling, MI., was the sight of martial law training for the Michigan National guard commencing on July 15, which was  the inception date for Jade Helm. This facility also houses hundreds of UN military vehicles. During Jade Helm, DHS, National Guard and foreign troops participated in the art of incarcerating the general public. 

Spotted on American soil. The United Nations Is positioning for the takeover of the United States.

Gun Confiscation Beta Test In Redlands, CA

Paul Martin contacted me on the evening of March 5, 2018 and told me he had reliable reports of two different groups of law enforcement going block to block in what appeared to be a gun confiscation beta test in Redlands, CA.

I recently interviewed Paul Martin regarding door-to-door visits by law enforcement as well as Jerry Brown’s Moon-Beam Militia and they are asking residents if they have registered guns. Paul Preston, from Agenda 21 Radio is aware of this as well. This is a breaking story, it is incomplete at the time of the recording and there will be  much more that is forthcoming on this disturbing event.

There was much more that surfaced 24 hours later in Seattle.

Nazi Style Gun Consfication in Seattle

There is even more 2nd Amendment tyranny to report.

 From SHTF:

A man in Seattle has had his gun confiscated by police after breaking no laws. The police took his gun without a warrant and without pressing any charges.  Tyranny has officially taken hold on American soil.

This sets a precedent that government can now forcefully take guns away from an individual without a crime being committed or an arrest being made and without a warrant. In the name of fear and political exploitation of anti-gun rhetoric, a citizen’s Second Amendment rights have been ripped away from him by the government.

The new “red flag” law, which has taken hold in other states already, allows the courts and law enforcement to take away guns from individuals they deem are dangerous and they’ve just begun the confiscation. A man living in the Belltown neighborhood of Seattle, Washington became the first individual in the state to have his firearm confiscated without any formal arrest or charges.  The man was not identified by authorities.

Neighbors complained that the man had been “staring” at people through storefront windows while wearing a holstered firearm. He was not brandishing his weapon by any account, and open carrying is legal in the area, so he was abiding by the law. Other residents also complained that the man’s open carrying made them feel “uncomfortable” and “unsafe.”

This was a clear violation of the 2nd Amendment and 5th Amendment due process as well as 4th Amendment search and seizure.

The University of Hawaii Democide Project

The University of Hawaii maintains a site about death by government and they use the term “democide” to describe the act of government’s use of genocide against its own people. Genocide far outnumbers the amount of people killed in all wars. Thus, the greatest threat to a people, is its own government. Thomas Jefferson was correct when he said the 2nd Amendment was not for the French and British, it was designed to protect future Americans from its own government.

The following genocide chart demonstrates the lethality of government towards its citizens.

20th Century Democide

There is a punchline to this democide chart.


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  • Hayduke

    Ever since I bought a brand new pair of BINNER BS GLASSES for just $99.95 I don’t fall for Brother Pizzahut’s BS FEEEER POOOOORN anymore. These BINNER BS GLASSES filter out the BS so the wearer knows what’s up. And everything he posts here is BS so these glasses really get a work out.

    They are well worth the $99.95.

    • Anonymous

      No, it’s not all BS! I can testify somebody in a blue helmet, that looked a lot like the bus boy at the Peking Buffet, came to my door. In the course of answering questions, everything was fine, until I said, “Yes, I subscribe to and listen to The Common Sense (cough, cough) Show.” They immediately ransacked my house, confiscated all my guns, kitchen knives, razors, scissors, screwdrivers, pens, pencils and toothpicks. And with no explanation! I asked them why, mentioned the Constitution, and all they would say, “You scary guy. You stupid.” Then I yelled, “How so?… Well, when am I going to get my guns and stuff back?!” He replied, without even looking back, “When bags of ice from hell at Mini Mart. Stupid.”

      You really got snookered on the glasses. You’ll find that, if you had thought to take the glasses off, it’s still BS. Hell, if you’re blind, it’s BS. This is BIN! If it’s not BS, as they say, accidents happen. Just remember, hide those glasses, and, when they come to your door, tell them you don’t know of any combination of the words “before”, “it’s” or “news” that makes a damned bit of sense. And, when you think about it, you’d not be lying.

    • Hi NSA, kiss my artichoke

      I bought a pair too, and they worked great, til I tried viewing an article from KOS, and the damn things BLEW UP! :shock:
      Apparently, even they can only handle so much. :wink: :lol: :lol: :lol:

      • Hayduke

        I’m getting worried here. The BINNER SOLAR GLASSES were such a success, and they are still just $99.95. But you say these BS BINNER GLASSES actually blow up when faced with too much BS? I know that one of my lens cracked when I read a BIN article stating da ‘Erf didn’t spin which seemd a little dangerous. But wow. I can see where if you actually DID read a KOS article THEY would actually blow up and possibly blind you.

        Until BIN bans *** FAKE NEWS *** these BINNER BS GLASSES should probably be banned at least from BIN as I can see they would have a tendancy to blow up in your face and maybe blowing your eyes right back through your brain stem.

        Sorry for being so graphic but I am REALLY concerned here. :cool:

        • Anonymous

          As a matter of fact, Hodges, Haven and KOS are being named in a pending wrongful blindness legal action against the glasses. Lisa Haven’s defense team is mounting a rigorous defense, claiming that anybody or any appliance should find a talking horse shocking, and, if big teeth and fat arms alone shattered glass, you’d get more reports of these incidents happening in Walmart checkout lines.

          Prosecutors have pointed out the defense fails to mention and has no innocent explanation the role fits of paroxysm over imaginary boogeymen and a shrieking voice can play, that unbearable visual shock and disgust are not their sole criteria. Her defense has pointed out, though, blindness and PTSD have been reported in people who have never owned the glasses, that it’s really YouTube that should bear the responsibility of posting health warnings, to include mental health.

          Lisa is also launching a counter suit, asking damages in oats, sugar cubes and carrots, was quoted as saying, “A horse is a horse, of course, of course.” And for Jesus, of course, of course.

          Hodges has, thus far, only responded to the allegations, “Pass the mashed potatoes.”

  • Ideas Time

    I would think if they attempt to start the raids people will quickly learn to hit a panic button on their car key rings and those who have panic alarm on their houses to alert the rest of the neighborhoods that enemy combatants are on the attack. Once the traitors attack they become fair to label as the enemy as they no longer support or defend the constitution they swore an oath to.

  • raburgeson

    Fear porn or not approach my house with guns ready and the microwave get turned on and I blind them all. Every time they try to pick them up I turn it back on. I will not put up with this kind of crap.

    • Hayduke

      That sounds like ba GREAT idea! What kind of microwave do you have? That may just be the key. I mean if they microwave us, we should ALL turn our microwaves onto FULL BLAST and nuke all of the treasonous bastards!!! Return the favor, so to speak. :smile:

  • beLIEve

    Larken Rose – The Myth Of ‘Authority’

    * * *

    Do You Know About The Act of 1871 Teach this in your School

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