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Sun Rabbit
Former American banker from NYC, and former stock exchange director in a small rinky-dink eastern European country. Former supermarket owner. Former book store owner. Fired college professor. Investor and entrepreneur. Currently living in downtown western Europe. People always ask me about what my logo means, and if I am Illuminati or whatnot. No, I assure you I am not, despite the fact that I am of aristocratic birth. Just that if I had an American Indian name, that would be it, because I love rabbits, as well as solar power. I also once befriended an entire family of wild rabbits in the woods behind my old house, and always had a pet rabbit friend in my home. People generally regard me as a whacko, and having worked in both high finance as well as trading for as long as I have gives credence to my claim that there are no \"normal\" people out there anywhere, especially not in finance. There are only average people, and these are not that interesting. And since most people are average, I come across as being somewhat of a lunatic until they realise that I am 100% for real. I have done a lot of \"unthinkable\" things because I like to think outside the box. Or better yet: \"there is no box.\" Basically my whole life has consisted of stepping outside some imaginary comfort zone, which has resulted in considerable gain every time, and not just financial. In fact, these days I\'m not at all concerned with money but have instead been tasked with getting several people out of the USA into Europe, whether that be eastern or western Europe not being that important. The reason is simple in that I\'m an expert on emigration, having emigrated myself EIGHT TIMES. This has had both advantages and disadvantages for me. Like the fact that I speak 6 different languages, however in a metaphorical sense I\'m homeless. I own many houses and I even live in one, but I have no home. I can\'t even go back to where I was born because of the political situation there and my personal involvement within it, and that\'s why I usually say I\'m from NYC because that\'s where I\'ve felt most at home. I am the living embodiment of Scrooge McDuck in the sense that money is my dominant interest, never married and I have no kids, but I do have nephews. I\'m an avid collector of Gold and Silver coins, Silver antiques, brand-name handbags, art, sculpture, rare books, and vintage electronics. Love & Peace, Sun Rabbit
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