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Gold Bullion Leaves GLD Again But 'Likely to Test' 2011 Downtrend as Dollar Falls 6
Gold and Precious Metals on Tuesday Jul 25 2017 06:10
Gold Price Hits 4-Week High vs Dollar as Spicer Quits, IMF Cuts US Growth, Fed Looms 195
Gold and Precious Metals on Monday Jul 24 2017 07:25
Dollar Gold Price Snaps 7-Day Gains as Japan + Euro Stick with Negative Rates, Record QE 21
Gold and Precious Metals on Thursday Jul 20 2017 07:02
Gold Bar Outflows from GLD Heaviest-Ever for a Week of Rising Prices 419
Gold and Precious Metals on Wednesday Jul 19 2017 06:42
Gold Prices Rise 3rd Day as US Debt Ceiling 'Blocks Fed Rate Hikes', Dollar Falls 1114
Gold and Precious Metals on Tuesday Jul 18 2017 04:58