My name is Serafice and I am a Psychic, Medium and Reiki Master Teacher living and working in the Philadelphia area. Most of my life I denied my abilities and gifts, running from them as fast as I could. But, then I had my first reiki treatment and my whole life changed. Slowly and with a lot of hard work I started to embrace who I am and what I am capable of. I started this blog as my way of sharing with you the crazy, kookie, creepy and downright amazing life that is mine.
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New Moon in Taurus 58
Metaphysics on Tuesday Apr 25 2017 09:51
Libra Full Moon 106
Metaphysics on Sunday Apr 09 2017 12:28
New Moon Aries 26
Metaphysics on Monday Mar 27 2017 13:07
Full Virgo Moon 34
Metaphysics on Friday Mar 10 2017 07:49
New Moon in Pisces Eclipse 150
Metaphysics on Friday Feb 24 2017 06:35
Leo Full Moon Eclipse 74
Metaphysics on Wednesday Feb 08 2017 09:28
New Year Moon 36
Metaphysics on Wednesday Jan 25 2017 08:49
Full Cancer Moon 87
Metaphysics on Wednesday Jan 11 2017 16:49
December Gemini Full Moon 61
Metaphysics on Tuesday Dec 13 2016 08:07
Sagittarius New Moon 68
Metaphysics on Monday Nov 28 2016 11:29