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The Reptilian Colonization of Earth and their Alliance with the Illuminati! 3871
Beyond Science on Tuesday Dec 12 2017 17:40
Shocking Claim! The Moon Was Towed into Orbit by a Electromagnetic Tow Truck! 1288
Beyond Science on Wednesday Nov 22 2017 13:45
Moon has a Quarter of a Billion People with Huge Cities and a Civilization 17088
Conspiracy Theories on Saturday Nov 18 2017 12:46
Government Caught Spraying Synthetic DNA To Mutate Humans 390
Conspiracy Theories on Friday Nov 17 2017 14:01
Alien Bases and Spaceports on the Dark Side of the Moon! 535
Conspiracy Theories on Tuesday Nov 14 2017 17:54
Project Pegasus: Government Attempt At Teleportation & Time Travel 157
Conspiracy Theories on Tuesday Nov 14 2017 11:33