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DHS Protecting Child Sex Traffickers – FBI Refused Admittance to Brownsville Walmart by Rogue DHS Elements Protecting Child Traffickers

Wednesday, June 27, 2018 10:44
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There are major and critical updates connected to the Brownsville Walmart FEMA Camp Detention Facility. Two days ago, I reported on many of these events. Since then, I have been downloaded on the critical developments at the Brownsville FEMA Camp facility (Walmart Conversion) which refuses admittance to a Congressman and now the FBI!

A question needs to be asked of DHS with regard to illegal alien children in detention camps. Where the hell are the little girls? Why is there such a shortage of young girls at these camps? I can tell you why, they are raped, murdered and trafficked before they even get to these camps. That is why you do not see them in the inmate population of the Walmart FEMA Camp facility in Brownsville, TX.

Breaking News since the video below was made: I have been told by a previously reliable FBI source that they tried to follow up on trafficking complaints about abducted immigrant girls and they were stonewalled by DHS. Elements of the FBI believe that the girls are being trafficked for sex and eventually their organs before they ever reach the border.

The FBI source I spoke with says the believe that rogue elements of DHS, the Sinaloas, the Juarez as well as various other Cartels, Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood, MS-13, embedded Chinese military and the CIA are involved. I was told that this is a proverbial gold mine for young girls and this has been going on for a long time. And now, the operation has a foothold in the United States is being protected by at least 2 of the alphabet soup agencies. i want to stress that this is not our elected government doing this. This is administrative insurrection and treason. The rogue forces of the agencies are attempting to flip Trump’s detention policies to their advantage and then turn this into an administrative nightmare down the road.

I will state for the record that the named perpetrators in the previous paragraph are the same forces that are providing material support for Calexit which is the forced withdrawal of California from the United States in which it would become a protectorate of the United Nations. This reported activity is obviously how they are financing the Calexit and paramilitary invasion force in El Salvador that I have referred to as the Red Dawn invasion force.

This is the same DHS that will not let Congressmen inspect the facility. This is open rebellion against Trump and his immigration policies. Zero tolerance does not include trafficking in young girls, my source was adamant that this has nothing to do with Trump or his cabinet.

Ask a Democrat why they are not yelling from the roof tops about the fact that there are almost no girls at the detention facilities for immigrant children. Why not liberals?  The liberals are so concerned about separating children from their parents at the border, how about separating young immigrant children from their virtue and even their lives? Where is the outrage Maxine Waters?!!!

This FBI source, or their surrogate sources, have repeatedly led me to open source intelligence in the past to validate their information. Unfortunately, there is none at the moment except for the fact that DHS refused entry to a Congressmen last week to the Brownsville facility.

Read my words very carefully. The FBI agent explicitly stated that “…this Is the exact same network that set up the paramilitary training base camps in El Salvador….Dave Hodges, this is why I am giving this to you…you know the topic, you have written about it. Please spread this far and wide.

The following is the video I made on this topic prior to my conversation with the FBI agent. This video is why I was contacted. The information was derived, not from the FBI, but from DHS personnel who are not on board with this.These DHS elements gave this to the FBI so they could investigate.  I was also told that one of the reasons that Trump reversed himself was to keep families together as this would remove himself as a possible framed co-conspirator. No, this will not stop the abductions, but it removes Trump from being framed for possible legal action and impeachment down the road. As I reported earlier, this issue of separating children from parents allowed Trump to call attention to the true existence of FEMA camps.

Two Critical Updates

As I just reported, FBI agents were refused admittance to the Brownsville FEMA Camp detention facility, the same facility that refused entrance to  a Congressman several days ago.

My FBI source told me that they are aware the Special-Agent-In-Charge, that attempted entry into the Brownsville facility has requested permission to obtain a warrant and was refused. This has very serious implications. First, there are good men and women who work for the FBI. Second, despite the fact that Comey and McCabe are gone, the Deep State’s hooks into the FBI remains intact and the agency is very much in control of the criminal holdovers from the Obama administration.

Despite the fact that the Deep State, which is maintaining strict control over the facility, I have also been told that there is the belief that children are being moved and trafficked out of the facility through the underground tunnels that were constructed at the facility. I find this completely believable, because when the Walmarts were shut down for the alleged plumbing issues, we had insiders giving the Independent Media tips, including The Common Sense Show, tips on the construction of these tunnels. I learned in 2015 that the tunnels were necessary if the nearest railroad tracks were located outside convenient walking distance from the tracks to the Walmart. Today, I am circling back through my other sources looking for more information which I am certain will be forthcoming.


Here was my original report that led my FBI contact to reach out to me.

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  • Firemind

    The real problem, Dave is not even hinted at in the MSM. These children do not only get sorted out to the MS-13 and rich fat cats of Saudi Arabia, but also they literally often times get farmed out into underground sites such as Dulce Base in New Mexico. These nefarious children EATERS are the notorious creatures that people like Philip Schneider was trying to warn s about 20 years ago. He was a geological engineer assisting with the DUMBs construction. These deep underground military bases were inadvertently competing with other structures and other entities other than our own. Have you ever wondered where the vast majority of these “milk carton” kids end up. Have you ever wondered about the strange disappearances of hikers in our national parks and forests? I know, for the average citizen this is “woo-woo” stuff. For those of us that have studied this “phenomenon” for the past 40 years, it is old hat, so-to-speak. Yes, indeed, this goes FAR BEYOND Trump and any Deep State insurrection. More to come….

  • CUB4DK

    DHS…Isn’t that the alphabet agency that was conceived by the BUSH administration. Now the Zionist Bushs’ DHS wants to interfere with the FBI ?? This is becoming nothing but a Circus :twisted:

  • Josie

    Where the Hell is President Trunp! He has to know this is going on, some heads need to roll. This is crazy run these sex traffickers out of our country or better yet kill them, I’m sick of this sickening abuse of the children and all the rest…

  • Slimey

    Hello Anti-Semite.

    Even you are a phony. The video still is NOT Mexican children. They are INDIAN or PAKISTANI girls you are showing.

    You hate Israel (even though they have a right to exist there as Bibilical EVIDENCE and history shows) The Palestinians have NO RIGHT to that land, despite what you believe.

    And second, you always called the Negro of yours “President” to appease Negroes and the left, when all you did was legitimize their crimes.

    So whose side are you really on?? Even as your twisted sister? :cool:

  • Katherine

    Many people have it right when they are concerned for the people in Gaza. Matter of fact, MANY, MANY of the Palestinians, the ones being murdered by Israeli Zionists, the US, the Palestinian authorities, Saudi Arabia and many others, are directly descended from the line Christ, Lord Jesus Came from.

    With that said, countless people who have been and are now being obliterated world-wide through-out the centuries have been……


    Please connect the dots.

    Now, if anyone accuses anyone of being an anti-semite, here’s the truth about that. Allow the deceived Zionist Regime who threaten anyone and continuously, to answer

    just what is:

    a Semite?

    a member of any of various ancient and modern peoples originating in southwestern Asia, including the Akkadians, Canaanites, Phoenicians, Hebrews, and Arabs.
    2. a Jew. (only recently have the Israeli Zionists tried to use the term anti-semite exclusively to push forth their quite evil agenda)
    3. a member of any of the peoples descended from Shem, the eldest son of Noah

    Sem·ite (smt)
    1. A member of a group of Semitic-speaking peoples of the Near East and northern Africa, including the Arabs, Arameans, Babylonians, Carthaginians, Ethiopians, Hebrews, and Phoenicians.
    2. A Jew.
    3. Bible A descendant of Shem, the eldest of Noah.
    Noun 1. Semite – a member of a group of Semitic-speaking peoples of the Middle East and northern Africa
    Caucasian, White, White person – a member of the Caucasoid race
    Babylonian – an inhabitant of ancient Babylon
    Chaldaean, Chaldean, Chaldee – an inhabitant of ancient Chaldea
    Assyrian – an inhabitant of ancient Assyria
    Phoenician – a member of an ancient Semitic people who dominated trade in the first millennium B.C.
    Arab, Arabian – a member of a Semitic people originally from the Arabian peninsula and surrounding territories who speaks Arabic and who inhabits much of the Middle East and northern Africa
    Aramaean, Aramean – a member of one of a group of Semitic peoples inhabiting Aram and parts of Mesopotamia from the 11th to the 8th century BC
    Canaanite – a member of an ancient Semitic people who occupied Canaan before it was conquered by the Israelites
    Adj. 1. Semite – of or relating to or characteristic of Semites; “Semite peoples”

    What is an anti-Semite? Well, this “term” sure is tossed around by the deliberate liars.

    What is an anti-Semite? Anyone who is against any of the ***aforementioned*** peoples. Put that in your bongs and smoke it!

    ISIS=USA, ISRAEL, BRITAIN, GERMANY, CIA,MI6,MOSSAD ETC threatens to crucify Palestinian Christians, Lebanon’s Christians; ALL CHRISTIANS


    It is exactly a satanic political movement designed to deceive and eventually murder non discerning Christians who believe in the Christ, Lord Jesus’ Truth=New Covenant.

    Zionism was embraced by these Christians with the “invention” of the Scofield bible.

    Scofield was commissioned by the Zionists to create this very very ANTI CHRIST version of the bible complete with Scofield’s “notes”, which enticed non discerning Christians into advocating the creation of state of Israel within a political movement known as ZIONISM.


    • Slimey

      You too, are FOOLY deceived having embraced wrong knowledge of the deceivers and thinks one is enlightened (where have we heard this term before?).

      Underlying your tomb of thought one can see your HATRED of Jews and ZION.

      You can’t even get His name right. :mad:

  • LindaJoyAdams

    ingress has not permitted use of existing budget for internal audits nor criminal investigations since law of 2002. of non DOD contractors as they kept oversight. NOW DO ALL BEGUN WHAR I HAVE BEEN TRYONG TO WARN AKLL OF SINCE 12/08 when a trillion dollar theft of Medicare could bot be stopped by contractor. Now a billion $ a day since 10/6/16 Congress knows and vote to allow it be stopped. Local and state govt have relied on feds for oversight of federally funded local programs as no way can they win against this international cabal running the USA and 100+ nations and UN as contracts SO VOTE FOR A CONGRESS THAT WILL ALLOW money to be spent to make sure laws are being obeyed and minors OK and not being readied for their international security force. They are under a gag order rule and continue the cover up that those govt phone numbers , address and even those who say are employed by govt are ILLEGALLY IMPERSONATING THEY ARE. Linda Joy Adams

  • Bubba Gump Shrimp

    You must be high on crack if you think the FBI honestly investigates pedophile and human trafficking crimes. I just had to read the title of your article to know you’re a fucking liar.

  • DieJobi

    I believe that I read somewhere that comey was also a part of H.S.B.C along with lynch. Can anyone verify that info. Thanks

  • Katherine

    When the rest of you grow up; humanly so and most importantly spiritually so, you’ll be able to see a bit more than you do right now. IF you really want to.

    Please, allow me to speak for myself and not you. I hate ridiculous filth and violence forced on anyone through any power/money/title grabbers anywhere in the world. It’s the action..not the person, because I realize they are gone.

    That will include heads of state, heads of churches, individual Christians, pedophile Muslims, pedophiles anywhere…anyone who deliberately hurts anyone and yes…that will include Zionists.

    Yet they can turn it around IF the repent and very seriously so. Remember the two thieves on the cross with Christ, The King of Kings.

    Do you get the picture?

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